The 8th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest FINALISTS! – VOTE For Your Favorite!!!

Best laid plans, darlings.

I was planning to post the finalists last Friday. . .and then last Saturday. . . and then definitely last Sunday by noon!

But as you can see, it’s a wee bit past that.

I’m campaigning for 30 hour days, but so far no one seems to be on board with the idea 😊

To make up for keeping you waiting, I have composed a tiny tale for you.

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It’s Practically February! Announcing The Guidelines For The 8th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest!

I know. It’s Saturday.

Not only is it Saturday, it’s Saturday NIGHT!

I should NOT be in your inbox.

But January went by so fast! And suddenly here we are at five minutes to February!

And if I don’t pop into your inbox now you won’t have as much time to write your entry for. . .

The 8th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest

~ for children’s writers ~

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