Here We Go Again! Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge Take 2!

Good morning, my little chickens!

Are things feeling a wee bit humdrum?

Is daily routine getting you down?

Does this look familiar?

Just as I suspected!

It seems we’ve all got a case of the I Haven’t Gone Anywhere Done Anything Seen Anyone For A Year So What The Heck Can I Write About Blues!

But don’t worry.

I can fix that! 😊

All that’s required is a little tomfoolery! A few high jinx and shenanigans to knock the K off of FUNK and get us back to good old F-U-N!

Who’s with me?

Give me a woo!


Give me a hoo!


What does that spell?

Well. . . technically it doesn’t actually spell anything, since neither woo nor hoo is a letter, but one way or another it comes out


Now! Let’s have some fun!

And fun in this instance is. . .

another round of the ever-popular, practically world famous

(Not a contest exactly… no room in the blog calendar, no time for judging, no gigantic prizes on offer…but still (hopefully!) tons of fun!)

Here’s how it works:

Starting today, each Monday until June 21st (which makes 7 Mondays total and will get us to the end of the school term) I will post a Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Prompt for a 100 word story.  Post your story in the comment section for that week’s challenge (or if you have trouble posting it, email it to me and I’ll post it for you.)  At the end of the 7 weeks, everyone who has posted one story for each week’s prompt will

A) have 7 brand new stories to play with!  (Who knows? Your next picture book or even chapter book or longer might be sparked by something you write for the Challenge!)

B) be able to take credit for entertaining lots of fellow writers and their kids (not to mention you’ll entertain yourself and your own kids!)


C) qualify to win a prize from the Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Mystery Bag of Marvelous Prizes for Writers! (Last year we managed to scare up enough prizes that all of the approximately 40 people who completed the challenge got something, but we’ll have to see how the available prizes stack up this year – if there aren’t enough for everyone who completes the challenge we’ll have to randomly draw winners until we run out of prizes, but you will still win A and B above!)

You can compete with yourself to see if you can write all 7 stories!  You can compete with your writing friends to see if you can write more than they do! And if you want to get really competitive, you can all read the stories that are posted and “like” the ones you think are best and see who gets the most “likes” 😊 (If you do that there might be some special prizes…who can tell??? 😊)

When the going get’s humdrum, children’s writers beat the blues by playing writing games and creating new stories to keep themselves and everyone around them entertained!

So here we go!

Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Prompt #1 for Week of May 10:

Choose a character from Column A and something the character needs from Column B and write a 100 word story for children entitled _____Column A_____ Needs A _____Column B_____ If you wish, you may also select a random item from Column C to include in your story.

For example: Hermit Crab Needs A Home. (And perhaps you’d include a harmonica somewhere in the story.)

Or, if something in Column C strikes your fancy you can use that as the thing your character needs, e.g. Hummingbird Needs Help.

Get the idea?

Here are the options:

Column A – CharacterColumn B – Something NeededColumn C – random item
HedgehogHomeHockey Stick (or Hockey Puck)
HammerheadHugHorse (or Sea Horse)
Hermit CrabHintHarmonica
Henry or HilaryHatHelicopter

If a central idea would be helpful to you in your writing, you can focus your story on Mother’s Day, since that is fresh in all our minds this morning 😊, but that is NOT required.

In an attempt to answer possible questions I will say:

  • you can write as many stories as you want each week
  • you can post them at any time during the week (just make sure they’re on the Monday Mix ‘n’ Match Mini post for the week you’re entering – e.g. below for Week #1))
  • you can play catch up (so if you miss a week you can go back and add to an earlier week if you’re trying to complete the challenge and qualify for prizes as long as all entries are posted on the correct week and are posted no later than Saturday June 26th at midnight Eastern time.)
  • no illustration notes
  • You may go over the word count if you’re on a roll and you wish to (because there is no judging 😊)
  • You may write in poetry or prose

(This is where the sample I intended to write belongs, but since I haven’t had time to write it yet I’ll have to add it in!)

And here’s a little sampling of the prizes up for grabs to whet your competitive spirit 😊 MORE TO COME!

