Would You Read It Wednesday – Catching Up On Pitch Picks!

Hi folks!

Last week we caught up on Straight From The Editor.

But this will tell you exactly how crazy life is around here. Do you realize what I did last week? Did you notice? Did you catch it?


How can that even happen???!!!

You are all witness to the fact that I am losing my marbles!

So, to be sure I don’t make such a gigantic faux pas this week (and because you need to fuel up for today’s demands!) let’s have Something Chocolate right now! These are just so darn cute I couldn’t resist them – Polar Bear Paw Cupcakes!

Polar Bear Paw Cupcakes

Recipe HERE at One Little Project (photo credit Debbie Chapman)

The cupcakes are chocolate (yum yum!), the fur is made of shredded coconut, the paw pad is a peppermint patty, and the toes are chocolate-covered raisins. So clever! (and delicious 😊) And, like all the treats offered on my blog, they have no calories and can be considered health food if thought about in the right way. 🤣

Now then! This week, we’re all about voting. (Well, voting and eating cupcakes…)

Look at us, catching up! 😊

Let’s choose some pitch winners, shall we?

There is a poll below each group so you can vote for your favorite in that group, so, 4 separate polls in all. Please cast your votes by Monday April 11 at 9PM Eastern and I will post the pitch winners next week on WYRI!

First up, the September 2021 Pitch Pick!

#1 – Elizabeth – CHICK-A-GATOR (PB 3-6)

I bet you’ve never met a chick-a-gator. Neither had the hens in the chicken coop. When one hatches from an egg, pandemonium breaks out. None of the hens accept him; they make him sleep outside the fence;They run whenever he comes near; his rooster father disowns him. But there’s more to Chick-a-gator than they know. One night he performs an heroic act that changes their opinion of him. He is hailed as a hero. He’s half chicken and half gator with a mighty roar. He’s the Chick-a-gator!

#2 – Hannah – THE GOOD WOLF (PB 4-8)

All Wolfington wants is to be included, but when he goes into town, grandmothers hide, pigs squeal, and sheep faint. Fed up with the big bad wolf stereotype, Wolfington sets out to prove that his heart is bigger than his stomach.

#3 – Kelly – WHICH NEWBIE YOU BE? (MG)

While trying to keep her bipolar disorder a secret in a new town, Ella, a twelve-year old resilient young girl overcomes seventh grade obstacles to find hope and discover what friendship is all about despite a bully that reveals her secret. Distinctive weather metaphors help the reader really feel what the main character is thinking and feeling in WHICH NEWBIE YOU BE? a middle grade novel appropriate for ages eight to twelve.

#4 – Jennifer – READEROSAURUS (PB 4-8)

A kid who loves dinosaurs all because he devours books finds out that his favorite place in the whole world is closing and there isn’t anything he can do about it. Or is there? 
Will his roar be heard among giants? 


Next, the October 2021 Pitch Pick!

#1 – Robin – I AM THE ZOOKEEPER! (PB 3-7)

“I have a Messy Zoo inside me.” That is what the child feels about all the emotions growing inside her and escaping as animal behavior. Bear grows and stomps, porcupine prickles, monkey is silly. Loud and crowded! With help, the child discovers self-soothing techniques to tame the animals and become the Zookeeper.


Groundhog needs to hibernate, but mounting misunderstandings keep Beaver SMACK WHACK WHACKing at the door with puzzling offerings of unrequested assistance. Groundhog must figure out how to get the message across before Beaver whittles hibernation season into a mere nap. 

#3 – Jeannette – DO YOUR THING, PEKING (PB 4-8)

As the zoo’s only peachick, Peking struggles to discover what makes him unique. He can’t swing like Monkey or waddle like Penguin or trumpet like Elephant. He looks at his reflection in the lily pond and doesn’t see anything spectacular. Peking visits the zoo’s animals, tries to copy their talent and asks their advice. Peking’s specialty does surface with time and patience and he becomes brighter and bolder than anyone could have ever imagined.

#4 – Melissa – THE PIED PIPER OF GRANNIES: A joyous twist on the original story. (PB 4-8)

Gran has hit the road with her band, and shy Kai misses his best friend, until he discovers he can use his harmonica to charm grannies galore! That should fill the void… only… it doesn’t. 

When the grandchildren track down Kai’s geriatric conga line, Kai has to make some decisions and find his voice, only then does he solve his loneliness – by making a friend. 

