When your Llama needs a Haircut

When your Llama needs a Haircut
written by Susanna Leonard Hill
illustrated by Daniel Wiseman
Little Simon
ISBN-10: 1534405631
ISBN-13: 978-1534405639

Uh-oh. It’s picture day and someone’s a mess! Does your llama need a haircut? If so, good luck catching him and taming that hair! This hilarious board book gives you just the tips you need to make your unruly llama presentable (and make haircuts fun for any little people who might find them objectionable!)

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In this frisky companion to When Your Lion Needs a Bath and When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles, it’s school picture day and a llama’s unkempt mane needs help. The animal’s young owner chases down his pet, hoses it, and untangles its hair with a rake. In a sequence bound to earn giggles, the boy considers potential llama hairstyles, which Wiseman depicts in wry cartoons (“How about a Mohawk? That does look good! But who has an hour a day for styling?”). The llama’s expressions, which range from blank stares to total bewilderment, are worth their weight in llama wool. Ages 2–4. Author’s agent: Liza Voges, Eden Street Literary. Illustrator’s agent: Teresa Kietlinski, Bookmark Literary. (Jan.)

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