The 9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest aahhhrrrooooOOOOO!!!!!


I apologize for the fact that I am behind schedule posting the finalists.  I know you are all waiting.  I did not anticipate 324 entries or I would have given myself and the other judges more time.  We will do our best to have the finalists posted by tomorrow or Saturday.


Lizard toes and dragon scales! It’s time for . . .



~ for children’s writers ~

The Contest: write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (children here defined as 12 and under) (title not included in the 100 words), using the words potion, cobweb, and trick.  Your story can be scary, funny, sweet, or anything in between, poetry or prose, but it will only count for the contest if it includes those 3 words and is 100 words (you can go under, but not over!)  Get it?  Halloweensie – because it’s not very long and it’s for little people 🙂  (And yes, I know 100 words is short, but that’s part of the fun and the challenge!  We got over 235 fantastic entries last year, so I know you can do it!)  Also, you may use the words in any form – e.g. potions, cobwebbed, trickery, whathaveyou 🙂  NO ILLUSTRATION NOTES PLEASE! (And yes, you may submit more than one entry if you’re so inclined 🙂 )

Post: your story on your blog between right now this very second and Thursday October 31st by 11:59 PM EDT and add your post-specific link to the list below (not your blog’s main url because if you post again after your entry during the dates of the contest, the judges will find the wrong post!)  There will be no Tuesday Debut, Perfect Picture Book or Would You Read It posts for the duration of the contest so the links will stay up for everyone to visit and enjoy.  If you don’t have a blog and would like to enter, you can simply copy and paste your entry in the comments section below (please include your byline! If your posting handle is something like MamaWritesByNightlight I can’t identify you.)  If you have difficulty posting in the comments, which unfortunately sometimes happens, you may email your entry to me at susanna[at]susannahill[dot]com and I’ll post it for you.  Please place your entry in the body of the email including your title and byline at the topNO ATTACHMENTS!  And please do not submit entries before the start of the contest!  Please submit your entry only ONCE! If you add it to the blog link list, and the comments, and email me to post it, things get very confusing!  I try to stay as glued to my desk as possible, but sometimes I have to get up so if I don’t respond to your email or approve your post immediately, don’t panic!  I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

The Judging: in a grueling marathon over the coming days, my devoted assistants and I will narrow down the entrants to 3  6  9  12? top choices (hee hee hee – you know how much trouble I have with winnowing, so we’ll see!) which will be posted here and voted on for a winner on Monday November 4th (if the judging takes longer than we expect if could be later…but we will do our best!)  The winner will be announced on Thursday November 7th (good lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise 🙂 )

Judging criteria will be as follows:

  • 1. Kid-appeal! – These stories are intended for a young audience (ages 12 and under), so we’re looking for stories that children will enjoy and relate to.
  • 2.  Halloweeniness – the rules state a Halloween story, so it must be crystal clear that the story is about Halloween, not just some random spooky night.
  • 3. Quality of story – entries must tell a story, including a main character of some kind and a true story arc even if it’s tiny 🙂  Entries must not be merely descriptions or mood pieces.
  • 4. Quality of Writing: check your spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.  If you’re going to rhyme, give us your best 🙂  Overall writing quality and use of language are also important.
  • 5. Originality and creativity – because that is often what sets one story above another.
  • 6. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! Large numbers of entries make it easy to cut entries that haven’t been entered as we asked.

The Prizes:  SO AMAZING! What a generous community we have to donate so much awesomeness!!! 🙂

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Now then, my pretties! It’s past the witching hour in the dead of night – very appropriate for a Halloween story, don’t you think? – and the time has come for my sample entry (which I seriously almost did not get done!)  I seem to have developed a bad habit of having editorial deadlines that land in the middle of these contests, so I freely own up to the fact that I way exceeded the word count because I simply didn’t have time to make it shorter.  My apologies for totally cheating!  It’s not even like it’s any good as a result… but it does come to a sort of an ending😊 If nothing else, it should fill you with confidence in your own MUCH MUCH better efforts!!!

Runaway Imagination
(so many words I’m not even writing it down!😊)

Costumes, make-up, pounding feet
Rushing out to trick-or-treat.
Almost at the farmyard gate
Witch Lucinda hollers, “Wait!
In this Halloween commotion
I forgot my poison potion!”
Sets her plastic pumpkin down.
“Go ahead!  We’ll meet in town!”
Grabs her potion. Comes back quick.
But someone’s played an awful trick!
Her pumpkin pail, left on the ground,
Has disappeared and can’t be found!
Nevermind. A bag will do.
The witch zooms off to join her crew.
But halfway down the old farm road
She sees a sight that stops her cold.
In the shadows of the night
Glides a shape of ghostly white
Issuing an eerie moan
That makes Lucinda RUN for home!
Ghost flies past her fleeing faster
Surely this will be disaster!
Stops short at the barnyard fence.
Suddenly it all makes sense.
Head stuck in her pumpkin pail
Covered in a cobweb veil,
This is not a scary ghost!
Just a foolish baby goat!

Never say I’m not willing to embarrass myself for you! 😊😊😊 That is true love!😊

I can’t wait to read all of your entries!  I’m so looking forward to them!  I hope there will be a lot – the more the merrier!  And there are still nearly 4 days to write, so you have time if you haven’t written yet.  Feel free to spread the word to your writing friends as well.  And your reading friends – parents, teachers, etc.  The more people who read and enjoy your stories, the better!!!

Contest Entrants, remember to add your post-specific link to the google form below so we can all come read your awesome stories!  (Post-specific means not your main blog url, but the actual url of the post that has your story in it – otherwise if you post again before the contest ends, your link will take readers… and judges!… to the wrong place!)

Eager Readers – just go along the list of links, click on them, and enjoy the stories!