When it comes time for prizes, names of all those who completed the challenge will be drawn randomly and matched with prizes drawn randomly until we run out! 😊

⭐️ Picture Book Critique from Penny Parker Klostermann, the lovely and talented author of THERE WAS AN OLD DRAGON WHO SWALLOWED A KNIGHT (Random House 2015) and A COOKED-UP FAIRY TALE (Random House 2017)

⭐️ 30 Minute Q&A with Penny Klostermann

⭐️ Picture Book MS Critique OR Query Letter Critique (Winner’s Choice) from Jennifer Buchet, debut author of LITTLE MEDUSA’S HAIR DO-LEMMA (Clear Fork/Spork May 11, 2021)

⭐️ Picture Book MS Critique from Jen Raudenbush, agented writer of picture books, middle grade, and poetry. (Represented by Natascha Morris of The Tobias Literary Agency)

⭐️ 30 minute Zoom chat about anything industry related (manuscript, query letter, best practices for querying) with Becky Scharnhorst, amazing author of MY SCHOOL STINKS (Philomel Books, July 6, 2021)

⭐️ Webinar: How To Write Powerful First Pages Like A Pro by author and editor Alayne Kay Christian

⭐️ A copy of Mary Kole’s Writing Irresistible Kidlit: The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Fiction for Young Adult and Middle Grade Writers, donated by Nicole Loos Miller

⭐️ A personalized signed copy of SASSAFRAS AND HER TEENY TINY TAIL (MacLaren-Cochrane Publishing 2021) by Candice Marley Conner

⭐️ Making Picture Book Magic Self Study Class (any month)

⭐️ Magnetic Poetry – Little Box of Happiness

Magnetic Poetry - Little Box of Happiness Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on The Fridge - Made in The USA

Check out the Week 1 Stories!

Henry Needs A Holiday – Joyce Uglow

Hank Needs A Hug – Jen Subra

Hare Needs (To Take) A Hint – Candice Marley Conner

Hummingbird Needs A Holiday – Laura Bower

Hummingbird Needs A Hug – Ann Gray

Humphrey Hummingbird Needs A (New) Hobby – Clearywriter

Hedgehog Needs A Hobby – Erika

Hare Needs A Hug – Brenda Whitehead

Henry Hare Needs A Hat – Marty Bellis

Henry Needs A Hug – Isabel Cruz Rodriguez

Hermit Crab Needs A Home – Sarah Hawklyn

Henry Hedgehog – Michelle S. Kennedy

Henrietta’s New Home – Rose Cappelli

Hilary Needs A Hug – Sarah Meade

Hermy The Hermit Crab’s New Home – Susan E. Schipper

Helicopter Hummingbird – Linda Schueler

Untitled – Marta Magellan

Hilary The Hummingbird – Julie Kurtz

A Holiday For Mrs. Hare – Judy Sobanski

Alphonso’s Real Estate: Fashionable Homes For Hermit Crabs – Nicole Loos Miller

Hyena’s Hiccups – Marla Yablon

Hermit Crab Needs A Holiday – Carrines Clifton

Henry Hummingbird Needs A Home – Jennifer Reichow

Henry’s Discovery – Dawn Young

Henry Needs Some Luck – Allison Strick

Henry Needs A Holiday Hero – Ashley Sierra

Hoglet Hurry Home – Sally Yorke-Viney

A Hat For Hammerhead – Ashley B. Pedigo

Hallie Hummingbird Needs A Holiday – Christine Alemshah

Hudson Hammerhead Needs A Hug – Jeannette Suhr

Henry Needs A Hobby – Sue Lancaster

Hare And His Harmonica – Lyn Jekowsky

Horst Needs A Hug – Elizabeth Meyer Zu Heringdorf

Hummingbird Needs A Holiday – Sara Kruger

Hammerhead Needs A Hockey Stick – Les Degnan

Henry Needs A Hint – Deb Sullivan

Hare Needs A Hobby – Marta Cutler

Hare Needs A Holiday – Aly Kenna

Hilary Needs A Hint – Mia Geiger

Henry Needs A Hint – Elenore Byrne

Hare Style – Hannah Roy LaGrone

Hillary Hare Needs A Holiday – Barbara Farr Renner

Hammerhead Needs A Holiday – Dianne Irving

Hilary Needs A Harmonica – MWREX

Henry Needs A Hug – Val McCammon

Harry Hammerhead Has A Hard Day – Susan Summers

A Horse For Hermit Crab – Jill Lambert

A Home For Hedgehog – Elizabeth Volkmann

Hare Needs A Home – Jessica Murray

Hammerhead Needs Help – Katie Schwartz

Untitled – Lauri Meyers

Hedgehog Needs A Hat – Candace

Hedgehog Needs A Home – Summer Hinderer

Spiny The Hedgehog – Eva Kaman

Hopping Lonely – Jamie Bills

Henry Needs A Hint – Lauren Scott

Hare Needs A Hat – Jana Mattern

Hilary’s Holiday – Bevin Rolfs Spencer

Henry Hare’s New Hobby – Bru Benson

Hedgehog Hugs – Marty Findley

Hermit Crab Needs A Hat – Lynn Katz

Henry Hammerhead Needed A Hug – Padgy Soltis

Hedgehog Hates Hugs – TL Fales

Hammerhead Needs A Hat – Amy Leskowski

Mama Hedgehog’s Mother’s Day Holiday – Robin Currie

Henry Needs A Hero – Colleen Owen Murphy

Hugo Hammerhead Needs A Hat – Deb Buschman

Henry Hedgehog Needs A Home – Elizabeth Muster

Hedgehog Needs A Hint – Brenna Jeanneret

Hummingbird Needs A Holiday – JC Kelly

360 thoughts on “Here We Go Again! Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge Take 2!

