2023 Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge Week #3!

Rise and shine, my little chickens!

It’s time for Week #3 of the 2023 Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge!


Mix ‘n’ Match Mini is a writing challenge for anyone who needs a little boost or a little encouragement to get writing….or maybe just a little fun!

You get to write your own story, enjoy and be entertained by everyone else’s stories, and get yourself in the running for some awesome prizes (please see the end of the blog post for a list of all the prize goodies…which keeps getting added to!)

For a full description of the challenge or to enter your Week #1 entry (or read other people’s entries 😊), please go HERE.
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Now let’s have a peek at Week #3!

Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Prompt #3 for Week 3

This week we’re going to start with an image! Please join me in thanking the incredibly talented and generous Julie Rowan-Zoch, author and/or illustrator extraordinaire of I’M A HARE, SO THERE! (Clarion Books, March 16, 2021), LOUIS (Clarions Books, October 6, 2020), and NOT ALL SHEEP ARE BORING (G.P. Putnam’s Sons Books For Young Readers, September 20, 2022) who is kindly allowing us to use two of her fantastically fun character sketches. Thank you, Julie! ❤️

Choose Image #1 or Image #2 (or, if you want a real challenge you can use them both!) and write a 100 word story for kids where the character from your chosen image finds him/herself in one of the situations below:

Image copyright Julie Rowan-Zoch 2023, used with permission and gratitude!

Has a new sibling
First day of school
Fight with a friend
Forgot something important
Mistook someone’s identity
Has secret information
  • Stories can rhyme or not – totally up to you!
  • You can go under or over 100 words if you want to – also totally up to you! – 100 is just a guideline
  • If you’re deeply inspired by another situation, go for it! – the purpose here is inspiration and to get you writing! Just tell us what situation you’re using!
  • For simplicity’s sake (and to aid skimming readers who might be interested in a particular thing) please say which Image and which situation you’re using at the top of your entry along with your name, title, and word count.
    For example:
    The Ninja Carrot Thief
    by Marcia Writer
    107 words
    Image #2, forgot something important

So come join the fun! Get some writing done! Encourage your kids (or students) to give it a try! Or just have a good time together reading what other folks have written!

Post your Week #3 story in the comment section below, or, if you have trouble for any reason and can’t post yourself you may email it to me using the Contact Form and I will post it for you.

Ready, set, WRITE! 😊

(And remember, for full details on the 7 week challenge you can check HERE.)

Check out the Week #3 stories!

Big Brother Bertie – Elyse Trevers

Better Together – Katie McEnaney

Always Count to 10 – Stephanie Maksymiw

Stella Skunk’s First Day – Kelly Clasen

The Carrot Crook – Bri Lawyer

The Ninja Carrot Thief – Tomi Rues

Mr. McGregor’s Secret – Sara Kruger

Cat Forgot – Ellie Langford

Ninja Bunny – Leslie Degnan

A Little Stinker – Lauren N. Simmons

Hop Secret – B. Holland Paley

Carrot Head – Patricia Nozell

Shadow’s First Day of School – Susan E. Schipper

Little Lion Raises a Stink – Jill Lambert

My Best Friend, Carrot! – Ryann Jones

Harry Hare’s Mistake: A Story in Haiku – Lyn Jekowsky

I’m Late, I’m Late – Elizabeth Thoms Charles

The Sweetest, Stinkiest Skunk – Julie Hauswirth

Carrot Soup – Haley Hendrickson

Show and Tell – Angel Gantnier

A Smelly Situation – Tiffany Hanson

Rabbit’s Secret Carrot – Michelle S. Kennedy

Blue Stew Friend – Bev Schellenberg

Inky’s Best Secret – Dawn Renee Young

Bunny/First Day of School – Kelly Kates

A Bunny Thing Happened On The Way To School – Jenna Elyse Johnson

Croquet Every Day in May With Lulamae – Sarah Meade

Quick Thinking – Elizabeth Meyer zu Heringdorf

This Is Not My Carrot – Colleen Murphy

Baby Bunny’s Bite – Marie Prins

Skunk Wants to Be First – Ashley Sierra

The Carrot Runners – Anjali Amit

Anger Management – Debbie J. Arnn

Tiger Forgot Something Important – Krithika Santhanam

One Word- Sorry – Penny Taub

Benjamin Bunny’s Mad Dash – Marta Cutler

First Day of School – Dianne

Sniff! Sniff! – Isabel C. Rodriguez

When it comes time for prizes, names of all those who completed the challenge will be drawn randomly and matched with prizes drawn randomly until we run out! 😊

⭐️ Picture Book Manuscript Critique from Penny Parker Klostermann, talented author of THERE WAS AN OLD DRAGON WHO SWALLOWED A KNIGHT (Random House 2015) and A COOKED-UP FAIRY TALE (Random House 2017) as well as the forthcoming SPIDER LADY: Nan Songer and Her Arachnid WWII Army (Astra/Calkins Creek 2025) and another as yet unannounced 😊

⭐️ Mary Munson and Kate Talbot are offering a “Love Bundle”. They are the author and illustrator of LOVE WILL TURN YOU AROUND. Mary will sign the book and send swag (US only), and Kate will offer a critique (picture book manuscript OR art, winner’s choice!)

⭐️ Picture Book Manuscript Critique OR Ask-Me-Anything Chat OR a signed copy of SCIENCE, MATTER AND THE BASEBALL PARK (winner’s choice!) from author Catherine Ciocchi. Catherine is a multi-published author and a teacher with a knack for STEM-themed rhyming texts. Her books include SCIENCE, MATTER AND THE BASEBALL PARK (Gnome Road Publishing, March 28, 2023) and THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND (Arbordale Publishing, May 2015)

⭐️ a 20 minute Zoom or phone Ask Me Anything with Jilanne Hoffman, author of 2 board books, THE HONEY BEAR HIVE (Mudpuppy January 2023), HAPPY CAMPER (Mudpuppy January 2022), and the forthcoming picture book A RIVER OF DUST

⭐️ Copy Editing/Proofreading Of Up To 5 Picture Book Texts (All Types and Lengths) from Elizabeth Meyer zu Heringdorf, professional technical writer and copy editor.

