Perfect Picture Book Friday – No T. Rex In The Library


It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday again!

I know we had a little mini one last week, but that didn’t really count because I wasn’t really here ūüôā ¬†So I’m excited to see what everyone has to offer today! ¬†Here’s mine:

Title: No T. Rex In The Library
Written By: Toni Buzzeo
Illustrated By: Sachiko Yoshikawa
Margaret McElderry Books, February 2010, Fiction

Suitable For Ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: behavior, imagination, library

Opening: “It’s Tuesday morning in the library. ¬†Tess is out of control. ¬†“Time out!” Mommy shouts. ¬†“No beastie behavior in the library.”

Brief Synopsis: Tess is not exhibiting proper library behavior, so her mother puts her in time out. ¬†But while she’s there, a T. Rex escapes from a book and runs amok. ¬†Will Tess be able to get him under control?

Links To Resources: Curriculum Connections (classroom activities); T. Rex Classroom Activities; Dinosaur Coloring Pages¬† If you were a T. Rex, what would you do if you got out of your book? ¬†What other characters can you imagine escaping from a book? ¬†What would they do? ¬†Read Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen. ¬†How are the stories alike and how are they different? ¬†How does T. Rex’s behavior compare to Lion’s?

Why I Like This Book: All kids have a little trouble behaving decorously sometimes. ¬†But when Tess gets put in ¬†time out, the adventure is just beginning. ¬†The T. Rex escapes from his book and charges madly around the library, taking Tess (and readers) on a wild tour of the different sections and offering them a glimpse of the treasures they will find there – history, adventure, knights, pirates, and the wild west etc. ¬†Tess goes from ¬†being the one out of control to being the one who has to get the T. Rex under control. ¬†And she manages it based on her own experience, so that the book ends quietly and sweetly. ¬†The art is bright and energetic and fun. ¬†All around a cute book ūüôā

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

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