  1. Barbara Farr Renner says:

    Hi Susanna, Thanks again for the fun writing prompts. I’m late to the party, and my story is a tad more than 100 words – oops. I’ll do better next week.


    She already has a holiday, you say. Easter! But it’s so much work.

    Sweating in bunny costumes.
    Hiding colored eggs in the scratchy bushes.
    Having the ears bitten off her chocolate suit.
    She’s even gained 10 pounds sampling all the candy in the baskets.

    Yes, Hillary Hare needs a holiday from her holiday.

    How about Christmas?
    She could visit Santa at the North Pole.
    Brrrrr! Maybe not.

    How about St Patrick’s Day?
    She could bask in a field of four-leaf clovers.
    Aaaachoooo! She forgot about her allergies.

    Hillary Hare hunkered down to think just as Beatrice Bunny hopped by.
    This gave Hillary an idea.

    “Beatrice. Want to do me a favor?”

    Hillary Hare instructed Beatrice how to listen to children’s wishes, hide delicate eggs, and nestle chocolate bunnies in baskets.

    Hillary Hare hopped on a plane and now suns herself on the beaches of Hawaii for the perfect permanent holiday.

    And now you know how the Easter Bunny came about.

  2. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Hammerhead needs a holiday – Dianne Irving
    Mr. Hammerhead boring swam the same cold waters, patrolling the same old fish. I want a holiday where can I go?
    Kristie the sweet Mino who rode on his nose said, “the Jelly Fishpond – they will put on a show”.
    Off they swam in the middle of the night so not to give anyone a fright.
    The Jelly Fish welcomed their holiday guest performing a dance and massaging his chest. The waters were warm, and they swayed in peace. He smiled at Kristie on the top of his nose and said, “pretty good as far as holidays go”

  3. mwrex says:

    Hilary Needs a Harmonica

    There’s a hole in my backyard.
    Does something live inside?
    Suspense is nearly killing me.
    Will it have feathers, fur or hide?

    A bucket lid to seal the exit,
    leave a slot so air can flow.
    That’s where the harmonica fits,
    if a creature breathes, I’ll know!

    The tinny notes start to wail,
    at first faint, then bright and shrill.
    It’s near the top, what will it be?
    My worry’s off the charts, until…

    The top inches up, and the thing
    it spies me, hooting “Who!”
    Burrowing owls? Mystery solved.
    I reply with one word: “Whew!”

    • Hannah Roy LaGrone says:

      Thank you Jill! I live in Chicago now, but called Nashville home from 3rd grade til graduation, plus my first three years of teaching. 🙂 There was no other place I could have him start (and stop) his tour 😉

  4. Valerie McCammon says:

    Henry Needs a Hug, by Val McCammon

    Henry’s hockey stick shattered. Pieces skidded to a stop in front of the biggest player Henry had ever seen.


    The big kid, the other team’s goalie, was down.

    Henry’s team scored.

    Henry should have been thrilled. They had practiced. And practiced. And practiced some more.

    Now, in their first Half-Pint Hockey League game ever, they scored. Except, Henry was terrified.

    The big kid’s eyes bore down. Got up. Skated over.

    The big kid raised one arm.

    Henry shivered.

    The big kid raised the other arm.

    Henry’s legs wobbled.

    The big kid –

    hugged him.


  5. susaninez0905 says:

    Harry Hammerhead Has a Hard Day
    By: Susan Summers
    wc: 95

    Harry Hammerhead swam with his head hung low.
    Hot tears blinked from his eyes.
    He hurried to a place that he hoped would help, a quiet garden filled with seahorses.

    “Heckled again?” Suzie asked.
    “Yes. Does this hat look horrible?”
    “Of course not, sweetie.”
    “Does my head make you hide?”
    Harry sighed.
    “I know what will help. Granny, we need you!” Suzie shouted.
    Soon the oldest seahorse in the ocean swam to Harry.
    “Oh Granny,” he cried.
    In one swift move, Granny encircled Harry’s snout.
    “Horse hugs are the best,” Harry sighed.
    “Harry Hammerhead is too.”

