The 9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest aahhhrrrooooOOOOO!!!!!


I apologize for the fact that I am behind schedule posting the finalists.  I know you are all waiting.  I did not anticipate 324 entries or I would have given myself and the other judges more time.  We will do our best to have the finalists posted by tomorrow or Saturday.


Lizard toes and dragon scales! It’s time for . . .



~ for children’s writers ~

The Contest: write a 100 word Halloween story appropriate for children (children here defined as 12 and under) (title not included in the 100 words), using the words potion, cobweb, and trick.  Your story can be scary, funny, sweet, or anything in between, poetry or prose, but it will only count for the contest if it includes those 3 words and is 100 words (you can go under, but not over!)  Get it?  Halloweensie – because it’s not very long and it’s for little people 🙂  (And yes, I know 100 words is short, but that’s part of the fun and the challenge!  We got over 235 fantastic entries last year, so I know you can do it!)  Also, you may use the words in any form – e.g. potions, cobwebbed, trickery, whathaveyou 🙂  NO ILLUSTRATION NOTES PLEASE! (And yes, you may submit more than one entry if you’re so inclined 🙂 )

Post: your story on your blog between right now this very second and Thursday October 31st by 11:59 PM EDT and add your post-specific link to the list below (not your blog’s main url because if you post again after your entry during the dates of the contest, the judges will find the wrong post!)  There will be no Tuesday Debut, Perfect Picture Book or Would You Read It posts for the duration of the contest so the links will stay up for everyone to visit and enjoy.  If you don’t have a blog and would like to enter, you can simply copy and paste your entry in the comments section below (please include your byline! If your posting handle is something like MamaWritesByNightlight I can’t identify you.)  If you have difficulty posting in the comments, which unfortunately sometimes happens, you may email your entry to me at susanna[at]susannahill[dot]com and I’ll post it for you.  Please place your entry in the body of the email including your title and byline at the topNO ATTACHMENTS!  And please do not submit entries before the start of the contest!  Please submit your entry only ONCE! If you add it to the blog link list, and the comments, and email me to post it, things get very confusing!  I try to stay as glued to my desk as possible, but sometimes I have to get up so if I don’t respond to your email or approve your post immediately, don’t panic!  I’ll get to it as soon as I can!

The Judging: in a grueling marathon over the coming days, my devoted assistants and I will narrow down the entrants to 3  6  9  12? top choices (hee hee hee – you know how much trouble I have with winnowing, so we’ll see!) which will be posted here and voted on for a winner on Monday November 4th (if the judging takes longer than we expect if could be later…but we will do our best!)  The winner will be announced on Thursday November 7th (good lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise 🙂 )

Judging criteria will be as follows:

  • 1. Kid-appeal! – These stories are intended for a young audience (ages 12 and under), so we’re looking for stories that children will enjoy and relate to.
  • 2.  Halloweeniness – the rules state a Halloween story, so it must be crystal clear that the story is about Halloween, not just some random spooky night.
  • 3. Quality of story – entries must tell a story, including a main character of some kind and a true story arc even if it’s tiny 🙂  Entries must not be merely descriptions or mood pieces.
  • 4. Quality of Writing: check your spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.  If you’re going to rhyme, give us your best 🙂  Overall writing quality and use of language are also important.
  • 5. Originality and creativity – because that is often what sets one story above another.
  • 6. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! Large numbers of entries make it easy to cut entries that haven’t been entered as we asked.

The Prizes:  SO AMAZING! What a generous community we have to donate so much awesomeness!!! 🙂

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Now then, my pretties! It’s past the witching hour in the dead of night – very appropriate for a Halloween story, don’t you think? – and the time has come for my sample entry (which I seriously almost did not get done!)  I seem to have developed a bad habit of having editorial deadlines that land in the middle of these contests, so I freely own up to the fact that I way exceeded the word count because I simply didn’t have time to make it shorter.  My apologies for totally cheating!  It’s not even like it’s any good as a result… but it does come to a sort of an ending😊 If nothing else, it should fill you with confidence in your own MUCH MUCH better efforts!!!

