The Second Challenge

So I’ll probably be the last one to post for the Second Crusader Challenge, but better late than never, right?

This time, the challenge is to write a flash fiction story of 100 words or less beginning with, “The goldfish bowl teetered…”  For an extra challenge, you can try to write in your own genre.  You know me.  I love a challenge…

The goldfish bowl teetered in the basket of Jessie’s bike.
“Be careful!” said Jenny.  “Without the fish, the deal is off!”
Jessie pedaled more carefully.  Jenny trotted alongside, hauling the red wagon, ready to grab the fish if it fell.
When they reached Bryan’s house he looked the fish over and nodded in satisfaction.  “It’s a deal,” he said.
Jenny handed over the handle of the red wagon.  “Bye, Joey,” said Jessie and Jenny.  “Remember,” they told Bryan, “no backsies!”
So easy!  All it took to get rid of their pesky baby brother was a single goldfish!

97 words!  Not bad for the Queen of Longwindedness!  Anybody else want to try?

P.S.  A set of my books, inscribed to the winner’s specifications, will be available for bidding on Write Hope tomorrow.  Please spread the word and bid if you can.  It’s such an important cause.

UPDATED LINK FOR THE AUCTION!!!  Susanna’s Books on Write Hope

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