Announcing The Winners of The 4th Of July Secret Mystery Contest!!!

Good Morning, Everyone!

Thank goodness it’s finally morning, right?

Because I know none of you got a wink of sleep last night wondering WHO would be the WINNER of the

The Fourth Of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest!

But now the day is finally here.

And I will tell you who won.

Just as soon as I find my glasses…

Ah.  Here they are.

Heavens!  I can’t see a thing!

Hang on while I wash the lenses.

You know, I used to have perfect vision.  But somewhere in the last couple years I have become very dependent on my glasses.  I think it’s all this computer time.  Or maybe my extreme old age…


I’m rambling?

I told you.  It’s my extreme old age 🙂

Okay.  I’ll stop 🙂

Are you ready to find out who won?

Before I announce the winners, I just want to thank everyone who participated in the contest one more time – the writers, the readers, the voters.  These contests are so much fun, and they couldn’t happen without each and every one of you.  So thank you all.

Now then.

Drum roll, please!


The winner of The Fourth Of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest is

with her story
Mouse’s Missing Magic!!!

Congratulations, Cheryl, on a fabulously written entry which has won you the opportunity to have the picture book manuscript of your choice critiqued by none other than the one and only Simone Kaplan!

2nd Place goes to Joanne for her story Mixed Messages!!!  Congratulations, Joanne!!  (Now aren’t you glad you entered? :))

As second place winner, Joanne gets first choice of the remaining prizes:

 – a $50 Amazon gift certificate – Joanne
 – a picture book manuscript critique from yours truly (a $75 value) Sidney
 – the writing craft book of your choice (up to $30 value)
 – a place in Making Picture Book Magic (my online PB writing course) (a $99 value)

3rd Place goes to Sidney for her story Birthday Presents For America!!  Congratulations, Sidney!!  You get second choice of the prizes above after Joanne picks.

4th Place goes to Tina for her story Fishing Boat For Freedom!!  Congratulations, Tina!!  You get to pick after Joanne and Sidney 🙂

5th Place goes to Cathy for her story Guessing Game!!  Congratulations, Cathy!!  You get to pick after Joanne, Sidney and Tina 🙂

Winners, please email me and we will get all those prizes sorted out 🙂

And once again, congratulations to all our contestants!  I have to say, you are all winners by virtue of the fact that you took the time to practice your craft, write new stories to specifications and a deadline, and put them out there for people to read.  You know that whole 10,000 hours to mastery thing?  You’re all a little bit closer 🙂

Thanks to everyone for making this another great contest.  I look forward to seeing you all in October for the 3rd Annual Halloweensie Contest!  (Unless I can’t restrain myself and add another contest somewhere in between…  I’m not sure there’s time, but feel free to weigh in on whether you’d like one and what it should be :))

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!

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