Happy Writing and Happy Halloween!!! 🙂  🎃

And don’t miss the 197!!! fabulous entries that are posted in the comments below!  (And HURRAY! I FINALLY figured out how to make links (THANK YOU AMY!) so you can click directly through to each story to read and comment for the talented authors!!!)
(Where authors’ first names were the same/same spelling I tried to add last names)
1. Witch’s Brew – Corine
2. A Webbed Witch – Kelly
3. Trick Or Treat – Krystal
6. Vampire Stains – Jocelyn
8. One Magical Day – Heather
9. The Lure Of Chocolate – Glenda
10. A Trick Or A Treat? – Glenda
11. Booty And A Beat – Chelsea
13. Little Brother – Lindsey
15. The Halloween Night Bookstore – Sherry Peace
16. The Halloween Heist – Deb Sullivan
17. Halloweensie Treats – Deborah Williams
18. Sweet Snookums – Linda Staszak
19. Scaredy-Cat – Natalie
20. My Surprise Punch – Natalie
21. Tricks For Treat – Megan Walvoord
22. She’ll Be Back – Linda Staszak
23. Tacky Trick – Jill
24. True Brew – Karen
25. Uncanny Cantations – Diana Gibson
26. Sylvester The Spider – MaryLee
27. A Silken Surprise – Tara
30. The Halloween Spell Test – Mary Vander Plas
31. Some Arachnid – Mary Vander Plas
32. One Halloween Night – Dianne Moritz
33. Web Magic – Marcia
35. Cobs In Cahoots – Linda Staszak
36. Halloween Love – Polly
37. Lil Witch, MBA – Annie
38. Sneaky Sister – Keatley
39. Boo Quiet To Spook? – Sandy
40. The Witch’s Dilemma – Susan Summers
41. Halloween Hijinks – Susan Summers
42. Lottie’s Spin On Halloween – Marty Lapointe-Malchik
43. Smelloween – Deb  Buschman
44. Monster School – Erin Rew
47. The Halloween Hop – Sue
48. The Web – Anne
49. What Witch Whips Up – Linda Hofke
50. The Magician – Susan Drew
53. Witchy’s Party – Judy
54. This Little Piggy – Kaylynn
55. A Handsome Prince – Kaylynn
57. My Own Man – Kaylynn
60. Potion Prank – Kristy
62. Ghost’s Pest Problem – Maryna
63. A Spider’s Cobweb Tale – Michelle Kennedy
64. The Little Cobweb With Big Dreams – Michelle Kennedy
65. Five Silly Witches – Mary Vander Plas
66. The Halloween Shortcut – Marty Bellis
67. A Potion Gone Wrong – Michelle Kennedy
68. Witch 101 – Lauren Neil
69. A Halloween Treat – Stacy
70. The Pretty Little Witch – Lucretia
71. Sally The Witch – Natalie
72. Greta Ghost’s Great Escape – Laura Bower
73. The Trick-Or-Treat Crusader – Laurie Carmody
74. Trick-urkey – Kelly 
75. Wendela The Witch – Valerie
76. Trick Or Treat? – Marcia
77. Brewed For You – Diana Gibson
78. No Thank You – Diana Gibson
80. Halloween Hornswoggled – Kristy
83. Three Cauldrons Full! (Play-On Baa Baa Black Sheep Nursery Rhyme) – Erin
84. It’s Party Time – Marty Bellis
85. Cobweb Soup – Kathy Shanahan
86. Goblin Hates Halloween – Ashley Fagan
87. Halloween Forever – Mary Rudzinski
88. Twinkle Twinkle Little Witch – Debbie Vidovich
89. A Pot Of Potion – Cheryl
90. A Famous Witch – Jill
91. A Halloween Visit – Paul
92. Cobwebs – Paul
95. Grandma’s Halloween Tricks – Debbie Wanninkhof
96. Cinderella’s Halloween – Stephanie
97. Bowl Of Sweets – Augusta
98. Boo Who? – Lolly
100. Spinny Has A Ball! – Donna
101. Most Beautiful? – Donna
102. Tricky Witch Test – Ingrid
104. Cobweb Stew – Kathy Rahoy
105. Cat And Ady – Megan Kunz
106. Witcheroo Switcheroo – Amy Brazda
107. I Don’t Want To Go – Amy Brazda
108. Hallo-wedgies – Linda Staszak
109. The Invisible Dog – Kathi
110. Trim The Tree – Amy Duchene
111. Tricky Nicky – Rebecca
112. Cobweb Commotion– Charlotte
113. Bitsy The Spider – Thelia
115. Perfectly You – Mona
117. Bella’s Barnyard Halloween – Deb Buschman
118. The Perfect Caw-stume – Amy Duchene
119. Halloween Spook – Shariffa
120. Night Of Hallows – Shariffa
121. Sneaky Spiders – Ranessa
122. Big Tea Love Stew – Laura Heath
123. Webster – Mary Miller
124. Whoo! Whoo! Will Help! – Deb Buschman
126. Who Should I Be? – Ashley Congdon
127. Frankie And Frogg Pick A Costume – Ashley Congdon
128. The Sad Jackie-O-Lantern – Mary Thorpe
129. What Had They Found? – Mary Thorpe
130. Agatha’s Not So Witchy Halloween – Kristen Reinsel
132. The Witches’ Rock – Mary Warth
133. Halloween Ubuntu – Elaine
134. Fake Ghost: A Sonnet – Jane
135. Trick Or Treat! – Cassy
138. Tricky Witchy – Mia
139. Grunt And Runt – Barbara
140. Snowflake The Scary – Becky
141. Only In America – Mindy
143. What Spider Saw – Terri
144. Sable Spins Halloween – Darcee
145. Ghost’s Birthday Party – Sherry Fellores
146. A Hairy Trick – Joel
147. Always Pack The Potion – Sharon
148. Witchy Wobbles – Stacey
150. The Frozen Witch – Amber
151. My Granny Is A Witch – Margaret
153. Halloween Story – Rafique
155. Witch’s Trick – Susan Halko
156. A Batty Halloween – Katie Schwartz
157. Black Cat’s Dream – Kathy M
159. Master Of Potions – Katie Williams
160. A New Addition To The Family! – Susan Valli
161. Halloweenie Dog – Kristina
163. Cast-Off Candies – Jennifer Broedel
164. Mighty Monty – Kelly Swemba
165. Spider’s First Halloween – Cynthia Argentine
166. Halloweenie Hide And Seek Ye – Michele Ziemke
169. Dark Dark Magic – Pat
170. Save-This-Night – Pat
171. Casper, Jasper, And Fang – Gabrielle
172. Jimmy The Meanie – Jen
173. Itchy Witchy Underwear – Katrina
174. Halloween Night – Susan Burd
175. Ghost Trail – Cynthia Stone-Medina
176. Fatty Batty – Vanessa
178. My Mummy’s A Witch – Tracy Curran
179. Goldiwitch – Dave
180. The Scaredy-Ghost – Kate
181. The HalloWeenteam – Dedra
183. Is It Really Halloween – Shariffa
184. Incantations – Elizabeth
187. Zippity Zora – Kristy
188. Halloween Party – Chandra
189. Halloween Howl – Chandra
191. Haunted House – Chandra
194. The Thud In The Cellar – Michelle
195. A MOMster’s Warning – Stephanie Shaw
196. An Un-afraid – Erin Fleming
197. Witch’s Halloween Party – Vanessa

