Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge – Week 4!

It’s June, my lovelies!

It came without playdates!
It came without school!
It came without Charmin, hand wipes, or the pool!
COVID-19 didn’t stop June – it came!
Somehow or other it came just the same! 😊🌸☀️

I invite you all virtually to my back porch for a little sunshine and lemonade 😊


Ready to write?

Mix 'n' Match Mini Writing Challenge

Mix ‘n’ Match Mini is a 7 week writing challenge for anyone who needs a little boost or a little encouragement to get writing. . . or maybe just a little fun during this bizarre stay-at-home spring!

You get to write your own story, enjoy and be entertained by everyone else’s stories, and get yourself in the running for some awesome prizes (please see the end of the blog post for a list of all the prize goodies!)

To be eligible for the prize drawing you must enter all 7 weeks.

For a full description of the challenge or to add your Week #1 entry, please go HERE (Week #1)

To add your Week #2 entry, please go HERE (Week #2)

To add your Week #3 entry, please go HERE (Week #3)


Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Prompt #4 for Week of June 1:

So far we’ve played with characters, setting, and emotion (or a combination, depending on where your random choosing landed you), with nursery rhymes and point of view, and with a picture prompt, fun names, and a plot point! 😊   This week we’re going to fracture fairy tales by playing with setting!

Choose a fairy tale from Column A, and a setting from Column B.  If you like, you may also include a random object from Column C but that is optional.  Write a 100 word story for kids where your version of the fairy tale takes place in your choice of setting (including your random object if you wish!)


Column A: Fairy Tale Column B: Setting Column C: Random Object
The Gingerbread Boy Wild West polka dot umbrella
Cinderella Pirate Ship green balloon
Hansel & Gretel Mount Everest bubblegum


  • Stories can rhyme or not – totally up to you!
  • You can go under or over 100 words if you want to – also totally up to you! – 100 is a guideline
  • If you’re deeply inspired by another Fairy Tale or Setting that is not on the list you can use that instead – as long as you rewrite a fairy tale in a different setting from the original – the purpose here is inspiration and to get you writing!
  • For simplicity’s sake (and to aid skimming readers who might be interested in a particular thing) please say which fairy tale and which setting you’re using at the top of your entry along with your title and word count.


Here is my sample (which I wrote in extreme haste because I’m still working on revisions – deadlines, deadlines!😊) (and which you should not feel compelled to read unless you want to boost your confidence because it is both not particularly good and. overly long!):

The (Not) Gingerbread Cowboy
(Gingerbread Boy – Wild West)
(way too many words 😊 – I didn’t have time to make it shorter!)

Once upon a time, Farmer Bubba and his lovely bride Thunder Lily had the most beautiful ranch in the Wild West.
The grass was emerald green.
The rivers were pure as morning dew.
The cattle were sleek and fat and gave such rich, creamy milk that all the ice cream makers in the world fought over who would get it.
But even with all this beauty and excellent ice cream, Bubba and Thunder Lily were sad.  For though they were surrounded every spring by velvet-eyed calves and stilt-legged foals, fluffy chicks, pink piglets, and wooly lambs, they never had a child of their own.  Thunder Lily was not one to sit around moping, however.  “If I can’t have a child, I’ll make one,” she told her darling Bubba.
She got cornmeal and buttermilk, eggs, salt, and bacon drippings, and quick as you like she whipped up a sturdy little Cornpone Cowboy.
“We’ll call him Charlemagne,” she said as she plucked the skillet lovingly from the barbecue pit.
“You’ll have to catch me first,” snorted the Cornpone Cowboy, and off he rode as fast as his cowpony could carry him.
He passed the pigpen and the piglets grunted, “Oh, Charlemagne! Come be our friend!”
“Don’t call me that!” said the Cornpone Cowboy.  Besides, he knew better.
He doffed his cowboy hat and sang,
“Git along little piggies, git along.
If I stop then your tummies will be my new home!
I was born to ride the open range,
so forgive me if I’m on my way!”
And off he galloped.
He passed the sheepfold and the lambs baaed, “Oh, Charlemagne! Come be our friend!”
“Don’t call me that!” said the Cornpone Cowboy. Besides, he knew better.
He doffed his cowboy hat and sang,
“Git along little lambkins, git along.
If I stop then your tummies will be my new home!
I was born to ride the open range,
so forgive me if I’m on my way!”
And off he galloped.
He passed the cow barn and the calves mooed, “Oh, Charlemagne! Come be our friend!”
“Why does everyone insist on calling me that?” said the Cornpone Cowboy.  And you can guess how things went from there.
And so it was at the hen house… the horse pasture… and the goat shed.
Along about sundown a voice called, “Hey, Cowboy! Won’t you come set a spell by the campfire?”
“Don’t mind if I do,” said the Cornpone Cowboy, tuckered out from galloping. He hopped down from his pony, spurs a-janglin’, and came face to face with. . .
. . . COYOTE!
Quick as a wink he twirled his lariat. . . .
. . . hog-tied Coyote. . .
. . . and lit off for home!
When Bubba and Thunder Lily heard his story, Thunder Lily said, “That’s our boy! Lightning fast!”
Which is how he came to be called Lightning Charlie instead of Charlemagne (because really, who could live with that?) and they all lived happily ever after in a home that wasn’t anyone’s tummy!


Now come join the fun! Get some writing done! Encourage your kids (or students) to give it a try! Or just have a good time together reading what other folks have written!

Ready, set, WRITE! 😊

(And remember, for full details on the 7 week challenge you can check HERE)


Check out the Week #4 stories!

Untitled – Sue Lancaster (Cinderella, Mount Everest)

Cinder of the Seven Seas – Candice Marley Conner (Cinderella, Mount Everest)

Gingerbread What? – Linda Schueler (Hansel & Gretel, pirate ship, bubblegum)

Untitled – Genevieve Petrillo (Gingerbread Boy, pirate ship, polka dot umbrella)

Cinder Sherpani, Base Camp Scullery Maid – Jess Murray (Cinderella, Mount Everest, polka dot umbrella)

Cinderella Sails Away – Barbara Renner (Cinderella, pirate ship)

Hansel and Gretel Duel It Out – Jamie Bechtelheimer (Hansel and Gretel, wild west)

The Fairy Godfather Does Not Know Best – Colleen Murphy (Cinderella, pirate ship)

Shiver Me Timbers, A Gingerbread Boy! – Sara Ackerman (Gingerbread boy, pirate ship)

Caliope Cowgirl And The Three Leopards – Cindy Boyll (Goldilocks, wild west)

Pirate Anne – Mary Van Beuren (Cinderella, pirate ship, bubblegum)

The Big Bad Nice Wolf – Marley Conner age 9 (Three Little Pigs, Candy Land)

A Pirate-y Happily Ever After – Brenda Whitehead (Cinderella, pirate ship)

The Peak of Passion? – Elizabeth Meyer Zu Heringdorf (Cinderella, Mount Everest)

Walk The Plank! – Brittany Pomales (Hansel & Gretel, pirate ship)

Captain Blackbeard’s Just Desserts – Kristy Nuttall (Gingerbread Boy, pirate ship)

Traveling With Gretel – Leslie Denkers (Hansel & Gretel, Mount Everest)

Hansel, Gretel And The Magnificent Climb –  Susan Schipper (Hansel and Gretel, Mount Everest, polka dot umbrella)

Cabin Boy – Deb Sullivan (Cinderella, pirate ship, bubblegum)

Hansel And Gretel And The Greedy Pirate Captain – Rose Cappelli (Hansel and Gretel, pirate ship, bubblegum)

That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles – Susan Inez (Gingerbread Boy, wild west, balloon)

The Showdown – Matthew Lasley (Gingerbread Boy, wild west)

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch – Jill Lambert (Hansel and Gretel, wild west, bubblegum)

Brother’s Big Idea – Dawn Young (Hansel and Gretel, Mount Everest, bubblegum)

Untitled – Kay DiVerde (Cinderella, pirate ship, bubblegum)

Goldie Goes To The Beach – Sarah Meade (Goldilocks & The 3 Bears, beach)

