Halloweensie Delay

Apparently it’s Octsnowber.  We have 2 feet of snow and no power or iinternet.  I am currently lurking outside Dunki’ Donuts (I know you’re surprised!) poaching 3G to write this on myphoone.  Please post your Halloweensie entries and I’ll get the contest and link list up as soon as I can.  So sorry for the trouble, but we’re told it may be days…Hopefully I’ll be able to sort it all out eventually.  Meanwhile, please fotrgive my temporary absence from the blogosphere!

12 thoughts on “Halloweensie Delay

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here too…my kids are bummed that trick-or-treating is postponed until Sunday night! Meanwhile we've made some nice snow ghosts on the lawn…


  2. Patricia Tilton says:

    What a mess. When I first began reading your post, I actually thought it was your Halloween story entry–and then it hit me you were in that massisive storm. Well this is your story. Hope things return to normal soon!

  3. A2Z Mommy says:

    Susanna, this snow has thrown a few wrenches in my days, and I have power! Still not easy with three kids home and no snow to play in for a typical “snow day.” No safe streets to walk on and Halloween postponed until Friday. More candy for me!
    My Halloweensie story is up. Thanks for the inspiration to bring those three words to life. I hope you get power soon along with coffee and a donut!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Susanna, Our cable was out, so I just posted my story under your Halloweensie blog. I hope I'm not too late to enter and that I entered correctly. Hoping your power and cable are restored soon. Teri

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