1,293 thoughts on “The 9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest aahhhrrrooooOOOOO!!!!!

  1. Corine Timmer says:

    Witch’s Brew
    Corine Timmer (100 words)

    Witch’s Brew

    “What’s wrong?” Rat shrieked.
    “I’m dying!” Witch groaned. “I added snakeroot instead of snail saliva.”
    “Where’s your Potions Bible?” Rat sputtered.
    Witch pointed at the bookcase.
    Rat raced through the pages.
    “Spider paste!” he shouted. “You need spider paste!”
    Spider shrunk with fear. Her legs trembled.
    They shook so hard her cobweb bounced up and down.
    Without warning, she was catapulted into the air.
    “Rat! Mortar and pestle!” Witch cheered, as she caught Spider.
    While lowering the arachnid into the mortar a grin grew on Witch’s face.
    “Trick!” Witch chuckled.
    “Happy Halloween!” Rat roared.
    “And now a treat,” Spider sneered.

    Thanks for hosting such a fun contest, Susanna. You know I love Halloweensie 🙂 I can’t wait to read and enjoy the other stories. Good luck to all!

  2. Preschool Brain says:

    A Webbed Witch
    By Kelly Pope Adamson (100 words)

    Webby was a little duck
    who didn’t give a cluck.

    She didn’t give a bawk or moo,
    all she liked to say was “Boo!”

    Born October 31st, the smallest of her clutch;
    Webby’s egg cracked open to reveal she wasn’t much.

    Her Mama looked upon her duckling so tiny and so teensie
    and proudly pronounced Webby her “little Halloweensie!”

    But while her siblings went from pond to pond saying “trick or tweet!”
    Webby cared more for potions and for cobwebs than for sweets.

    Her love for witchy brew probably explains how
    Webby, that little duck, turned her family into cows!

    **This is my first time entering this contest and I can’t wait to read all the entries! Thanks for hosting this!!

  3. Krystal Snead says:

    Trick or Trick
    By Krystal Snead
    Word Count: 100

    “Who could that be?” grumbles Edwina the witch.
    She pulls back the cobwebs and peeks outside, where three ghastly creatures lurk in the dark.
    “Trick or treat?” they say in perfect unison.
    “Not Halloween again,” the witch moans, quickly searching her hovel for the perfect potion to scare the visitors away. “Aha, that’s it!” she cackles.
    “Come closer and collect your treats,” Edwina says with a grin.
    Basket 1: what a devilish surprise – a jar of pickled eyes.
    Basket 2: something hairy and scary – a TARANTULA (freshly toasted).
    Basket 3: the foulest, most terrifying yet…
    “AAARRGH, Brussel SPROUTS!”

  4. Alice Caldwell says:

    The Halloween Spider
    By Alice Caldwell

    It’s me, spider, can we talk about this “spiders for Halloween thing.”
    Every October, you pull out the pumpkins and cobwebs, maybe a cauldron for potions, and try to scare people, right?
    I am grateful I get a holiday, but why does it have to be the creepy one?
    Is it the web thing? Because think about how fast I could go down chimneys at Christmas?
    The eight legs? Better to hide Easter eggs with!
    Huh, Trick or Treating?
    What’s that?
    You dress up as whatever you want and GET CANDY!!!?!!!
    Ok, I guess Halloween isnt too bad.

  5. Deborah Boerema (@Deborah_Boerema) says:

    Monster-Matopoeia: A Noisy Halloween Tale
    by Deborah Bence Boerema (98 words)

    Slurp, splurt. Wendy spat out the potion.
    Tick tock. “It’s almost time for my Halloween party.”
    Beep. Beep. Beep. She speed dialed. “Come early. Bring the Secret Ingredient!”
    Thump, thump. Wendy answered the knock.
    Clomp, scrape. “Frank, stop foot-dragging. Pour it in.”
    Pop. Frank uncorked a cobwebbed vial. Dribble, drop.
    Gulp, gag. “Is this a trick?”
    Snarl, growl. “Wolfie, stop tongue-slobbering. Toss it in.”
    Creak. Wolfie opened a rusty tin. Sprinkle, splash.
    Swallow, spew. “Something’s still missing!”
    Thwap, thwap. “Vlad, stop cape-flapping. Drop it in.”
    Screech. Vlad opened a jar. Plonk, plop.
    Sip, savor. “Aah! Perfect Party Punch!”

    Many thanks to Susanna and her crew! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to these fun annual contests! Best wishes, everyone!