Cinderella In The Wild West – Linda Staszak (Cinderella, wild west)

Pirate-Ella – Deb Buschman (Cinderella, pirate ship)

Limerick – Marty (Cinderella, wild west)

Gingerbread Pirate – Mia Geiger (Gingerbread Boy, pirate ship)

No Fella For Cinderella – Michelle S. Kennedy (Cinderella, pirate ship)

Cinderella’s Vacation Liberation – Michelle S. Kennedy (Cinderella, pirate ship)

Hansel And Gretel’s Pirate. Ship Adventure – Dot Anson (Hansel & Gretel, pirate ship)

Cinderella And The Pirate Ship – Everard Anson (Cinderella, pirate ship)

Cinders And The Pirate Ship – Tracy (Cinderella, pirate ship)

Escape From The Greedy Gulch Home For Children! – Di Litwer (Hansel & Gretel, wild west)

The Leather Boot – Ashley Congdon (Cinderella, wild west, bubblegum)

The Gingerbread Boy (On A Pirate Ship) – Bev Baird (Gingerbread Boy, pirate ship)

Tinley’s Magical Fir Tree Cookies – Corine Timmer (Gingerbread Boy/Hansel & Gretel, Mount Everest/Himalayas)

Cinderella And Prince Sherpa – Susan Krevat (Cinderella, Mount Everest)

Untitled – Shariffa Keshavjee (Cinderella, pirate ship, green balloons)

Cinderella And The Wild West – Penny Adler (Cinderella, wild west)

The Woman In The Moon – Amy Flynn (Cinderella, moon)

Cinderella And The Bubblegum Ball – Lily Erlic (wild west)

Love On The Mount – Alicia Meyers Kelly (Cinderella, Mount Everest)

Cinderella Climbs Mount Everest – Rebecca Gardyn Levington (Cinderella, Mount Everest)

Untitled – Liz Kehrli (Cinderella, pirate ship)

Humberto And Genevie – Katie Schwartz (Hansel and Gretel, Mount Everest)

Cinderella In New York City – Patricia Nozell (Cinderella)

Untitled – Ugo Anidi (Hansel & Gretel, Mt. Everest, bubblegum)

Hansel And Gretel And The Candy Pirate – Lauri Meyers

Mt. Everest Writes To Cinderella – Ketan & Ravi Ram




When it comes time for prizes, names of all those who completed the challenge will be drawn randomly and matched with prizes drawn randomly until we run out! 😊

Please join me in thanking these very generous authors and other writing professionals for contributing their books and writing expertise as prizes by visiting their websites and blogs, considering their books and services for gift purchases, rating and/or reviewing their books on GoodReads, Amazone, B&N, or anywhere else if you like them, suggesting them for school visits, and supporting them in any other way you can dream up! 😊

For Spacious Skies by Nancy Churnin, award-winning author of so many fabulous books I don’t have space to list them all! Visit her website or Amazon Page!

For Spacious Skies

Picture Book Manuscript Critique from Kirstine Erekson Call, author of THE RAINDROP WHO COULDN’T FALL (Character Publishing 2013) and the forthcoming MOOTILDA’S BAD MOOD (Little Bee Books, September 2020), COW SAYS MEOW (HMH March 2021), and COLD TURKEY (Little Brown Spring 2021)

Kirsti Call Mootilda

Picture Book Manuscript Critique from Ellen Leventhal, author of DON’T EAT THE BLUEBONNETS (Spork 2017), HAYFEST: A Holiday Quest (ABCs Press 2010), and LOLA CAN’T LEAP (Spork 2018)

Ellen Leventhal Lola Can't Leap

Picture Book Manuscript Critique from Lindsay Hanson Metcalf, author of BEATRIX POTTER, SCIENTIST (September 2020), FARMERS UNITE!: PLANTING A PROTEST FOR FAIR PRICES (Calkins Creek November 2020), and NO VOICE TOO SMALL: FOURTEEN YOUNG AMERICANS MAKING HISTORY (Charlesbridge September 2020)

Lindsay+H.+Metcalf+(CREDIT+ANNA+JACKSON)+copy Beatric Potter

Picture Book Manuscript Critique (non rhyming) from Kaye Baillie, author of BOO LOVES BOOKS (New Frontier Publishing October 2020), and MESSAGE IN A SOCK (Midnight Sun Publishing 2018)

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Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 1.51.59 PM King Cake baby Keila No Voice Too Small


Winner’s Choice of Webinar from the amazing Alayne Kay Christian, author of picture books Butterfly Kisses, An Old Man And His Penguin, and the forthcoming The Weed That Woke Christmas and the chapter book series of Sienna The Cowgirl Fairy, and editor at Blue Whale Press!  Webinar choices include: How A Picture Book Is Made, Perfecting Your Critique, Top Ten Reasons For Rejection, and How To Write Powerful First Pages Like A Pro!

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A Tale of Bales and the Machines That Make Them (Holiday House 2018) , and FREE FOR YOU AND ME: What Our First Amendment Means (Albert Whitman March 2020)

Chris closeup Free For You And Me HEY, HEY, HAY! Cover

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Tara Luebbe Shark Nate-O

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Sherry Howard (4) Cover Rock and Roll Woods

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Ann Whitford Paul

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248 thoughts on “Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge – Week 4!

  1. Sue Lancaster says:

    Cinderella / Mount Everest (118 words)

    Cinderella slumped on her bed and reached for her travel book.
    She wasn’t like her step sisters.
    While they dreamed of dark, handsome strangers, Cinderella dreamed of stark, fearsome ranges.
    While they wished for expensive, showy jewels, Cinderella longed for expansive, snowy views.
    She flicked through the well-thumbed pages until she reached Mount Everest.
    “One day.” Cinderella whispered.
    Just then, there was a flash of light. An outline appeared at her door…
    Cinderella gasped. “Are you my…?”
    “I am your hairy big brother!”
    “But… I thought you were away climbing mountains?”
    “I’ve come back for you… Cinderella, you SHALL go to Nepal.”
    Hairy big brother tossed over some mountain boots.
    “Quick, see if these fit, our carriage awaits.”

  2. candicemarleyconner says:

    Cinder of the Seven Seas (Cinderella, Pirate Ship, 105 word count)

    Cinderella always lost her shoes.

    But now it didn’t matter because she’d had enough of those rude stepsisters and evil stepmother. She’d said no thanks to the Fairy Godmother’s invitation and instead taken destiny into her own hands and run off to sea, joining a pirate crew.

    How could anyone climb rigging in slippers or heels?

    “Hoist the main sail!” the helmsman bellowed.

    The mice and Cinder heaved and ho’d. The sails unfurled like the softest downy pillows.
    They sailed through starry nights that glittered more than queenly jewels and days of skies bluer than silks.

    And in those riches, Cinder lived happily ever after.

  3. Linda Schueler says:

    Gingerbread What?

    Hansel and Gretel wandered through the forest.
    “Shouldn’t have left a trail of bubblegum, Hansel, I guess.”
    “Who knew that animals like bubblegum?”
    “Hey look, there’s a clearing ahead.”
    The pair stumbled out of the forest. They stared at a large, strange object ahead of them.
    “What is it, Gretel?”
    “Why, it’s a gingerbread pirate ship, Hansel!”
    “But here, so far from water?”
    “It must be a gingerbread pirate shipwreck.”
    The starving kids scuffled over to the ship.
    Hansel took a bite. “It’s yummy, try it.”
    Gretel was about to take a bite, when a figure jumped off the ship’s side.
    “Hey,” said the Gingerbread Boy. “Thanks for blowing my cover.”
    As he ran away, the twosome heard him exclaim, “You can’t catch me!”
    Hansel laughed. “What was that?”
    Gretel shrugged. “Let’s eat.”

