Vote For You Favorite Jingle! – And Your Favorite Kids Entry!

Alrighty my friends!  I hope you ate your Wheaties this morning!

Today is the day you get to vote for your favorite jingle!

You’ve got two big decisions ahead of you, so I won’t waste your time with a long intro.  Just go through the entries below, and after you’ve viewed them all, choose your favorite and vote!  Feel free to have your friends and relations visit and vote too.  You will have until Thursday May 16 at noon EDT to cast your vote, and I will announce the winner on Friday after Perfect Picture Books.  The prizes (if you need a refresher) can be viewed HERE.

Oh and BTW, I’m sorry I couldn’t get all the entires to load right here.  I tried.  But you know me and technology.  So I apologize if you have to click.  They should at least all open in separate windows or tabs!

Ready? Set? Vote!

#1 Ruth – rhyme, no tune

Text/Jingle Copyright Ruth Benedum 2013
Illustrations Copyright Mike Wohnoutka 2010

#2 Vivian – rhyme, no tune

Ava Ava needs some sleep.
Ava Ava counts some sheep.
Ava Ava wide awake!
Ava Ava take a break,
Count some pigs and cows instead.
Much too noisy for my bed!
If you please, I need my sleep
Cannot sleep without my sheep.

#3 Nancy – to the tune of Swagger Jagger

You can’t stop reading this book
Reading this book
Reading this book
You can’t stop reading this book
So get a copy now
You can’t stop counting those sheep
Counting those sheep
Counting those sheep
You can’t stop counting those sheep
So get a copy now
Can’t sleep without sheep
Can’t. Can’t.
Can’t sleep without sheep
So get a copy NOW!

#4 Heather – camp chant
Leader:  What do you do when you cannot sleep?
Group:  Call for sheep!  Call for sheep!
Leader:  What will you do when they jump the gate?
Group:  Count and wait!  Count and wait!
Leader:  What are you waiting for?
Group:  Sleep!  Sleep!  Sleep!
Leader:  What kind of sleep?
Group: Long and deep!  
Leader:  What will you do when the sheep wear out?

Group:  Um’s and uh’s and shoulder shrugs. 

Leader:  Sounds like you guys need a back up plan.  Read Susanna Hill’s  E-Book “Can’t Sleep Without Sheep” to find out what  happens after the sheep get tired.

#5 Delores – to the tune of Ghost Riders In The Sky
Go HERE to hear Delores sing it!
Young Ava
she went to bed
one dark and stormy night.
She said “Oh Mommy
please don’t turn out the light.
I’ve lost my sheep
and I can’t sleep
without him by my side.
How will I get to sleep tonight.”
was her mournful cry. 
“I need my sheep.
I need my shee-eep.
No sleep for me tonight.”
Up in the land of happy dreams
her mournful cry was heard
and one brave soul raised his head
and gazed upon his herd.
“We’re needed now
and we must run
to stand by Ava’s side.
If we don’t bleat
she won’t sleep.
Come on my friends, let’s ride.”
“She needs her sheep.
She needs her shee-eep.
Let’s help her sleep tonight.” 
They gathered
all around her bed
their bleating rose on high.
Young Ava smiled
and counted them
as round her bed they’d fly.
“I’ve got some sheep
now I can sleep
and every thing’s all right.
Brave Wulliam and the herd
have come to save the night.
I’ve got some sheep
Now I can slee-eep
Now I can sleep tonight.” 

#6 Iza – please click HERE to hear her jingle to the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies
Or go HERE and click on the link in her post if the above doesn’t work!

#7 Carrie

#8 Catherine – go HERE to see her video if it doesn’t come up below!
Ava hard time fallin’ asleep
Pigs and hippos too slow
and through the fence go buffalow
Lots of rushin’
Tush Tushin’
Haulin’ and hollerin’
Crowdy and rowdy
Oh sheep…come back!

#9 Penny – Go HERE to see her video!

#10 Julie – Go HERE to see her video if it doesn’t show up below

#11 Erik – please click HERE to see Erik’s sheep rap

#12 Laura – please click HERE to see her video to the tune of Clementine

#13 Tim – please click HERE to see his video if it doesn’t show up below


#1 Josie – please click HERE to see her 2 drawings.