  6. Jill Lambert says:

    Thanks for hosting this contest again, Susanna! Such fun! Here’s my entry for Week 1:

    A Horse for Hermit Crab
    By Jill Lambert

    WC:138 Options: Hermit Crab, Hobby, Seahorse

    I’ll tell you the story
    of a hermit crab, Rory,
    who craved entertainment
    beneath the sea.

    The shell rearranging
    and nonstop exchanging
    had triggered his yearning
    for variety.

    “What I need is a hobby!”
    he told his friend Bobby.
    “Will you help me prepare
    for a seahorse race?”

    Bobby shouted, “Yes, splendid!”
    Every hermit attended,
    selecting a seahorse
    that would set the pace.

    All their steeds in a row,
    “On your mark, get set…GO!”
    As Rory’s claw dropped,
    they took off like a shot.

    There was such a commotion
    down deep in the ocean.
    Each hermit crab hollered
    for the horse it got.

    When the bubble cloud cleared,
    the cast of crabs cheered,
    “Rory’s seahorse–the winner!
    Hip hooray, yahoo!”

    On the cool ocean floor,
    they’re not bored anymore.
    Rory plans new adventures
    so no one is blue.

  7. lizluvselephants says:

    Hi Susanna!
    Here is my entry. Thank you for creating magic – again! 🙂
    Week 1
    A Home for Hedgehog (E. Volkmann)

    Winter was coming.
    Hedgehog needed a home.
    He searched high and low.

    “Do you have a home, Squirrel?”
    Squirrel pointed into the hickory tree.
    “A hole in a tree? That’s not for me!”

    “Do you have a home, Hoptoad?”
    Hoptoad pointed to the stonewall.
    “A hole in a wall? That’s not for me!”

    “Mouse, where’s your home?”
    Mouse pointed to an old house.
    “A hole in a house? That’s not for me!”

    Suddenly a hawk hovered overhead.

    “Help! I need a home – and quick!”

    Then Hedgehog spied …

    “A hole in a hedge?”

    Hedgehog hurried inside.

    “The perfect home for me!”

    The End!

  8. ejessmurray says:

    by Jessica Murray
    WC: 100, Hare & Home, and a line from Neil Young…


    “Watch it!”

    Hare chop-chop hippity hopped across the road.

    “New here?” Raccoon lounged against a dumpster.

    “How’d you know?”

    Raccoon snorted. “That hare-in-the-headlights look.”

    Hare scratched his ear and tried not to sniffle.

    Finding a home in the city was hard. And his hare B&B had fleas.

    “Look,” said Racoon. “Meet me tonight at the wrecking ball. I’ll show you around.”

    “What’s that?” asked Hare.

    “The wrecking ball? Ask anyone. Can’t miss it.”

    Hare perked up. A Raccoon Ball. Wow, the city WAS fancy.

    Hare smoothed his whiskers. He couldn’t wait to get ready.


    (TY Susanna! Looking forward to whipping these up and reading the other entries!)

  9. Katie Schwartz says:

    Hi Susanna, YAY, Mix n Match # 2, it was sad when it ended last year. Happy to see it’s back! Week #1, here we go! I can’t wait to read all the fantastic entries. Thank you for this fun event!

    Hammerhead Needs Help!

    It’s my birthday, hooray! I’m a BIG SHARK, I’m two!
    I fin-wave, “Goodbye Ma, I’ve got things to do!”
    I’ll round up my buddies, the party’s at three.
    I swim up, I swim down. Uh oh, where can they be?

    Where’s Bubbles? Where’s Baity? Where’s Finny? And Tank?
    They’re all super swimmers, but maybe they sank . . .
    I glide through the waves, the seagrasses and kelp
    I learned lots in school. But not this. I need “HELPPP!”

    Did they swim out too far? Or too deep? And what then?
    A party’s no good with not even one friend.
    Maybe they’ve gone to watch water ballet.
    Or Sharkira, she’s singing at Mandalay Bay.

    I scan through the brine, to my left and my right
    Beneath me’s the coral reef, spiney and bright!
    I’ve never been down there. I just wouldn’t fit.
    My hammerhead’s hard, all the coral would split

    The structures are lovely, with delicate whirls
    Suddenly up from the salty sea swirls . . .
    MY FRIENDS! Each one holding a bright baubly stone
    Formed deep in the reef out of coral and bone.

    Soon I was sparkly, adorned, fin-to-fin
    My friends shout out loud, “Let the party begin!”
    We swim ‘round in circles, we splish and we splash.
    It’s late in the night when we finally crash.