  6. Jocelyn Watkinson says:

    By: Jocelyn Watkinson
    95 Words

    Curses! No! It can’t be so!
    I need to get to my chateau!
    Zis cloak is now adorned with stains
    From zees night’s many spurting veins.

    Vhere’s my blood removal lotion?
    Bleh! I vill just make a potion.
    To rid ze blood, resume abductions,
    Follow zees precise instructions:

    Curls of cobwebs, vings of bats
    Vort of toad and tails of cats.
    Zen a scoop of Oxyclean
    To look my best on Halloveen.

    Ah-ha! That vorked! A vondrous trick!
    Now back to hunting very quick.
    Bleh! I’m shiny as a spark!
    I’m much too clean; glow-in-ze-dark!

  7. Leah Stecher says:

    The Spider Steps In
    By: Leah Stecher
    100 words

    “This Halloween potion gives me the power
    To swap bodies with someone, just for an hour.”
    Pleased with her trick, the witch cackled with glee.
    She peered out her window:
    “Which child should I be?”

    Overhead in her cobweb, hidden from sight
    A gentle-hearted spider shivered with fright
    “Oh no!” she whispered. “What a horrible plot!
    What can I do?”
    Then she had a thought.

    “Treat or treat!” said the boy, later that night
    “Helloooooooo!” said the witch, smile full of delight
    Complimenting his costume, the witch handed him sweets
    While a scowling spider muttered,
    “Next year I’ll do treats.”

  8. heatherkauffmanpeters says:

    One Magical Day
    By Heather Kauffman-Peters
    72 words

    For 364 days, I am Henry,
    Tiny Henry,
    Smiling Henry,
    Treat-my-kittens-kindly Henry.

    Then, on Halloween, I mix a potion,
    A gooey potion,
    A glowing potion,
    A pinch-your-nose-and-gulp potion.

    And, I become a giant,
    A head-in-the-attic-cobwebs giant,
    A rumbling-tumbling-around-town giant,
    A frightening-folks-indoors giant.

    I spend the day doing giant things,
    Tossing-boulders-in-streams things,
    Collecting-kites-from-trees things,
    Gorging-on-gourds-and-greens things.

    Then, POOF, the potion wears off and I am Henry again,
    Tiny Henry,
    Smiling Henry,
    Waiting-to-trick-you-again Henry.

  9. Glenda Roberson says:

    The Lure of Chocolate (100 words)
    Glenda Roberson

    The sign reads FULL-SIZE CANDY BARS, scrawled in dripping red. Excellent! Drawn in blood or potion, I wonder?
    Two glowing windows watch me as I struggle up the overgrown steps. Tripping on vines, I brush away cobwebs. Deep scratches scar the old door.
    I knock.
    The door slowly creaked open in protest. Before I can yell trick-or-treat, a hand slips two chocolate bars into my pumpkin. A bloody hand.
    Terror churns my stomach. Vines curl around my ankles.
    I can’t run!
    “Fun size!” comes the screech, as the bloody hand drags me inside, the scream still stuck in my throat.

  10. Glenda Roberson says:

    A Trick or A Treat? (100 words)
    Glenda Roberson

    I ditch my friends and climb the tangled, overgrown steps, compelled by some unseen force. I find a hidden door in the hillside, and open it.
    Light from the full moon illuminates a stone slab. I brush away cobwebs covering a tarnished chalice, and an ominous voice directs me to drink the dark liquid.
    I sip the potion, then gulp it down. Cherries and honeysuckle? Definitely a treat!
    Lurching outside, I locate my friends, still trick-or-treating. “Hey, guys!”
    They bolt, screaming hysterically.
    Confused, I raise my hand to stop them.
    A hairy hand.
    With claws.
    What a horrid, monstrous trick!

  11. Chelsea says:

    Booty and a Beat
    By: Chelsea Tornetto

    It’s Halloween!
    The party’s here,
    So get up off your seat!
    This potion needs some motion!
    Shake your booty to the beat!

    Try the Cobweb Conga,
    Spooky Shake,
    or Trick-or-Treat!
    It’s time to get your groove on!
    Move your booty to the beat!

    Mummies, pirates,
    Vampires too!
    That coffin can’t compete.
    Even Frankenstein
    Can shake his booty to the beat!

    But Gus the Ghost is feeling sad,
    He can’t dance with no feet…

    Don’t worry, Gus!
    Cause all you need’s
    A BOO-ty and a beat!

  12. Bru Benson (@benson_bru) says:

    The Last House On Halloween

    By Bru Benson

    “You go first.”

    “No, you go.”

    “We’ll both go.”

    The house was the scariest they’ve seen. That’s why Sinqua, the eleven-year-old skeleton, and nine-year-old witch Maresli saved it for last.

    Both walked to the front door where cobwebs with trick spiders hung and potion bottles stood on a table.

    The door creaked opened by two costumed people.

    “Here’s some turkey,” the pilgrim said. “Plop” into the candy bag.

    “Swoop”, a white-bearded man in a red suit threw a wrapped box in also.

    Strange customs they have in America Sinqua and Maresli thought.

  13. Sue Heavenrich says:

    yay! What Fun…. and I can see at least a couple of us have spiders on the brain! Here’s to lizard scales and dragon toes !

  14. lbhobson says:

    Little Brother
    By Lindsey Hobson
    100 words

    This Halloween, my parents said I could go trick-or-treating with my friends, but I have to take my little brother. How embarrassing! So I did what any big sister would do…I bought a shrinking potion from my science teacher. (I think she’s a witch.) The problem is, now I can’t find him. If I was 6 inches tall, where would I hide? I know! I wipe the cobwebs off my old dollhouse and find him sitting on the couch. Whew! I put him in my pocket, grab my candy sack, and run out the door to meet my friends.