  4. Genevieve Petrillo says:

    GingerbreadBoy, Pirate ship, Polka dot umbrella – 96 words

    *pant. gasp.* GingerbreadBoy wasn’t sure how much longer he could outrun the old couple and their farm animals. Approaching a cliff, a skull flag caught his eye. He leapt onto a ship, sighed, lay back, and dozed.
    “Aarrr, matey!” the captain said.
    “Ugh. Not now.”
    “Swab the deck! Hoist the anchor! Check the tackle!”
    GingerbreadBoy wrinkled his nose. “Sounds like work.”
    “Get him, boys!”
    Pirates dragged GingerbreadBoy to the plank.
    Snatching a polka dot umbrella GingerbreadBoy popped it open, jumped, and floated gently down, smiling. *sigh* “Perfect.”
    A hungry crocodile glided by, mouth open. *gulp* “Perfect.”

  5. ejessmurray says:

    Cinder Sherpani, Base Camp Scullery Maid (Cinderella, Mount Everest, Polka-dot umbrella, 116 words)

    “Here,” her beautiful sisters said, piling her high with pots, pans, sacks of garbage while making eyes at the climbers.

    Cinder grew strong.

    The newest climbers left camp. Forgotten supplies! Cinder hoisted the pack and set out.

    Rounding a bend far from base, Cinder came face-to-face with Sherpa. They gazed at each other. The sacred mountain shrunk to a pebble.

    Wordlessly, Cinder dropped the pack, opened a polka-dot umbrella, and descended.

    Upon return, Sherpa raced through camp, seeking the umbrella’s owner.

    The sisters made fools of themselves.

    “I found you,” Sherpa said outside the kitchen, where the umbrella dangled.

    “Perhaps,” Cinder said, glancing up, “I found you.”

    From then on, Sherpani and Sherpa led expeditions together.

    (Fun example, Susanna, three cheers for Lightening Charlie! This one was (extra) tough, but I’m loving these Monday a.m. challenges!)

  6. Barbara Farr Renner says:

    Susanna, I thought your sample story was very clever. And I love the view from your back porch. I had fun writing my story. I’m sorry it’s so long – it just flew out of my finger tips – and that hardly ever happens.

    By Barbara Renner (Cinderella and Pirate Ship)

    Cinderella grew up and lived on a pirate ship,
    Her brothers and sisters were not very hip.
    They made her swab the deck and set the sail
    While they drank juice and fizzy ginger ale.
    Then one day the pet parrot flew over
    And landed on Cinderella’s dainty little shoulder.
    “I’m your fairy god mom and I have a plan
    To help you escape to a South Pacific island.
    A cruise ship is scheduled to pass in one day’s time
    And up its stern you’re going to climb.
    It’s headed for Tahiti and that’s where you’ll find
    Your Prince named Paul who is very kind.”

    Cinderella couldn’t wait, she was ready to bail,
    As she pretended to scrub and polish the rail.
    The day finally came so she put on her goggles.
    Wheeeee, Splash, Bubble, Joggles.
    She paddled and swam and finally boarded
    Just as the bingo prizes were being awarded.
    The Carnival cruised and finally docked
    On the Isle of Tahiti and out she walked.
    As expected, Prince Paul met her at the ship,
    With a faded red rose dangling from his hip.
    He was short, and grumpy, and wore a pirate’s hat.
    Cinderella stared and thought he looked just like a brat.
    So she turned on her heel and climbed back up the ramp
    To the cruise ship that accepted her like a champ.
    “Farewell, Prince Paul, you look to be twice my age.
    I’d rather sing and dance on the Carnival’s big stage.
    Then I’ll travel the world and never again
    Have to swab a wet deck or yank an anchor’s chain.”

  7. Jamie Bechtelheimer says:

    Hansel & Gretel Duel It Out (177)

    Hansel and Gretel rode through the desert, following the mysterious trail of sweets, until they found… A house made of gingerbread and candy! They’d struck gold!
    “This here gingerbread house ain’t big enough for the both of us,” growled Hansel.
    “It’s mine, then. I’m two minutes older. I’m yer senior,” Gretel snapped back.
    Hansel narrowed his eyes. “Quickest draw wins?”
    Gretel spat. “Suit yerself.”
    Like lightning, they both whipped out their candy canes, pointed at each other.
    “I drew first!” Hansel hollered.
    “No, me!” Gretel shouted.
    An old woman opened the door of the gingerbread house. “You both did a fine job. And you both look delicious… I mean, famished!” She smiled with teeth that were sharp as knives.
    “Come on in and I’ll eat you both. I mean, feed you both!” She chuckled.
    Hansel and Gretel looked at each other and yelled, “Let’s ride!”
    They hopped on their horses and rode home.
    “Let’s never fight over desert again,” said Gretel.
    “Sure, so long as you give me your candy cane,” said Hansel.
    “Not on yer life!”

  8. Colleen Owen Murphy says:

    Cinderella and a pirate ship. And, sorry, this is way over 100 words!


    Fred the Fairy Godfather (Freda the Fairy Godmother’s twin) wanted nothing to do with princes and balls, despite the fact he’d promised Freda, who had the flu, she could count on him to carry out Cinderella’s wishes.

    “The silly girl doesn’t know what she wants, so I will decide for her.”

    Cinderella stood before Fred, who happened to be wearing a wig. “Freda, you don’t look yourself,” she said.

    Fred said in a higher voice than normal, “Just a bad night’s sleep my dear. Nothing that will keep me from performing miracles!” With that he stepped back, waved his wand and said, “Alaka, calaka, balaka, boo!” which immediately transported Cinderella to a pirate ship.

    Unfortunately there was no handsome prince on the ship, only an evil, one-eyed captain. When Cinderella appeared on the ship – right in front of him, he exclaimed, “What be this black magic?? This lassie must walk the plank ‘ere she steals my booty.”

    Cinderella, in shock, could say nothing. Before she knew it her hands were tied and she was being forced down the plank toward the crashing seas. Finally she yelled, “Freda!! Help!”

    Freda thought she was imagining Cinderella’s voice, but finally realized the young girl was desperately calling for her. She immediately transported herself to the place from where the voice came. “Save her now, ask questions later,” she said.

    “Clippity, cloppity shoo!” Freda waved her wand, taking the both of them back to where the pumpkin awaited. Although distraught, once Freda dressed Cinderella in a most-magnificent gown and readied the coach for her, Cinderella regained her composure and finished out the story as we know it, but not without Freda saying, “Never leave it to a man to do a woman’s job.”

  9. Sara Ackerman says:

    Shiver Me Timbers, a Gingerbread Boy! (Gingerbread Boy and Pirate Ship, 100 words)

    Once upon a pirate ship
    ginger, flour, rum—a sip,
    butter, sugar, one brown egg
    stirred in with a wooden leg.
    Sweet Tooth Roger gasped. “Ahoy!”
    “Shiver me timbers! A Gingerbread Boy!”
    Leaning in to take a bite,
    Sweet Tooth gave poor Boy a fright.
    “Run, run, run, as fast as I can.
    I do not like your snacking plan!”
    Boy sped across the fresh-swabbed deck
    where Polly gave his arm a peck.
    Boy climbed up and walked the plank.
    SPLASH! He sank and sank and sank
    where no one munched him—do not fear—
    our soggy cookie buccaneer.

  10. boyll says:

    Caliope Cowgirl and the Three Leopards
    By Cindy Boyll
    (Goldilocks and the Three Bears)

    Caliope Cowgirl took a vacation, panning for Mount Everest gold.

    “Yippee,” she yelled, when she sifted out six, shiny nuggets.

    Then, the weather turned nasty.

    Her yak “Yee-Haw” moaned.

    “Easy,” Caliope said, coaxing Yee-Haw into a cave.

    “Look!” she yelled, spotting three Himalayan tahr steaks.

    Caliope built a campfire and cooked the meat.

    “Ouch, too hot!”

    “Ick, too tough!”

    “MMM, just right.”

    Yawning, Caliope spotted three fur piles.

    “Yuck, too stinky!”

    “Phooey, too scratchy!”

    “Ahhh, so warm.”

    Caliope fell asleep.

    Suddenly, Yee-Haw started Yak-Hawing.

    Caliope saw six golden eyes glistening by the campfire.

    She screamed.

    Yee-Haw and Caliope galloped down Mount Everest.

    Meanwhile, Baby Snow Leopard pawfully played with six gold nuggets.

