Perfect Picture Book Friday – The Opposite Zoo

Happy Friday, Folks!

Yesterday was a marathon day of quality time with Princess Blue Kitty (which means I was driving all day :))  I may not be able to speak for ALL of America, but it’s certainly true that this American runs on Dunkin’ – they make such good coffee!  (It’s also possible that I have a weakness for chocolate munchkins but I’m not admitting to anything!)

Anyway, given all the driving, you guys will be happy to know that you are spared any long-windedness from me today because I was up against it to get this post finished.  So without further ado, here’s my Perfect Picture Book pick for today!

Opposite Zoo

Title: The Opposite Zoo

Written  & Illustrated By: Il Sung Na

Knopf Books For Young Readers, March 8, 2016, Fiction

Suitable For Ages: 2-5


Themes/Topics:  Concepts (opposites), animals, diversity

Opening: “The sky is DARK, and the Opposite Zoo is CLOSED.  But the monkey’s door is OPEN!  Time to explore…

Brief Synopsis: When his cage door opens at the same time the Opposite Zoo closes for the night, an escaped monkey tours the zoo seeing all the opposites from an awake owl to a sleeping panda, a shy chameleon to a bold peacock, noisy monkeys to a quiet turtle.  He returns to his cage in the morning just as his door closes and the Opposite Zoo opens.

Links To Resources: Do The Opposite Dance; pair with books such as Sandra Boynton’s Opposites, Eric Carle’s Opposites, and Tad Hills’s What’s Up Duck? A Book Of Opposites; Teaching Opposites To Children; ask children to think up opposites from their own life/experience, giving them hints, if necessary, to help them come up with ones that aren’t mentioned in the book.


Why I Like This Book:  Spare, simple text allows Il Sung Na’s gorgeous art to take center stage and show youngest readers all about opposites with a friendly cast of colorful animals.  The story is quiet, with a lullaby-like rhythm that makes it a lovely choice for naptime, bedtime, or any time a little settling down is called for.  With the exception of the first and last spreads, each page/animal is accompanied by only one word (e.g. “slow” “fast”, “hairy” “bald”), so it is very text-light allowing young readers to take in the concept of the opposites offered by the illustrations without bogging down in excess verbiage.  (Picture book writers take note – the whole book is only about 57 words – unless you count all the “noisy”s on the monkey page… then it’s 63 🙂 )  But the art is what this book is really all about.  So inviting and appealing!  Friendly animals.  Gorgeous colors (I especially love the owl, peacock, tiger, turtle…oh, never mind – they’re ALL irresistible! 🙂 )  Just look at that tiger on the cover!  How can you not want to open this book?!

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