Elizabeth Meyer zu Heringdorf

⭐️ a first read-through recording package from children’s author and poet Sarah Meade, contributor to HOP TO IT: POEMS TO GET YOU MOVING (Pomelo Books, 2020!) where she will read aloud and record up to five PB manuscripts for one author (1,000 words or less each, fiction or nonfiction, rhyming or non-rhyming) so you can hear how your stories sound to someone who is unfamiliar with them on a first read-through! Very helpful and emlightening!

⭐️ Ask Infowoman: A Library Consult Regardless of where you are in your writing career – brand new or seasoned author – Kathy Halsey has a wealth of information to help you! From insight into what books school librarians need/want in their collections (which can help you target your writing for success) to helping you create an engaging school visit and all kinds of things between…and beyond… check out her website to see what this fantastic prize can offer you!

Kathy Halsey currently serves on the State Library of Ohio’s “Choose to Read Ohio” program and writes curricular toolkits for SLO’s award-winning children’s books. She is a former K-12 school librarian, seventh grade English teacher, and bookseller for a children’s independent bookstore. Her first work for hire board book releases fall, 2023. 

2019 PBChat Mentorship
SCBWI Ohio Central-South Co-Assistant Regional Advisor
Former Community Manager, Storyteller Academy
Ohio Educational Library Media Association Past President

⭐️ a signed copy of ANIMALS IN SURPRISING SHADES: POEMS ABOUT EARTH’S COLORFUL CREATURES (Gnome Road Publishing, March 28, 2023)from author Susan Johnston Taylor! This book is great for classrooms and recommended by SLJ!

⭐️ a copy of Becky Scharnhorst‘s brand new picture book – just coming out tomorrow! – HOW TO GET YOUR OCTOPUS TO SCHOOL (Flamingo Books, May 16, 2023)

⭐️ A copy of Mary Kole’s Writing Irresistible Kidlit: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Fiction for Young Adult and Middle Grade Writers

⭐️ A copy of Making A Living Writing Books For Kids by Laura Purdie Salas

⭐️ Making Picture Book Magic Self Study Class (any month)

⭐️ Magnetic PoetryLittle Box of Happiness

Magnetic Poetry - Little Box of Happiness Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on The Fridge - Made in The USA

194 thoughts on “2023 Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge Week #3!

  1. elyset20 says:

    Big Brother Bertie
    By Elyse Trevers

    Image # 2
    has a new sibling

    It wasn’t easy being the only child.
    Whenever there was a family vote
    Bertie lost.
    Two against one.

    Finally the day arrived.
    The new baby!
    Bertie will have an ally.
    Together they will change the vote.

    Bertie plans to teach him to play piano, paint pictures and pitch a baseball. He’ll defend him from bullies and keep the boogeyman away.

    Today Bertie meets the baby for the first time.
    What can he bring him?
    Something crunchy and colorful.
    Surely Shirley won’t mind if he borrows a crisp carrot?

    The baby will love it…said Momma
    as soon as he gets teeth!

  2. Katie McEnaney says:

    Better Together
    By: Katie McEnaney
    94 words
    Image #2, has secret information

    Bertie Bunny had a secret. A tasty, delicious, crunchy, orange secret. He had found a hidden hole into the farmer’s garden.

    Sneak, slip, sneak.
    Snatch, grab, pull!

    Bertie captured a carrot and raced back to his burrow to eat it.
    There was just one problem.

    A carrot wasn’t a carrot without condiments.
    Bertie realized he had to share his secret.

    A hop, skip, and a jump later, he was ready. Bonnie brought beans, Baxter brought bee balm, and Bethany brought bark.

    Bertie shared his carrot—and his secret. Yum, yum, yum! Secrets tasted better together.

  3. stephaniemstories says:

    Always Count to 10
    by Stephanie Maksymiw
    111 words
    Image #2, fight with a friend

    A game of hide and seek.
    Little skunk took a peek.

    Little lion counts to ten,
    Then will exit his den.

    But little lion’s bored.
    He starts to walk toward…

    A funny looking plant
    that made him start his chant.

    “Skunk is found! I am crowned
    King of Games, you are lame.”

    Skunk cries, and she feels hurt.
    Lower than low, like dirt.

    “You found me, I agree.
    But you cheat, that’s not neat.”

    Lion roared, “how dare you!
    I counted from one to…”

    Skunk finished “..only four
    then you went out the door.”

    Lion knew his mistake.
    The King of Games’ a fake.

    Forgiven, play again.
    Lion counted to ten.

  4. kellyclasenwriter says:

    Stella Skunk’s First Day
    by Kelly Clasen
    137 words
    Image #1, first day of school

    “Class, meet our new friend Stella,” Miss Macaw says.

    “Hello!” the kindergarteners announce.
    A sheepish skunk slinks into her seat.

    Quickly, her classmates’ smiles vanish,
    as muzzles, noses, and snouts scrunch.

    “What’s that sssssssssstench?” Beatrice Boa asks.

    “So sorry,” Stella says. “It follows me everywhere.”

    “We all have our quirks,” Miss Macaw says kindly.

    Pablo Panther gnashes at a flea.
    Callie Collie dabs a dollop of drool.
    Remy Rhino belches ferociously.

    “Everyone is welcome at Wilde Elementary,”
    Miss Macaw reminds her students.
    They roar, yap, and rumble in agreement.

    Miss Macaw throws back curtains
    and opens every classroom window.

    A kaleidoscope of butterflies
    floats in on the fresh breeze.

    Show tunes from the sixth-grade choir
    stream in with the sunbeams.

