Perfect Picture Book Friday – President Squid

It’s a brave new world, darlings!  We are going where no technomoron has dared venture before… into the Land of Google Forms!

In my ongoing quest to find a way to get our Perfect Picture Book Link List to show up in the actual blog post, I asked my talented web designer (who made this beautiful new website for me) if he had any bright ideas.

He did.

A Google Form.

So we’re going to try it today and see how it works and how we like it!  Please feel free to share your thoughts on this new system in the comments.

All you have to do is fill in your Perfect Picture Book title on the line that says “Title” (for example, The Opposite Zoo) and then copy and paste your post-specific url into the line that says “link” (for example,, and then scroll down a smidge within the form box and hit the Submit button.

In an ideal world, your title and link will then show up on the list below!

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I’m not sure if it will work instantly… or if you’ll have to refresh your browser to get it to show up… or exactly what will happen…

But that is why we are so daring!  We shall try it!  If it works, wonderful!  If it doesn’t, we’ll move on to Plan J or whatever we’re up to at this point… 🙂

Here is MY Perfect Picture Book for today – tons of fun!  Then we’ll get to the newfangled Google Form and see if all of YOUR Perfect Picture Books line up nicely and behave 🙂

President Squid

Title: President Squid

Written By: Aaron Reynolds

Illustrated By: Sara Varon

Chronicle Books, March 1, 2016, Fiction

Suitable For Ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics:  leadership, politics, responsibility, humor

Opening:  “I HAVE REALIZED SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT.  Something that changes everything!

No giant squid has ever been president before!

Which means I will be the first.

President Squid!

Now that has a nice ring to it.


Wanna know why?

Here are five important reasons.”

Brief Synopsis: In a persuasive style reminiscent of campaigning politicians, Squid presents the compelling reasons why he should be president… until he decides maybe there’s an alternative.

Links To Resources: US Government For Kids (K-5); discuss with your children or students whether or not they would like the job of president.  How would they go about campaigning?  What kinds of things would they like to change, and how would they go about creating the change they’d like to see?  Write letters to the president and tell him in what ways you think he’s doing a good job and what things you’d like to see him do if he’s able (or she, given that it’s an election year 🙂 )  Write a letter or give a talk in which you present 5 reasons why you’d be very good at something, or why you should be chosen for something (persuasive writing exercise)

Why I Like This Book:  Very simple: it’s funny! 🙂  And Squid has a very believably childlike twist to his personality in that he is absolutely sure he wants something, totally committed to getting it, right up until the moment he decides…actually…he wants something else 🙂  The story is clever, light-hearted and fun, and teaches a good lesson about making sure you know what it is you’re asking for because you just might get it!

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

Okay, PPBF peeps!  It’s time!  Please leave your post-specific links in the brandy-spandy-newfangled google form below so we can all come see what fabulous books you’ve chosen this week!  Fingers crossed it works! 🙂


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!! 🙂

44 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – President Squid

  1. Patricia Tilton says:

    I love this quirky picture book! Such a great way to teach kids about how we choose a president.

    I entered my book choice and submitted it. I closed out of your page and went back and it wasn’t there. I entered it again, and it still doesn’t show. It may or may not show twice.

  2. ptnozell says:

    Squid has my vote – looks like a hoot (and much more enjoyable than the debates).

    I added a link but am not finding where to check if it posted (is it that wee list thing below the submit box?). If so, I confess that I’m not seeing my link there & can’t make the thing respond (at least not from an I pad). So sorry…

    • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

      I’m glad you like Squid! No doubt he’ll be glad too 🙂 As for the list, yes it’s that wee thing! I need to see if I can make it bigger. You are on there with Two Parrots. Maybe you need to refresh your browser to see it? I will check with my tech know-all! 🙂

      • ptnozell says:

        I did finally see it, thanks! Just took me a while to figure out how to maneuver through the list. We’ll get used to it – even old technophobes like me!

  3. ptnozell says:

    Oops. Got the list thing to move. It show up as very tiny on my screen, though, so I actually tried to toggle the thing below it, and not the actual list. If it could appear bigger, that might help. Posting was easy – just realizing it was the list was not (which we can chalk up to my operator error).

  4. Andrea Mack (@AndreaL_Mack) says:

    This book seems like so much fun! Thanks for sharing about it, Susanna. There’s also an interesting interview about it on the Let’s Get Busy podcast…

    I too found it easy to enter my link, but a little hard to see all the links when they are posted, especially since you have to scroll down to see them all. A work in progress, I’m sure! Thanks for trying so hard to make this work! I really enjoy hopping around and visiting all the links. I often find good books to read to my kindergarten students.

    • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

      Thanks for the link, Andrea – I will check it out! And yes… a work in progress to be sure. I want to make the list bigger and more visible, if I can, and have more of the links show. I still really miss my old link list system – I haven’t found anything else yet that approaches that for perfection!

      • Andrea Mack (@AndreaL_Mack) says:

        Actually, Susanna, I think this works pretty well. Once I got used to it,I found it very easy to go down the list of links to travel to other blogs and to see their features and comments. It’s also nice that you can include the author name in your list.

  5. Jess Townes says:

    Goodness WordPress and I have a challenged relationship. 😉 I apolgize if this is a double comment.

    I just wrote about Squid this week on my blog too…at least he made a guest appearance in a blog about what our presidential candidates can learn from picture books. He’s such a timely character right now! Thanks for sharing this book Susanna!

    • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

      I’m so glad you like him, too, Jess! And sorry for the challenges! I’m afraid I have them with wordpress as well. All learning curves seem steep for me 🙂 and my computer seems to have a tendency to not want to cooperate with anything! 🙂

  6. Christie Allred says:

    What a great pick, considering the current events. This looks funny 🙂

    The Google Form worked for me. I can see the other entrants (Patricia’s is on there twice, like she thought it might be) though it is a little small.

    • chattytcp says:

      Yes, I agree Christie, Squid is an awesome pick considering the current climate in politics right now. I can’t wait to read it and share. A good belly laugh always brightens the day.

      I’m not sure what I did on the google form. Something went through – haha!

  7. Sue Heavenrich says:

    OOOH – a squid for president. Perfect. I can’t wait to read this – always up for political humor, and the debates have failed me on that point. As for posting links to my cool PPBF titles – I tried. They don’t show up even after refreshing. And the list – I feel like hunting down a magnifying lens. Oy. You can’t win for trying to solve problems. THIS is the time for those chocolate covered strawberries.

  8. Keila Dawson says:

    SQUOTUS! Love, love, love this book. I was lucky to see Aaron at a local bookstore on his promotion tour for President Squid. What a ball of energy! He did add a disclaimer. This book was in the works long before the 2016 election. All similarities to a certain presidential candidate is purely coincidental!

  9. ThisKidReviewsBooks says:

    I loved President Squid! – Although he isn’t a squid he’s an octopus but I am thinking I am the only one who noticed that. ;o) I added my link but I can’t see it. Maybe because I am late in posting it?

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