And The Winner of I WANNA NEW ROOM Is…!

Holy Home Renovations, Batman!  9 AM – the moment we’ve all been waiting for!  Time to select the winner of Karen Orloff’s new picture book, I WANNA NEW ROOM.  I hope you’re all a-twitter with excitement.  I know I am!

And now…

The entries:

My lovely assistant (still wearing her crown…!)
My lovely assistant, balancing her crown and choosing a winner whilst I provide photographic documentation with my other hand – no mean feat let me assure you!
And the winner is………………………………………


Congratulations, Theresa!  To collect your prize, please email me using the “EMAIL ME” button on the right-hand side of the blog.  If you could give me your address (so I can mail your prize) and tell me who you’d like the book signed to and if there’s anything special you’d like it to say (so I can tell Karen) that would be great.  If you can do it ASAP since I’m meeting Karen for lunch 🙂 so she can sign the book that would be even better!

Thank you so much to everyone else who entered!  I’m sorry there couldn’t be prizes for all, but if you didn’t win this time, you’ll have another chance next week.  Cori Doerffeld will be visiting.  Her interview is really interesting.  I’m so looking forward to sharing it with you.  And she will be giving away a signed copy of her new picture book, PENNY LOVES PINK, which looks terrific!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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