A 527-word rhyming romp featuring grannies and music from all over the world.


Next, the November/December 2021 Pitch Pick!

#1 – Deborah – WELCOME TO THE WORD FACTORY (PB 4-8) 2d9a5f

Come along on a tour of The Word Factory and listen as EP (exclamation point) explains how words are discovered, spelled, and defined. Despite the repeated interruptions from Oxford, EP is unaware of the growing problem until the tour arrives at the lunchroom where they find a messed up menu and hangry punctuation marks. Thankfully, EP knows the perfect punctuation needed, “Oh Oxford!”

#2 – Melissa – DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT LIONS! (PB 4-8)

He’s been warned, but this renegade monkey and his bush baby buddy break all the rules Mama mentioned as they venture out on a lion quest. 

The refrain ‘what if we just…’? entices readers to turn the page, following these wild risk-takers as they creep closer… closer… too close! GULP! 

Despite a dramatic rescue, followed by a breath-taking chase, only one of them learns his lesson! 

A 437-word madcap rhyming PB adventure featuring found family, and not following the rules. 


City rats Ricky and Flash race to leave New York City after double-crossing Slick, the street-hardened stray cat who rules the alleyways. But the brothers have never known anything but city life, and country living comes with its own perils! They try to make a home at Wild Down Farm, but just like in the city… cats rule. When two kittens get trapped, Ricky and Flash have a decision to make—help out the fearsome barn cat who has been stalking them or walk away from both the kittens and their new life on the farm.


Finally, the January 2022 Pitch Pick!

#1 – Patti – DRAGON IS OUT OF HERE (PB 4-8)

Dragon is out of here, leaving his ‘same old’ book and flying off to find a better spot in one of the other books on his shelf. But the grass isn’t any greener with the Big Bad Wolf, the Old Woman in the Shoe, or Sleeping Beauty. After a close call with Old MacDonald, Dragon rediscovers his own story where he can fly, breathe fire, and be his true self.


There was a small python who swallowed a flea. He swallowed the flea because it was small, but pythons need MORE after all. So the small python swallows more and more things and grows and grows. Soon he’s a huge python swallowing a moose and caboose, and a door and a store. Just when he couldn’t possibly swallow any more… he sees a rat, and even full pythons have room for that. But this rat is tough and cheesy, and soon python feels a bit queasy. After some moaning and groaning, a huge buuuurrrrppppp might solve all his problems.


#3 – Jessica – THE PAPER ROUTE (MG)

Grace takes over the neighborhood paper route, only to discover that these are no ordinary newspapers. These newspapers are magical. Not only do they reveal her neighbors’ wishes, but Grace soon learns that she is able to grant these wishes as well. Grace navigates this newfound secret power, but wrestles with simultaneously feeling more invisible than ever to her friends and family. She desperately needs the advice of her trusted friend, Miss Maisy. But, Miss Maisy died two years ago. As Grace grapples with this reality, her own life hangs in the balance. Will she be able to grant one last wish—her own—before it’s too late?


Over-confident housecat Mr. Fuzzypants, meets street-wise Sassy, and between them, they have one competent alley cat … it’s not Mr. Fuzzypants.

THE ALLEY CAT CHRONICLES follows the adventures of Mr. Fuzzypants and Sassy and their alley-cat crew as they navigate living on the streets. Mr. Fuzzypants, claims to be an “expert” of the outside world despite a life lived indoors. When he finally slips away to chase his dreams, he discovers that life outside is harder than it looked through the window. A feisty street cat Sassy, who can out-hunt and out-climb him steps up to help him learn the ways of the alley. Mr. Fuzzypants must accept he is in over his ears and hightail it home or dig in his claws and let Sassy teach him the ways of the streets.


Whew! That was a whole heckofalotta great pitches and hard decisions! Help yourself to another cupcake to restore your strength!

Please remember to place your vote for the person you think should win in each group by Monday April 11 at 9PM.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! 😊

6 thoughts on “Would You Read It Wednesday – Catching Up On Pitch Picks!

  1. Sue Heavenrich says:

    I know – I had to supply my OWN chocolate! but these things happen…. and wow, what a lot of catching up there was!

  2. seschipper says:

    Wow, that was tough!! I wanted to vote for each one!!!!
    Susanna, I just figured your “plate” was so full last time , you didn’t have room to add any chocolate!) 🙂

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