Now, Here’s A Challenge!

Hi Folks!  I had a totally different idea in mind for today’s post when I stumbled across a game!

I cannot resist games!  So, I’m passing the fun along to you!

The game was started by Michelle McLean:
In 100 words or less, write a story using the words ride, post, soulless, local, dehydrator, girdle. Your story may take on any form you wish. The only two rules are 1. you can’t simply list the 6 words; you must actually craft them into something creative, and 2. you must use ALL six of them.

Wow!  Some challenge, right?  Here’s my attempt:

It was 3 AM when Betty’s car conked out.
“Darn this cold!” she groused.
She posted a note on the windshield for Sheriff Goodbody, then she pulled her hat low, wrapped her scarf an extra time around, hitched up her girdle, and started walking.
Clunk!  Cough!  Hank Bowman’s beat-up pick-up emerged from the darkness and grumbled to a stop beside Betty.
“Need a ride?” he asked.
“Much obliged!” said Betty.  “The local bakery can’t be without holiday cookies on Christmas Eve!”

The truck was hot as a dehydrator, playing soulless music on the radio.  Betty switched to carols and smiled.  (100 on the nose!)

You can add to the fun by seeing what other people wrote.  Check out Shannon, Cole, and Abby!

Then make it even more fun – write your own and post it in the comments.  I can’t wait to see what people come up with!

Ready, set, GO!

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