    The students tweet, hiss, and bark
    in delight at the changes Stella Skunk
    has brought to their classroom.

  5. brilawyer says:

    The Carrot Crook
    by Bri Lawyer
    125 words
    Image #2, forgot something important

    I bet the carrots in my garden are finally ready to–

    Gasp! Who ate my carrots?!

    It was Deer! I just know it!
    He’s always sniffing around.
    Or maybe Groundhog! He’s been eyeballing them.
    Or Squirrel! He loves carrots as much as I do.

    Look! Carrot crumbs! They’ll lead me to the crook.

    No crumbs here.
    Squirrel is off the hook.

    No crumbs here, either.
    It wasn’t Groundhog.

    I’m on to you, Deer!

    This can’t be. They lead to my burrow.
    That’s absurd. My memory’s not the best, but I don’t remember eating them.

    All this investigating is making me hungry.

    Oh, I bet the carrots in my garden are finally ready to–

    Gasp! Who ate my carrots?!

    It was Deer! I just know it!

  6. Tomi Rockey Rues says:

    Thank you Julie and Susanna!

    The Ninja Carrot Thief
    by Tomi Rues
    88 words
    Image #2, has secret information

    Annie had a vivid imagination,
    and she loved solving problems!

    “How many times do I have to ask you bunnies
    to bring in food from the garden?” chided Mama.

    “I’m reading,” exclaims Frannie.
    “I’m resting,” exclaims Lannie.
    “I’m on it!” exclaims Annie.

    Annie knew a secret to getting any chore done.

    How can I use my imagination for this job?
    Ha, I’ve got it…

    I’m the Ninja Carrot Thief!

    I’m unstoppable.

    I leap,






    And pull.

    I get the job done.

    And she did.

  7. savoringeverymoment says:

    Mr. McGregor’s Secret
    By Sara Kruger
    word count: 110
    Image #2 // has secret information

    Peter heard a secret
    And knew just what to do
    “I need to hide or I’ll confide
    In Squirrel and Benji, too.”

    He quickly dug a hole
    And burrowed underground
    He knocked his head, looked up, and said
    “Well, look at what I found!”

    The carrot looked delicious
    He scrambled out to see
    Then plucked the veg, squeezed through the hedge
    And gobbled it with glee.

    His sisters came along.
    “We heard you have some news.
    We want to hear McGregor’s fear!
    Please tell us—don’t refuse.”

    Peter, full and sleepy,
    Could not remember why
    He’d tried to keep from saying a peep.
    “He’s scared of us!” he cried.

  8. Ellie Langford says:

    By Ellie Langford
    Image 1, forgot something important

    “We’re playing Hide and Seek today. I l-o-v-e that game,” said Cat. “I almost always find everyone. I love winning.” Cat headed for the forest edge.
    Turtle and Snake were already at the base when Cat got there. Butterfly, Skunk, and Dog.
    “Dog, you’re new. Let me explain the rules.” Dog listened carefully.
    And then, Cat started counting, “One, two, three …” All the animals scurried away. “ … forty-nine, fifty. Here I come.”
    Cat found Turtle hiding in the rocks by the river. “Gotcha,” said Cat.
    He found Snake on a branch. His tail twitched just a little. “Gotcha,” said Cat.
    He discovered Butterfly on a flowering bush. Cat threw a rock into the bush. Butterfly’s wings flapped. “Gotcha,” said Cat.
    Out of the corner of his eye, Cat saw Dog come from behind a log. Cat went running and leaping to base. Cat said, “Gotcha.” Dog howled.
    Cat searched for Skunk a long time. Then Cat saw a clue. A little black and white color was sticking out from under a bush. Coming quietly up to the bush, Cat saw that it was Skunk’s tail.
    Cat decided to pull Skunk’s tail, to let Skunk know he found him. Sneaking closer, Cat gave Skunk’s tail a little jerk. Up went Skunk’s tail. A sticky spray that smelled like rotten eggs hit Cat.
    Cat had forgotten that when a skunk is startled, frightened, or aggravated they spray a strong, sticky spray. It made Cat’s eyes sting and Cat hated breathing in the smell. Cat ran for the river.
    Seeing Cat running to the river, Skunk ran to the base. He called, “Home safe.”
    Cats hate getting in water, but they can swim. Cat swam for a long time. When Cat got out, Skunk said, “I’m sorry I sprayed you. I thought you were a wild animal trying to get me.”
    “My bad,” said Cat. “I didn’t think about scaring you. We’re still friends.”
    Cat wasn’t a Hide and Seek winner this day. Maybe another day.

  9. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Ninja Bunny
    Leslie Degnan
    WC: 115
    Image #2/ has secret

    Baby bunny didn’t know.
    Hadn’t enough time to grow,
    Learn the rules of finding food,
    Or how to steal, but not intrude.

    One fine day he munched a daisy,
    He was chased by crazy lady.
    “Go away! Get out of here!”
    That rake she threw landed quite near.

    But the daisy was so yummy,
    And it’s sweetness filled his tummy.
    Back he came in dark of night,
    Then disappeared by morning light.

    Quickly bunny learned a lot,
    What to do and what to not.
    Lurks in gardens by moonlight
    Wearing black as dark as night.

    “Midnight munching’s what I do.
    Gobble gardens, gulp and chew.”
    Stay well-hidden when its sunny.
    I’ve become a Ninja Bunny!

  10. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A Little Stinker
    By Lauren N. Simmons
    121 words
    Image #1, has a new sibling

    Tim is so excited! He always wanted a brother, and his parents just told him their family is adopting a boy!

    “Now, he’s going to want to play with your toys,” his parents warn. “You’ll need to share.”

    “He might make things messy in your room. You’ll need to be patient.”

    “He’ll be younger and smaller than you. You’ll need to be gentle.”

    But Tim understands all these things. He doesn’t mind.

