Hang On. . .!

Hi Amazing Mix ‘n’ Matchers!

I know I promised prizes today, and I will get them done!

But it will not be in time for the morning post.

Sorry about that!

Too much to do, lately!

I will do my best to get them posted as early as possible, but probably can’t get back to work on the prize distribution until after 2 PM, so. . . .

. . . have some lemon bars. . .

. . . and some fresh raspberries. . .

to tide you over until I get back with the goods!

See you with prize news ASAP!!!

(and thank you for your patience!)

6 thoughts on “Hang On. . .!

  1. Joyce Uglow says:

    The Mix ‘n’ Match Mini moved me to think each and every week. I loved it. Thank you for your prompts and the extraordinary amount of reading and commenting. I hope you had some time for the beach with a book and/or a pen.

  2. Robin Currie says:

    I finally post Covid got into the writing ZOME – no best sellers but the knowledge that I can still write was priceless! Take your time!

  3. Erin Cleary (ClearyWriter) says:

    What a fantastic seven weeks! Thank you so much, Susanna, for organizing this incredible event for writers. I will miss your weekly lists of inspiration, but I hope you will get a nice long break to relax and enjoy the summer. Looking forward to your next event!

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