  15. traceylcash says:

    Evie’s Halloween Cake
    By Tracey Cash
    Word Count: 95

    To celebrate Halloween
    And because she loved to bake
    Evie the Witch chose a treat not a trick
    And decided to make a cake

    Finding a to-die-for recipe
    Similar to concocting a potion
    Evie gathered supplies with a gleam in her eyes
    And set her plan into motion

    She sifted, measured and stirred
    As gruesome creatures awaited a bite
    Zombies, werewolves, vampires, and ghosts
    Were all hungry this Halloween night

    The cake was finally finished
    What a magnificent sight to behold
    Frosted cobwebs draped over the top
    Adorned with spiders, bugs, and green mold… YUM!

  16. Sherry Morgan Peace says:

    The Halloween Night Bookstore
    Sherry Peace
    100 words

    Halloween night, long after the tricks and treats ended, Harry kept his bookstore open late.

    Ten minutes before midnight, he welcomed a special customer. She said not a word and kept her face hidden by a black hat. She headed straight for the shadowy corner of forgotten books, pushing back cobwebs on the volumes of spells and potions.

    Moments later, she dropped a coin in Harry’s hand and glided out the door clutching a book.

    Harry glanced through the window just in time to see her fly into the sky on her broom; a wide smile across her green face.

  17. Deborah Agranat Sullivan says:

    The Halloween Heist by Deb Sullivan (98 words)

    Now I’ve really done it.
    Jimmy will want his Halloween stash when he gets home.
    And who can blame him?
    Crunchy cobwebs. Gooey ghosts. Malted mummies.
    I’ll just stay under the table. Until Thanksgiving.
    What can I do?
    Make a potion to bring the treats back?
    That would be a great trick.
    Replace his sweets with raisins and apples?
    I think he’d notice.
    Blame the cat?
    Not fair. Or likely.
    Good thing I have time to think about it before Jimmy gets…
    “I’m home!”
    “Hey Mom! Where’s my…err….What are you doing under the table?”

  18. Deborah Williams says:

    Halloweensie Treats (78 words)
    By Deborah Holt Williams

    Halloween’s upon us,
    And I really love to cook.
    Welcome to my kitchen!
    Here’s the steps I took.

    I thought I’d treat my family
    To my candy apple stew.
    But it tasted kinda nasty
    When I added cobwebs, too.

    So then I thought I’d treat them
    To a tasty pumpkin potion.
    Pumpkin in the microwave—
    Kabam! Orange explosion!

    Yikes! The pumpkin’s flaming!
    Here’s a handy treating trick:
    Got fire? Go get marshmallows,
    And roast them on a stick!

  19. Linda Staszak says:

    This is such fun! Thanks!

    SWEET SNOOKUMS 98 words
    by Linda Staszak

    Lucinda carefully measured each ingredient. Then she dipped her paddle into the potion.
    “Three stirs to the right,” she read.
    “Mrrowr,” said Snookums.
    “Thirteen stirs left. Seven stirs right.”
    Snookums raised an eyelid.
    “That doesn’t sound right.” Lucinda read the directions again.
    The pot began to bubble and boil, and the potion erupted.
    “Someone tricked me,” she howled.
    Snookums raised his other eyelid.
    Lucinda clung to the center of a cobweb, her eight legs grasping for life.
    The cat stood and arched his back. “You were an annoying human, but I really don’t like spiders,” he said.

  20. nataliecohn0258 says:

    Byline: by Natalie Cohn (100) words

    I hid behind the branches cowering in the chilly Halloween night, brushing away the cobwebs between the limbs. Ahead of me, a wrinkly old hag with missing teeth stirring up a potion turns in my direction. She cackles into the moonlight. My skin crawls while I peek from a distance. All of a sudden…
    “Owww! You didn’t have to do that, Stanely.”
    “Stop being a scaredy-cat, go get your candy. She is not going to eat you.”
    My brother’s words trailed in the back of my mind as I approach the daunting house to trick-or-treat.

  21. nataliecohn0258 says:

    I had so much fun with this I wrote two stories.

    My Surprise Punch by Natalie Cohn (100) words

    I can’t wait for my wicked potion tonight to be tasted. I glanced up to see my little brother watching me from the other room. I drizzled green snot, a couple of frog guts, and dust of cobwebs for effect. I insanely stirred my potion. Randy’s eyes bulged in disgust, a hand over his mouth.
    “Randy, come taste this for me.”
    He approached cautiously. “Did you really put that stuff in it?”
    “Of course not! Try it!” Holding his nose, he slurped it down.
    Randy jumped out of his skin, mad.
    “Best Halloween Ever,” I snickered.

  22. Megan Walvoord says:

    Tricks for Treats
    On a dark Halloween night, a witch concocts a potion.
    She hands out vials to twelve witches who gather.
    They fly through the sky, say the magic words and scatter their potions.
    Cobwebs appear, casting sticky strings towards their next victims.
    Cries of “Gross.” “It’s in my mouth.” “Hey, that’s my candy.” sound below.
    The witches cackle with glee and give each other broom bumps.
    They pull up their candy prize and pop it in their mouths,
    then fly on to continue their fun.
    For tonight is a night for webby tricks,
    to bring them treats of delight.

  23. Linda Staszak says:

    Gotta have a spider….

    by Linda Staszak 93 words

    The spider skittered from the crack and peeked about the room.
    His tattered cobweb dangled from the rafters in the gloom.

    The potion bubbled in the pot, the wind howled ‘round the door,
    A nervous mouse picked up a crumb and dashed across the floor.

    The witch was nowhere to be seen–must be a sneaky trick.
    As soon as he got comfortable, she’d squash him with a stick.

    No point in taking chances. He crawled back in the crack.
    The witch had left her potion, so he knew that she’d be back.

  24. Jill Lambert (@LJillLambert) says:

    Tacky Trick
    by Jill Lambert
    100 words

    Itty-bitty corner,
    teeny-tiny shed.
    Eensie-weensie spider
    hanging by a thread.