Runaway Imagination
(so many words I’m not even writing it down!😊)

Costumes, make-up, pounding feet
Rushing out to trick-or-treat.
Almost at the farmyard gate
Witch Lucinda hollers, “Wait!
In this Halloween commotion
I forgot my poison potion!”
Sets her plastic pumpkin down.
“Go ahead!  We’ll meet in town!”
Grabs her potion. Comes back quick.
But someone’s played an awful trick!
Her pumpkin pail, left on the ground,
Has disappeared and can’t be found!
Nevermind. A bag will do.
The witch zooms off to join her crew.
But halfway down the old farm road
She sees a sight that stops her cold.
In the shadows of the night
Glides a shape of ghostly white
Issuing an eerie moan
That makes Lucinda RUN for home!
Ghost flies past her fleeing faster
Surely this will be disaster!
Stops short at the barnyard fence.
Suddenly it all makes sense.
Head stuck in her pumpkin pail
Covered in a cobweb veil,
This is not a scary ghost!
Just a foolish baby goat!

Never say I’m not willing to embarrass myself for you! 😊😊😊 That is true love!😊

I can’t wait to read all of your entries!  I’m so looking forward to them!  I hope there will be a lot – the more the merrier!  And there are still nearly 4 days to write, so you have time if you haven’t written yet.  Feel free to spread the word to your writing friends as well.  And your reading friends – parents, teachers, etc.  The more people who read and enjoy your stories, the better!!!

Contest Entrants, remember to add your post-specific link to the google form below so we can all come read your awesome stories!  (Post-specific means not your main blog url, but the actual url of the post that has your story in it – otherwise if you post again before the contest ends, your link will take readers… and judges!… to the wrong place!)

Eager Readers – just go along the list of links, click on them, and enjoy the stories!