    The day arrives when his parents bring home his new brother, Sam.

    “Hey, would you like to play…” Tim starts when the new little one shyly goes behind a plant. “What is he doing?” A smell fills the air.

    “I think he’s filling his diaper,” Mom says.

    “Oh, brother!”

  11. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    by B. Holland Paley
    196 words
    Image #2, had a secret mission

    By B. Holland Paley

    From a planet undiscovered,
    Yet very close to Pluto,
    lived an alien, bunny-rabbit
    Who loved to practice judo.

    On a secret mission,
    To please King Oliver-Garret
    He came to planet earth
    To find the largest carrot.

    The King’s childhood memories
    Included carrot cake,
    But without this main ingredient
    His chef refused to bake.

    Their planet had no carrots
    And because of his fast speed,
    Judo Bunny was the one
    who was chosen for the deed.

    The spaceship number NINE
    Landed safely near a farm.
    To grab the king a carrot
    He hoped would do no harm.

    But as he hopped away
    With the carrot in his hand
    He bumped into the farmer
    Who didn’t understand.

    “I would have gladly given,
    If only you would ask.
    No need to steal from me
    For this silly-ordered task.”

    “If you give me back the carrot,
    I will give you all the seeds
    To plant a carrot garden
    And fulfill King Garrett’s needs.”

    Judo Bunny did just that
    And the Farmer carried through
    With a packet of the seeds
    And instructions what to do.

    The King was so thrilled
    To have carrot cake galore.
    he presented Judo-Bunny
    belts-of-honor, for décor.

  12. ptnozell says:

    Carrot Head
    by Patricia Nozell
    98 words
    Image #2, first day of school

    Ashlee fluffed her tail, combed her whiskers, and polished her two front teeth. “Can’t be late today!”

    “Wait,” said Mama. “You forgot your lunch!”

    Ashlee hoisted the carrot above her head and scampered to school. She slid into her seat as the bell rang.

    Everyone snickered. “What a merry group,” Ashlee thought.

    Then classmates pointed and whispered, “Carrot Head.”

    Ashlee remembered her lunch. Her cheeks turned redder than beets. Tears filled her eyes. “School’s barely started. I’m already a laughing stock.”

    Ashley smiled. “You’ve never met a fashionista?”

    The next day, classmates sported all sorts of vegetable toppers.

  13. seschipper says:

    Shadow’s First Day of School
    by Susan E. Schipper
    WC 112
    Image #2, First day of school

    Shadow couldn’t believe it was finally here! He was ready to begin his great adventure at Start- Smart School.

    That is until he realized he needed a present for his teacher. Shadow exclaimed, “Apples, all teachers love apples!”

    Mama Rabbit always had apples in the fruit basket, but not today.

    “MAMA”, cried Shadow, where are the apples?” Mama explained, “I used them to bake a pie for Grannie. However, we have plenty of carrots.”
    Shadow wailed, “She won’t like carrots, only apples!”

    “Hop along, don’t be late! She will love the carrot!”, Mama said.

    Shadow arrived at School.
    Miss Scarlet O’Hare shook her long, white ears and hugged Shadow. Carrots were her favorite treat.

  14. Jill Lambert says:

    Little Lion Raises a Stink
    By Jill Lambert
    Image #1/ mistook someone’s identity
    133 words

    Little Lion learned to hunt
    and capture from her mother.
    Little Lion learned to pounce
    and wrestle from her brother.

    She decided to go out
    and practice on her own.
    “I’ll catch a snack and bring it back
    to prove that I am grown.”

    Up ahead she spied
    some leafy plants begin to wiggle,
    assumed a crouch, prepared to pounce,
    and then gulped back a giggle.

    She sprung into the plant with poise,
    an expert on the prowl.
    But, PHEW, her nose was overcome.
    The odor was most foul!

    She thought she’d trapped a lizard,
    but mistook a striped zorilla.
    If I were her, I would prefer
    a gator or gorilla.

    And so the Little Lion
    found a lesson in that fern.
    She realized to her surprise—
    “I have a lot to learn!”

  15. Ryann Jones says:

    My Best Friend, Carrot!
    By Ryann Jones
    Image 2/Fight with Friend
    (148 words)

    I’m Buster Bunny and
    this is my best friend.
    Yes, I know it’s a carrot!
    Why can’t a bunny and carrot be friends?
    We get along wonderfully.
    Like when Carrot pretends to be my shovel,
    My telescope,
    My cane,
    My . . .
    Carrot, why would you even suggest such a thing??
    I would never eat you!
    Now, where were we?
    Carrot is great when it pretends to be my horse,
    My floatie,
    My baseball bat,
    My . . .
    Carrot cake?
    Seriously, Carrot?
    Take a hike.
    Actually, that sounds like fun.
    Let’s both go on a hike.
    [1 hour later]
    We made it to the top.
    I sure could use a snack.
    Did you pack any, Carrot?
    Why are you hopping closer?
    No, No!
    I don’t want to eat you!
    Hmmm . . .
    Who knew best friends could be so sweet?

  16. lynjekowsky says:

    Harry Hare’s Mistake
    A Story in Haiku
    By Lyn Jekowsky
    83 Words
    Image #2, mistook someone’s identity

    Hungry Harry Hare
    came upon a carrot patch,
    with a large brown hare,

    with a short full tail.
    “Get lost, it’s my turn to munch.”
    A bear turned and growled.

    “I’m eating my lunch,
    run, or you’ll be my dessert!”
    Harry’s huge mistake.

    Wasn’t the brown tail
    a large hare’s tail? Bear had bent
    over, bottoms up.

    Harry grabbed carrots,
    high-tailed it through thick meadows.
    Learned from his mistake.

    From then on Harry
    searched for carrots with caution,
    and fled from strange tails.

