Monday Short & Sweet – Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!

I hope you’re all getting to spend the day with family and friends, ushering summer in with all kinds of happiness and fun!

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Since I know we’re all busy today, our Short & Sweet will be really short and sweet.

List three words that make you think of either Memorial Day or summer.

Using one or more of your own three words, or someone else’s that are listed in the comments, or some of the samples listed below as inspiration, give us the first sentence or two of a story and/or a one or two sentence idea for a story.

Here are a few sample words you can use for inspiration if you can’t think of any:

red, white, and blue
Old Glory
ice cream
sand pail
sea shell

Here is a sample opening sentence or two:

“Just keep digging,” said Jamie, dumping out another pail of sand.  “We’re almost there!”

Here is a sample idea for a story:

Ari plans a special welcome for his mother returning from active duty in the armed forces.

Now you go!  Don’t over think it – remember, this is supposed to be short and sweet! 🙂  Share your words and your opening and/or story idea.  maybe it will give you a great idea for a story, or maybe someone else’s words, opening sentence or story idea will inspire a great story!

Have fun!  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

And have a wonderful Memorial Day!

17 thoughts on “Monday Short & Sweet – Happy Memorial Day!

  1. Linda Boyden says:

    The parade ends at the Veterans' Cemetery where Rascal and me wait, the hot sun freckling our skin, to help set out all the little flags on the soldiers' graves.

  2. Cheryl Secomb says:

    Happy Memorial Day!

    Words: honor; red, white, and blue; fireworks

    Sam watched the red, white, and blue fireworks splash across the night sky.

  3. Angela Brown says:

    Happy Memorial Day! Here's my share:

    Fire leaped up from the charcoal grill and Uncle Alan stumbled back along the patio with a loud, “Boy that's hot!” We all smiled and laughed, glad to see he didn't burn off his eyebrows this year.

  4. Alayne Kay Christian says:

    Ethan kneels down, pulls the flag on a stick from his back pocket and pushes it in the ground next to the sun bleached headstone.

  5. Leigh Covington says:

    I don't think my brain is ready for writing yet, I burned it out on an essay the past few days. But… my words are: graves, swimming and soldiers.

  6. Heather Dent says:

    Hannah walked into the kitchen to find photographs and letters strewn across the table and her mother sobbing silently into her arm.

  7. Catherine says:

    The soldiers checked out their next house, nervous they trod with care. “Fred what are you doing in the kitchen? Come on!”
    Fred almost ruined the mission, stuffing his face with home made ice cream left on the counter. Ice cold sabotage.

  8. delores @ thefeatherednest says:

    Tag has attended Memorial Day services at the cemetery with his Mom his whole life.Ever since he was 4 she allowed him to walk the rows of neat white headstones by himself. That was were he met Andrew as he stood patiently beside the third stone in…second to last row. Tag would listen to Andrew wide eyed and respectful as the young soldier told him stories about the Civil War between the States; about how brother fought brother under different flags. This year Tag has a special question for Andrew. He wants him to come to school with him and talk to his class. How is Andrew going to explain to Tag that he is the only person who can see him?

  9. Stacy couch says:

    Happy Memorial Day everybody! So many great patriotic stories.

    Words: sea shell, ice cream and Mom

    Gabby held the sea shell up to Mom's ear. “Listen, Mommy. It says we need ice cream.”

  10. Lauri Meyers says:

    It's raining here and we are all exhausted from the weekend so..
    I didn't understand why we had to come to the dreary cemetery while all of my friends gathered for parties to celebrate a day off school. I had complained loud enough to stay in the dry car while my mother carried flowers through the rain. The sun peeked out just long enough to illuminate the wet gravestones which seemed to be crying.

  11. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Intriguing opening, Lauri! I'm wondering who they're visiting and how much of the MCs reluctance is disinterest if it's someone unrelated, or ho much of it is denial if it's someone loved… The gravestones seeming to cry is a wonderful touch!

  12. Stacy couch says:

    Thanks guys! Such a great, fun prompt.
    I choose N Pole, for sure. Who wouldn't share ice cream with Santa?

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