Not What I Had Planned

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

It’s Monday, less than two weeks ’til Christmas, and I haven’t even started my holiday cards!  But that is because I had something else very important to focus on over the weekend.

(It has nothing at ALL to do with the fact that I have totally lost temporarily misplaced my comprehensive mailing list in my oh-so-tidy office!  My office is PRISTINE!  Hahahahaha!  Sorry!  I couldn’t even say that with a straight face.  You guys have seen my office (here and here and here) and “tidy” “pristine” and “organized” are not words that apply :))


I don’t know about you guys, but I spent a lot of the weekend working on my sample Holiday Contest story and guess what?  Turns out it’s really hard to fit it into 40 lines!  I think I’m more cut out for an epic poem version – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – The Odyssey Style 🙂

I’m having a lot of fun with it, though, and I hope you are too!  I can’t wait to read all your stories, so I’m really hoping there will be more than one (mine) to read!

But enough about the awesomeness that is the Holiday Contest.  (Please scroll down that link to see contest rules.)  I know you are all here today to learn from the fabulous Erin, whose thoughts on Dee’s pitch you have been looking forward to all weekend.

This is me distracting you with cuteness so you won’t notice the glitch 🙂

I was looking forward to that, too.  But it’s the holiday season.  People are mucho busy.  And Straight From The Editor notes have yet to land in my inbox.  Even though I dawdled.  Even though it’s 9:45 AM and I’m just posting… (Great Scott!  The day is practically over :)!)  So I guess we’ll be combining Straight From The Editor with Would You Read It on Wednesday – double the awesomeness!

So for a little fun and games today, I’ll refer you back to a couple of holiday season posts I wrote last year, before anyone knew I had entered the blogosphere so I’m pretty sure no one’s ever read them 🙂  I hope you enjoy them, and please feel free to leave comments because they have an inferiority complex and you would really boost their self-esteem by reading and commenting 🙂

If You Give A Writer Wrapping Paper
The Writer’s 12 Days Of Christmas
*#@*! or What To Give (if you click on the 150 tab when you get to Mother Reader it still works :))

Before you head out, one earth-shatteringly important question:  egg nog, mulled cider, or other?  (And if “other”, what other?)

See you Wednesday, hopefully with twice the fun!

32 thoughts on “Not What I Had Planned

  1. Joanna says:

    Mulled wine!

    And, yes, I have been working on the rhyming Christmas story over the weekend.

    And I guess we were both contemplating messy working environments this weekend (see my post today ;)).

    Will check out the other posts after work!

  2. Patricia Tilton says:

    I tried a rhyming story with an idea yesterday…Hmm…not sure what I amd doing, so set it aside to finish some blogs.

    Enjoyed the blogs you posted. I haven't started my cards or my wrapping. Never wrote a story idea on a piece of wrapping paper — that's creative. But, I did like your 12 Days of Christmas. Very clever.

    Now to my Christmas Cards.

  3. Angela Brown says:

    Do I have to pick just one because spiked cider and spiked egg nog sure sound like some great options?

    And yes, your distraction worked on my like a charm…those darling cuddly wuddlies.

  4. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Coleen – I know you would never procrastinate 🙂

    Catherine – egg nog is not for everybody – it's very thick and creamy – custard-y sort of… Let me know what you think!

    Leigh – I know, I love hot drinks! They're so comforting. And yes – please do get to work on your story. I'm anxious to read it!

    Janet – ah! A person who know what she likes 🙂

  5. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Stacy – if Isent mine out this week it would be the earliest I'd ever sent them out … in history! )

    Saba – oh, that sounds GOOD!

    Penny – I see you're practicing your rhyme to gear up for next week's contest 🙂

    Stina – I am a master of distraction 🙂

    Julie – You are so sweet 🙂

  6. Laura Barnes says:

    I'm thinking about the holiday contest, but haven't found the time to see if I have anything spinning in around my brain that would be good for it. It's a great challenge, though!

  7. A2Z Mommy says:

    Egg nog for sure. Over ice so it stays nice and cold! Although, in the coming weeks I'll be writing about and posting a recipe for Wassail…. Have not tried this yet, but I'm always up for the challenge when it comes to a cocktail.
    Found my inner Eminem and working on the rhyming. Just need to type it up, cut, paste, reshuffle and probably rewrite parts, but it's really fun! Totally different and great for jotting down a line or two at a time and then creating a finished product.

  8. kkorenek says:

    Susanna, I am working diligently on my Christmas poem! Just blogged about it-I'm at the very end and… and stuck!
    I love reading your posts-you make me smile! And for me-most definitely mulled cider. Delicious!!

  9. elizabethanne says:

    So there I was, imagining what a pristine office might look like (good thing I have a good imagination), thinking about all the Christmas letters I have yet to write, and …oooh! Puppies! (Shiny things also work well to distract me, just in case you ever need to do so again. Kitties are good, too.)

    Wait, where was I?

    We will read Erin's comments with appreciation whenever they appear. In the meantime, I'm so grateful that you pointed us back to your earlier posts, which were all excellent. I've left a comment on each, so that none of them would feel slighted.

    And now for a nice hot drink of…. steamed milk with a bit of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon, please. I can't have sugar or alcohol, or even tea or coffee, so my choices are limited. But a nice steamer? Yum.

  10. Cally Jackson says:

    Gorgeous picture! A very good distraction.

    My answer for a Christmas drink would be other. And that “other” would be chilled white wine. But that's because Christmas is the middle of our stinking hot summer season here in Queensland! 🙂

  11. says:

    I am working on my Holiday Contest entry. I am trying to make it rhyme but it's HARD! My mom also challenged me to make it serious because I always write about funny things. I am trying that too. But the good news is that I have a writing assignment for the gifted class in school I am in so I am using my poem for that!

  12. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Vicki/Jarm – oh, I'm so excited! Can't wait to read it! And again, someone is going to have to enlighten me as to what exactly wassail is!

    Kelly – I just read your post 🙂 And don't worry – you're nearly there. Only 2 lines left? You can do it!

    Beth – I know – I'm good at that distraction aren't I? 🙂 I'm so glad you enjoyed the earlier posts and thank you so much for making them feel better! I've never had a steamer, but boy does that sound good! I'm going to have to try one!

    Cally – good point! I forget that Christmas isn't in winter everywhere!

    Erik – it IS hard, but I'm sure you're doing brilliantly! And how great that you can get an writing assignment out of it too!

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