Perfect Picture Book Friday – Kate And Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, Everyone!

And happy first day of May! 🙂

I have SUCH a cute book to share with you today!  You know me – I always love a good true animal story with a happy ending 🙂  I’ll just warn you in advance that I went hog wild with the photos 🙂  Enjoy!

Title: Kate And Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story
Written By: Martin Springett
Photographs By: Isobel Springett
Henry Holt & Co, February 2012, Nonfiction

Suitable For Ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: Friendship, Love, Animals

Opening: “The fawn lay still and quiet.  She was alone and afraid as she waited for her mother to come back.
Every little deer needs its mother to protect it from the many dangers of the forest.
But her mother did not return, and three long days passed.

Brief Synopsis: When a fawn is abandoned by her mother, a nearby couple takes her in, hoping to save her.  Their Great Dane, Kate, though she has never had puppies of her own, knows just what to do to raise a baby deer.

Links To Resources: talk about friendship – what qualities do you look for in a friend? what makes a good friend? who can be your friend?  Talk about family – what makes a family?  Talk about wild animals – what should you do if you see a baby animal by itself? when should you leave it alone and when is it a good idea to try to help it?
And here’s a bonus video of a mama cat who adopts an orphaned squirrel… and it learns to purr 🙂

Why I Like This Book:  I love true animal stories.  And I love cute baby animal pictures 🙂  And I love happy endings.  This book has them all.  The story also serves as a lovely model for acceptance, tolerance, and different kinds of families, and allows for discussion about what makes a family and/or what are the important qualities in a friend.  The couple who took Pippin in make no effort to keep her.  She returns to the wild and lives a free and independent life.  But she comes back to visit 🙂

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Have a great weekend, everyone!