  11. maryvb says:

    Pirate Anne

    Cinderella, Pirate, Bubble Gum
    220 Words
    By Mary van Beuren

    There was a girl, her name was Anne,
    She hated skirts, so she wore pants.
    She longed to sail far and wide,
    Anne always swam against the tide.

    Her loving father came home no more,
    She spent years waiting, by the shore
    She watched the pirate ships come in
    And longed to sail away with them.

    She tucked her red hair into a cap
    She had a pirate ship to catch.
    Her wicked stepmother asked where she could be,
    Her wicked stepsisters said, “Good riddance, she.”

    But when she climbed aboard the ship,
    She hit the deck and down she slipped.
    Her cap fell off, her cover blown,
    She jumped ship and she ran home.

    Calico Jack, in love at first sight,
    Vowed to find her with all his might.
    From home to home, he did go,
    Showing the cap, asking ‘did they know.’

    He found the girls cottage but she was locked up tight.
    Her stepsisters charmed at the sight
    Of the pirate chewing bubble gum
    They hoped that he would give them some.

    The wicked stepsisters began to flirt.
    The wicked stepmother thought, ‘pay dirt’.
    Calico Jack, rolled his eyes
    And that is when he did spy

    A face behind the attic glass.
    There was his beloved lass.
    He ran the stairs, unbarred the door
    And they sailed the seas, forevermore.

  12. candicemarleyconner says:

    The Big Bad Nice Wolf-Three Little Pigs, Candy Land (115 words)
    By Marley Conner, Age 9

    The Big Bad Wolf was tired of eating ham and being called big and bad. He wanted to have friends and be called the Big Nice Wolf. He wanted to be sweet, so maybe he should eat sweet! The Big Bad Wolf retired from eating pigs and traveled to the sweetest land, Candy Land! There was lollipops, gummies, and A LOT more!

    The Big Bad Wolf apologized to the pigs and they all became candy-tarians. Every Saturday they would meet together and play games like gumball toss, candy cane link, and Twizzler hockey. They were best friends in the whole Candy Land and the Big Nice Wolf felt like the luckiest wolf in the universe.

  13. Brenda Whitehead (@BrendaW_Prof) says:

    Cinderella / Pirate Ship (116 words)

    By Brenda Whitehead

    Poor Cinderella.
    She fell for a fella.
    A Pirate-y one named Jack.

    Now what does she do?
    She scrubs the ship loo.
    All dressed in Pirate-y black.

    “This stinks!” Cindy thinks.
    “I miss all my pinks!”
    Then “aha!” Cindy says with a splosh.

    The next laundry day,
    A red sock finds its way,
    Into the Pirate-y wash!

    Like magic the crew,
    Turns a nice pinky hue,
    And Pirate-y curses ring out.

    But Cindy just dances,
    As midnight advances,
    And Pirates all reach for the Shout.

    “Cindy, that’s it!
    Pink and pirates don’t fit!
    You’ll no longer do any chores!”

    “Aww, nuts!” Cindy feigned,
    “It’s a good thing I trained,
    To CAPTAIN a ship just like yours!”

  14. Elizabeth Meyer Zu Heringdorf says:

    This is admittedly more of a bodice-ripper than a picture book story 😊!

    Cinderella/Mt. Everest
    “The Peak of Passion?”
    239 words
    Long ago, there was a girl named Cinderella who lived with her wicked stepsisters and stepmother. Because Cinderella’s stepmother wanted her two daughters to be the first women to scale all 7 major summits, the family spent most of their time mountain climbing. While the two wicked stepsisters pranced ahead in fancy hobnailed boots, Cinderella followed them carrying the tent, food, oxygen tanks, ice picks, and rope. Sometimes she slipped and slid, because her boots were such poor quality, but she was always cheerful. “Someday,” she thought, “I will reach a summit first.”
    Finally, the family started the seventh summit, which was Mount Everest. As Cinderella trudged behind, she realized that one of her feet was getting very cold. She looked down and saw that she had actually walked out of one of her boots! She dropped everything and started back. Just as she rounded a bend, she saw a handsome young mountaineer standing and looking at her boot quizzically.
    “That’s my boot!” Cinderella said.
    He gazed into her eyes. “I never dreamed such a shabby boot could belong to such a beautiful mountain climber,” he said. “But your foot must be cold. Would you like a ride to the top?”
    Cinderella whizzed by her family on his sled and arrived as the first woman to reach the top of Mt. Everest. But she declined the mountaineer’s offer to keep climbing mountains together…because now she wanted all the glory.

    • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

      I’m not sure it quite qualifies as a bodice-ripper, Elizabeth, but you made me laugh out loud with that comment! 😊 Thanks for an entertaining spin on Cinderella. While she wanted to be the first woman, and get all the glory, she did rely on her handsome young mountaineer to get her to the peak of passion – feminist or pragmatist? 😊

    • susaninez0905 says:

      I love the creativity with this story. I great version of Cinderella. I think it is great she wants nothing to do with her handsome rescuer. Hilarious. A great twist ending.

  15. brittanypomales says:

    WALK THE PLANK! (Hansel and Gretel, Pirate Ship)
    Word Count:137

    You would think that Hansel and Gretel had learned their lesson from the candy house incident, and yet here they are on a candy pirate ship about to walk the graham cracker plank.

    “What do ye have to say for ye selves?” asked Pirate Pop Rocks. You didn’t want to get on his bad side. He was known to explode.

    Hansel and Gretel had eaten half the ship. Mostly unimportant things.


    Well one thing was VERY important. So important…

    that the ship couldn’t steer without it.

    The ship crashed into the base of a Peppermint glacier. Minty chunks of red and white rained down on the deck. Pirate Pop Rocks started to fizzle.

    Hansel and Gretel seized their chance and swung on a licorice rope.


    They were safe from the pirates but they couldn’t swim.

  16. Kristy Nuttall says:

    CAPTAIN BLACKBEARD’S JUST DESSERTS (The Gingerbread Boy: Pirate Ship)
    Word Count: 339

    Captain Blackbeard had a hankerin for a dessert, but his crew couldn’t seem to please him.

    Crocodile cake?

    Eel eclairs?

    Shark souffle?

    “Arrrghh, I be needin somethin’ chewy ‘n warm. And I want it right from the oven.”

    But since the crew couldn’t please him, they finally gave up and said,

    “Cook yer own blasted dessert captain!”

    Captain Blackbeard mixed and stirred. He added a bit of this and a bit of that until he had what smelled like,

    “Me favorite cookie batter! Gingerbread cookies!”

    He popped gingerbread boy shaped cookies in the oven, but right when he was about to take the cookie out, one of the gingerbread boy shaped cookies popped right off of the cookie sheet and started running out of the kitchen yelling,

    “Run, run as fast as your lilly livered legs can go, you can’t catch me I’m a pirate you know!”

    So Blackbeard chased him up to the poopdeck, and his crew joined him in the chase. Just as they were about to grab him, he sang out again,

    “Run, run as fast as your lilly livered legs can go, you can’t catch me I’m a pirate you know!”

    The pirates cornered the gingerbread boy on the plank, but a crocodile popped up and offered to give the gingerbread boy a ride across the water to the nearest island.

    The gingerbread boy leaped onto the crocodile’s nose, and Captain Blackbeard and his crew leaped after him as the gingerbread boy sang out,

    “Swim, swim as fast as your lilly livered legs can go, you can’t catch me I’m a pirate you know!”

    The crocodile quickly reached the shore of the nearest island, and he was about to gulp down the giant cookie, when the gingerbread boy yelled,

    “I’m a pirate cookie so don’t eat me, Captain Blackbeard made me so I taste like fleas!”

    “Bleh,” said the crocodile and after one nibble, he spit the gingerbread boy out.

    Then the crocodile opened wide for a much more delicious snack that just happened to be swimming onshore:

    Real pirates.

  17. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Traveling with Gretel
    By Leslie Denkers
    (111 words)
    Hansel and Gretel—Mount Everest

    “Hansel,” said Gretel, “we are lost on Mount Crumpet.”
    “Gretel, you always think of food. This is Mount Everest.”
    “I thought we were going to see Santa and his workshop.”
    “So that is why you came.”
    “I want to go home now. I am tired. And hungry.”
    “Do not worry, Gretel, I have my green balloon.”
    “And I have my polka dot umbrella.”
    “On the count of three we jump into the air and we will float softly to the ground. One, two, THREE!”