  17. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    I’m Late, I’m Late
    by Elizabeth Thoms Charles
    52 Words
    Image #2, has secret information

    Licorice Rabbit ran and ran.
    Carrot atop his head, he ran.
    He had found a secret garden.
    Plundering all the new found vegetables,
    He lost track of time.
    Quick stock the burrow.
    Carrot here, turnip there,
    Parsley over there.
    It’s off to work, carrot on his head,
    those apps won’t write themselves.

  18. juliehauswirth says:

    The Sweetest, Stinkiest Skunk
    by Julie Hauswirth
    100 Words
    Image #1, mistook someone’s identity

    I am SO nervous.
    Sally Skunk is here. At MY birthday party.

    Yes, that’s why I’m hiding in the bushes. Shhh!

    She’s the sweetest, stinkiest skunk in the whole school.
    I’ve had a crush on her since kindergarten!
    But every time I try to impress her with my super-stink,
    I freeze.

    Gasp! I hear someone coming!

    Is it Sally?
    I can’t miss my shot again!
    Maybe if I stay hidden, I won’t freeze up this time.

    Here goes nothing!
    Three, two one!

    *stink spray*

    Did it work? Did she notice?

    …Oh. Sorry, Lenny Lion.
    I thought you were someone else.

  19. Haley Hendrickson says:

    Carrot Soup
    By Haley Hendrickson
    136 words
    Image #2, forgot something important

    Oscar Rabbit had a habit of doing whatever he pleased. He hipped and hopped all over the house from dawn ‘till dusk. One day, his Mother decided she’d had enough!

    “Little bunny”, she said “I think you need to get some energy out AND learn some responsibility! Take this list to the market please. I’m making Carrot Soup for supper.

    “Easy peasy! ” Oscar zipped out the door, zoomed through the market, and was speeding back home when..

    Hippity hop. Hippity Hop. Oscar Rabbit came to a stop. He had a feeling something was missing…


    This time he checked his list twice before leaving the market, and he even managed to hold still long enough to help his mother make supper. Carrot Soup was his favorite, and it definitely tasted best WITH carrots.

    The End.

  20. Angel Gantnier says:

    Show and Tell
    by Angel Gantnier
    161 words
    Image #1, first day of school

    “Today is the first day of school and Show and Tell!” Lion cheered.

    He grabbed his backpack and went searching.

    Where is… Lion wondered.

    He found what he was looking for.

    Lion opened his backpack and placed something inside.

    “I can’t wait for everyone to see what I brought for Show and Tell!”

    At school, in the classroom, everyone sat in a circle on the carpet.

    Lion watched and listened.

    “It’s your turn,” announced the teacher.

    Lion smiled.

    He looked in his backpack. “My Show and Tell escaped!”

    “Escaped?” The teacher gulped.

    “What is it?” asked a student.

    “My pet,” said Lion.

    The teacher relaxed.

    “Skunk, where are you?” asked Lion.

    “Skunk?” The teacher gulped again.

    Lion spotted a black and white tail behind the cactus plant.

    I found him!

    Lion brought the skunk back to the circle.

    “This is my pet skunk. He’s friendly. He doesn’t spray like other skunks do.

    Everyone took turns petting the skunk, even the teacher.

  21. Tiffany Hanson says:

    A Smelly Situation
    By Tiffany Hanson
    110 Words
    Image # 1, forgot something important

    I forgot something,
    My mom told me.
    I know that it’s important,
    But what can it be?

    Sniff. Sniff.
    Do you smell that?

    I’ve been sitting here thinking,
    And twitching my tail,
    She said “Never to do…something…”
    But was it “Never cross a snail”?

    Sniff. Sniff.
    Are you sure you don’t smell that?

    Was it “Never sit near a snake”?
    Or “Never swim in a lake”?
    Was it “Never eat a flower”?
    Or “Never get caught in a rain shower”?

    Sniff! Sniff!
    I know that smell.

    This is worse than what I’d thunk.
    I remember now, my mom always said
    “Never sit on top of a skunk!”

  22. Michelle S Kennedy says:

    By Michelle S. Kennedy
    Image#2, has secret information

    Rabbit once found a carrot so magic,
    to share it with others he thought would be tragic.
    With powers so great that he hid it from Bear,
    and Fox and from Badger and even from Hare!

    The carrot was potent—it glowed really bright.
    Its splendor enchanting; like Moon’s light at night.
    But better than that, the rare carrot was YUMMY.
    And one little lick was enough for his tummy.

    He’d run like the wind; He felt awesome and grand,
    while holding the magical carrot in hand.
    At times when he’d sneak just a nibble or two,
    his energy soared (but his poo would turn blue.)

    One day, it went missing…his carrot was GONE.
    Rabbit was edgy and snappy; withdrawn.
    He thought it was stolen and blamed his friend, Skunk.
    But then he remembered…It’s in a tree’s trunk!

    Well, that’s the day Rabbit decided to share.
    He gathered his friends in his briar patch lair.
    He showed them the marvelous carrot he’d found—
    Soon after, the forest was famous, renowned.

    The carrot’s now shared amongst every friend.
    And that’s all there is to this story. THE END.

  23. Bev Schellenberg says:

    Blue Stew Friend
    by Bev Schellenberg
    185 words
    Image 1, Fight with a Friend
    With thanks to Julie Rowan-Zoch and Susanna Hill

    “Lesley?” Sawyer’s voice floated from behind a bush.

    Lesley held her mouth tight. No way was she going to say a word, not to that snotty skunk. Not after what he did.

    “Can we talk about it?” asked Sawyer in his squeakiest voice.

    Lesley recognized that voice from when he was a baby skunk, when she found him lost by the river. She held her paw to her mouth. It didn’t matter. No way was she talking to that meanie bean.

    “Are you sure you heard me properly?” Sawyer’s voice sounded gurgly, like maybe there were tears filling him up.

    Her words exploded. “You said I’m a blue friend! Or a stew friend. Well, I’m through with you.”