    Spiderling is spinning.
    Complicated! Tricky!
    Can’t construct a cobweb.
    Help! The strings aren’t sticky!

    Searches for solutions,
    while Halloween is new.
    Awkwardly appears
    arachnid has no glue.

    Witchy whizzes in then,
    (broom repair, you see),
    catches Spider sobbing
    among the web debris.

    Witchy comforts Spider
    with a shushing motion.
    Utters muttered verses,
    promptly pours a potion.

    Golden drop is plopped
    on Spider’s little backy.
    Silken threads appear.
    Some twirl and tie—they’re tacky!

    Spider’s on the broom now,
    trying to repay.
    Sticky silk will mend it.
    Witchy’s on her way!

  25. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    TRUE BREW by Karen Morgan
    99 words

    The trick was…
    Finding just the right concoction.

    Rowena rummaged for ingredients.
    She added a dollop if this,
    a bloop of that.

    She stood tippy-toed,
    pulled a jar from up high – swiping at cobwebs.

    Rowena screwed off the top –
    took a pinch of the powder between her fingers –
    then sprinkled it into the potion gurgling in front of her.


    A flame flew up.

    Rowena knew it was ready.

    Ghosts and goblins,
    spiders and spirits,
    monsters and mummies –
    arrived after dark..

    The brew in the iron pot bubbled as Rowena ladled it out…

    “Hot apple cider for everyone!”

  26. Diana Lynn Gibson says:

    Uncanny Cantations

    We whispered our Trick-or-Treat chants in slow motion.
    The doorway was ringed with green smoke from a potion.

    “You must have a taste of this brew,” said the wizard.
    “And cobwebs taste nice, but then so does the lizard.”

    He took a step forward and reached for my shoulder,
    then uttered odd words and the air became colder.


    I also had taken a course in enchanting,
    and spouted the charm to halt what he was canting.


    A cloud of black smoke circled ’round that old tricker.
    And there in the center stood…


  27. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    SYLVESTER THE SPIDER by MaryLee Flannigan

    Sylvester the spider slips down from his lair.

    His cobweb is set. Time to plan, trick, and snare.

    The Witch needs more sugar to sweeten her brew.

    It’s Halloween night – Trick or Treaters, woo-hoo!

    His ruse is prepared, now to frighten the youth.

    He’ll gather their goods that will sooth his sweet tooth.

    Along come the children, they’re caught unaware.

    Sylvester the spider scares them with his glare.

    The kids drop their candy by droves in his trap.

    His plan is successful – grabs every last scrap.

    The potion the Witch crafts is gooey and thick.




  28. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A SILKEN SURPRISE by Tara Cerven

    Halloween loomed and Louie STILL couldn’t spin a web.

    “Hurry, Louie! Weaving isn’t tricky for us spiders,” Winston lectured his little brother.

    “I’m trying,” Louie whimpered.

    The saggy strands resembled an ancient cobweb. “Disgraceful!” Winston muttered, scurrying off to his web bed.

    A teardrop splashed Winston’s head. Looking up, he saw Louie sobbing. That tear was like a powerful potion, for Winston suddenly regretted his impatience.

    “Follow me,” he whispered. Under shimmery moonlight big brother patiently taught little brother.

    Halloween dawned and Winston awoke to the gleaming words Louie had weaved into the intricate web while Winston slept.

    “Happy Halloween!”

  29. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Halloween Fun with the Spider Family (100 words)

    by Jenny Fee – children’s book write in Collex, Switzerland

    There was a spider family

    Mum, Dad, Crawly and Fright.

    October’s end was drawing near –

    Almost Halloween night!

    This was their favourite time of year

    For playing lots of tricks

    On boys and girls in costumes

    Wearing masks or with broomsticks.

    The spider family liked to weave

    Cobwebs, enormous ones,

    Made of special bouncy silk

    For trick or treating fun.

    Children dressed up as ghosts or cats

    Surprised by this web art

    Would jump and flip ‘round happily

    Bouncing in fits and starts!

    The kids would giggle loudly

    Upwards and down in motion

    Only stopping to receive

    Delicious spider potion.

  30. Susanna Leonard Hill says:



    by Vashti Verbowski

    Cecil was tired of trudging along the dark and decaying forest floor.

    He wanted to balance between branches.

    Feel the world rustle in the wind.

    And create entrancing cobwebs.

    Cecil dreamed of being a spider.
    When Cecil told his beetle buds, they laughed until their exoskeletons shook.

    Alone and miserable, a mysterious voice whispered down to Cecil,

    “What you desire is up this tree. Find the web of wishes on All Hallows Eve.”

    Bewitched, Cecil climbed shimmering strands of moonlight.

    The web shivered.

    Cecil froze.

    A silky-smooth potion pulsed through his body.

    “A trick and a treat,” cackled the spider.

    (100 words)

  31. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    THE HALLOWEEN SPELL TEST (90 words) by Mary Vander Plas

    Young Cassie the witch clutched her potion with fear.

    Ghoul School’s Halloween Spell Test was finally here!

    Her classmates’ sweet tricks left the teacher impressed.

    Spider’s licorice cobweb was surely the best.

    Bright gumballs from Crow’s beak, in place of loud caws,

    set off thunderous cheering and rowdy applause.

    Swift bats who flung Pez from their wings as they flew…

    Cassie knew that an amateur trick would not do.

    So she sprinkled her mix on her black cat named Sox.

    Then he dropped Baby Ruth in his big litter box!

  32. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    SOME ARACHNID (99 words) by Mary Vander Plas

    “Spider, HELP!” Witch shouted. “Halloween is near, and I need the wings of fruit flies for my potion!”

    “Sure! Watch this,” said Spider.

    Spider spun.


    “That’s a nice trick,” said Witch. “But no flies.”

    Spider spun.


    “Um, you’re talented, but still no flies,” said Witch.

    “It’s not very good. I can do better!” said Spider.

    Spider spun.


