It’s December First! – Do You Know What That Means?

Good Morning and Happy December, Everyone!

You’re probably all surprised I’m posting today, given that my Monday posts have been practically nonexistent  extremely sporadic  somewhat occasional since the summer.
I’m surprised too!
I had no idea I’d be here!
I thought I’d be taking Princess Blue Kitty to get her oil changed, but no!  Here I am!
Because you know what I realized over the weekend (being the extremely Aware and Observant person I am)?
Today is December 1st!
And that makes today . . .
. . . my 4th Blogiversary!
I couldn’t very well let that go by without even a little whispered yippee! 🙂
It’s hard to believe that a mere four years ago this blog was nothing but a newborn whippersnapper, whose little cries for attention went pretty much universally unheard and unacknowledged.  And look at it now!  4 years old… and still pretty much a voice in the wilderness 🙂 but lucky enough to have made some loyal and beloved friends! 🙂
Since I spent most of last week driving Princess Blue Kitty through the Berkshires to Beantown, and entertaining a houseful of family, and barely online at all (due in large part to having no internet for days because of the snow), and hence missed most of the Thanksgiving posts that were up around the web from all you guys, I mostly wanted to take the opportunity of my blogiversary day to say how much I enjoy getting to spend time with everyone who visits my blog, what wonderful, amazing people I think you all are, how grateful I am for the fact that you come to visit so dependably, so ready to take part in whatever is going on, so generous with your time, your wisdom, and your good humor, and how very, very glad I am to know you all!  Thank you all, because really it’s you who make this blog what it is!
Here’s a little present for you.  Open it up, and inside is the thing you would most like to have today.  It can be anything from 10 minutes of peace and quiet to a book contract – you get to choose 🙂
Whatever it is, ENJOY! 🙂
(And feel free to tell us in the comments what was in your gift box! Health and well-being of your loved ones and yourself is automatically assumed :))

ALSO!  Here is a special gift for you and the little ones in your life!  Teresa Schaefer has designed a fun activity for the days leading up to Christmas!

What she has prepared is 24 coloring pages: one to be revealed each day of advent. Other than Christmas images for children, there is no religious content. The idea is to give children something to be busy with as they wait and count each day until Christmas. She calls it her Christmas Advent Coloring Countdown. All parents need to do is go to her website:  Once there they click on the tab labelled DOODLING. A welcome and directions will be there as to how to click on the image to print. They can print as many as they wish and come back each day for the next coloring page. Day one is a set up for a letter to Santa, address included. Use as much or as little of the above as you wish.

Doesn’t that sound like tons of fun?!  I think I would enjoy some coloring myself… 🙂

And now, as long as we’re all here exchanging gifts and not getting our oil changed, what better time to give you a little update on the Holiday Contest prizes?

It is indeed true that there will be two other picture book manuscript critiques available:
 – a picture book manuscript critique from Katy Duffield, author of more than 20 books for children including Farmer McPeepers And His Missing Milk Cows (Cooper Square Publishing 2003) and upcoming titles Loud Lula (Two Lions) illustrated by Mike Boldt and Aliens Get the Sniffles, Too (Candlewick) illustrated by K.G. Campbell.
 – a picture book manuscript critique (rhyme or prose) from Penny Parker Klostermann who, after extensive experience critiquing for writing partners, members of various kid lit groups, and clients of Erin Murphy Literary Agency, is opening her own critique service!!!
Penny Parker Klostermann writes picture books and poetry. Her debut book, THERE WAS AN OLD DRAGON WHO SWALLOWED A KNIGHT, is coming from Random House Children’s, August 2015. Penny is represented by Tricia Lawrence of Erin Murphy Literary Agency. Click HERE to learn more about her critique service. 

In addition, we have a pretty unique and special prize on the table for one lucky person!  The opportunity to have an author/illustrator website or blog built (if you don’t have one yet) or redesigned (if you have one but would like to redecorate and/or improve function) by Arturo Alviar, a very talented computer science and web design major.  Full details on this to come, as well as links so you can see examples of his excellent work!

Pretty exciting, don’t you think???!!!

I hope you all have your Holiday Contest entries well underway, unlike Yours Truly who has yet to give even a moment’s thought to her sample.  You know, it occurs to me that I may have to have a little talk with Yours Truly.  She has very bad work habits.  This leaving-things-to-the-last-minute has really got to stop.  It is very un-Zen.  I’m going to sit her down and point out the error of her ways.  Yessirree bob!  I feel certain I can make her see reason.  I’m going to add that to my to-do list.

Right after “eat left-over pie” 🙂

Have a magical Monday, everyone! 🙂

58 thoughts on “It’s December First! – Do You Know What That Means?

  1. :Donna Marie says:

    Ha ha! Well, I can't really take much credit for being a sleuth. There's been way too many clues/foreshadowing for it not to have been obvious! 😉

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