    My besties – the minnows! I’ve heard that they’re tasty
    I’ll try one tomorrow. No need to be hasty.

  10. Lauri Meyers says:

    These Hs had me struggling!! Here’s what I managed to fight out:
    Hilary watched Mom get ready for work. “A sparkly gold bracelet would look nice on Mom,” Hilary thought. “I know! I’ll buy one for Mother’s Day.” But when Hilary went to the jewelry store, she didn’t have enough coins. She sold lemonade, but she still didn’t have enough money. She walked Mr. Perkins’ lazy beagle, but she was still short. She hung her head as she left the jewelry store. A visit to the toy store always perked her up. She had enough money to buy a stuffed penguin or a Frisbee. Mom might like those. Then she saw the perfect thing! On Mother’s Day Hilary told Mom to close her eyes. She slipped a sparkly, gold bracelet on Mom’s wrist. “Handmade gifts are my favorite,” Mom said and gave Hilary a hug.

  11. Candace says:

    Hedgehog Needs a Hat

    Hedgehog needs a hat
    To warm his head where there are no quills
    To shield his eyes from the sunlight’s bright glare
    To keep the helicopter seeds from the big maple tree off his nose
    To pull over his ears when the wind blows
    To root, root, root for his favorite team
    To wave hello to his very best friend
    To hold his collection of shiny stones
    To cover his heart when the flag passes by
    To protect a small baby bird who fell out of its nest
    To give to the rabbit in the lane who doesn’t have one

  12. Summer Hinderer says:

    Hedgehog Needs a Home

    Mello the hedgehog needs a home. His other one got trampled on. He goes on a search for a new one. He comes across a nice looking mushroom with a large top. He knocks on the door and the mushroom bellows, “Leave me be. I want to be left alone!”

    Mello makes his way to the next mushroom with big windows. He knocks and the mushroom says, “I’m taken.”

    Mello approaches another mushroom and it knocks. The mushroom says loudly, “Hello!” Mello finally finds his new home! The mushroom then started chanting and singing so loud, Mello couldn’t rest. This isn’t going to work! He had to find another mushroom.

    Mello didn’t think that it would be this difficult to find a new home. But he keeps going and finds a mushroom that looks like its bulging! He knocks and the mushroom says: “I’m too full for you!”

    Feeling defeated, Mello walks to a nearby log and gloomily sits down. What was he going to do? Then, among the trees, he sees a mushroom that seems to just glow. He walks towards it and hesitantly knocks on the door. It swings open and he hears, “Welcome home!”
    Mello finally finds his new home and settles in quickly. He is so happy!

  13. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Spiny the Hedgehog
    by Eva Kaman

    Hi, I’m Spiny the hedgehog. I have lots of friends, but I needed a hug. As you know I have these prickly spines on my back to protect me in the wild, making me anything but cuddly. Little Missy would come and watch me running in my cartwheel, eating and probably sleeping too. But she would never cuddle with me on account of my spines. Then one day little Missy came with a blanket. She wrapped the blanket around me and we nestled in together. We both felt love, no prickles, just love; just what I needed.

  14. Jamie Bills says:

    My critique partners just told me about this challenge, so I am late to the game, but I would like to play along.

    Hopping Lonely

    Moving to a new burrow is hard.

    Most days, Hare wears a hop, hop, hoppy smile,
    to hide her flop, flop, floppy sadness.

    Hare is lonely.

    At first, Hare waved to everyone in the neighborhood.
    But they did not wave back.
    So, she stopped waving.

    Hare tried to play with Skunk and Racoon.
    But they had each other,
    and they didn’t want another friend.

    Hare talked to Rabbit,
    and Rabbit was friendly enough,
    when there weren’t other Rabbits around.

    Many lonely days passed.

    One day Squirrel moved in.
    He looked a little sad.

    Hare welcomed Squirrel.

    And made sure he had a friend.

  15. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Henry Needs a Hint
    Lauren Scott

    “Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with H.”
    “Inside or outside of the car?”
    “Hilary, pick one.”
    “Front or back?”
    “What’s the next letter?”
    “Hilary, can’t you see Henry needs a hint.”
    “FINE…The thing is on the inside, but it works on the outside.”
    “A holiday, Hilary. This is meant to be a holiday! Play properly or lips together.”
    “HORN!! It’s the horn! Ha!! Beep it Dad. Go on. Dad. Beep it. I was right. Do it, please Dad.”
    “Happy holiday, dear.”

  16. Jana Mattern says:

    Hare Needs a Hat
    by: Jana Mattern

    Abracadabra the hare, needed a hat. He and a friend snuck into the hat store.