Happy Writing and Happy Halloween!!! 🙂  🎃

And don’t miss the 197!!! fabulous entries that are posted in the comments below!  (And HURRAY! I FINALLY figured out how to make links (THANK YOU AMY!) so you can click directly through to each story to read and comment for the talented authors!!!)
(Where authors’ first names were the same/same spelling I tried to add last names)
1. Witch’s Brew – Corine
2. A Webbed Witch – Kelly
3. Trick Or Treat – Krystal
6. Vampire Stains – Jocelyn
8. One Magical Day – Heather
9. The Lure Of Chocolate – Glenda
10. A Trick Or A Treat? – Glenda
11. Booty And A Beat – Chelsea
13. Little Brother – Lindsey
15. The Halloween Night Bookstore – Sherry Peace
16. The Halloween Heist – Deb Sullivan
17. Halloweensie Treats – Deborah Williams
18. Sweet Snookums – Linda Staszak
19. Scaredy-Cat – Natalie
20. My Surprise Punch – Natalie
21. Tricks For Treat – Megan Walvoord
22. She’ll Be Back – Linda Staszak
23. Tacky Trick – Jill
24. True Brew – Karen
25. Uncanny Cantations – Diana Gibson
26. Sylvester The Spider – MaryLee
27. A Silken Surprise – Tara
30. The Halloween Spell Test – Mary Vander Plas
31. Some Arachnid – Mary Vander Plas
32. One Halloween Night – Dianne Moritz
33. Web Magic – Marcia
35. Cobs In Cahoots – Linda Staszak
36. Halloween Love – Polly
37. Lil Witch, MBA – Annie
38. Sneaky Sister – Keatley
39. Boo Quiet To Spook? – Sandy
40. The Witch’s Dilemma – Susan Summers
41. Halloween Hijinks – Susan Summers
42. Lottie’s Spin On Halloween – Marty Lapointe-Malchik
43. Smelloween – Deb  Buschman
44. Monster School – Erin Rew
47. The Halloween Hop – Sue
48. The Web – Anne
49. What Witch Whips Up – Linda Hofke
50. The Magician – Susan Drew
53. Witchy’s Party – Judy
54. This Little Piggy – Kaylynn
55. A Handsome Prince – Kaylynn
57. My Own Man – Kaylynn
60. Potion Prank – Kristy
62. Ghost’s Pest Problem – Maryna
63. A Spider’s Cobweb Tale – Michelle Kennedy
64. The Little Cobweb With Big Dreams – Michelle Kennedy
65. Five Silly Witches – Mary Vander Plas
66. The Halloween Shortcut – Marty Bellis
67. A Potion Gone Wrong – Michelle Kennedy
68. Witch 101 – Lauren Neil
69. A Halloween Treat – Stacy
70. The Pretty Little Witch – Lucretia
71. Sally The Witch – Natalie
72. Greta Ghost’s Great Escape – Laura Bower
73. The Trick-Or-Treat Crusader – Laurie Carmody
74. Trick-urkey – Kelly 
75. Wendela The Witch – Valerie
76. Trick Or Treat? – Marcia
77. Brewed For You – Diana Gibson
78. No Thank You – Diana Gibson
80. Halloween Hornswoggled – Kristy
83. Three Cauldrons Full! (Play-On Baa Baa Black Sheep Nursery Rhyme) – Erin
84. It’s Party Time – Marty Bellis
85. Cobweb Soup – Kathy Shanahan
86. Goblin Hates Halloween – Ashley Fagan
87. Halloween Forever – Mary Rudzinski
88. Twinkle Twinkle Little Witch – Debbie Vidovich
89. A Pot Of Potion – Cheryl
90. A Famous Witch – Jill
91. A Halloween Visit – Paul
92. Cobwebs – Paul
95. Grandma’s Halloween Tricks – Debbie Wanninkhof
96. Cinderella’s Halloween – Stephanie
97. Bowl Of Sweets – Augusta
98. Boo Who? – Lolly
100. Spinny Has A Ball! – Donna
101. Most Beautiful? – Donna
102. Tricky Witch Test – Ingrid
104. Cobweb Stew – Kathy Rahoy
105. Cat And Ady – Megan Kunz
106. Witcheroo Switcheroo – Amy Brazda
107. I Don’t Want To Go – Amy Brazda
108. Hallo-wedgies – Linda Staszak
109. The Invisible Dog – Kathi
110. Trim The Tree – Amy Duchene
111. Tricky Nicky – Rebecca
112. Cobweb Commotion– Charlotte
113. Bitsy The Spider – Thelia
115. Perfectly You – Mona
117. Bella’s Barnyard Halloween – Deb Buschman
118. The Perfect Caw-stume – Amy Duchene
119. Halloween Spook – Shariffa
120. Night Of Hallows – Shariffa
121. Sneaky Spiders – Ranessa
122. Big Tea Love Stew – Laura Heath
123. Webster – Mary Miller
124. Whoo! Whoo! Will Help! – Deb Buschman
126. Who Should I Be? – Ashley Congdon
127. Frankie And Frogg Pick A Costume – Ashley Congdon
128. The Sad Jackie-O-Lantern – Mary Thorpe
129. What Had They Found? – Mary Thorpe
130. Agatha’s Not So Witchy Halloween – Kristen Reinsel
132. The Witches’ Rock – Mary Warth
133. Halloween Ubuntu – Elaine
134. Fake Ghost: A Sonnet – Jane
135. Trick Or Treat! – Cassy
138. Tricky Witchy – Mia
139. Grunt And Runt – Barbara
140. Snowflake The Scary – Becky
141. Only In America – Mindy
143. What Spider Saw – Terri
144. Sable Spins Halloween – Darcee
145. Ghost’s Birthday Party – Sherry Fellores
146. A Hairy Trick – Joel
147. Always Pack The Potion – Sharon
148. Witchy Wobbles – Stacey
150. The Frozen Witch – Amber
151. My Granny Is A Witch – Margaret
153. Halloween Story – Rafique
155. Witch’s Trick – Susan Halko
156. A Batty Halloween – Katie Schwartz
157. Black Cat’s Dream – Kathy M
159. Master Of Potions – Katie Williams
160. A New Addition To The Family! – Susan Valli
161. Halloweenie Dog – Kristina
163. Cast-Off Candies – Jennifer Broedel
164. Mighty Monty – Kelly Swemba
165. Spider’s First Halloween – Cynthia Argentine
166. Halloweenie Hide And Seek Ye – Michele Ziemke
169. Dark Dark Magic – Pat
170. Save-This-Night – Pat
171. Casper, Jasper, And Fang – Gabrielle
172. Jimmy The Meanie – Jen
173. Itchy Witchy Underwear – Katrina
174. Halloween Night – Susan Burd
175. Ghost Trail – Cynthia Stone-Medina
176. Fatty Batty – Vanessa
178. My Mummy’s A Witch – Tracy Curran
179. Goldiwitch – Dave
180. The Scaredy-Ghost – Kate
181. The HalloWeenteam – Dedra
183. Is It Really Halloween – Shariffa
184. Incantations – Elizabeth
187. Zippity Zora – Kristy
188. Halloween Party – Chandra
189. Halloween Howl – Chandra
191. Haunted House – Chandra
194. The Thud In The Cellar – Michelle
195. A MOMster’s Warning – Stephanie Shaw
196. An Un-afraid – Erin Fleming
197. Witch’s Halloween Party – Vanessa

