Word Fun Monday

It’s Monday, and while I (as I’ve mentioned before) find that inspiring, many people look at the work week ahead and think oy!

So here’s a little fun to brighten your day 🙂

My family is very game oriented, and especially word-game oriented (in case you haven’t figured that out from my many posts about how much I love games :))  My sister is visiting with her kids, and last night at dinner the following questions were posed:

Only 2 words in the English language contain uu.  What are they?

Only 3 words in the English language begin with dw.  What are they?

What are the 2 longest one-syllable words in English?  (I’ll give you a hint – one is 8 letters and one is 7 and they both begin with s – also, this game refers to root words, so no prefixes, suffixes or verb endings etc.)

Technically I should be offering a prize for the first person to guess all three, but I’m fresh out of prize ideas… unless someone wants one of those nameless dead sea creatures I mentioned on Friday (she said hopefully)?  For the time being, you will have to be satisfied with the fame of being the person connected with this blog who is That Smart!  If you can answer all three I will be impressed and if you think up a reasonable prize for yourself I’ll consider it 🙂

Ready, set, GO!  I can’t wait to see if you can guess the words!

12 thoughts on “Word Fun Monday

  1. Jess says:

    I'll come back after I finish my coffee, but no promises on knowing these. The only one I can think of is “dweeb” which is kind of how I feel trying to think of these 🙂

  2. JEFritz says:

    I think the dw words are dwell, dwarf, and…dwindle? Not sure. The uu words are continuum and vacuum and the longest one syllable words are strength and strengths (but those are eight and nine letters…am I wrong?)

    Fun contest. I can't wait to see what the answers are.

  3. catherinemjohnson says:

    Ooh I'm guessing dwell is one of them and here is a fun one
    dwit dwoo 🙂

    oh dwelling too

    No clue on the others, will check back this is fun!

  4. Michaele Charles says:

    Hi Susanna!
    Oh, fun. I'm a word nerd at heart so I love word games. I'll be putting this one in front of my husband tonight.

    My guess for #1: vacuum and continuum?
    For #2, I can come up with dwarf. (And dwell, but only after I saw it above. 🙂 )
    For #3, “schmooze” comes to mind. That's 8 letters.

    How'd I do? 🙂

    Great “meeting” you! And great blog!

  5. Grillyfish says:

    I love word games!!! 🙂

    Is the other “uu” word continuum?

    Another “dw” is dwarf!! (I cannot think of the third!)

    As for the longest one syllable word… I can only think of a six letter-er!!! 🙂

  6. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Wow! You guys are doing well! JE got nearly everything – just missing the 7 letter word; Michaele, you got the uus and most of the dws; and Grillyfish you got one each of the first two questions! Keep up the good work and see if anyone can get the remaining longest one-syllable word which also starts with an s and is 7 letters!

  7. Jess says:

    Hi Susanna~ just wanted to let you know that my two-year-old received the latest selection from my parents for her Book-Of-The-Month Club, and the title is….

    Can't Sleep Without Sheep!!

    I read it to her last night, and tonight she asked for “dat sheep book.”

    We both love it 🙂

  8. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    OK, I have to say, between you, and especially JE, you've gotten pretty much all the answers – well done! I would have said the other one syllable longest word was screech, but JE guessed straight and she's right – it's actually longer! My source was wrong!!! So I think the winner is JE!

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