Perfect Picture Book Friday – No Frogs In School

Welcome back to Perfect Picture Book Friday, Everyone!

After a summer of not reviewing, I have so many books I want to share that it’s hard to choose just one!  But I opted for one that had a connection to school since a lot of us are pretty focused on that this week!  I hope you like it, too! 🙂

No Frogs In School

Title: No Frogs In School

Written By: A. LaFaye

Illustrated By: Eglantine Ceulemans

Sterling Children’s Books, August 2018, fiction

Suitable For Ages: 4-7

Themes/Topics: pets, following rules, school

Opening: “Bartholomew Botts loved pets.  Hoppy pets, hairy pets, and scaly pets.He loved them all so much that he couldn’t go to school without one.”

Brief Synopsis:  Bartholomew Botts loves his pets so much that he wants to bring one to school.  But his teacher, Mr. Patanoose, has a whole lot of rules about what’s allowed in school!  Is there a way to follow the rules and still have a pet in school?

Links To Resources: make your own jumping frog (easy video tutorial); Frog Activities And Fun Ideas For Kids (crafts, games, recipes, etc.)

Why I Like This Book: Bartholomew is endearing, and his love for his pets is so genuine and relatable!  Who among us hasn’t wanted to bring a pet to school at least once?  I love that Bartholomew doesn’t limit his choice of pet to cute and furry.  Yes, he has a hamster, but he also has a frog and a salamander and a snake…among others :)… and he loves and appreciates them all.  I love how earnestly he tries to respect his teacher’s rules while still trying to find a way for his pets to accompany him.  And I love the clever solution he engineers at the end 🙂  The illustrations are lively and fun, and kids will have a great time finding all the animals on every page.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

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