    Abracadabra tried on…

    A bonnet—too frilly.
    A bucket hat—too silly.
    A visor—too light
    A beanie—too tight.
    A beret—too small.
    A sombrero—too big.

    Finally he spotted a tall, black hat, just the right height for his ears.

    But when a man marched toward the hat, Abracadabra panicked and hid inside.

    The man put on the hat, without noticing the hare.

    “ABRACADABRA!” Hare’s friend yelled.

    The startled man jerked the hat off, and Abracadabra jumped out.

    Customers clapped and cheered.

    The man smiled, and bowed.

    And Abracadabra got to keep the hat.

  17. Bevin Rolfs Spencer says:

    Hilary’s Holiday
    Bevin Rolfs Spencer
    Hilary, holiday, harmonica

    Hilary’s school is done for now,
    Said goodbye, cleaned the room.
    She wasn’t sure she’d make it through,
    No more classes, no more Zoom!

    Hilary needs a holiday!
    Packs her suitcase, ready for fun,
    Goodbye screens and chats and mutes-
    Hello beach, Hello sun!

    Hilary rushes to the waves,
    A happy dance—Aquatica!
    Squishes her toes down deep in sand,
    She has arrived—Florida!

    She’s got her sunscreen, chair and towel,
    And in her bag, harmonica!
    People come to hear her play,
    Free at last, no technologica!

    Summer party on the beach,
    Ms. Hilary shines, and sheds a tear,
    When the crowd shouts out, “Hooray!”
    “Yay for teachers! You survived this year!”

  18. readmybook2002 says:

    Thank you for letting me enter the story below:

    Henry Hare’s New Hobby
    By Bru Benson

    Shoo, Scat, Scram.
    Henry Hare was tired of being chased away from everybody’s gardens.
    “I need a new hobby,” he said, “but what?”
    “I like to eat.”
    “I like to scurry around.”
    “I like to dig.”
    Henry found a magazine. On page 4, there it was, Henry Hare’s new hobby.
    “What are you doing with the bag of dirt?” Mr Mole asked.
    “Why are you carrying a shovel?” Mr Toad said.
    “Who let you have those seed packets with the orange vegetables on them?” Ms. Robin asked.
    Henry Hare began to make his own carrot garden, his new favorite hobby.

  19. martyfindley says:

    I just discovered these writing prompts last night so I’m coming late to the party. Here is my entry for Week #1! Thank you for another fun writing experience! I’m looking forward the the next few weeks.

    Hedgehog Hugs
    By Marty Findley

    Hi! I’m Reggie Hedgehog. I used to hate my prickles because I wanted to give my mom a hug and they got in the way.

    But Mom always said, “Reggie! I have prickles too, you know. Be proud! They are our best feature.” And then she taught me the “Hedgehog Hug”!

    Put your hands on my face
    And I’ll put mine on yours.
    Lean forward. Touch noses.
    And rub, rub, rub.
    That’s the “Hedgehog Hug”!

    Now I’m Reggie the “Happy Hedgehog”!

  20. katzlynn says:

    Also late to the party, but I’ll catch up. Here’s my first one, and Thank you thank you Suzannah for this fun challenge:

    Hermit Crab Needs a Hat
    by Lynn Katz
    150 Words

    The sand is warm, the sun is hot.
    A need a hat. Here’s one!
    IT’S NOT!
    My pink pail’s no hat for a hermit crab.

    The sand is warm, the sun is hot.
    I need a hat. Here’s one!
    IT’S NOT!
    Dad’s baseball cap’s no hat for a hermit crab.

    The sand is warm, the sun is hot.
    A need a hat. Here’s one!
    IT’S NOT!
    Baby’s diaper is no hat for a hermit crab.

    The sand is warm, the sun is hot.
    A need a hat. Here’s one!
    IT’S NOT!
    Puppy’s frisbee is no hat for a hermit crab.

    The sand is warm, the sun is hot.
    A need a hat. Here’s one!
    IT’S NOT!
    Mom’s book is no hat for a hermit crab.

    The sand is warm, the sun is hot.
    I really like this hat a lot!
    A conch shell IS a perfect hat for a hermit crab
    like you.

  21. martyfindley says:

    This one was a real challenge. I don’t have it quite right but here goes. It’s a WIP.

    There Was a Smart Grandma
    By Marty Findley

    There was a smart grandma who played tricks on me;
    I don’t know why; she loves me you see.

    She let me bake cookies if I cleaned up the mess;
    I don’t know why, she loves me I guess.

    She let me play puzzles if I put them away;
    I don’t know why; she loves me that way.