    “I said you’re a true friend.” Sawyer stared out through the bush. “What’s a blue stew friend anyhow?”

    “I have no idea,” she muttered. True friend? She stood closer to the bush. “You mean I’m a good friend?”

    “Of course. You’re my best friend, Lesley, even if you get lots of wax in those ears of yours sometimes. Let’s play hide and seek.”

    “Found you!”

  24. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Dawn Renee Young
    Week 3

    # 2 (Has secret information & Has a new sybling)

    Inky loved secrets.
    Inky’s ears were on alert day and night.
    “How do you think Inky will like our new addition?”
    Dad asked Mom.
    What new addition? Inky listened for more scoop.
    “I think he’ll be surprised,” Mom said.
    I like surprises.
    “But will he like sharing his room?” asked Dad.
    Who will I share my room with?
    Days went by. Inky listened to Mom and Dad’s conversations.
    Nothing more was said. Then it happened …
    “Inky, this is your new baby brother,” said Mom.
    “We adopted him. His Mom and Dad are in heaven,” said Dad.
    Inky loved his new brother.
    This was Inky’s best little secret.

  25. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Bunny/First Day of School
    by Kelly Kates
    WC: 142

    All year, Bubbles had watched through the window as the older animals hopped, slid and flew by on their way to school. Now it was finally his turn to join them.

    The morning was busy with meeting his new teacher and new friends and learning new things like how to line up!

    Soon it was lunch and Bubbles pulled out his carrot.

    “Is that a vegetable? Yuck!”

    The other animals laughed at him as they gobbled up their sugar slurps and gummy gloops.

    After lunch was PE.

    The animals did lots of fun things like the bunny hop, the bear crawl, leap frog and crab walk.

    But quickly,they were dropping to the ground, holding their tummies.

    But not Bubbles! He kept running and hopping.

    And the next day, there were many more carrots, radishes and lettuce leaves in lunches.

  26. jennaejo says:

    I had an unexpected wait at the airport today so this is what I created. 🙂

    By Jenna Elyse Johnson
    83 words
    Image #2
    Forgot something important, first day of school
    I’ve got a spring in my step.
    It’s the first day of ninja school and I just KNOW I’m going to be the bunny of the ball.
    Nobody ever suspects the itty-bity cute bunny rabbit of being mischievous!
    I just need to fluff my ears…
    Shake my tail…
    Wave my carrot…
    OH NO!
    I forgot my carrot!
    Well, now I know what my first ninja task will be…
    Operation: recover carrot without being late for the first day of school!

  27. Sarah Meade says:

    Croquet Every Day in May With Lulamae
    By Sarah Meade
    258 Words
    Images #1 & #2, fight with a friend

    May 1
    Lulamae ran up to her friends with a big grin.
    “Happy birthday, Lulamae!” called Suzette. “What do you want to do today?”
    “Let’s play croquet!”
    Lulamae and her friends grabbed mallets.
    They played croquet ALL DAY!

    May 2
    “What a pretty day!” said Suzette.
    “What shall we play?” said Taylor. “Hide-and-seek?”
    “Croquet!” cried Lulamae.
    “We played that yesterday,” said Suzette. “Remember? For your birthday.”
    “It’s still my birth WEEK,” Lulamae pointed out.
    Lulamae and her friends set up the wickets and got started.
    They played croquet ALL WEEK!

    May 8
    “What a lovely day!” said Suzette.
    “What shall we play?” said Taylor. “Hide-and-seek?”
    “Capture the Carrot?” said Marion.
    “Croquet!” cried Lulamae.
    “Uhh . . .” said Suzette.
    “It’s still my birth MONTH,” Lulamae pointed out.
    “Well . . . okay.”
    Lulamae and her friends were getting good at whacking the colorful balls.
    They played croquet ALL MONTH.

    June 1
    “What a sunny day!” said Suzette.
    “What shall we play?” said Taylor. “Hide-and-seek?”
    “Capture the Carrot?” said Marion.
    “Cornhole?” Sadie suggested.
    “Croquet!” cried Lulamae. “It’s still my birth SEASON.”
    “What!?” said Suzette.
    “That’s not a thing,” said Taylor.
    Marion moaned.
    Sadie groaned.
    Lulamae grabbed her croquet mallet.
    Lulamae’s friends walked away.
    Lulamae played croquet all day . . . by herself.
    It was not the same.

    June 2
    “What a wonderful day!” said Lulamae. “Who wants to play?”
    But her friends were nowhere to be found.
    Lulamae looked and looked.
    She finally found them, playing hide-and-seek.
    “May I play?” asked Lulamae.
    “Of course!” said Suzette.
    Lulamae grinned. “Yay!”

  28. Elizabeth Meyer Zu Heringdorf says:

    Quick Thinking
    by Elizabeth Meyer zu Heringdorf
    103 words
    Image #2, forgot something important

    It’s time to plant
    Some carrot seeds,
    But first I’ll pull out
    All the weeds.
    She dragged the hoe
    Along the ground,
    And chased away
    A sniffing hound.
    And now it’s time
    To plant the…wait!
    I forgot about the seeds.
    Too late!
    The sun was setting
    In the sky,
    The store was closed.
    How could I? Why?
    Then she had
    A brilliant thought,
    Supplanting seeds
    She had forgot.
    She ran to the
    Found a thing
    She’d wanted later.
    Stuck the carrot
    In the ground.
    Now it’s planted
    Safe and sound.
    She put away
    The hoe and rake.
    Tomorrow I’ll have
    Carrot cake.

  29. Colleen Owen Murphy says:

    My third grandson, Evan Michael was born Friday morning, a week late. I nanny his brothers. It was a long week waiting for his arrival since my husband/Papa (who came for his birth) and I were on call during the night, so sleep was limited. We also spent most of our waking hours with the family – since Papa does lives in CT while we are all in FL. I say all this because I did not do much with this prompt.