#2 Matthew – please click HERE and scroll past Catherine’s video to the TOP drawing

#3 Rylee – please click HERE and scroll past Catherine’s video and Matthew’s drawing to the BOTTOM drawing.

As with the jingle poll, please cast your vote for the kids’ contest winner by Thursday May 16 at noon EDT.

Thank you all for being such good sports about entering and about voting!  Especially since, after all this, the e-book is still not available!  But we had fun anyway!

Looking forward to seeing who the winners will be!!!

Please spread the word to anyone you think would like to vote!

Have a great day, everyone! 🙂

42 thoughts on “Vote For You Favorite Jingle! – And Your Favorite Kids Entry!

  1. Joanna Marple says:

    I plan on going through all these entries during the day to be able to cast my vote. Bravo to all this amazing talent!

  2. Clarike Bowman-Jahn says:

    I can't believe how many there are! I had an inkling but now when they are all together on your web site like that it's so impressive. It's going to be hard to pick just one. I'll have to go through this later on when I have more time to think.

    They are all so good. Way to go fans! Susanna? You've got a good bunch of peeps here. 🙂

  3. pennyklostermann says:

    Ha! I had down hoopla…but then I heard a distant baaaing in my brain and voila! Sheepla was born. Wild and Wooly Sheepla just for ewe!

  4. Laura Anne Miller says:

    Tough choice – I easily eliminated myself – but that left toooo many great ones!! I finally decided. And I when you do have a release date I'm willing to either post the winner on my blog or at the very least repost mine. Anything to help you promote.

  5. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Thanks for voting, Laura (and I didn't think yours could be easily eliminated!!!) and thanks for the offer of further shouting out. I'm still waiting to hear some news on when it might actually be available…


  6. Lauri Meyers says:

    Aah! I was going to make it the other day but then you posted such a beautiful sheep cake, how could I beat that?!

  7. nrhatch says:

    Wow! That was hard.

    In the end, I just had to vote for . . . (seriously? you thought I would tell? that would be baa-ad for morale).

  8. Teresa Robeson says:

    Those videos have me in stitches…but, really, ladies and one gent, I'm laughing WITH you, not at you. ;D Voted! And I have applause for everyone who entered this contest. It's not for the faint of heart or soft of voice. LOL!

  9. Vivian Kirkfield says:

    Thanks for putting them all up here, Susanna…I hadn't heard the one from Delores…love it! And I will check through to make sure I haven't missed reading/hearing any of the others. It was so much fun. 🙂

  10. Patricia Tilton says:

    Enjoyed listening and reading all of the jingles. Love the contest for kids too. Cast my votes. Loved your jingle to the Beverly Hillbillies. Everyone was so creative!

  11. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Woolliam thinks he'll jest mosey on down to the baa-arn with his spurs that go jingle jangle jingle 🙂 “Git along, little lambies, git aloooonnggg…..” – golly, now you've encouraged him to sing!


  12. Stina Lindenblatt says:

    That. Was. Not. Easy. But I managed to vote. 😀

    In answer to your question on my blog: Yes, I've read Stolen. And yes, I couldn't stop thinking about it either.

  13. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Thanks for voting! And no thanks for the fact that I now have Forbidden waiting for me on my kindle, tempting me away form work! 🙂 Wasn't Stolen amazing? I found myself wanting them to get together somehow, even though it was just all wrong on so many levels! That is good writing!


  14. Pamela Courtney says:

    It was so much fun viewing the videos and drawings. What a fun contest! Voted! There is some really great talent in our community!

  15. Mira Reisberg says:

    What a brilliant idea. It was super hard deciding on both the words and art. I eventually went with Mathew's drawing cause it looked like a ghost which I thought was clever, but whatever it was it was cool!! Now if only I had an iPad.

  16. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    You and me both 🙂 My husband has one, but I don't! As you may have heard, though, there was a digital technical glitch of some kind and the book, after all that fanfare, is not actually available yet because they're trying to sort it out. So you have time to get an ipad 🙂 Thanks so much for voting 🙂


  17. Tracy Campbell says:

    Sorry for the delay. What talented people. I enjoyed watching, listening and/or reading all of the entries. And of course, I voted. 🙂

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