Three Tidbits of Interest

Today’s post is a bit of a smorgasbord – a few rather unrelated items but all (to my mind :)) worth mentioning.

First, for any of you who read last week’s post The Wonderful World of Kid Lit, here is a very articulate, thoughtful rebuttal of the Wall Street Journal article mentioned therein which you might find interesting: Deeper Understanding: The Dark Is Rising, from Shelf Awareness, Enlightenment for the Book Trade.  Let me know what you think of Jennifer Brown’s article!

Second, I had a great visit at Merritt Bookstore in Millbrook, NY to celebrate Not Yet, Rose winning the Mom’s Choice Award.  Two large groups from three local preschools came to hear the story (about 100 children all together!)  They were a terrific audience.

Phyllis is trying to convince
the kids that Not Yet, Rose
is about her – because she
looks EXACTLY like Rose!

Unbeknownst to me, one of the adults in the back was videoing with her phone.  Quel horreur!!!  Although watching and listening to myself give a presentation was quite horrifying and made me want to go hide in the closet with a burlap sack over my head, I have been told I should edit the video and put it on my website so that interested teachers/schools can see a sample of a presentation.  What do you think?  Should I do it?

Finally, when I went to shut my computer down Friday night, I discovered a google alert in my inbox for Can’t Sleep Without Sheep.  Following the link, I was amazed and honored to see that Can’t Sleep has been nominated for the Alabama Camellia Children’s Choice Award (the state children’s choice for Alabama!!! click on the 2011-2012 NEW list to see.)  It’s up against some much better known books, so I don’t know if it has a chance of winning, but it was SO nice to be nominated!  Thank you to every child in Alabama who voted for Can’t Sleep!!!  Ava and Woolliam and I appreciate it 🙂

33 thoughts on “Three Tidbits of Interest

  1. E.J. Wesley says:

    I can't stand to hear/see myself. It is always weird, and I always think, “Do I really sound like?” However, I think it's usually an accurate representation, and no one else seems to notice.

    I say go for it, and share the sucker! It sounds like it was well-attended, so what could it hurt? :0)


  2. Tanya Reimer says:

    I know it sounds freaky, but everyone will tell you to do it. It's a GREAT moment for you. So… take a deep breath and just enjoy the rush. YAY!!! Can't wait to see it, actually. And congrats on the nomination. Whooo hooo!

  3. Anne-Mhairi Simpson says:

    Congratulations on the award nomination and win. And yes, if the quality is decent, go ahead and put the video up. I'm like you, I hate seeing and hearing myself on film. I always sound and look like I'm on Valium. Horrible!!

  4. Cally Jackson says:

    Congrats on the nomination! That's fantastic. And I definitely think you should put a video segment on your blog. It would be very useful for people interested in potentially booking you to speak to their children. Plus I want to see you in action myself! 🙂

  5. catherinemjohnson says:

    Thank goodness you didn't know at the time, can you imagine? I think you should put it on your blog:)

    And huge congrats for the nomination, Can't Sleep without Sheep is my favourite!

  6. Pk Hrezo says:

    How wonderful, Susanna! Congrats! And I most definitely think you should post that vid. How cool! I think quite possibly the most exhilerating feeling in the world is reading a story to small children. It just thrills me to the bone!

  7. Liz Fichera says:

    Congratulations on being nominated! With so many books out there, that is pretty cool!

    I think you should definitely edit the video and add to your blog/web site. And those kids look absolutely entralled!! And so cute. 🙂

  8. Brooke Rousseau says:

    You should definitely use the video on your website – what a great idea! And congrats on the award nomination! It couldn't have happened to a sweeter person. Good luck (or merde as they say in French)!

  9. Emily Rittel-King says:

    Congrats on the nomination! I'm pretty sure my children and I have checked out at least one of your books from the library. They're going to think I'm so cool when I tell them I posted a comment on your blog. : ) It's always nice to feel like a cool mom, if only for a second.

  10. E. Arroyo says:

    Yay…Congrats! I'm kind of nervous when posting things on my blog only because I'm not sure about the rights issue. I would recommend checking that out. But the turn out was awesome! Good luck with that nomination too!

  11. Andrea Mack says:

    What a lovely surprise in your e-mail box! I never find anything very useful in Google Alerts, so it must have been cool.

    Thanks for sharing the link to Jennifer Brown's article. It is a nice rebuttal.

  12. erica and christy says:

    I shudder at the thought of watching myself on a video. I try not to speak when taping my kids because my voice sounds so weird! BUT I think editing a portion you feel “comfortable” with is a great idea! Congrats on your nomination!!!! Christy

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