    Inspired by julie rowan-zoch and Jon Klassen

    Image #2, has secret information, 98 words

    This is not my carrot,
    but I really wanted it.
    So, I took it.
    Because carrots are my favorite food to eat.

    I know I could grow my own,
    but it’s too much work.
    And, it takes too long for them to grow.
    I could starve to death waiting.

    And seriously, Mr. MacGregor grows rows and rows and rows of them.
    He can certainly spare a few now and then.
    And even if he can’t, he won’t know it was me who took it.
    I am way too quick.
    See how fast I can hop?
    Nobody can catch….

  30. Marie Prins says:

    Marie Prins

    Baby Bunny’s Bite

    #2 image, new sibling
    wc – 100

    Hey, wait a minute!
    I found it!
    No, I didn’t hide it.
    Why would I do that?
    You know me, I love to share!
    It was right there on the ground.
    In the garden, next to the…
    the lettuce!
    Yeah, that’s where it was,
    next to the lettuce.
    Well, maybe under the lettuce?
    But, you could see it,
    with all the green stuff poking up.
    Hard to miss.
    So here, baby bunny,
    have a nibble of my yummy carrot.
    Just a little bite, please,
    and don’t forget to share…
    Hey, wait a minute!
    You gobbled the whole thing!
    Not fair!

  31. Ashley Sierra (@AshleySierra06) says:

    This was inspired by homeschooling my soon to be 5yo and my 9yo the past few years.

    Skunk Wants to Be First
    by Ashley Sierra
    25 words
    Image #1, fight with a friend

    Skunk loved playing with his best friend, Lion, at recess. 

    But it bothered Skunk when Lion was first to get to the kickball every day.

    “This stinks,” Skunk grumbled. “I want to be first!” 

    Then, one Wednesday morning at recess, Skunk grabbed the kickball first. 

    So he thought . . . 

    “I had it first!” Skunk squealed, stamping his feet.

    “It’s my ball!” Lion roared, swishing his tail. 

    “How about we share?” Teacher Tortoise said.

    “No!” Lion and Skunk said. 

    “You’re just mad because I have quicker instincts,” Skunk hissed, flicking his tail. 

    “Cough. Cough. You definitely in-stinks,” Lion said, laughing.

    Skunk tucked his tail.

    “Let’s take a little break. Go sit by the bush,” Teacher Tortoise said. “I’ll be right back.”

    Skunk scurried behind the bush to hide his tears.

    Lion plopped down nearby and scowled. 

    “I thought we were friends,” Lion said.

    “We are,” Skunk said. “It’s just . . .,” 

    Skunk started to say as he wiped back his tears. 

    “You’re so fast. You always get to the kickballs first,” Skunk cried. “I was so excited to finally be first.”

    “Oh, I didn’t know,” Lion said. “Sorry for being mean.”

    “I’m sorry, too. “Skunk said. “Still friends?”

    “Best friends!” Lion said, giving Skunk a fist bump. 

    “So what’s going on?” Teacher Tortoise said.

    “Everything’s a-okay,” Lion said. 

    “We’re going to share!” Skunk said. 

    “That’s wonderful you worked out. You can go back to recess,” Teacher Tortoise said.

    Lion and Skunk raced to a free kickball. Skunk made it first . . .
    and kicked it to Lion. 

    • Jill Lambert says:

      When you can’t be first, it’s just the worst, to a kid! Wise Teacher Tortoise to let Skunk and Lion sort it out on their own. A true-to-life friendship story! Wonderful, Ashley!

      • Ashley Sierra (@AshleySierra06) says:

        Thanks for reading, Jill! My youngest has been very competitive with his big brother lately.

      • Ashley Sierra (@AshleySierra06) says:

        Thank you for stopping by and reading, Michelle! I appreciate your support. My youngest has been very competitive with his big brother lately. Reading the story out loud, he definitely enjoyed the stinks line.

  32. 2riteornot says:

    The Carrot Runners
    By Anjali Amit
    93 Words
    Image # 2, Has secret information

    The Carrot Runners

    Bippity boppity bippity boo
    I run with the carrot
    I do, I do.
    Come, come run with me
    You can do it too.

    Toss the carrot
    Between you and me.
    Skip through the sand
    And swim through the sea.

    Just one word of warning
    Please do not ignore,
    This carrot carries
    A code in its core.

    The code to the palace treasure
    You see
    With its dots and dashes
    And its A B and C.

    Give carrot to coder
    And our duty is done
    Now the Carrot Runners
    Can run just for fun.

  33. Debbie Merlo Arnn says:

    Anger Management
    By Debbie J. Arnn
    Word Count: 270
    IMAGE #1, fight with a friend

    One day Skunk brought his toy dinosaurs to school.
    Lion brought his toy dinosaurs to school on the same day!
    Skunk and Lion were excited to play together at recess!

    At recess, Skunk and Lion grabbed their dinos and headed outside for their tree.
    They played together all recess long.
    When it was time to go inside,
    Skunk picked up his blue dino, and Lion picked up his blue dino.
    Skunk picked up his red dino, and Lion picked up his red dino.
    Skunk picked up his orange dino, and Lion picked up his orange dino.
    There was one green dino still on the ground.
    Skunk reached for it, but Lion said, “That’s my green dino!”
    Skunk knew he had a green dinosaur, too, so he insisted, “No, it’s NOT!”
    Skunk began stamping his feet. He could feel his anger rising…and his tail.

    Oh no! Skunk didn’t want to spray Lion, but he didn’t want to lose his green dinosaur either.
    He ran into the bushes to calm himself down.
    Skunk worked on breathing in 2-3-4 and out 2-3-4 until he felt calm again.
    He decided it was better to lose his toy than lose his friend, Lion.