1,293 thoughts on “The 9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest aahhhrrrooooOOOOO!!!!!

  1. anneuro says:

    The Web
    By Anne Lipton (@AnneLipton)
    (99 words)

    Three witches stirred a potion,
    a mesmerizing brew,
    They tricked it out with smartphones
    to glow electric blue.

    Because they lacked a cobweb
    to decorate the top,
    they hoisted up their broomsticks,
    and pulled out all the—”STOP!”

    A spider in the corner
    defied his brush with doom,
    He dangled as death’s shadow
    flew at him like a broom.

    He spun a thread, a story,
    He wove a silken tale,
    of webs composed of ether,
    of mail that wasn’t snail.

    The spider lured the witches,
    chills rose up Facebook’s spine,
    For once they followed spider,
    they never got offline.

  2. Linda Evans Hofke says:

    by Linda Hofke


    This year for Halloween, old witch has a notion
    to make good treats for children by whipping up a potion.

    Ten tiny blood red oranges, nine leafy lettuce heads,
    eight table legs all woven white with sticky cobweb threads,

    seven footstools, six turtlenecks, five potato eyes,
    four zipper teeth, three ears of corn varying in size,

    two clock hands, one coat of arms—that’ll do the trick.
    With elbow grease she stirs the brew until it’s nice and thick.

    She bottles it and hands it out. The children are perplexed.
    Who hands out body lotion? This Halloween is hexed.

    (99 words)

  3. Susan.drew (@_susandrew) says:

    The Magician
    by Susan Drew

    Clayton put the finishing touches on his spooky costume for his class Halloween party. This year he was going as a magician. He had figured out a way to get cobwebs to shoot out of his magic wand. It was his best trick yet! He just hoped Meghan’s witchy costume wouldn’t show him up. He heard she was bringing a cauldron full of a magic potion. Hmmm…. Maybe he could figure a way to make her disappear. He wanted the big chocolate bar prize all to himself! Clayton waved his magic wand. He said Abracadabra! Poof. Clayton disappeared.

    (98 words), @_susandrew,

  4. kaeltudor says:

    Hubble, Bubble, Toil and… Muddle?

    Wendy Witch shrieked, “Hehehe!
    It’s time for spells and trickery!”

    She brushed the cobwebs from her book,
    Turned the page to have a look,

    To find a WITCHYLICIOUS spell.
    She read the words and muttered, “Well,

    No eyes, or wings, or tentacles?
    Instead a bunch of vegetables!”

    She threw them in and gave a scream,
    “This is the greatest Hallowe’en!”

    She moved her hands with rapid motion,
    But said, “This is an awful potion!

    There’s no bubbles, slime or magic,
    This is rubbish! This is tragic!

    There must be something that I missed.
    Wait! This is my shopping list.”

  5. Lu Pierro says:


    by lu pierro 100wds.

    Wanda Witch and Wilma,
    Simmer a witches’ brew,
    They stir to make it special,
    with a certain kind of Boo.