    She let me get ice cream if I ate all my lunch;
    I don’t know why; she loves me a bunch.

    She let me build forts if I put the quilts back;
    I don’t know why; she loves me like that.

    She let me swim and splash if I hung up my towel;
    I don’t know why; she loves me right now.

    She let me dress up in her clothes if I’m careful;
    I don’t know why; she loves me so special.

    She let me use fancy cups if I drank tea with her;
    I don’t know why; she loves me I’m sure.

    She let me climb in her bed if I gave her a snuggle;
    I don’t know why; she loves me to cuddle.

    I love her too!

  22. Padgy Soltis (@PadgySoltis) says:

    Henry Hammerhead Needed a Hug
    by Padgy Soltis
    Word Count: 95

    Henry Hammerhead needed a hug
    A hug he wanted, to show his love

    All of the children said their goodbyes
    But Henry’s head was far too wide

    He tried to hug Sammy Stingray
    His head too big, got in the way

    He tried to hug Stephanie Shark
    His head too big, he missed the mark

    He tried to hug William Whale
    His head too big, another fail

    He tried to hug Teresa Turtle
    His head too big, a giant hurdle

    His head too wide to give a hug
    How else could Henry show his love?

  23. TL Fales says:

    Hedgehog Hates Hugs

    Hedgehog needs a hug.
    No, I don’t!
    Hedgehog hates hugs.
    Hogwash, who hates hugs?
    I do!
    Are you too prickly?
    Are you scared?
    Are your arms too short?
    How can you hate hugs?
    Hugs are hard.
    Hugs are healthy.
    Hugs hurt.
    Hugs are happy.
    Huggers harass.
    Hmmm, no hug then?
    Then how can I help?
    Say something silly.
    Snake scorns silliness.

  24. Amy Leskowski says:

    Hammerhead Needs a Hat
    By Amy Leskowski

    Poor Hammerhead! Would you believe his bad luck?
    It’s opening day, but his ball cap is STUCK!

    The ump says, “Play ball,” while Ham struggles to see.
    His teammates try hard to help wiggle it free,

    He wanders his way to home plate for his turn,
    listens, and guesses, then swings with concern.

    A crack of the bat means this shark hit the ball—
    but the fielders don’t see a hit pass, fly, or fall.

    Hammerhead saw it—the closest-up view.
    It flipped off his hat (as some foul tips do).

    He needs a new hat (the right size, shape, and style)
    and asks to play hatless—at least for a while.

  25. robincurrie1 says:

    Mama Hedgehog’s Mother’s Day Holiday
    “For Mother’s Day,” said Mama Hedgehog, “I would like a nap.”
    5 little Hedgehogs agreed, so Mama lay down.
    One little hedgehog stood by the bed. “I’m hungry.”
    “You just ate. Come on up.” 1 little hedgehog wiggled.
    One little hedgehog stood by the bed. “I lost my ball.”
    “We’ll get it later. Come on up.” 2 little hedgehogs wriggled.
    One little hedgehog stood by the bed. “I fell down.”
    “You are OK. Come on up.” 3 little hedgehogs jiggled.
    One little hedgehog stood by the bed. “I can’t find my hockey stick.”
    “It’s under the…Oh, come on up.” 4 little hedgehogs giggled.
    One little hedgehog stood by the bed. “I’m lonely.”
    Mama looked. “Sigh. Come on up.” And before long there were
    5 little hedgehogs jumping on the bed…

  26. Colleen Owen Murphy says:

    I am really bad at staying under 100 words! Sorry. And the ending could be stronger, but I need to get to Week 2!!

    Henry Needs a Hero

    Young Henry toddled to drink from the trough.
    He stood on the bank, and then he fell off.
    “Oh no!” said his mother. “Please help him!” she cried.
    She paced as he struggled to stand from his side.
    Some elephants trumpeted, “Henry’s in trouble!
    He fell in the lake and needs help on the double!”
    Poor Henry, now upright, could not touch the ground.
    His mother kept begging for help to be found.
    The rest of the spectators said not a word
    as Mia, the matriarch, pushed through the herd.
    She anchored her feet on the edge of the shore
    and extended her trunk, like she’d done this before.
    Once she balanced the boy on the top of her snout,
    she cradled the calf as she lifted him out.
    The bystanders blared as the matriarch placed
    the boy with his mother. Their trunks interlaced.
    “You rescued my Henry. I owe you my heart.”
    “No problem,” said Mia. “Just doing my part.”

