TRUCKS On Tour – Fun With TRUCKS!

Hey, Everyone!

Sun’s up!  It’s morning!

Let’s get those diesel engines running!

TRUCKS On Tour is off to a mighty start!


If you have little ones in your life, whether kids, grandkids, students, next-door-neighbors, baby-sittees, nieces, nephews… well, you get the idea, you will definitely not want to miss the first two posts that went up.

Julie at Little Red Story Shed posted a road and truck painting craft she did with her preschoolers that looks totally fun!

And Lynn at Polilla Writes posted a popsicle stick truck you can make at home or at school and involve as much paint, glitter, etc as you want to decorate with!

How fun is that?

Today is here (obviously!) and tomorrow the TRUCKS tour will continue with Lynn at Polilla Writes who has an interview with illustrator Erica Sirotich, and Friday with Angie Karcher at Rhyme Revolution with  a Q&A with me plus a giveaway, so you won’t want to miss those either!

(Especially if you’re hoping to qualify for the end-of-tour Special Prize that will be raffled off among people who have commented on every post in the TRUCKS tour! 🙂 )

Today, it is my pleasure to give you a little sneak peek at some TRUCK activities that will be available here on my site any minute now.

A coloring page for the bulldozer enthusiast at your house… (it’s okay if it’s you! 🙂 )

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.26.17 PM

copyright Erica Sirotich 2017

…and a Matching Game (memory cards)!!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.27.16 PM

copyright Erica Sirotich 2017

Seriously!  Between Julie’s craft and Lynn’s craft and the coloring page and the memory game you can have HOURS of fun!  And your little one can too 🙂

Look for these pages available to download soon!

Meanwhile, just to keep things as confusing as possible (it’s important to challenge your brain with puzzle-like complexities in order to stay sharp!), the WHEN YOUR BOOKS tour, though winding down, has not finished yet!  And there’s a Special Prize up for grabs there too for someone who has commented on every post.

Here is a list of the posts that have gone up so far so you can conveniently cruise through them:

7/1/17 – Susanna Leonard Hill – Blog Tour Kickoff

7/2/17 – Lauri Fortinos’s Frog On A Blog – Guest Post on Writing A Series PLUS a Giveaway!

7/3/17 – Jena Benton’s Of Tea And Mermaids Blog – Simply 7 Interviews with Susanna & Daniel PLUS a Giveaway!

7/4/17 – Lynn Davidson’s Polilla Writes Blog – LION book review and GAME

7/5/17 – Susanna Leonard Hill – Fun With LION – reveal of LION ACTIVITY KIT and LION BOOK TRAILER

7/6/17 – Lynn Davidson’s Polilla Writes Blog – Interview with Susanna PLUS a Giveaway

7/7/17 – Vivian Kirkfield’s Picture Books Help Kids Soar – LION/ELEPHANT Reviews and Crafts PLUS a Giveaway

7/8/17 – Vivian Kirkfield’s Picture Books Help Kids Soar – Will Write For Cookies With Susanna – Picture Book Writing Inspiration

7/9/17 – Susanna Leonard Hill – Fun With ELEPHANT – reveal of ELEPHANT ACTIVITY KIT

7/10/17 – Julie Abery’s Little Red Story Shed – 3 Posts!
WHEN YOUR ELEPHANT HAS THE SNIFFLES Plus Preschool- Friendly Elephant Ears Recipe!
WHEN YOUR LION NEEDS A BATH Plus Preschool-Friendly Lion Pancake Recipe!

7/11/17 – PUBLICATION DAY!!! – 2 Posts
Lynn Davidson’s Polilla Writes Blog – ELEPHANT Review Plus Elephant Tightrope GAME
ReFoReMo Post by Keila Dawson – Mentor Text Author Study Susanna Hill

7/13/17 – Lynn Davidson’s Polilla Writes Blog – Interview with illustrator Daniel Wiseman Plus Giveaway!

7/14/17 – KidLit411 – Interview with Susanna, PLUS LION, ELEPHANT and TRUCK Giveaways

7/18/17 – Writer’s Rumpus – Interview with Susanna

Let’s see if I can at least post the blog tour schedules so you can go search on your own if you’re so inclined!

While we’re on the subject of the WHEN YOUR BOOKS tour, if you’d care to check out the ELEPHANT book trailer, ta da!  Here it is!!!  Leave a comment to tell us how you liked it and give it a thumbs up if it earns your approval!

I hope you’ll enjoy the Coloring Page and Matching Game and the ELEPHANT Trailer!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!  And don’t forget to share LION & ELEPHANT relevant posts on social media with #whenyourbooks and TRUCKS relevant posts with #trucksontour for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or Merritt Bookstore (there will be three of each offered!)

