Perfect Picture Book Friday – The Three Little Pigs And The Somewhat Bad Wolf

Good Morning Everyone!  Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday!

I’m a big fan of fractured fairy tales, and the three little pigs is one of my favorites, so I’m excited to share today’s selection 🙂

Title: The Three Little Pigs And The Somewhat Bad Wolf
Written & Illustrated By: Mark Teague
Orchard Books, April 2013, Fiction

Suitable For Ages: 3-7

Themes/Topics: fractured fairy tale, humor, responsibility, girl power

Opening: “Once there were three little pigs.  They lived on a farm, as most pigs do, and were happy, as most pigs are.  Then one day the farmer told them that he and his wife were moving to Florida.  He paid the pigs for their good work and sent them on their way.
“Let’s buy potato chips,” said the first pig.
“Let’s buy sody-pop,” said the second pig.
“Let’s buy building supplies,” said the third pig, who was altogether un-pig-like.

Brief Synopsis: Three little pigs set off to find a new place to live.  One is more interested in potato chips and hanging about in a hammock than building.  Another is more interested in sody-pop and mud-bathing than building.  Only the third pig (who is also the only girl in the group!) is smart enough to use her money for building supplies and her time for building.  Then, along comes the big, somewhat bad wolf… 🙂

Links To Resources: I think it would be fun to read the original Three Little Pigs, and then a bunch of other versions including Corey Schwartz’s The Three Ninja Pigs, Jon Scieszka’s The True Story Of The Three Little Pigs, Eugene Trivizas’s The Three Little Wolves And The Big Bad Pig, and any others you might come across and compare how the stories are alike and different and which elements the author chose to change or twist and how that affects the story.  Here is a link to a lesson plan for the original Three Little Pigs.

Why I Like This Book:  I love fractured fairy tales, and I love Mark Teague’s sense of humor.  This is an entertaining twist on the familiar tale, in which the only girl pig is the one who builds a strong house, eats healthy food, and comes up with a solution for the wolf.  I love the details in Mr. Teague’s art.  My favorite page is the one where the wolf tries to get something to eat at the donut shop, the hot dog stand, and the pizza parlor 🙂

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

PPBF bloggers, please add your post-specific link to the list below so we can all come see what you picked this week!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

51 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – The Three Little Pigs And The Somewhat Bad Wolf

  1. This_Kid_Reviews_Books_Erik says:

    I think I MUST read this book! I LOVE fractured fairytales! 😀 And it's just silly!

  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    How funny. Girl power! Hannah read the ninja one before the original – oops!
    I have an FF for next week. Looking forward to your course today!

  3. Julie Rowan-Zoch says:

    We just never tire of this constellation, do we! I find it fascinating just how many tales can be spun out of this! Just yesterday I read Triviza's book – research for another version as an exercise for my local critique group (hint, hint – next contest…!). Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    I know – why is it we love these so? 🙂 Next contest is coming up… first week of July. I'm still deciding what to do, but thinking I'd better post it early so people have time to write 🙂

  5. Sidney Schuhmann Levesque says:

    I loved the fresh take on the the three little pigs tale, especially the part about eating potato chips and sleeping in a hammock!

  6. Laura Marcella says:

    I like fractured fairy tales, too. This looks like a great one!

    A couple weeks ago when I was at my sister's house, her kids had me read this new book they had and I LOVED it: Wild about Books by Judy Sierra. Have you read it? I got a copy for himself because I liked it so much! The illustrations are really fun, too.

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  7. Teresa Robeson says:

    I'm a fan of Mark Teague's art! I also am a fan of fractured fairy tales. 🙂 I wrote a riff on the three little pigs, but it's for the adult spec-fic market (so it involves anthropologists and cannibalism…haha). It'll be in an e-anthology my SF critique group is putting together for charity. Have you checked out Enchanted Conversation before, Susanna? It's not for kids but it's all fairy tales, all the time.

    I'll definitely take a look at this one!

    Happy weekend and am thrilled to be taking your class!!!

  8. Patricia Tilton says:

    I just saw your book in the library yesterday and thumbed through it. It's a very colorful and lively book. So glad you reviewed this new version. Love fractured fairy tales.

  9. This_Kid_Reviews_Books_Erik says:

    I had a field trip today… I had to be at school at 6:15 (and it's a 15 minute drive to town/school)…. *YAWN*

  10. Clarbojahn says:

    I too, love fractured fairy tales and this book seems like one I'l love to take from the library. thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  11. Janet Johnson says:

    I thought I had read this one, but now I don't think I have! Yay! A new fractured fairy tale to read!! (I love them, too). And aren't you awesome for providing a lesson plan? You just amaze me.

  12. Joanne Roberts says:

    I couldn't agree more! I haven't read this version, but between the artist and the theme (and the potato chips) I'm hooked. I can't wait to try your marathon activity. Thanks.

  13. Vivian Kirkfield says:

    Love this one, Susanna! At the last school presentation I did, the kids had been studying storytelling and had a table FILLED with three little pigs' books.
    Just got back from the AFCC conference in Singapore…energized from the people I met and the sessions I attended! The only things I bought were…picture books! Will try to do a review of one of them for PPBF…but it might not be until tomorrow. 🙂 Slowly but surely trying to wade thru emails and laundry. 🙂

  14. Vivian Kirkfield says:

    Hmmm…just noticed that my gravatar is gone and my disqus comment number is 1 instead of 99…oh well, disqus doesn't like me, I guess. 🙂

  15. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Disqus apparently doesn't like me either. I don't think anyone else in the world has this much trouble with it. But up until a couple days ago, I actually thought it was working better and a bunch of people who hadn't been able to comment for a while were suddenly able to again… who knows?!

  16. pennyklostermann says:

    I'm so far behind that I'm just getting to this PPBF!!! This book sounds funny, funny, funny! I'm a fractured fairy tale fan, too! Love them! So, I am definitely adding this to my library list!

  17. sammy says:

    Hi, can i ask you something? You seem to know a lot about children books
    and illustrations. The thing is, I’m looking for children books with
    “scary” animal illustrations like the big bad wolf (or a fox) eating
    pigs (or seven kids or Red Riding hood or birds in Chicken Little) or
    being pictured with a fat stomach. Could be any other animal as well. I
    need it for my research. Any sort of help is appreciated. Thanks in

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