Perfect Picture Book Friday – Baby Bear Discovers The World

I just want you all to know that whilst you’re going about your business like normal people, I am babysitting the Wild Kingdom.  Just look what’s been in our yard this week!

First, an enterprising Snapping Turtle came to the foot of our back porch steps, made her nest, and laid her eggs!

So of course now I’m guarding the nest from raccoons and skunks… and my dogs!  I want those baby turtles to hatch!  Then I think I’ll have to escort them down to the water… which is not very near at all… I don’t know what their mama was thinking!… because I don’t want them to get picked off by predators on their journey, and apparently everything thinks baby snapping turtle is tasty!  Approximately 9 weeks ’til Hatchday according to some site we googled 🙂

Then, our friend the bear came strolling by to see if perhaps we had carelessly left the bird feeder hanging around (we had not! because although it’s lovely to see him from inside the house, we don’t really like to encourage him to hang around.)

Yes, that is our back porch railing.  Sorry the picture is a little blurry – I took it through the glass because the dogs were barking their heads off and hurling themselves at the French door and I thought it best if they didn’t tangle with Blackie 🙂

So given the theme of the week, I decided to celebrate the last day of Perfect Picture Books before summer with an appropriate title.  I was torn between 2 books, both by Marion Dane Bauer.  I chose Baby Bear Discovers The World for obvious reasons, but The Cutest Critter is equally good if you care to check it out!

Title: Baby Bear Discovers The World
Written By: Marion Dane Bauer
Photography By: Stan Tekiela
Adventure Publications Inc, 2006, Factual Fiction with great photos

Suitable For Ages: 3 and up

Themes/Topics: wild animals, growing up, independence, nature

Opening: One fine spring morning Baby Bear said to his mama, “Mama, I’m a big bear now.  It’s time for me to go out and discover the world.  Then he kissed his mama so she would know he meant business.”

Brief Synopsis: From the jacket: “Follow Baby Bear’s excursion into the big world as he tries to prove his independence, wandering closer and closer to places he doesn’t belong.  Using twin cubs and the assistance of a handler, Stan [the photographer] succeeded in getting all the photos for this book from the cubs’ natural reactions to their surroundings.  His ability to capture everything from their inquisitive faces to actually tumbling from a log is delightfully documented.”

Links To Resources:  Everything you need is right here!  The back of the book has a section on bear facts – characteristics, activity, diet, cubs, and hibernation.  It also has a section on how the book was photographed, and another section of “outtakes and bloopers” photos – SO CUTE! 🙂  You can also go for a walk and look for signs of animals – paw prints, nests, etc.  City or country, you’re likely to discover some fun things, just like Baby Bear 🙂

Why I Like This Book:  I just absolutely adore wildlife photography.  This book combines a fun story about learning independence with exquisite photography of lots of animals besides the bears along with the surrounding flora.  It’s fun just to look at the pictures 🙂  The outtakes and bloopers photos are also tons of fun and make the experience of the book even better.  Wait until you see the picture of Baby Bear licking a mouse 🙂

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

I’m sad that this is our last week of PPBF for the summer, but I think we can all use a little break to refresh and refuel and come back better than ever in the fall.  I haven’t yet decided what I might put in in place of PPBF… I may not put anything.  I could use a little more writing time, so perhaps for the summer I will blog twice a week… I don’t know – we’ll see 🙂

Meanwhile, if anyone is looking at any spare time this weekend, let me remind you all of the upcoming 4th Of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest!  First prize is a picture book manuscript critique from the one and only Simone Kaplan, so start knocking those ideas around! 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!  PPBF bloggers, please leave your last *sniff* post-specific link for the summer *sniff* so we can all round out our summer reading lists!  (Here’s hoping the Simply Linked List will work this week! :))

56 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Baby Bear Discovers The World

  1. Angela Brown says:

    Great heavens me that bear looks both beautiful and frightening! And you paired your event with the perfect picture book choice. See how uber talented you are. Can you sprinkle some of that PB smarts my way/ 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Catherine says:

    You just get stories delivered to your door 😉 I can't imagine waking up to a bear in the garden. I found it so hard to choose today too. Can we restrain ourselves until September? That bear book sounds full of goodies!