Thank you all for being such enthusiastic supporters of these blog tours and all the amazing bloggers who are participating!!! ❤


Trucks On Tour – Kickoff!

Just when you thought it was safe to venture back into the blogosphere . . .

duhn duhn duhn . . .!

. . .I’ve got another blog tour starting!

I know!  The first one isn’t even finished!

I’m sorry!

They’re right on top of each other and overlapping and I know it’s a lot to keep up with!

*hides under the kitchen table*

(Believe me I know!  My house hasn’t seen a vacuum in two weeks and my refrigerator is empty except for a wrinkled lemon no one’s been desperate enough to tangle with!)

But the trucks and I would be ever so grateful if you’d journey along the road with us a little ways.  They’re VERY cute!  And I don’t want them to feel less loved then LION and ELEPHANT!  That would be sad 😦

So let’s break out their shiny new blog tour banner, shall we?


Have you ever seen such friendly little trucks?

Er… I mean BIG trucks!  MIGHTY trucks!  They’re strong!  They’re tough!  They’re heavy duty! (And they have really nice teeth, don’t they? 🙂 )

Julie is really kicking off the tour over at Little Red Story Shed today.  She has a review of the book and a delightful activity she did with her preschoolers.  I hope you’ll hop on over and visit her!

We’ve got a great line-up of fun-filled posts – interviews with me and Erica Sirotich (the talented illustrator), activity and coloring page reveals, book reviews and giveaways, games, recipes, crafts, and a book trailer reveal (a little farther into the tour because I haven’t made it yet! 🙂 ) as well as a couple of special prizes!

As with the WHEN YOUR… blog tour, I’m really hoping that the lovely people who are being kind enough to host, especially on this second, overlapping tour where readers will undoubtedly be feeling a little burned out on Susanna Hill blog tours!, will get some visitors for all their kindness and hard work.  (Please also bear in mind that with the exception of a couple days in August – I think August 3, 10, and 15 – you’ll get a nice break from me until the around the second week of September… so there’s hope if you can just soldier through the next couple weeks 🙂 )

To make it even more fun, I will once again offer a Special Prize to be raffled off among people who visit and comment on every stop on the tour!

I’d also love the trucks to get their little moment in the social media limelight, so every time you share on Face Book, Twitter, or Instagram using the hashtag #trucksontour you will get an entry in a raffle to be conducted at the close of the tour in which 3 $25 gift certificates to Merritt Bookstore and Toystore will be up for grabs!  We can support a wonderful independent bookstore, and you can get your choice of any book on your wishlist and a great selection of high quality toys! (And if a book on your wish list should happen to be one of mine, I can sign it for you 🙂 )

Here’s the schedule so you can plan your summer so as not to miss anything important 🙂

Truck Blog Tour Schedule

(With a million, billion, trillion thanks to Katie Hill for fixing all the formatting issues after I totally screwed it up even though she was tired and sunburned from a long day at work!  Love you, sweetie ❤ )





Off we go with TRUCKS ON TOUR!

Don’t forget to share today’s post and Julie’s or any other relevant delightful items – photos, books in the wild sightings, truck-related crafts, activities, games or recipes – with the hashtag #trucksontour! (Credit for that clever hashtag to Julie Abery!  Thank you again, Julie!)

Tune in tomorrow for an interview with yours truly at Writer’s Rumpus for the WHEN YOUR BOOKS TOUR, and a book review and craft activity at Lynn’s blog, Polilla Writes,  for the TRUCK TOUR.

(Yeah… you can see how this is gonna go… give me about 12 seconds and I’ll be hopelessly confused between the two tours!  I’m hoping you guys will be able to keep it all straight! 🙂 )

Have a marvelous Monday, everyone!!! 🙂

When Your Books Go On A Blog Tour – Kickoff!

It’s July!!!

And you know what THAT means…!

It’s National Lasagna Awareness Month!

(It IS actually – I am not making that up!  It also happens to be National Blueberries Month and National Doghouse Repairs Month… so many things appropriate to life on Blueberry Hill!  But that is not actually why we are here… 🙂 )

At long last the much-anticipated, eagerly-awaited BOOK BIRTHDAY MONTH has arrived!

I am thrilled beyond measure to introduce you all to WHEN YOUR LION NEEDS A BATH and WHEN YOUR ELEPHANT HAS THE SNIFFLES, coming to a bookseller near you on July 11! (to be followed by a third book birthday a couple weeks after…but we’ll get to that later 🙂 )

For now . . .

