Top Shelf Picture Books Seminar – A Free Event For Children’s Writers!

Hello, my friends!

I know you’re waiting on the Valentiny Contest results, and I promise, they are coming!

But today I need to sneak in a little special post to let you all know about a great opportunity that starts Monday, so I want to give you all a chance to sign up if you’re interested!

Rosie J. Pova, children’s author, who has been a frequent prize donor for the contests held here, has put together a free event for picture book writers: The Top Shelf Picture Books Seminar.

She is hosting 15 authors and editors between Monday March 6th and Saturday March 12th – industry professionals who all started out at the beginning too, who can hopefully shed a little light on the industry for people who are new to it, and give everyone inspiration, motivation, and a little extra boost toward getting your books into the hands of the children you’ve written them for.

If you’re just getting started writing picture books, or you’ve been working at it for a while but still feel like you have a lot to learn, or simply haven’t gotten as far as you hoped, this is the event for you. And did I mention it’s free? Always a plus! 😊 You’re not going to want to miss this! Click HERE to sign up!

Polishing your manuscript, writing a query letter, finding the right agent, and publishing a book can be overwhelming, daunting, and confusing… But the Top Shelf Picture Books Seminar will give you a chance to learn from industry experts who were once beginners, too.

Speakers include:

Alyssa Reynoso-Morris: picture book author, speaker, award-winning storyteller
Ana Siqueira: picture book author and teacher
Angela Shante: award-winning picture book author, CEO of Sunday Dinner Publishing
Anitra Rowe Schulte: children’s picture book author
Astrid Kamalyan: children’s picture book author
Beth Anderson: award-winning nonfiction children’s picture book author
Erin Dealey: teacher, author, presenter
Lynne Marie: picture book author, owner and administrator of Rate Your Story, runs her own imprint at Spork Books
Maria Dismondy: author, publisher, speaker, founder and CEO of Cardinal Rule Press
Mariana Rios Ramirez: children’s picture book author
Melissa Stoller: children’s picture book and chapter book author
Michele McAvoy: award-winning picture book author, host of podcast My Messy Muse, publisher of The Little Press
Michelle Nott: author and freelance editor
Susanna Leonard Hill – I’m pretty sure you know who I am , given that you’re here 😊
Vivian Kirkfield: children’s picture book author, blog writer, creator of #50preciouswords

Rosie’s seminar will show you how to create AND publish your picture books, avoid common mistakes, get clarity, and find motivation and inspiration so you can share your stories with children around the world.

The seminar is FREE, and runs from March 6th through March 12th. Recordings will be available for replay for a couple weeks afterwards should you be unable to attend any of the sessions live.

Click HERE to claim your free ticket, then get ready to soak up all kinds of information from Rosie and her 15 guests over the next week!

5 thoughts on “Top Shelf Picture Books Seminar – A Free Event For Children’s Writers!

  1. palpbkids says:

    Thank you, Susanna, for bringing this opportunity to us!
    Looking forward to hearing what you have to share :).

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