  3. Cally Jackson says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book. And I can't believe a turtle laid eggs at your door. How beautiful. But yes – what WAS she thinking?!

  4. Tracy Campbell says:

    Oh my, a black bear in your backyard? Last week, I had a coyete in my driveway. Love how you tied in Marion's book. 🙂
    You deserve a mini blog break. 🙂

  5. This_Kid_Reviews_Books_Erik says:

    Wow! Aren't snapping turtles mean (but cute)? And black bears nosy (they rip apart our trash cans all the time)? 😉

    I really love the cover! It's very cute! I like your activities too! HEY! There are a bunch of animal themed PPBs this week 😉 maybe we were all thinking alike! 😀

  6. Tina Cho says:

    Super cool animals, Susanna! I showed my kids, and my son said he wants to go live at your house! (7 yrs old) I might be able to try your contest this time for the first time, that is, if I don't have any freelance deadlines. I'm not promising, but thinking about it. 🙂

  7. Laura Anne Miller says:

    Oh-oh, has Goldilocks been stealing porridge again? Stay safe. We also had a snapping turtle lay eggs in our yard—and we are 1/4 mile from the lake. Could not believe how loooong the mother's neck was. Alas, the eggs did not hatch—too much cold and wet that year I think. Love your PB choice, seems we were both influenced by furry critters.

  8. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    I guess it's that time of year, then animals abound and get us thinking about them 🙂 Snapping turtle are mean, and you have to be very careful around them, but when they're laying they're kind of helpless. I've gotten very near. And yes, the bears get in our trash too and boy do they make a mess when they do! Also, as you know from previous posts, they steal our bird feeder 🙂

  9. Jarmila V. Del Boccio says:

    Such a sweet book to end PPBF for the summer. I would love to check out the bloopers! I, too, need extra time to write, and foster my creativity, so I look forward to whatever you have planned. I might even take your course this summer, if it is still available!

  10. patientdreamer says:

    Oh my Lord! That bear is awfully close. My knees would be turning to jelly if I saw something like that out my window…. Your choice for this Friday is a beautiful book and the photos inside must be gorgeous!
    I know I am a little greedy, but I did miss out last week (my internet was down, and I also had a visitor staying with us, so was out touring) 😉 I just couldn't decide which one to choose!
    When will PPBF start back up again after your summer break, Susanna?

  11. Joanna Marple says:

    Well I guess these critters sensed they'd hit upon an animal lover. Mama turtle sure trusts you a lot as 9 weeks of protection for her eggs is a lot to ask! I hope you add Turtle-egg-Protector to your CV on linkedin! Your choice pf PPBF is, of course, perfect!

  12. Julie Rowan-Zoch says:

    Does that mean you made your nest at the back of the back porch – lol! Lucky you, all I find are droppings: cat, dog, owl and fox – oh, and squirrels and birds prefer my car!

  13. Wendy Greenley says:

    Love your book choice! I've seen this on the internet, but never found a copy. So many to break down and purchase. . . .
    I blogged about my Momma snapper experience two weeks ago! Ours was just passing through. Nature at its fiercely beautiful best.

  14. Sue Heavenrich says:

    I love the turtle! how cute… and the book does seem appropriate given your backyard wildlife refuge. Thanks for sharing photos and a book.

  15. Patricia Tilton says:

    Chronicling the lives of twin bear cubs — so much fun. (But not in the backyard:) I love nature and animals books with real photographs. Especially when you are capturing their activity. Licking a mouse — must have expired. Great choice.
    Think we all need a break. I'm going to continue to review a few books, some others may have reviewed, but I'd like as a resource on my blog. We all seem to want more writing time this summer.

  16. Rosi says:

    I love your pictures and can't wait to see pictures of baby turtles. The book looks really cute. I will have to check it out. Thanks.

  17. Beth Stilborn says:

    As far as I'm concerned, it is scary stuff to have a bear in your yard!!! Stay safe!

    I was so certain multiple people would review “The Monstore”, that I didn't, going for “Backstage Cat” instead (which arrived on my doorstep in the same package as my copy of “The Monstore”). In the fall, perhaps.

