Perfect Picture Book Friday – Frog Song

Happy Friday, Everyone!

It has gotten suddenly hot where I live, like summer just decided to show up without warning!

I don’t know about you, but when we were kids, summer was a time for wading in the brook (which was always surprisingly cold even when the weather was scorching!) trying (unsuccessfully!) to catch minnows, darting along the edge of the lawn at twilight trying (slightly less unsuccessfully!) to catch fireflies, and squidging through mud at the edge of ponds trying (mostly unsuccessfully!) to catch frogs!

Today’s Perfect Picture Book is all about frogs, although I confess I don’t think I ever saw any of these beauties near any pond I ever frequented! 😊

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2023 Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge Week #4!

Happy Memorial Day!

For some, today is about solemn and grateful remembrance.

For some, it’s also about parades and barbecues and family get-togethers, trying to get the kids to hold still long-enough to baste them with sunscreen, checking to see if you can get one more year out of that bathing suit (or if everyone’s favorite activity – bathing suit shopping! 🤣 – is required), reminding the kids that corn-holders are not for poking each other with, and hoping your better-half won’t set their eyebrows on fire lighting the grill!

BUT. . .!

It is also time for Week #4 of the 2023 Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge!


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