Writer’s Platform Building Crusade!

Writers, as a group, are an amazing bunch.

They are always coming up with creative ideas.  They are generous about sharing their ideas, which makes the writing community a great one to belong to.

Rachael Harrie over at Rach Writes had a wonderful idea for linking writers together.  She calls it the Writer’s Platform Building Crusade, and this is its second year.  It’s a way for writer’s to support each other – helping others and helping themselves at the same time.

Let’s face it, writing is a tough business, especially now.  As Rachael rightly points out, we can all use a little support 🙂  If you’re interested in being part of the Crusade, here’s the link:

Writer’s Platform Building Crusade

I hope you’ll join in.  I’m really looking forward to meeting other writers and reading their blogs.

And now, an update on the Picture Book Marathon….

I got off to a good start on days one and two, but have fallen behind – a bit too much going on! (although luckily there was a lot of birthday cake involved :))  I’m going to do my best to catch up this week, though!  Wish me luck and send inspiration my way 🙂

And don’t forget – guest post with Karen Orloff coming up, probably tomorrow or Wednesday!  Get ready to enter a contest for a free signed copy of her latest book, I WANNA NEW ROOM!

OK.  Enough chit-chat.  Time to get to work!!!

Happy Phyllis’s Birthday!

Happy Phyllis’s Birthday, Everyone!

Yep, today’s the day, Phyllis’s birthday (which she just happens to share with my husband… coincidence?) so Happy Happy Happy Day to Phyllis (ladies first!) and Eric 🙂

How great is this week?  We’ve managed to have a legitimate excuse for cake every single day so far!

Not only is today Phyllis’s birthday – very fitting that it should fall during National Phyllis Week, don’t you think? –  it is also the first day of the Chinese New Year – The Year of The Rabbit.  (And no, Phyllis, there is no year of the groundhog, and yes, we all understand how misguided that is!)

According to some online source which may or may not be reliable, the Year of the Rabbit should be quiet, positive and inspiring, and an excellent time for the arts.  I choose to interpret that as a stellar year ahead for writers!

Of course, that requires that I write.  So I’m off to work on today’s manuscript for the Picture Book Marathon (I’m 2 for 2 so far, so off to a good start!) whilst simultaneously baking birthday cake.  Perhaps today’s story should be about a bunny… who is friends with a beautiful groundhog… who has been snowed in for days… but will be having birthday cake for supper 🙂  Or not.  Feel free to send inspiration my way 🙂  26 stories in a month is a LOT!

2011 Picture Book Marathon

Happy February Everyone!

Yes, it’s still snowing.  Yes, we’re likely to be snowed in for 2 days.  No, winter isn’t over.  But it’s February – definitely a step in the right direction 🙂

Since it’s National Phyllis week, let me first say that Punxsutawney Phyllis is the smartest, most beautiful, most reliable weather prophet with the loveliest singing voice known to the marmot family!  (Imagine flashing neon and lots of sparkles!)

That should keep her happy for a moment while I tell you that today, February 1st, is Day One of the 2011 Picture Book Marathon!

Here’s the object of the game:  write a picture book a day for the month of February.  Since February has 28 days, and a marathon only has 26 miles, you get 2 days off to use at your discretion.

I did the Picture Book Marathon last year for the first time.  I only managed 17 new stories, but I still felt pretty good about it.  This year, I’ll be lucky to manage 17 given everything else going on.  But I’m going to give it the old college try.  Who’s with me?  Anyone else want to give it a go?  We can exchange blog comments for encouragement and let each other know how we’re doing 🙂

Here’s the link if you’re interested:  The Picture Book Marathon

So now, I’d better get right to work.  Time’s a-wastin’!

I’ll just finish by saying that Phyllis’s feelings were hurt by the lack of response to her questionnaire yesterday.  If you don’t want me to have to put up with a sulky groundhog whilst I cast about for picture book ideas, please soothe her ruffled fur her by commenting on her many wonderful qualities 🙂

Now, runners, take your marks!