Tuesday Off

Today’s scheduled Tuesday Debut must have gotten cold feet 😦

The interview materials did not arrive, so, sorry to disappoint but we don’t have a post today.

Think of it as a day off, though.  An unexpected few extra minutes for you to write something new!

Here’s a prompt if you need one:

Geraldine could not remember whose idea it had been to cross the road, but she was beginning to wish she’d stayed home!


Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!

18 thoughts on “Tuesday Off

    • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

      Hahaha! You made me actually laugh, Tim! I can’t give extra points – that would be showing bias 🙂 – but I confess, I’d love to see a Halloweensie about Geraldine. Maybe I’ll use her in my sample 🙂

  1. authorlaurablog says:

    Geraldine was my mom’s name. Too many emotions to write about this but after spending time at a family wedding this past weekend and a day with my daughter, I’ll admit to being emotional right about now.

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