Perfect Picture Book Friday – Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, Everyone!

If you can relate it to a holiday at all (which is a bit of a stretch 🙂 ) the book I’ve chosen to share today is a little more Thanksgiving-y than Halloween-y.  But even though Halloween comes first and is less than a week away, this book is too good not to share now 🙂

Fry Bread

Title: Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

Written By: Kevin Noble Maillard

Illustrated By: Juana Martinez-Neal

Roaring Brook Press, October 22 2019, nonfiction

Suitable For Ages: 3-6 (but older kids and adults will find the back matter very interesting!)

Themes/Topics: heritage, tradition, family, community

Flour, salt, water
Cornmeal, baking powder
Perhaps milk, maybe sugar
All mixed together in a big bowl


Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.09.39 PM

text copyright Kevin Noble Maillard 2019, illustration copyright Juana Martinez-Neal 2019 Roaring Brook Press


Brief Synopsis: A celebration of how this no-single-recipe-fits-all community food draws families and friends together and provides continuity from generation to generation.


Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.10.07 PM

text copyright Kevin Noble Maillard 2019, illustration copyright Juana Martinez-Neal 2019 Roaring Brook Press


Links To Resources: the back of the book contains extensive additional information that teachers and parents can use to round out the use of the book at home and in the classroom and that older readers will enjoy.  Topics include a recipe for the author’s own unique version of Fry Bread as well as information on Indigenous people, geography, history, and more.

Why I Like This Book: the text is simple, powerful, and accessible to readers of all ages, telling the story of how Fry Bread brings families and communities together and encourages tradition.  The back matter adds another layer with a great deal of very interesting information about a wide range of connected topics.  The art is warm and appealing, adding its own element to the story with illustrations of Native bowls and baskets, a wide array of physical appearances that can all be Native American, and a map that lacks the usual delineations in order to show how Indigenous people are in every population.  Beautifully done, and a wonderful addition to any library!


Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 1.10.33 PM

text copyright Kevin Noble Maillard 2019, illustration copyright Juana Martinez-Neal 2019 Roaring Brook Press


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 🙂

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!! 🙂

And get those Halloweensie entries finished up!  The contest opens Monday!!!  WOOHOO!!! 🙂

14 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story

  1. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    Love the illustrations. Love how recipes are fluid. And how much familial love and food are so intricately intertwined. I was first introduced to fry bread when I lived in Tucson and attended the U of A in the mid 80s. Scrumptious, but definitely not lo-cal like so many treats. Will put this lovely book on my TBR pile. Thanks for the rec, Susanna!

  2. Sue Heavenrich says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book! I am going to have to find a copy for myself… traditions and family and food bringing everyone together.

  3. writersideup says:

    What a beautiful book, Susanna 😀 OH, how I miss being here (and lots of other places) regularly. I know I’m missing SO much! I hope you’re well 🙂 And I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this one. LOVE the illustrations! ❤

  4. Angela Brown (@ALBrownwrites) says:

    The moment I landed on the page, the illustrations touched me with their warm colors and a visual illusion that if you could feel the art on the page, they’d be soft to the touch.

    I love this concept for the topic and enjoy things that share about the beauty of traditions, family and community.

    Wonderful selection! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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