    “Oh dear,” said Witch. “You’re an excellent speller, BUT I NEED WINGS!”

    “Back to basics!” said Spider.

    Spider spun.

    Left, right, across, repeat.

    A sturdy, silky, sticky cobweb!

    “Five fruit flies!” said Witch. “Thank you.”

    Spider spun.


  33. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    By Dianne Moritz

    One Halloween night, Witch had the notion
    that it was time to brew up a potion.
    So she rolled up her sleeves, tossed off her hat,
    turned on the faucet, and filled up a vat.

    She gathered spices and stuff stored in jugs,
    brushed off the cobwebs, and tugged out the plugs.
    After decanting, Witch began chanting:
    “Eye of newt, leg of frog,
    centipedes, bark of log,
    chicken feet, stir till thick….
    Magic! Magic! Do your trick.”

    Witch cast a spell. Now her bat is a cat!

  34. Susanna Leonard Hill says:



    By Marcia Dalphin Williams

    Reginald Rabbit crouched under Sally Witch’s hat, as she crafted yet another potion to try and change her hair from shiny black to pearly white. She pointed her wand at the white, poisonous mushrooms and cobwebs stuffed in her flask. “Hocus Pocus, Dominocus, Poof.”

    Reginald turned black, and grew spider legs. One of his eight eyes could just see his captor’s still black hair. Time to trick her he thought. Spinning a web, he shot it over her hair and covered her face. She choked. Off popped her hat. Free Reginald spun to the floor and escaped.

    “Happy Halloween, Reginald.”

  35. Jay says:

    Itsy Bitsy Halloweensie
    By Jay Reece (99 words)

    All around the Jones’s house, the spiders crept.
    “It’s clean,” said Itsy.
    “It’s dreary,” said Bitsy.
    “We’ll soon settle in and make new cobwebs,” said Mum.

    “Can we have a housewarming party?” chimed Itsy and Bitsy.
    “We can do better than that,” said Mum, “we’ll join the Jones’s Halloween party.”

    Mum concocted a special potion from pumpkin flesh.
    “Yummeeeee,” squealed Itsy and Bitsy.

    Cobweb time! Let’s Go!
    They festooned the house with cobwebs.
    “Kapow! A web in the face,” said Itsy.
    “Next trick, webbed food!” said Mum.

    “A spooky haunted house! Our new home isn’t dreary anymore,” chuckled Bitsy.

  36. Linda Staszak says:

    by Linda Staszak. 97 words

    Griselda swatted at the stringy webs.
    “I’m creating a potion to get rid of cobs,” she growled.
    Daphne frowned. “Ears of corn?”
    “Cobs,” snarled Griselda. “The evil creatures who spin these cobwebs.”
    “Spiders make the webs,” said Daphne.
    Griselda snorted. “Sure, like jack-o-lanterns are really pumpkins named Jack? And candy corn is really a vegetable? You’re probably in cahoots with the cobs.”
    “What’s a cahoot?” asked Daphne.
    “You’re trying to trick me,” sputtered Griselda. “You want my recipe for caramel apples.”
    “You can turn apples into caramel?” Daphne asked innocently.
    Griselda cackled. “Take a taste, my pretty.”

  37. Polly Sipos says:


    by Polly Owen (90 words)

    The spell book was open,
    on ‘Potions of Love’.
    A mixture so potent,
    she wore a thick glove.

    Her target – the postman,
    who made her heart swoon.
    As who’d love a witch,
    with a wart and a broom?

    The letterbox flapped…
    she pounced: “Want some tea?!”
    “Why, thank you” he said,
    “but first… Marjorie…”

    “I love you!” he spluttered
    and gulped down his brew.
    “Oh bother! That potion
    reverses what’s true!”

    This Halloween trick,
    turned his love into hate.
    He stormed past the cobwebs
    “I’m off!”
    “Don’t go! Wait!”

    Thanks Susanna for this wonderful competition. Loving all the entries!

  38. Annie Berke (@sayanniething) says:

    Lil Witch, MBA
    By Annie Berke

    Do you like potion? Step right up!
    Only fifty cents a cup!
    Each boggy brew is all my own:
    I really am the proudest crone!
    But here’s the thing — and I’ve been trying —
    It’s Halloween, and no one’s buying!
    Don’t you enjoy the smell of varnish?
    Don’t you adore a cobweb garnish?
    Would you decline a swampy drink
    That turns you green and makes you stink?

    You would?! Gee, what a clever trick —
    “Don’t sell stuff that makes people sick.”
    I see now. But, in my defense:
    One glass is *only* fifty cents!

  39. Keatley Eastman says:

    Thanks for another great Halloweensie!

    Sneaky Sister
    By Keatley Eastman
    (98 words)

    My sister swore her potion
    Was succulently sweet.
    She whispered if I’d drink it, I’d grow feathers on my feet.
    My skin would glow magenta,
    My ears would multiply,
    The cobwebs sprouting from my nose would smell like mildew pie.

    My sister said “Don’t worry,
    There’s not a thing to fear!
    Tomorrow all the side effects will (mostly) disappear…
    You’ll be the perfect monster
    For this year’s trick-or-treat!
    Just guzzle my concoction, and you’ll terrify our street.”

    But now she’s flabbergasted
    Because I’m feeling fine.
    I guess she doesn’t know:
    I poured it in her cup
    Not mine.

  40. Sandy Perlic says:

    Boo Quiet to Spook?
    by Sandy Perlic

    It’s Halloween, and Glenda Ghost
    must face the thing she dreads the most:
    to haunt tonight, each ghost and ghoul
    must prove they’ve mastered Spooking School!

    So Glenda waits to do her best
    while witches pass their potions test.
    Next up, the werewolves howl and growl,
    and black cats hiss and monsters scowl.

    As Glenda’s turn approaches fast,
    she fears her timid “Boo” won’t pass.
    Would trick-or-treaters shrink in fright,
    or laugh if Glenda spooks tonight?