    Based on a true story:

  27. Deb Buschman (@DebBuschman) says:

    210 words- I will work harder to keep it to 100 with my next story. But I just loved this prompt and I had to write it like this. You know how when something flows you have to go with it.
    By Deb Buschman

    “Pardon Moi, Hugo Hammerhead here. I’m in need of a chapeau.”
    “A chap, what?” asked Sea Horse.
    “A hat, my good man.”
    “Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s see, dolphin, lobster, octopus, here we go, shark hats! Looks like we are out of Hammerhead. How about Whale Shark?”
    “Too big,” said Hugo.
    “Lemon Shark?” asked Sea Horse.
    “Too yellow.”
    “Tiger Shark?”
    “Too stripey.”
    “Leopard Shark?”
    “Too spotty.”
    “Excuse me Mr. Hammerhead?”
    “Who said that?” asked Hugo.
    “Me, Ralphie Remora, you know the fish that hangs on you.”
    “Oh Oui! Monsieur Ralphie.”
    “Have you thought of not wearing a hat?” asked Ralphie.
    “Hats can get caught in the current or even a fishing hook and not everyone can pull off a hat. You do have an unusual shaped head.”
    “Monsieur Ralphie. Unfortunately, my old one was lost in a storm. I must get a new chapeau. I have a soiree coming up.”
    “Swear, what?”
    “I love parties. What kind of party? Costume?”
    “Tea Party?”
    “Beach Party?”
    “No, it is my birthday party. I need a birthday hat.”
    “Give me a sec Hugo old pal. Ralphie’s got this.”
    “Monsieur Ralphie, this is the best hat ever.”
    Remora fish covered Hugo’s head from eyeball to eyeball.

  28. Elizabeth LaGrange Muster says:

    Henry Hedgehog Needs a Home
    by Elizabeth Muster

    Used to Henry liked to roam
    Now he needs a comfy home.
    First he met some porcupines.
    They looked like him with their spines.
    “We’re much bigger, can’t you see?”
    “So you don’t have room for me?
    Can I sleep here just one day?
    I’ll curl up out of the way.”

    When night came he left again
    At a barn he wandered in.
    “Who might you be?” asked the horse.
    “Henry, a hedgehog, of course.”
    “I know some hogs. Come with me.”
    “We aren’t the same. Can’t you see?”
    “While you’re here, eat fruit with us.”
    “That is nice, so I won’t fuss.”

    Down the hill he found a plot.
    Leaves, branches, the perfect spot.
    In the soil he burrowed deep.
    Eighteen hours he did sleep.
    After ‘while he found a mate
    Six weeks later there were eight.
    Henry would no longer roam.
    He had finally found his home.

  29. brennajeanneret says:


    It was a long drive to grandma’s house and Hedgehog was bored.

    “Let’s play I-Spy,” said mama, “I’ll start.”

    “I spy, with my little eye, something white.”

    “Is it the clouds,” asked Hedgehog?


    “Is it that car?”


    “Is it the seagull?”


    “I need a hint mama!”

    “It’s short and curly and shines bright in the sun.”

    Hedgehog noticed that the car had stopped. He looked around at the familiar house and trees.

    “It’s Grandma’s house”, he squealed, “we’re here”!!

  30. Angela Jelf says:

    This is such an amazing post – to start with, it’s a brilliant idea – Thank you Susanna! Secondly, it’s so much fun to read all the amazing ideas. Sadly, I haven’t had time to join in over the 7 weeks, but I will definitely be referring back to these posts for future inspiration!

    • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

      I’m so glad you like the idea, Angela. Sorry you didn’t have time to join in, but as you say, the prompts are there for any time you have time. Also last year’s if you need a few more 😊 And who’s to say? You still have 4 1/2 days to write 7 stories – you might still pull it off 😊

  31. writestuff99 says:

    Hummingbird needs a Holiday
    By JC Kelly

    (WC: 131 OPTIONS: Hummingbird & Holiday)

    She flitted.
    She flapped.
    She was a flash of color.

    While the other birds rested on tree branches,
    Hummingbird darted from flower to flower.
    She shook her head at the lazy Larks and tut-tutted at the slacker Sparrows.

    She sneered when a procrastinating Pigeon asked her,
    “Why don’t you take a break?”
    Hummingbird quickly blurted out “We’re the busiest birds.”

    “No one can fly like us. We can fly upside down.
    We can fly backwards and hover like a helicopter.
    Our wings move so quickly you can hear them hum….”

    “Whoa,” Pigeon interrupted. “Those wings deserve a holiday.
    Have you tried the new feeder?
    It’s full of nectar instead of seed.”

    Hummingbird zipped over.
    She took a long sip of sweet nectar,
    and decided that perhaps she deserved a little break.

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