    It's hard to believe another PPBF year has gone by — I wasn't able to be as active in the last few months, but I'm so glad PPBF is around, and will continue to be around. Enjoy your break, and we'll all be back stronger than ever in the fall!

  18. Beth Stilborn says:

    Excuse me for horning in on Pat's thread, but — Thanks for explaining more about the process of the book, Susanna!

    And actually, I have planned a blog hiatus for July and August (except for the contest entry, of course!) You must be able to read my mind!

  19. Vivian Kirkfield says:

    Fantastic wildlife photos, Susanna! Best of luck with the turtle babies…what fun it will be to capture them with your camera. 😉 I can imagine the frenzy your dogs must have been in when the bear lumbered through your yard…a little disturbing, I'm sure. Even in Colorado Springs, we've had bears up in trees in the middle of the city…when you carve out homes from areas that were wildlife habitats, the animals are sometimes stubborn about giving up their property.:) 🙂

    Love your bear book…helping kids get closer to nature is always a good thing.

    Susanna, have a much deserved break from PPBF…more time to write sounds like a great plan. I'm working on my July 4th contest entry…thanks for always providing us with inspiration and motivation to write our best.:)

  20. Vivian Kirkfield says:

    Had to comment about the mice in the cars. Many years ago, my husband had bought a brand-new car and parked it in our garage. In the morning, the car wouldn't start. When the car was towed to the dealership, they found a dead (ugh) mouse (guess that is better than a live mouse) in the engine works.

  21. Heather Dent says:

    I am so jealous of the wildlife you have running around on your property! It's like you live in Yellowstone National Park or something. The most interesting that I see on mine is squirrels and an occasional stray cat.

    The book looks adorable. You can never go wrong with cute baby animals!

  22. nrhatch says:

    I have never had a bear wander through my yard ~ fox, deer, squirrels, otters, chipmunks, raccoons, but not a single bear!

    Good luck with your hatchery!

  23. Laura Anne Miller says:

    My daughter's car in the driveway wouldn't start until we she paid $400+ for a new wiring harness that chipmunks chewed through. I moved the bird feeder to the non-garage side of the house.

  24. Joanne Roberts says:

    This is a great post. I am thankful my dog could care less about the bears and the deer. He's at the point where he doesn't even chase the flock of turkeys anymore, but at least I don't have to worry he'll attack something.

    Thanks for these fun book choices! I look forward to Baby Bear Discovers the World.

    Thanks for PPBF. I have enjoyed getting to know the other reviewers and being exposed to a slew of new books.

    Happy summer!

  25. pennyklostermann says:

    I'm so excited about your turtle!! Please take plenty of photos and keep us posted!

    And a bear! Such excitement! Did he go over the mountain? And did he see what he could see? Those are my burning questions!

    The book sounds great! I haven't participated in the reviews the last few weeks due to time! I miss reviewing and have intentions of jumping back in this fall. In the meantime, I'm slowly getting around to check out the links and am excited to have a whole list of books to pick up at the library this summer :•)

    I think you deserve a break this summer to have more time for your writing. You are super generous with the time you give to all of us PB people! I REALLY appreciate you!

  26. Teresa Robeson says:

    We find empty turtle eggs on our hilltop sometimes but almost never see the babies emerging. I hope you'll get to escort them to safety!

    I can't believe they got a photo of the baby bear and a skunk! Wonder if he got sprayed? I used to read a ton of photo-essay PBs to my younger son when he was little, and this would have been perfect (too bad he's too old now).

    And I am shocked that you did not serve us any chocolate dessert for the last PPBF before summer! Shocked and dismayed. 😉

  27. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    We live in a fairly undisturbed area, (although not far from a fairly disturbed area!) so I think that's why so much wildlife hangs around. Glad you like the book – it's really beautiful. And thank YOU for always being such an enthusiastic participant in whatever wacky stuff I have going on at the moment! 🙂

  28. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    He was close, but we were inside 🙂 Glad you like the book – it really is a beauty! PPBF will probably start up again around… oh, let me see… September 6 or 13, depending when my kids all have to go back to college and school. Have a wonderful summer, Diane! 🙂


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