    And they tumbled down the mountain.
    “Hansel,” said Gretel, “we have made a snowman.”
    “We ARE the snowman,” said Hansel, “And your foot is in my eye.”

  18. seschipper says:

    Susan Schipper
    Hansel, Gretel, Mt. Everest, polka dot umbrella
    104-word count

    “Hansel, Gretel and the Magnificent Climb “

    Tired of staying in the woods all day
    Hansel and Gretel decided to play!
    They left the forest, without making a peep
    Saw something ahead that looked VERY steep
    They guessed that it measured over 29,029 feet.
    So, Hansel and Gretel started their trek
    Things below became just a speck
    Mt. Everest became scary even for the fella
    “Quick, Gretel,” he said, “take out our umbrella!”
    The polka dot umbrella did the trick
    Gently they glided without a glitch.
    Once on the ground they headed for home
    And decided the next day they would not roam!

  19. Deborah Agranat Sullivan says:

    Week #4: Cabin boy – Cinderella, Pirate Ship, Bubblegum (183 words)

    “This bounty calls for a celebration!” announced Captain Colwhacker. “Cabin Boy, make us a feast!”
    “Aye, aye, Captain,” Cabin boy replied.
    A celebration sounded wonderful. If only he could join.
    Cabin boy hustled downstairs. In 3 hours, he made meatball minestrone, beef wellington and a chocolate trifle.
    Captain Colwhacker chomped his bubblegum like a cow as he lumbered across the deck.
    “Cabin Boy!” the captain barked. “Make this deck shine for the celebration!”
    “Aye, aye, Captain,” Cabin boy replied. He imagined the crew reveling under the sails.
    In 5 hours, every inch of the floor gleamed.
    “Blimey!” howled the captain. “We’ll need entertainment!”
    “Cabin boy!” screamed the captain. “Amuse me!”
    “Aye, aye, Captain,” Cabin boy replied.
    Cabin boy learned 10 jokes, 22 magic tricks, and 36 contortionist moves. It took 8 hours.
    In the wee hours of the morning, Captain Colwhacker got dressed for the celebration. He noticed a button missing from his waistcoat.
    “Cabin b-“…
    “Here.” Cabin boy tossed the captain a sewing kit.
    Then Cabin boy jumped off the boat and swam to a nearby ship, where he was warmly welcomed.

  20. rosecappelli says:

    Hansel and Gretel and the Greedy Pirate Captain (Hansel and Gretel, pirate ship, bubblegum – 119 words)

    “Your stepmother and I are off to seek our fortune!” said Hansel and Gretel’s father one day. “Be back soon!”
    The siblings waited and waited, until finally following the path of broken branches through the woods to the sea.
    A pirate ship! And, their father and stepmother were poised to walk the plank!
    “Wait!” cried Gretel. “I have a magic treasure! It’s yours if you let them go.” Gretel pulled some bubble gum from her pocket. The greedy captain chewed more and more until a ginormous bubble popped in his face. Startled, he wobbled and hobbled while Hansel rushed in for the final push overboard.
    “Yo-ho-ho!” cried the crew. “We’re finally free!”
    And they all lived happily ever after.

  21. susaninez0905 says:

    That’s The Way The Cookie Crumbles (gingerbread boy, wild west, balloon)
    WC: 112

    “I’m coming for you kid,” shouted the Sheriff.
    “You can’t catch me!” Off he ran.


    The sheriff whistled.
    A dog came running.
    “Find the injured kid.”
    The dog started to move, nose down.
    He stopped to lick something off the ground.

    “Here’s where that cookie crumbled!”
    The sheriff looked around. No gingerbread boy.
    “Keep going.”

    “Hahaha!” Shouted the boy.
    The sheriff looked up.
    He was holding a balloon; floating away.
    “I can fix that.”


    The balloon fell towards the ground.
    “Nooo!” Shouted the boy.
    As the sheriff tried to catch him, a crow swooped in.


    “Well, that takes care of that! No more bad baked goods in this town.”

  22. matthewlasley says:

    The Showdown!

    “This gingerbread town ain’t big enough for the two of us!” the slack jawed gingerbread cowboy said pulling his hat lower and narrowing his eyes.
    Cinnamon dust swirled in the hot afternoon heat as a gummyweed tumbled across the now deserted street. Townsfolk peeked through windows as the duelist settled into their stances.
    A lonely whistle drifted on the breeze as the mysterious stranger drew back his poncho, revealing his weapon of choice. “It doesn’t have to be this way.”
    The gingerbread cowboy spat icing onto the ground and watched it melt away. “Draw!”
    It all happened so fast that the townsfolk barely saw the blur as both gingerbread men drew. They gasped and rushed out to see who’d won.
    “That my friend was some mighty fine drawing,” the cowboy nodded.
    “Same to you. What did you use for the lips?”
    “Raspberry juice.”
    The mysterious stranger rode out of town and no one caught his name, but sometimes, if you sit in the saloon sipping milk while looking at his art, you might just hear a lonely whisper on the afternoon breeze.

  23. Jill Lambert (@LJillLambert) says:

    I apologize for the length on this one! It just kept going and going… 🙂

    Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…
    By Jill Lambert (Hansel & Gretel/Wild West/bubblegum/242 words)

    Once upon the wild wild west,
    there lived a humble hick,
    who, with his wife, raised some cows,
    two children, and one chick.

    They named him Hansel and her, Gretel;
    then poor Ma took ill.
    She passed away and Pa remarried
    someone mean and shrill.

    She gave the children little food,
    so they were always skinny.
    They hatched a plan to hitch a ride
    when they heard horses whinny.

    Hansel snuck some barbecue
    to quell their bellies’ growlin’
    As they escaped, they tossed the bones
    and heard coyotes howlin’.

    They came upon a sugar shack
    out on the lonesome prairie.
    It smelled so good they took a bite–
    bubblegum…wild cherry!

    All at once, a cackle burst
    behind the sugared door.
    “Now you’ve done it, candy rustlers!
    Ready for some more?”

    A tricky witch dwelled within,
    her hair was spiked and wild.
    She tossed a rope, lassoing both,
    then yanked them in and smiled.

    “I’ve got my oven stoked with wood,
    now which one will be first?”
    Gretel looked at Hansel then
    and cried, “Now SHE’S the worst!”

    Meanwhile back at home (the ranch),
    their Pa had banished Ma.
    He tracked them by their bony clues
    until he finally saw…

    the witch’s luscious sugar shanty
    sparklin’ in the sun.
    He stampeded at full speed.
    His gun was not on stun.

    The witch was overcome that day
    so they lived ever after,
    in happiness, no tears or fear.
    Their ranch was filled with laughter.

  24. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Week 4–102 words


    Hansel was tired of playing in the forest. If only I can get my sister on board, he thought to himself racing to the breakfast table.

    “I have an idea. Let’s tackle Mount Everest,” said Hansel.

    “What? A MOUNTAIN! Have you lost your mind?” squealed Gretel.

    “Why not? It will be fun!” said Hansel.

    “We got lost in the woods. How do you expect to make it to the top of a mountain?” asked Gretel. “I bet you want to leave a trail of bubble gum this time instead of bread crumbs!”

    Gretel said rolling her eyes. “Brother’s and their big ideas!”

  25. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Week 4: Cinderella, Pirate Ship, Bubblegum (word count 271) Kay DiVerde

    First Mate Cindy Eller chewed her bubblegum, while cleaning the floors of the pirate ship she had to clean from top to bottom each week. Her ugly step mates, JoEllen and Kurplunk sat on stools watching her, hoping Pirate Handsome would walk past them and admire her beauty.

    JoEllen and Kurplunk were constantly spilling their drinks and dropping food on the deck– yelling to Cindy Eller to clean it up. “Cindy Eller, you slacker! It’s such a mess here on the deck. What will Pirate Handsome think if he walks by? He’ll think we are messy.”

