Perfect Picture Book Friday PLUS Please Vote!

Happy first Friday of spring, everyone!

I am not letting the fact that it continues to be 20 degrees, windy, and snowy get me down.  It is officially spring!  Time is on our side 🙂  I haven’t seen Phyllis is days… she’s keeping a low profile.  I think she might actually be on the lam, hiding out in sunny Mexico where it feels like spring has arrived.  She and I are going to have words when she gets back! 🙂

Speaking of spring, if you have not yet had a chance to vote for your favorite finalist in the In Just Spring Contest, please go HERE – the voting is open until tomorrow – Saturday Match 23 at midnight.  It’s quite a tight race, and there’s an amazing prize on the line, so pretty please vote!

The In Just Spring Contest!

Please read the fantastic finalist stories and vote for your favorite HERE!!!

I had actually intended to skip Perfect Picture Book Friday today, so that the post with the vote would stay up until the poll closed, but I realized I forgot to say that ahead of time, and I thought some of you dedicated bloggers probably had PPBs scheduled to post today and I didn’t want to stand you up.  My compromise, such as it is :), is to not post a PPB today myself, but put up the contest voting reminder in pretty colors, and then post the link up list for you all to attach your wonderful books to so we can all come visit 🙂

So please add your post-specific link to the list below and we’ll all come add to our weekend library list! 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone, and stay tuned Monday for the announcement of the In Just Spring Contest winner!  Ooh, the suspense!!! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday PLUS Please Vote!

  1. Clarike Bowman-Jahn says:

    Thanks for reminding me to go vote, Susanna I'll go do that right away. The stories are all so wonderfully crafted it is hard and any way we can help we will.

    Thanks also for keeping the PPBF tradition open. I really wanted to be able to share Christopher Newport today since it was just launched last week.

    Hope Spring arrives for you soon. It's cold here, too. And the dandilions were covered with snow last Monday but at least we have dandilions to see. We also have crocuses and the Hyacthins are peeking up as well. 🙂 So even though it's cold, Spring has arrived here. 🙂

  2. Stacy S. Jensen says:

    Happy spring! We may get snow again this weekend. We did our pre-library run before snow predictions yesterday.

  3. Dana Atnip says:

    Happy first Friday of Spring! Tell Phyllis there's no need to hide out, we forgive her! Even the best groundhog-predictions may once in awhile go awry! 🙂

  4. Laura Anne Miller says:

    Happy Spring, Susanna! I voted and absolutely loved all the stories. I so wanted to participate but my hubby's doctoral dissertation is due Apr 2 and I am his editor–so that is the priority right now. (I think there should be a fancy dinner in there somewhere for me, don't you think?)

    Also, FYI, sorry I posted my PPB link twice (Woolbur). Google is acting funny -when I refreshed the page it did not show Woolbur after an hour. And I haven't been able to comment on your site for two weeks-it tells me Disqus is running slower than normal,,,blah, blah, blah.. Anyway I came over to Firefox and it seems to me fine. Must be an issue on my end.

    OH—-tell Phyllis to go into hiding…I heard on the a.m. news that someone wants to indict Punxsutawney Phil for improper reporting of the facts…. 🙂

  5. Julie Rowan-Zoch says:

    That was tough voting, I can well imagine your exhaustion in whittling the choice down to just seven! So glad to have had the chance to take part in it – and now I have another story I really want to work on more! You are THE BEST, Susanna!!!!

  6. Vivian Kirkfield says:

    That was sweet of you to put up the PPBF linky, Susanna! I added a little blurb about the voting…maybe that will encourage a couple more folks to head over and read the 7 stories…I'm anxious to see which one wins…but really…they are all fantastic!

  7. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    I haven't been on FB much the last couple days, but my daughter showed me one, and Cathy Mealy posted a picture on my wall of a snowman that her kids made labeled “Frosty – 1, Groundhog – 0” 🙂 I hope it warms up soon too – but I hear we're getting snow 🙂

  8. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    You're far too kind, Julie, but I'm very glad you got a great new story out of the contest – there was certainly much to love about your story – I'm still remembering the line about “Winter was long, even for rabbits” (or something close to that :))

  9. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Happy Spring, Laura (let's just not talk about the snow forecast for Monday, shall we? :)) I'm glad you enjoyed reading the stories, and I'm sorry you weren't able to participate, but hubby's dissertation must take priority! Don't worry… I'm thinking up another contest for July-ish… maybe you can write for that one 🙂 If I get 2 seconds, I'll take your extra link off. Sorry if my blog is giving you trouble! And yeah, Phyllis is already in hiding. She's been sending an underling out to fetch and deliver her pancakes 🙂

  10. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    You are so forethoughtful! Now you will be well-supplied with good reading to keep you entertained during your snowed-inness! Have a happy snowy weekend. Phyllis says it will be spring on Wednesday 🙂

  11. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    I'm so jealous! I want flowers! But they are predicting snow for Monday! Phyllis says spring will be here on Wednesday, but I'm having trouble believing it right now! Thanks for reading and voting!!! Have a great weekend!

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