    The spiders spin,
    then Glenda’s next!
    She LOOMS—nose twitching, fingers flexed.
    With cobwebs clinging, quiet “Boo!”
    becomes a spookier

  41. susaninez0905 says:

    The Witch’s Dilemma
    By Susan Summers
    WC: 97

    “I will not eat that.” Spat the cat.
    “You love my potions!” Said Witchy.
    “Not this one. Is that a toenail?”
    “Only one.”
    “And a cobweb?”
    “I’ll take it out and attach it to my broom. It’ll help my grip.” She scooped it out of the bowl and flung it aside.
    “Is this some sort of trick? Medicine?”
    “I’m flying with you tonight. It’s Halloween!”
    “Yes, but…”
    “Last time you were broomsick; it ruined the whole ride!”
    Hiss! Spit!
    “Don’t get mad. You can come….”
    “If you take the potion!”
    “Let’s fly!”

  42. susaninez0905 says:

    Halloween Hijinks
    By Susan Summers
    WC: 99

    Walter wizard whisked the potion.
    He reread the final ingredients.

    One toenail. Splish!
    One cobweb. Splosh!
    One sugary soda. Splash!

    These were added and mixed.

    “Your guests are here,” shouted his mother.
    “I’m coming.” He raced from the basement.
    In walked his friends, dressed in costumes. They giggled when they saw him. A magician?
    After playing games, Walter asked, “Are you ready for my trick?”

    He held up the potion and drank it.
    He then blew a bubble. It shrieked, sparkled, and burst.

    “Anyone else want some?”
    Soon sparkles erupted everywhere. Laughter and shrieking filled the basement.

    “Happy Halloween!”

  43. Marty Lapointe-Malchik says:

    By Marty Lapointe-Malchik
    (100 words)

    Lottie Potion had the notion
    She would win a prize.
    So Lottie Potion set in motion
    More than fifty tries.

    Every corner she adorned
    Wore her wispy art.
    Mummies, bats, and skeletons
    Were tricky from the start.

    She spun a ghost and liked that most.
    Would judges feel the same?
    Crisscrossing eight artistic legs
    She waited ’til they came.

    They hovered at her entry,
    Buzzed about her ghost,
    They seemed to ooze with compliments
    Like honey drips on toast.

    Her cobweb art was intricate.
    It captured their attention.
    She set them free and then, with glee,
    Took honorable mention.

  44. Susanna Leonard Hill says:



    By Deb Buschman


    “I can still see you, Trick.” said Treat.

    “Darn, the potion didn’t work.”

    “Let’s wear our ghost costumes.” said Treat.

    “Remember last year, they blew off, and everyone ran,” said Trick.

    “Yeah, but if we’re invisible they won’t answer the door,” said Treat.

    “You’re right.”


    “Our tail gave us away.”


    “The stripes won’t stick.”

    “Cool skunk costumes,” said a princess passing by, “Come with us.”

    Trick and Treat scrambled through cobwebs to join them, thinking non-smelly thoughts.

    “Great costumes,” said the witch.

    “Trick or Treat,” they shouted.

    “Pee-yew,” said the princess.

    “DIS-A-PEEAR!” yelled Trick.

  45. Erin (@rew_erin) says:

    By. Erin Rew
    (100 words)

    Kids everywhere are taking caution when they leave for school today. Trick-or-treat night is upon us and a monster is on its way!

    Quietly, creeping down the front porch stairs and past the cobwebs hung with dew, each kid is on the lookout for a monster or a ghost… BOO!

    Standing at the bus stop their knees quack with fear. Rumors have been spreading of a monster who draws near.

    Some say it drank a potion. Others say it’s always been that way, but a Monster School is on the loose!

    Gobbling kids along its way!

  46. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    The Neighborhood Penguin

    by Nina Nolan

    I don’t want to go trick-or-treating.

    Not in this new neighborhood.

    I want a magic potion, so I can fly back to my old one.

    The girl across the street is new here, too. She’s, at least, trying to have fun.

    Waddling up to our house in her penguin costume, her flipper gets tangled in the cobweb decorations. She spins around, topples over, and lands splayed out, beak up.

    “Are you OK?” I ask.

    “I want my old neighborhood back!” she says.

    “Me too! But this one’s getting better.”

    Then I help her stand up.

  47. Susanna Leonard Hill says:



    by Yolanda Danyi Szuch

    (87 words)

    I have no magic potion,

    but I know what I can do.

    I’ll weave a web of magic

    to make this book for you.

    My cobwebs trick the nightmares,

    that haunt the Halloween night,

    and tangle them in sticky webs

    to take away their fright.

    I’ll catch the witches’ cackles,

    the zombies’ moans and groans,

    the ghosts’ and monsters’ screams,

    and skeletons’ rattling bones.

    This book has all that magic

    and now it’s in your hands

    to tell a tale of trick-or-treat

    and write your Halloween land.

    • anneuro says:

      I loved your premise of the spider weaving a web/book of magic; your inventive descriptions of the magic powers of the web/s, especially “cobwebs trick the nightmares;’ and the generosity of your narrator in passing the web/book on to the next writer(?spider). Good luck! @AnneLipton

  48. sequinsue says:

    The Halloween Hop by Sue Lancaster

    100 words
    Twitter handle @WriteSue

    It was time for the yearly Halloween Hop,

    The frogs had all gathered, ready to bop.

    When quite out of nowhere, a witch swept through,

    Grabbed poor Burt, and off they flew.

    She cackled with glee, as she parked her stick,

    “This froggy’s eyeballs should just do the trick,

    My potion is finally ready to brew,

    I’ll gulp it straight down with my cobweb stew.”

    “Wait!” croaked Burt, “I don’t think you should.”

    “Give me ONE reason, it better be good…”

    “If you drink my eyeballs, your face will EXPLODE!

    ‘Cause I’m not a frog, I’m a warty old TOAD!”

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