The Writer’s Platform Building Campaign

Monday starts off with a bang this week!  It’s time for Rachael Harrie’s 3rd Writer’s Platform Building Campaign!

This is a great opportunity for writers, parents, teachers and librarians!

For writers, it’s a chance to connect with other writers, both in your own specific genre and across the board.

For parents. teachers, and librarians, it’s a great way to explore the blogs and books of lots of writers whose work you might not be familiar with yet.

If you’re a writer, I think you’ll want to check it out!  Not only will you get to meet new people who share your interests, learn new things about your craft, and exchange ideas with other writers, you’ll get to join in writing challenges, a Yahoo group, and all kinds of other fun including giveaways of all kinds.

If you’re a parent, teacher or librarian, you can go to the list of Campaigners here and check out all the blogs and books of writers in every category of children’s literature (as well as adult literature.)  Many writers’ blogs have a lot of information on the world of children’s books where you can get to know the authors who write the books your children read or whose books you use in your classroom, and there are often giveaways where you can win books for your personal, classroom, or school library.

I did the 2nd Writer’s Platform Building Campaign and had a wonderful time, finding lots of interesting blogs and meeting people who are now friends.

So go check it out and let me know what you think!

Remember to check back here Wednesday for a new Would You Read It which, this week, is going to include some VERY EXCITING NEWS!!!

See you then 🙂

56 thoughts on “The Writer’s Platform Building Campaign

  1. K says:

    Thank you so much for this link! I always learn something new each time I read your blog. This (linking to other writers to build my platform) is exactly what I'm interested in, so Thank you for introducing me to the campaign!

  2. Jess says:

    I did one of Rachel's Campaigns and it was great~ I met a ton of fabulous new bloggers! I'm not doing it this time due to some upcoming time constraints, but I look forward to reading all of the Campaign posts. Can't wait for Wednesday's Would You Read It and the VERY EXCITING NEWS 🙂

  3. K says:

    Just wanted to stop by again to say a BIG thank you!!! If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have discovered this Writers' Platform-Building Campaign, and I am so excited about it. I've already signed up for a few groups and created an event for writers interested in getting their hooks reviewed by other writers. I can't wait to see what else goes on with the campaign 🙂 Thank you Susanna!!!!

  4. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Kimberly – I'm so glad you found it and are so excited and involved! The event you created sounds a lot like Would You Read It, so please send whoever might be interested over here too! I'll be sure to check it out 🙂

  5. PaulaSJwriter says:

    Hello, Susanna.

    It's nice to meet you. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You must have been a prodigy,turning out Nancy Drew books like that, And I did notice you said books, plural! I'm impressed.
    Look forward to getting to know you better!

  6. Robyn Campbell says:

    Hey Sus. (my pet name for you.) 🙂

    I've been meaning to get by your place. Have missed coming. Glad to know you're a campaigner. How have you been? Exciting news??? You tease. Now you have me super curious.

  7. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Stephanie, Nina, Paula, and Rosalind – thanks so much for stopping by! Looking forward to getting to know you better during the campaign 🙂

    Robyn – teasing on purpose so you'll stop by tomorrow and see what the surprise is 🙂

    Kelley – thanks so much for following! If I haven't been by your site yet, I'll get there soon 🙂

    Stacy – thanks for the return visit!

    Natasha – yes, that's how we met! 🙂

    Brooke – definitely stop by tomorrow for Would You Read It!!!

  8. Abby says:

    Hi Susanna! I'm very excited to be a campaigner too! This will be my first time doing this, but I hear great things and I'm excited to be involved.

  9. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Hi April – nice to meet you!

    Hi Abby – thanks for stopping by!

    Dawn – I had a great time last time – got to meet lots of new people, many of whose blogs I now follow with great interest. Time commitment is up to you. You get out what you put in. The more time you spend visiting other people's blogs, getting to know them, commenting, etc. the more likely you'll find some kindred spirits who will become real followers for you in return. The campaign has some fun things you can do during it if you want, and will give you some good blog fodder as a result, but you don't have to do anything. So, to make a long story longer 🙂 you can pretty much spend whatever amount of time you want 🙂

  10. Sheri Doyle says:

    Hi Susanna,
    This is a really great blog. I'm having fun reading back through the posts. I'm going to check my library for some of your books. I write fiction (MG and YA), nonfiction, and poetry for kids and teens. Glad to meet you through this campaign! 🙂

  11. Shelley Koon says:

    Hi Susanna!

    Making the rounds of fellow campaigners blogs and so glad I stopped by yours – it's not only gorgeous it also is a great resource of info. I will most definitely be back.


  12. Sarah P. says:

    Hi! I'm a fellow campaigner. You blog looks amazing and your picture books look great! Congratulations! Looking forward to being a campaigner with you. 🙂

  13. Debbie says:

    Hi Susanna. I'm taking part in the campaign for the first time and really enjoying so far. It's a great way to meet new people. I really like the look of your blog and look forward to learning more about you during the campaign. It's a pleasure meeting you! 🙂

  14. Debbie says:

    Hi Susanna. This is my first time in taking part of the campaign and really enjoying it so far. I think it's a great way to meet new people. I really like the look of your blog and I look forward to learning more about you during the campaign. It's a pleasure meeting you! 🙂

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