Woo hoo!  Strike up the band!  Shower down the confetti!  Release the balloons!

It’s time for . . .


Thanks to a group of kind, generous, kidlit-enthusiast bloggers who are absolutely lovely in every way, we have a fun-filled couple of weeks in store for you all, full of interviews with the author (me 🙂 ) and illustrator (the amazing Daniel Wiseman!), book trailer reveals, activity and coloring page reveals, recipes, crafts, and games, articles on different aspects of writing, as well as giveaways and prizes!  It’ll be almost like all of you are celebrating your birthdays too! 🙂

Let’s have a look at the line up, shall we?

Blog Tour Schedule

* one small note: Sue of KidLit Reviews may not be able to post.*

I hope you will all join us as we welcome these two brand new books into the world!  All the participating bloggers have worked hard to make this fun, and I’d hate for you to miss anything.  And I’d love as many people as possible to come visit!

So I am offering two special prizes to be awarded after the close of this blog tour.

One prize will be given to a randomly-selected person who visits and comments on every single post in the blog tour!  All 19 listed here! (18 if Sue is unable to post.)

That special prize will be personalized signed copies of WHEN YOUR LION NEEDS A BATH and WHEN YOUR ELEPHANT HAS THE SNIFFLES, a “goody bag” containing items relating to both books – stickers, bookmarks, orange-scented kid-friendly lion soap, an elephant memory game, lion bubbles…plus a couple surprises! (and I’m not saying there will be chocolate, but if you’ve spent any time around this blog at all you should know that’s a distinct possibility…) :), PLUS your choice of any one of my other books personalized and signed.

The other prize will be given for sharing on social media.  The hashtag we are using to promote the books is #whenyourbooks.  Every time you share a post on Face Book, Twitter or Instagram using #whenyourbooks you will get an entry into a raffle where 3 winners will each get a $25 Amazon gift card.

Did you read a blog post you thought was so great all your friends should read it too?  Share it with #whenyourbooks

Do you have a photo of a child reading WHEN YOUR LION NEEDS A BATH or WHEN YOUR ELEPHANT HAS THE SNIFFLES?  Share it with #whenyourbooks

Did you try an activity, craft or recipe that was included in one of the posts with your child or class? Or one you thought up related to these books?  Share the results and/or a photo with #whenyourbooks

Live video footage of you bathing a lion? 🙂  Definitely share THAT with #whenyourbooks  🙂

Although the tour ends on August 3, I’ll give you a couple days to comment on that last post, and announce the winners on Monday August 7.

So, are you ready to join the high jinx and shenanigans?

Comment below to start your eligibility for prize #1, and share today’s post with #whenyourbooks to start earning points toward prize #2!  Then tune in to Frog On A Blog tomorrow, when Lauri Fortino will have a guest article from yours truly on writing a series!

Let’s get this blog tour underway! 🙂


illustration copyright (C) Daniel Wiseman 2017

P.S.  Since the Blog Tour Schedule is a photoshop-made graphic that can’t have live links (plus when I made it none of the posts were actually posted yet so no one had urls) I will list the links to the ones that have gone up below for your convenience.

7/1/17 – Susanna Leonard Hill – Blog Tour Kickoff – well, you’re already here 🙂

7/2/17 – Lauri Fortinos’s Frog On A Blog – Guest Post on Writing A Series PLUS a Giveaway!

7/3/17 – Jena Benton’s Of Tea And Mermaids Blog – Simply 7 Interviews with Susanna & Daniel PLUS a Giveaway!

7/4/17 – Lynn Davidson’s Polilla Writes Blog – LION book review and GAME

Edmund Pickle Chin Blog Tour – And A Chance For A Prize!

Good Morning, Everyone!  Happy Monday!

As you can see, I survived my In-Real-Life teaching experience this weekend!  I would tell you about  it, but I’m suffering selective amnesia and besides, we’ve already got something else on the agenda for today, so it will have to wait 🙂

Today it is my pleasure to host Clara Bowman-Jahn and Susan Elwood on the final stop of their blog tour for Edmund Pickle Chin – A Donkey Rescue Story, their wonderful new picture book!