    When Skunk came out of the bushes, Lion was holding all the dinosaurs.
    “Here you go, Skunk!” Lion handed him his dinosaurs and they headed inside.
    “Thanks!” said Skunk.

    When he got home, Skunk put his dinosaurs away on the shelf. He was shocked to find out he had an extra green dino. This dino WAS Lion’s! He must’ve decided it was better to lose a toy than lose a friend, too!

  34. Krithika Santhanam says:

    Tiger Forgot Something Important
    By Krithika S.
    129 Words
    Image 1 (forgot something important)

    “What’s wrong Tiger?” asked Meena. “I can’t remember what I forgot,” said Tiger.

    “Hmmm . . . did you forget to brush your teeth?” Tiger blew into his palm and sniffed. “Nope,” he said.

    “Did you forget to take a bath?” Tiger checked to make sure he was wearing new underwear. “Nope,” he said.

    “Did you forget to do your laundry?” Tiger had mixed up his whites and colors yesterday, which is why he was wearing a clean pair of pink underwear today. “Nope,” he said.

    “OH I KNOW! Did you forget to wish Skunk a happy birthday?!”

    “Nope!” said Tiger. “I gave him his gift at the park . . . we shared some delicious Tiger Cakes . . . played our favorite game . . .

    “SKUNKKKK! I’M COMING BUDDY!” yelled Tiger, as he raced back to the park.

  35. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Fight with a friend – Image #2

    By Penny Taub

    Teddy stared out the window.
    “It’s raining. AGAIN,” Teddy said. “What is happening to our garden?”
    “It’s all right. Vegetables need rain,” Lottie said.
    It rained all day on Monday.
    When Sammy woke up on Tuesday, rain pelted against his bedroom window.
    He dressed quickly. Then tip-toed to the back door.
    He slipped into his rain galoshes and raincoat.
    He grabbed an umbrella.
    Open the door and heads toward the vegetable garden.
    Rain splashed against the umbrella. The wind twirled and snapped the umbrella. Teddy held on tight.
    He stomped through puddles. Everything glistened and shimmered.
    Big puddles swamped the vegetable garden. One carrot floated toward Teddy. He grabbed it and tucked it under his raincoat. Then headed home.
    The door flung open. “Where did you go?” Lottie asked.
    “Sorry.” Teddy pulled out the carrot. “Want some breakfast.” Teddy smiled.
    Lottie hugged her brother.

  36. Marta Cutler says:

    Benjamin Bunny’s Mad Dash
    By Marta Cutler
    (94 words)
    (Image #2 / Forgot something important)

    Benjamin Bunny dashed through the forest clutching the carrot.
    “Look out!” he cried to the squirrels as he darted through the ferns.
    “Duck!” he called to the frogs as he hopped over the pond.
    “Make way!” he shouted at the chipmunks as he leapt over the tree trunk.
    He sprinted up to the burrow just as Mama Bunny hopped up the laneway.
    “You didn’t forget the carrot for tea again, did you?” she asked.
    “Who me?” said Benjamin. “Of course not!”
    He handed over the carrot.
    And promptly fell asleep over his tea – again.

  37. seahorsecoffeeelektra79018 says:

    First Day of School
    by Dianne
    I have a secret. Tomorrow is the first day of school and I don’t want to go. We moved during the summer. I will miss my old school. I won’t know anyone at the new school. What if no one likes me? What if the teacher is very strict? What if I never make any friends there?”

    The next morning I was late and missed the school bus. Mama had to drive me. Then I got lost inside the building and a teacher had to walk with me to my classroom. When I walked into the room I mumbled “Sorry” and went to an empty desk. Then the teacher said, “We have two new students this year. Chrissie Cat and Buster Squirrel please stand up. Welcome to room three.”
    All of the students clapped for us.

    For recess everyone went outside to the playground. I stood by a tree alone. I felt like crying. Suddenly, Buster, the other new student, came over and said, “It’s no fun being a new student on the first day of school?”
    I answered, “No, it’s not!”
    We both laughed.
    Then Buster said, “We could be friends.”
    I smiled and said, “I’d like to be your friend.”
    The first day of school turned out to be a pretty good day. I think it might be a good year after all.

  38. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    2023 Mix ‘n’ Match – Week 3
    Image # 1 Sniff! Sniff!
    Author/Illustrator: Isabel C Rodriguez
    WC: 100

    Sniff! Sniff!
    The cute cub travels along the trail in search for an adventure.
    Sniff! Sniff!
    What is that smell?
    Is it a new plant I haven’t discovered yet?
    Sniff! Sniff!
    Mmmmmm. Maybe an exotic flower that only grows on this trail.
    Sniff! Sniff!
    What are those green leaves as big as me?
    They moved!
    Sniff! Sniff!
    That smell again!
    Could it be the leaves?
    What’s that black and white bush swishing in the center?
    Sniff! Sniff!
    Why did the black and white bush stick up in the air?
    Oh, no! It’s a skunk not a bush!
    Run, paws run!

  39. Elizabeth Volkmann says:

    Beth Volkmann
    The Party
    (137 words)
    Image 1; forgot something important

    Skunk knocked on Lion’s door.
    “Let’s walk to the party together,” she said.
    Lion was surprised.
    “Party? For who?”
    Skunk tapped her head. “I don’t remember. But it’s for one of our very best friends.”

    Lion walked beside Skunk.
    “Tell me more about the party.”
    “There are balloons and cake and games. The best part is that it’s a surprise party!”

    Under the Old Oak, the two spied balloons and streamers.
    Forest friends bustled about.
    Skunk shouted, “I’m here! And I’ve brought . . . Lion.”
    Suddenly Skunk remembered who the surprise party was for.

    Ashamed of her mistake, Skunk ran and hid under a bush.
    Lion sat beside her.
    “I’m sorry I ruined the surprise,” she sniffled.
    “I AM surprised,” Lion replied. “A surprise party is nice but the best part is sharing it with my very best friend.”

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