Summer Morning Drive

Happy Friday!

I’m not really posting today.

It seems that most of blogging world is on blogcation – partially or completely.  I can’t quite bring myself to go on total blogcation… I would miss you guys too much 🙂  But I am going to take some random days off between now and the end of summer.  Never Wednesdays – Would You Read It will appear as scheduled every Wednesday – but the occasional Monday and/or Friday.  I feel quite sure you guys can use a break from me 🙂

So today, all I have to share is this:

Isn’t he cute?  He was trotting down the road near my house.  (And no!  I was certainly not driving and taking pictures at the same time!  I drove.  My daughter took the picture.  Which you would have realized if you’d thought about it for a second… it would have been way more crooked and blurry if I was multitasking :))

Maybe he will inspire a story for someone.  Or, if you guys would like to share something unusual you saw while driving, maybe one of your sightings will inspire a story for someone!  Remember the giant picnic basket I saw in Ohio?

Please share unusual sightings!  I love stuff like that 🙂

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!