The previous stops on the tour (listed below for your convenience) covered animal mistreatment, collaboration, a book review, an author interview, and an interview with Edmund himself 🙂  Make sure you visit them and follow the instructions because there are PRIZES involved! 🙂
Today, we will hear about how teachers can use Edmund in the classroom.
Please help me welcome Susan Elwood!
Hi Susanna, it’s a pleasure to be your guest!
Edmund Pickle, A Donkey Rescue Story, may be a children’s picture book, but it is packed with opportunity for teachers to use in the classroom in various subjects and themes. I can see the opportunities spilling over into not only in the kindergarten and first grade classroom but the second and third as well. For the younger grades it has the days of the week built right in, along with an adventure Edmund has for each day. The days of the week also allow for the children to see that Susan, Edmund’s care giver in the story did not get results in a day, that it took a period of time (and patience).
There’s the cause and effect lesson.  Each and every one of us are responsible for our actions toward others and the results it may bring, and that includes our actions toward creatures. For those children who don’t have the opportunity to have pets, it teaches that all creatures respond to the way they are treated, be it positively or negatively. Compassion toward others goes a long way.
Bullying is a serious topic in schools now a days and this book talks about a donkey trying to overcome this obstacle and how with patience from his care giver he is able to blossom and give back. It shows team work and patience.
Ah patience! It seems with all the immediate results children can get now days with numerous technology devices, instant gratification is accepted. Sometimes that doesn’t come quickly when we are dealing with real life. Susan the care giver dedicates the time needed to bring on the results she hopes for Edmund. 
As far as my hopes on what the book will do for rescue animals, first and for most I hope it teaches the older children that places like Evermay Farm exists.  That there is an option to abuse and neglect. I hope the book will impress upon them that animals have feelings and needs.  My hope is that the younger generations grow up showing compassion and not looking the other way, when they could step in and make a difference. 

The book was written in hopes on drawing attention to a small rescue/sanctuary called Evermay Farm, which I founded about a year ago.  The book was written to bring attention to the nonprofit and help with donations, but also, for me at least, to teach children compassion and patience. 
In the end….I hope they enjoy it as a story with a happy ending, because every child deserves
So happy to have had this chance to chat!

Susan April Elwood co-author Edmund Pickle Chin,A Donkey Rescue Story

Thank you so much, Susan!  I’m sure teachers will find that very helpful and informative!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. . .

 Prizes – From Clara And Susan!

Thanks so much for reading Friends! For all friends of Edmund are my friends. Below please find our links and the tour. Read every post, follow the blog and comment for prizes. The reader who follows each blog and comments on each stop of the tour will get first prize. And if there are many winners, hurray! We will deliver!
First prize is a print book of both Annie’s Special Day and Edmund Pickle Chin. Second prize is either a print copy of Edmund or of Annie, you get to pick. Third prize is a copy of the ebook of Edmund Pickle Chin, a Donkey Rescue Story.
For Susan April Elwood:
For Clara Bowman-Jahn
May 26: Animal abuse and mistreatment — Joanna –
May 29: Author collaboration— Stacy –
May 30: PPBF and review — Vivian –
June 2: Author interview  — Erik –
June 4: Edmund interview — Patricia –
June 9: Teacher info and guide — right here 🙂
About the Authors:

Clara Bowman-Jahn

Clara Bowman-Jahn worked as a registered nurse for thirty two years finally trading that job for her true love, writing. Clara’s short stories have been published in three anthologies, Campaigner Challenges 2011, The ‘I’ Word and Charms Vol. 2. She is also the author of Annie’s Special Day a children’s picture book. Her second Picture book, a true story, called Edmund Pickle Chin, a Donkey Rescue Story, is co-authored with Susan April Elwood.

When Clara is not writing, she teaches ESOL to adult students through a library program. She also likes taking long walks with her husband, blogging, and reading books. She is a member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Julie Hedlunds Picture Book Challenge 12×12, Susanna Leonard Hill’s Making Picture Book Magic; Pennwriters, Bethesda Writer’s Center and Round Hill Writer’s Group. She lives in rural Loudoun County, Virginia with her brilliant husband, and two fat cats. She is the proud mother of two wonderful grown sons and a grandmother to a delightful grandson. 

Susan April Elwood

Susan April Elwood has worked with children for over twenty years in Northern Virginia as a preschool teacher, kindergarten assistant, and a library assistant. With her passion for animals it made perfect sense to combine the two and write an animal story for children, teaming up with author Clara Bowman-Jahn.

Susan and her husband Tom moved from Northern Virginia in 2007 to central Georgia where they founded Evermay Farm, a non-profit rescue for farm animals. This is the setting for the book titled, Edmund Pickle Chin, A Donkey Rescue Story. The story is based on Edmund a donkey, the first of many animals to call Evermay Farm home. Susan and her husband Tom have two treasured sons, a wonderful daughter-in-law and a precious grandson. In her free time, Susan enjoys photographing animals and antiquing.      

Thank you all so much for joining us today!
Have a marvelous Monday, everyone! 🙂