When Your Lion Needs a Bath Cover

When Your Lion Needs a Bath

When your lion needs a bath, you have to be pretty sneaky! After all, have you ever met a cat who likes water? This charming and hilarious board book highlights the many ways to get your lion into that tub! But be careful…or you just might end up in the bath, too!

When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles Cover

When Your Elephant Has the Sniffles

When your elephant has the sniffles, you better make sure he doesn’t start sneezing! Gather up your tissues and your pillows and take good care of him! This charming and hilarious board book highlights the many ways to make an under-the-weather elephant feel better! But don’t get too close…or you just might end up with the sniffles, too!

April Fool, Phyllis!

It might be April Fools’ Day, but Punxsutawney Phyllis knows that winter isn’t over yet. Her infallible instincts tell her that a blizzard is brewing. Too bad no one will believe her.

Can’t Sleep Without Sheep

Whenever Ava can’t sleep, she counts sheep. But Ava takes so long to fall asleep, it’s the sheep that are getting tired – until they finally quit! The sheep promise to find a replacement that Ava can count on, but it might not be as easy as they thought…

Punxsutawney Phyllis

Phyllis is not like other groundhogs. She loves to splash in the cold river in springtime, roast in the summer sun, and tromp through the winter snow.

Not Yet, Rose

As Rose anxiously awaits the birth of her family’s new baby, she isn’t sure what to expect about her new role as big sister. She isn’t sure whether she wants a baby brother or a baby sister.

Freight Train Trip! A Lift-the Flap Adventure

Take a ride on a freight train with the engineer. Look inside the freight cars, open and close the crossing gates, turn the signal lights red or green, and switch the track with Switchman Jack just in time to avoid trouble!

Airplane Flight: A Lift-the Flap Adventure

Take a ride on an airplane with Captain Bright and Copilot Snow. Open and close the wing flaps, help the ground crew direct the plane, make the airplane take off, and watch the radar screen for any sign of trouble!

The Road that Trucks Built

Join the ride as a team of adorable vehicles work together to build a new road in this fresh, cement-mixing spin on the classic nursery rhyme, “The House That Jack Built.”

The House That Mack Built

Meet Mack, the construction foreman. He is building a house. Follow the construction process from start to finish with Mack’s pop-up skidders, cement mixers and more.

Beer is zo moe!

On a beautiful spring morning, Mama Bear yawns. She stretches and says: “It’s spring, Little Bear. Time to get up! ” Little Bear snuggles against her. “I’m so tired!” he says. Little Bear and his mother discover the world around him. But after a day full
of exciting adventures is he still so tired?

No Sword Fighting in the House

Mom is pretty clear about the rules, but Arthur and Lance have a way of bending them… Now, Arthur and Lance are in trouble. They were sword fighting in the house. Arthur has a new idea.