Would If You Could Read It Wednesday

Good morning, my friends!

Guess what?

You get today off!

Due to life situations I will not bore you with, I ran out of Would You Read It submissions and didn’t realize it until the wee hours last night when I went to write today’s post!

(That is a totally undisguised plea for submissions!  If you’d like to submit a pitch, please do so and you can go next week or soon after – first come, first served!)

Meanwhile, just because we don’t have a pitch and you don’t have to give your expert opinions doesn’t mean we can’t have Something Chocolate!   Put your feet up!  Indulge and enjoy! 🙂


And now that you’ve had a healthy serving of fruit to fuel you… 🙂 … go forth and write something awesome! 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!  🙂