    Cindy Eller worked and worked until the decks shined brightly. She dusted the railings and swept the lower deck while chewing her bubblegum.

    As Pirate Handsome approached the group, the ugly Step Mates knocked Cindy Eller over trying to rush to their quarters—they were not dressed yet for dinner. As Cindy Eller was trying to escape, Captain Handsome caught a glimpse of her before she dropped her bubblegum and ran down the stairs to her quarters.

    Pirate Handsome questioned, “Aye, Maties. Who was that beautiful girl?” He picked up the bubblegum. He knocked on every cabin door, in search of the owner of the bubblegum. The Ugly Step Mates tried to claim it was theirs, but their teeth marks did not match.

    Pirate Handsome had given up hope of finding the beautiful girl, until she peeked up on the deck to see if there was more cleaning to do. Pirate Handsome recognized her. Cindy Eller’s teeth marks matched. He kissed her, and they lived happily ever after, sailing the seas in search of pirate treasure.

  26. Sarah Meade says:

    Goldie Goes to the Beach
    By Sarah Meade
    Word Count: 205
    (Goldilocks and the Three Bears, new setting: beach)

    Goldie shimmies into her swimsuit, slides on her shades, and skips out the door.
    “To the beach!”
    When she arrives, she’s all alone.
    “Bummer!” Goldie knows she can’t swim without a buddy.
    She saunters along the sand until…
    Goldie opens a cooler.
    She nibbles the first one.
    “Yuck! Too spicy.”
    The second: “Eww! Mayonnaise.”
    The third: “Yum! PB & J! Juuuuust right.”
    Goldie munches away.
    She peeks in a beach bag.
    The first one: “Too long.”
    The second: “Too short.”
    The third: “Yay! Dr. Seuss! Juuuuust right.”
    Goldie tries out each beach towel.
    The first: “Too scratchy.”
    The second: “Too thin.”
    The third: “Oooooh! Fuzzy fleece! Juuuuust right.”
    Goldie stretches out to read.
    The sun makes her soooooo sleepy.
    Three bears in bathing suits gasp.
    The baby bear drops his bucket of seashells on the sand.
    “Hey! Who’s been eating our lunch?” says the daddy bear.
    “Who’s been reading our books?” says the mommy bear.
    “Who’s snoring on my towel?” says the baby bear.
    Goldie opens her eyes and scrambles up.
    “Buddies!” she squeals.
    The daddy bear balks. The mommy bear blinks.
    The baby bear… beams.
    “Want to swim?” asks the baby bear.
    “Yippeeee!” Goldilocks grabs his paw.
    Splash! Splash!
    “Juuuuuuust right.”

  27. Linda Staszak says:

    A little sunshine–thanks!

    By Linda Staszak Cinderella, the wild west 107 words

    Cinderella limped down the dusty road. Her sparkly gown was smudged and torn, and her fancy hairdo drooped.
    “I have to get myself a new fairy godmother,” she grumbled. “You can’t walk in glass shoes. And mice and a pumpkin….” She shook her head.
    Thundering hooves pounded, and a majestic horse appeared from a cloud of dust.
    “I hear tell you’re lookin’ fer a new fairy godmother,” the horse said.
    Cinderella nodded.
    The horse snorted, and Cinderella sat atop a spirited pony wearing the prettiest pair of cowboy boots ever seen and a genuine cowgirl hat.
    “You’ve got the job,” Cinderella squealed. “Square dance–here I come!”

  28. Deb Buschman (@DebBuschman) says:

    Pirate Ship
    206 words

    By Deb Buschman

    “Arrgh, Ella swab the deck! Hoist the main! Clean the galley!” Her pirate step-brothers ordered.
    Ella dreamed of leaving and finding buried treasure.
    “Can I come?” asked Ella.
    “Arrgh, no!” said her brothers.
    She clung to the railing watching them row ashore.
    Then she heard. “Pssst, you want to find buried treasure.” A boy in a dinghy bobbed in the water below. This was her chance.
    Ella climbed aboard the dinghy.
    “Can you row?” he asked.
    Ella grabbed an oar and smiled.
    Once they hit the beach, they followed his map to the treasure.
    They both began digging when all of the sudden she heard her brothers coming.
    “I have to go!” she whispered as she dove into the water.
    “No don’t go,” he called. But she disappeared as her bandana drifted to shore.
    He clutched the bandana.
    The next day the boy searched every boat in the harbor looking for the girl who fit the bandana.
    Until he came to Ella’s.
    “Is this your bandana?”
    She smiled and he gently tied the scarf on her head. He grabbed her hand and…
    “Arrgh Ella, where are you going? You have to swab the deck.”
    “Arrgh it’s Pirate-Ella!” she yelled. “I’m leaving with my treasure.”

  29. marty says:

    Limerick for week #4
    (Cinderella, wild west, wc 29)

    Cinderella gave her slippers away.
    She would rather wear boots any day.
    Her sisters got the prince,
    which delighted her, since
    she now runs the ranch her own way!

  30. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Week #4
    Gingerbread Pirate
    By Mia Geiger
    147 words (words used: Gingerbread Boy, Pirate Ship)

    Fresh from the pan,
    hot off the grill,
    Gingerbread Boy
    needed to chill.

    Baker Man found
    just the right spot.
    “Windows are perfect —
    Breezy!” he thought.

    No one was watching;
    “Hmm,” said the treat.
    “Maybe I’ll swoop
    onto the street.”

    He ran to a dock
    and what did he see?
    “Pirates and ships!
    “Goodie for me!

    “I’ll show the captain
    what cookies can do.
    Maybe he’ll ask me
    to join the crew!”

    “Arr,” said a pirate,
    eyeing the treat.
    “Hop up aboard.
    Mmm, you look sweet.”

    Swabbing the deck
    wasn’t so cool.
    Plus, the old pirate
    started to drool.

    Gingerbread Boy
    shivered and shook.
    “The pirate might eat me,
    based on that look.”

    Thinking these thoughts
    caused him to crumble.
    And then he heard:
    “Cookie, let’s rumble!”

    “Me legs are swifty,”
    the boy said as as he ran.
    “Soon I’ll be home —
    as fast as I can!”

  31. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    POSTED FOR MICHELLE (don’t miss her “sequel” entry below!)

    Mix and Match, Week 4
    No Fella For Cinderella (Cinderella / Pirate Ship) WC 250
    By Michelle S. Kennedy

    My name is Cinderella, and I don’t have a fella.
    I like to take long walks with my polka-dot umbrella.

    My step-sister’s Marcellus. She’s always been so jealous.
    She’s very mean and makes me clean, so now I’m overzealous.

    My friends are mice and birds. They help me without words.
    They’re very sweet, so for a treat I feed them seeds and curds.

    My friends think I should marry. I guess I shouldn’t tarry.
    They made some dates to find me mates, but some were pretty scary!

    One day they heard the call. There was a Royal Ball.
    They got me dressed. I was impressed. I even had a shawl!

    That night I met a prince! His manners made me wince.
    He picked his nose and crushed my toes. I haven’t seen him since.

    I met a knight in armor! I thought he’d be a charmer.
    Turns out for me, he wouldn’t be – He left to be a farmer.

    I met a man from space! That date was a disgrace!
    He had nine eyes and slurped on flies, then left without a trace.

    I met a super-hero! His name was Freeze Ramiro.
    To be his wife I’d chill for life – in temperatures “sub-zero.”

    I met a cowboy poke! He liked to laugh and joke.
    I loved his twang until he sang. It came out like a croak.

    So now I’m setting sail… since dating was a fail.
    I bit my lip. A pirate ship? But THAT’S another tale!

  32. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    POSTED FOR MICHELLE (don’t miss her first installment above 🙂 )

    Mix and Match, Week 4
    Cinderella’s Vacation Liberation (Cinderella / Pirate Ship) WC 273
    By Michelle S. Kennedy

    Cinderella got a tip, “Run away and take a trip.”
    Without delay she went astray, to board a Pirate’s ship!

    She begged to join the crew. They made her drink their brew.
    To add to that- a tacky hat and an ugly new tattoo.

    They said she had to cook. “Something tasty for this Snook!”
    She pulled her hair. The cupboard’s bare! Not worth a second look.

    “Now swab the deck and clean to make our ship pristine!”
    She scrubbed a bunch then barfed her lunch and fell in the latrine.

    “I hate this place!” she thought. “Vacation’s what I sought.
    This isn’t it. I just don’t fit. If I stay here, I’ll rot!”

    “I did my best” she sighed, “to have fun on this ride.”
    But I deduce. This is abuse!” she blubbered, wailed and cried.

    Well, hours passed by it seemed. She watched the waves and dreamed…
    A sea of bleach? NO! That’s a beach! The sand and island gleamed.

    What luck for Cinderella! She spied a handsome fella.
    It was a sight to see his bright polka-dot umbrella!

    She rang the captain’s bell and wished the pirates well.
    “You mustn’t grieve for I must leave and bid you a farewell.”

    They docked up near the shore just like they’d done before.
    They said “Land Ho! Now off you go!” and pushed her out the door!

    She swam up to dry ground and looked around and found
    the sacrifice to paradise was worth the sights and sound!

    She came home with a tan and also found her man.
    The beach was great and sealed her fate and so, her life began.

  33. michelleskennedy says:

    Thank you Jill! As you can see, I really got quite carried away with this challenge! Once I started, I couldn’t stop! The story just kept building in my head. Wish it had dawned on me sooner that Cinderella is a trademarked Disney character. I have no hope of turning these two stories into a full-blown MS after the contest. Oh well. Good practice, right?!

  34. Dorothy Dot Anson says:

    Hansel and Gretel’s Pirate Ship Adventure. (162 words)

    “What a fine mess you’ve got us into Now Gretel, ” said Hansel.
    “I didn’t plan to get captured by pirates! ” grumbled Gretel.
    Captain Gingerbeard called out. “Bring those spies to me.”
    Two of the crew pulled Hansel and Gretel over to the Captain.
    “The penalty for spying is to walk the plank. Any last words?” said the Captain.
    “Yes, ” said Gretel, ” We’re not spies, we’re magicians.”
    “Aye, are you now! Prove it.”
    “No problem,” said Gretel. “See this small green bit of plastic. I can use this to fly my brother and I away.”
    The pirates laughed. “Go on then.” Hansel gave Gretel a puzzled look.
    Gretel blew and blew into the plastic till it formed a gigantic balloon. She quickly grabbed her brother as she began to take off and they floated high above the ship.
    The pirates starred in disbelief.
    “That was brilliant sis,” said Hansel.
    “Thanks,” said Gretel. “Any idea how we steer this thing?”

  35. Dorothy Dot Anson says:

    Cinderella and the Pirate Ship (92 words)

    By my husband, Everard Anson.

    “Yes Captain Hawk.”
    “Have you scrubbed the quarters below ready for your Step Mother and two beautiful sisters?”
    “Aye Captain. Everything is ship shape.”
    Captain Hawk got his name after an eagle pecked him in the eye when he was in the crow’s nest.
    So he really does think my sisters are beautiful, poor man, thought Cinderella.
    “Well everything better be spotless Cinder. We’ll be making for land fall before dawn. You know your step mother is always on time.”
    “Aye Captain Hawk, I can’t wait.”
    But that’s not really true.

  36. LittleCornishWriter says:

    Cinders and the Pirate Ship-Tracy -105 words

    Cinders cleaned the pirate ship
    from morning until night.
    Only yesterday had seen the
    last bloodthirsty fight.

    As she cleaned she found a patch
    to cover up an eye.
    The owner must have lost it
    she remembered with a sigh.

    A handsome, mystery pirate boy
    amid the rival crew.
    And when she scrubbed along the deck,
    she also found his shoe!

    “I’ll sail away to find him,”
    she thought with sudden force.
    “I’ll escape this pirate prison
    and navigate a course…

    to find this mystery pirate boy
    amid the rival crew.
    And once I prove his lost things fit…

    well… then I’ll run him through!”

  37. Diantha Litwer says:

    Escape from the Greedy Gulch Home for Children!
    (118 words – Hansel & Gretel in the Wild West)
    by D. Litwer

    Flames roared high into the night sky.

    Billy Bob, his sister, Annie May, and the other kidnapped children fled into the desert.

    Behind them, the old gingerbread house snapped, crackled, and popped as it burned to the ground. Inside, a woman lay dead; killed when lightning struck the stove pipe just as she opened the door of the stove to put in another batch of cookies. Unfortunately, the lightning strike also set the Greedy Gulch Home for Children on fire. Now the children had no place to live.

    After walking through the desert all night, they came to a small town. The townspeople cheered as the Sheriff rewarded the children for getting rid of the outlaw Hazel Witch.

  38. Ashley Congdon (@AshleyCCongdon) says:


    WC:116 (Cinderella, Wild West, and bubblegum)

    by Ashley Congdon 

    Dong. Dong.

    “It’s 12 o’clock! I have to giddy-up,” Cinderelly hollered.

    “Wait!” Cowboy Prince said.

    Cinderelly swung the door and dashed down the steps. Kerplunk!

    “My boot! It’s stuck. I have to hurry,” she cried.

    It was too late.
    The carriage . . .  
    Whoosh! Swoosh! Pop! 
    became a cactus.

    The coachmen . . .
    Swirl. Twirl. Puff!
    turned into hounds.

    Cinderelly’s fringed dress . . .
    Flip. Flop. Poof!
    changed to a ragged shirt and jeans.

    “Why didn’t you say you were just changin’ to your polka dancin’ clothes?” Cowboy Prince said with a wink, reaching out his hand. 

    Cinderelly wiped her tears. She yanked up her leather boot and plucked off some bubble gum.

    “Yee-haw!” They shouted. 

    And they danced happily ever after. 

  39. bevbaird says:

    Wonderful stories! Here’s Mine (110 words):
    The Gingerbread Boy (on a Pirate ship)

    “Ha, ha! Can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread boy!”
    He ran up the stairs and onto the deck, avoiding the hands of the first mate. He twisted away from a second pirate as he ran for the wall ahead.
    “Ha, ha! Can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread boy!”
    There just had to be a way off this ship, whatever that was. He jumped up onto a ledge and looked down.There was only water in every direction. He looked back to see five angry pirates heading his way.Maybe he could swim.
    He took a leap, laughing all the way down – and right into the mouth of a waiting shark.

  40. Corine Timmer says:

    My initial idea was a fractured version of The Gingerbread Boy but my story took on a life of its own. Now it has elements of Hansel & Gretel but set in the Himalayas. A work in progress 🙂 As the indentation layout didn’t transport well, I have inserted a line space.

    Tinley’s Magical Fir Tree Cookies (797 words)

    In a certain land, at the edge of a forest surrounded by snow-capped mountains, lived a girl called Tinley. She had lived there all her life. Nine whole years! Her father managed a small timber mill. But it was Tinley who knew the forest best. Better than her father, better than her mother, and better than Norbu, her poetry-loving brother. Tinley had participated in every forest-survival camp since she could walk. She knew how to make markers, track animals, carve tools, make a hut, start a fire, fish and cook her catch, and how to treat a wound with plants. But most of all she knew how to talk to the trees. So when a stranger dressed in a city suit told her parents that the trees were sick, Tinley didn’t believe him. The trees would have told her!

    Two weeks later, at the crack of dawn, Tinley was woken by grunts and groans. The noise came from outside. Without a second thought, she put her coat and boots on over her pajamas and ran into the forest. She ran and ran until she heard a THUMP followed by a WHOOOSSH. Tinley froze while the earth trembled. A tree had fallen to the floor right beside her. As she looked around, she noticed many more trees lying on the floor. Tinley felt a lump growing in her throat. She wanted to shout at the men with chainsaws, but an inner voice told her not to.

    Fighting the tears, she marched home and told her parents what she’d seen.
    “There’s nothing we can do,” her father said.
    “But they’re cutting all the trees,” Tinley protested.
    “It’s out of our hands,” her mother said.
    Tinley ran upstairs, slammed her bedroom door closed, and grabbed the key to her wizard box. She had hidden it around her favorite doll’s neck. Inside the box was a piece of paper. It contained a secret recipe. A wise old tree had whispered it in her ear and Tinley had written down every word. She memorized the recipe, locked the box, hid the key, and calmed herself. Then she went back downstairs.

    “Can we bake fir tree cookies this afternoon?” Tinley asked her mother.
    “That’s a nice idea,” her mother said, “but it’s a little early for Christmas cookies.”
    “We can leave off the beads,” Tinley said. “Please, Mom.”
    “Oh, all right,” Tinley’s mother said. “Why not?”
    Tinley had to collect secret ingredients from the forest, but she didn’t tell her mother that. “I’m going outside to play,” she said.
    Her parents nodded. “Don’t forget to tag trees!” they said in unison. They knew their daughter had a wandering spirit.

    Tinley collected the ingredients she needed. When she returned home, she ground them together using a mortar and pestle until it was a green powder. Then she rolled the potion inside a piece of kitchen paper and hid it inside her pocket. Later on, when her mother was not looking, she would add the powder to the natural green frosting. Nobody would know.

    When the cookies were almost done, Tinley’s mother said, “Do you want to make the frosting?”
    “Yes!” Tinley cheered.
    She placed the powdered sugar in a small bowl, added water, lemon juice and some green dye made from spinach. Then she mixed it all together. As her mother took the cookies out of the oven, Tinley added her secret ingredient to the mixture. When the fir tree cookies had cooled off, they decorated each one with the green frosting.

    “Can I bring some cookies to the neighbors?” Tinley said. “We can always bake more.”
    “That’s a sweet thought,” her father said. “You do that.”
    Before anyone got a chance to eat one, Tinley had packed all the
    cookies in a box and left the house. But she didn’t go to the neighbors. She walked deep into the forest where the loggers had just finished their day’s work.

    “My mother and I baked some cookies for you,” Tinley said, while opening her cookie box.
    “Oh, look! They are tree-shaped,” one of the men remarked.
    “These look too good to eat!” his friend joked.
    Tinley watched as each of the loggers ate one cookie after another, until there were none left.

    The next morning it was quiet in the forest. Tinley could hear the warblers sing again. In the distance, above the treeline, she spotted a Himalayan vulture soaring on a thermal. Tinley beamed. Then she remembered the men with chainsaws. Eager to find out what had happened, she strolled to the clearing in the forest. When she arrived, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The same men who had razed everything to the ground were now planting saplings.

    the cry of a vulture
    echoes her smile


  41. Corine Timmer says:

    Susanna, I really enjoyed reading your story. Fun, energetic, and great visuals! I wasn’t bored for one second so in my opinion it’s not too long. After all, it is a fairy tale 😉 But I am not the target audience, I know.

  42. Susan Krevat says:

    Cinderella and Prince Sherpa by Susan Krevat

    “Cinderella, sweep the snow off the stairs,” ordered Stepmother. “Your sisters and I are busy watching another show about Mt. Everest.”

    After sweeping off the snow, Cinderella came in to see her stepmother and three stepsisters lounging cozily on the couch watching yet another Mt. Everest TV show.

    “You know, Mother,” offered the oldest stepsister, “Since Mt. Everest is our obsession, and it is way too dangerous to climb, let’s send Cinderella so that we can experience our favorite mountain vicariously.

    “You mean, if I agree, I can finally get out of this house?” asked Cinderella.

    The plans were made, and Cinderella found herself at the base camp of Mt. Everest.

    Right away Prince Sherpa noticed Cinderella.

    “I have been waiting for this moment my whole life,” he exclaimed. “You are my dream come true. If you try on these special climbing boots, and they fit, I’ll know that you are my one and only.”

    Cinderella tried on the special boots which fit perfectly. Prince Sherpa and Cinderella made it to the top of Mt. Everest where they were married and went on to live happily ever after.

  43. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    The carriage came rumbling
    The staircase is unfurling
    Ugly sister go stumbling
    Into the carriage and away
    The music the gowns a-sway
    Handsome dames all the way

    Cinderella weary of toil
    By the cinders she coils
    Out of the fire he roiled
    Pirate stepped out a foil
    Whisked Cinderella away
    Into the pirate ship ahoy

    Sick of the sisters,cinder
    She breaks her binder
    Now who can find her?
    Who wants a Prince?
    It only makes her wince
    Foil in hand,prow in place

    The waves rise high churning
    Pirate ship tossing and turning
    This is the life worth yearning
    As treasures await and burning
    Her green attire so, so stunning
    Adored by green balloons rising

    Green balloons on the shoulder
    Nothing now can ever hold her
    Green balloons tied to her back
    Green balloons on the very deck
    What a magical scene we bedeck
    This life, freedom what the heck

  44. Penny Adler says:

    Penny A
    WC: 130
    Cinderella and the Wild West

    “All aboard, away!” the stagecoach driver shouted.
    Cinderella fell first into her stepsister’s lap and then tumbled to the floor, as the stagecoach lurched ahead.
    Belinda glared, “Show a care and don’t crush my bag. I don’t wish to arrive in wrinkled clothes. They’ll mistake me for a shar-pei. And polish my shoes while you are down there. This prairie dust sticks to everything.”
    “Karma,” thought Cinderella later as she watched Belinda leave with her new husband, his dog, Rip, a very wrinkled shar-pei, and a sturdy ironing board.
    Cinderella, turned and found 3 dusty imps and one handsome father watching her.
    Dolly held a pink polka dotted umbrella and quickly knighted her, “Lady Ella, hurry, our salamander has escaped up a tree.”
    Lady Ella and her band of imps scampered home…

  45. amyflynnnd says:

    The Woman in the Moon (Cinderella, Moon)
    By Amy Flynn

    Four curious creatures once called our moon home.

    Apogee was big, hairy, and mean.
    Gibbous was bigger, hairier, and meaner.
    Perigee was the biggest, hairiest, and meanest.

    Then, there was Lunarella.

    On account of her being small, kind, and gentle, Apogee, Gibbous, and Perigee constantly ordered Lunarella around.

    “Sweep these rocks!”
    “Fill those craters!”
    “Find us water!”

    Just as Lunarella’s patience cracked, an Earth Father dropped from the sky.

    Marching up to Apogee, Gibbous, and Perigee in her new outfit, glass helmet gleaming, she demanded fair treatment.

    Unnerved by her confident strong appearance, they agreed, apologizing for their behavior.

    The four lived equally ever after.

    Today, if you look closely into the night sky, you can still see the shadow of Lunarella’s brave face. The woman in the moon.

    • Kristy Nuttall says:

      So creative Amy!!! Lunarella has to sweep the rocks, fill those craters, and fetch the water! Great imagery! But my favorite part of teh story is when she marches up to her grumpy hairy mean sisters and demands fair treatment once and for all–and it works!!! The folk tale element is also genius–I’m going to wave to the woman in the moon tonight.

  46. lilyerlic says:

    Cinderella and the Bubblegum Ball (Wild West) (For Younger children 2-5)

    Cinderella lived in the wild wild west. She loved riding horses and feeding them hay. She

    dreamed of riding her horse away from the farm one day. You see she had a mean stepmother

    who didn’t like Cinderella’s smell.

    “You smell like the horses! You smell like the pigs!,” said her stepmother.

    One day, Cinderella rode into the pasture to look at the wildflowers. She met a prince riding his

    horse too.

    Every day, for many days she would see him in the pasture. They laughed together. They

    picked wildflowers. They made daisy chains. They played tag. They pet rabbits. But one day,

    she said, “I’m afraid my stepmother won’t let me go to the bubblegum ball.”

    “We will ride on my horse together and ask her permission,” said the Prince.

    The Stepmother was so surprised!

    “Of course, my prince,” said the stepmother.

    Her stepsisters giggled. “Can we go too?”

    The stepmother, stepsisters, the Prince and Cinderella went to the Bubblegum Ball. They rode

    in the bubblegum coach and chewed bubblegum along the way. The ball was held in the

    bubblegum ballroom. It was the best bubblegum ball ever!

    (Illustration: the ballroom is filled with bubbles where people bounce on pink bubbles instead of


    The End

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