    Not any putrid potion,
    but one with a certain kick,
    with spider webs and innards
    It had to be MA-GIC.

    For little ghouls and ghosties
    want treats not yucky tricks.
    They want something scary
    with a certain ICK.

    The witches stir their potion
    mash it through a web.
    The cauldron stays in motion
    till the sparkly fizzies ebbed.

    And when the brew was cooked
    with a ghastly taste of fright,
    The witches yelled with glee
    Just right for Hallows Night!


  6. Judy Sobanski (@jkspburg) says:

    Judy Sobanski

    The potion was poured, the brew all stirred, her wicked spell recited,

    Her final trick—make the cobwebs thick, this witch was so excited!

    While Witchy went to find her hat, a bat flew round the ceiling.

    Bat dropped in bugs and slimy slugs to make the brew appealing.

    Next Frankenstein poured turpentine into the boiling pot.

    Werewolf howled. “This reeks!” he growled and tossed in wolfie snot!

    Witchy returned to find her urn was filled with something new.

    But her snaggle-toothed grin showed her friends, “it’s a WIN!

    Let’s all have some hot HO-BOO stew!”

  7. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    THIS LITTLE PIGGY by Kaylynn Johnsen word count 85

    This little piggy went to get the very best Halloween candy for the Trick-or-Treaters.

    This little piggy stayed home to put out the jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, and a big spider on a giant cobweb.

    This little piggy had roast beef on a platter with crackers and cheese for the guests.

    And this little piggy had none; he was too busy making a special potion for the party.

    And this little piggy went wee, wee, wee, all the way to the door each time the bell rang.

  8. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A HANDSOME PRINCE by Kaylynn Johnsen word count 87

    I am a handsome prince. No, really, I am.

    Monday: I mix the potion. I let is stew overnight.

    Tuesday: I drink the potion.

    Wednesday: I realize I forgot to put the black widow cobweb into the potion.

    Thursday: I mix a new potion; with all the ingredients. I let it stew overnight.

    Friday: It is Halloween. It’s time. I drink the potion.

    It was a mean-old witch trick. Nothing happened. I am still a handsome prince.

    I really, really, really want to be a warty toad.

  9. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    TAKE YOUR MEDICINE LIKE A BIG WITCH by Kaylynn Johnsen word count 98

    I won’t take my medicine, it’s yucky. Gross, disgusting, blech.

    I won’t; and you can’t make me.

    I won’t.

    But I don’t want to.

    I try to trick you.

    I spit it out.

    You catch me.

    You tell me to be a big girl and take my medicine;

    Or I can’t go trick-or-treating.

    I tell you I’m a witch.

    You tell me to be big witch and take my potion.

    I can do that.

    Even if it has an eye of newt, a cobweb, and a bat’s wing in it.

    Gross, disgusting, blech.

    I am a big witch.

  10. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    MY OWN MAN by Kaylynn Johnsen word count 100

    I have three older brothers. I wear cobweb-covered, hand-me-down Halloween costumes. I am sick of it.

    I am six. I want to be my own man.

    I don’t want to wear Robby’s Frankenstein.

    I don’t want to wear Billy’s cowboy.

    I don’t want to wear Teddy’s robot.

    I stomp my feet.

    I make a mad face.

    I try the pretty-please-potion.

    I hang my head, slump my shoulders, and kick the pile of costumes.

    Billy’s cowboy hat rolls onto Robby’s Frankenstein mask.

    I have a brilliant idea. I am six, I am my own man.

    I am Franken-Cow-Bot.

    Trick or Treat.

  11. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A heart (and feet) warming Halloween!
    by Sheryl Webster

    Skeleton had such cold feet.
    “It’s driving me berserk!”
    One Halloween a witchy said,
    “This potion might just work?”

    It didn’t do the trick and Witchy said
    “I think you’ll find.
    That maybe you need magic of
    a very different kind.”

    Skeleton was puzzled.
    He set off walking home.
    A titchy, itchy werewolf passing by yelped out…
    … “A BONE!”

    Skelly ran, but BOING!
    A cobweb fired him in the air,
    A soft warm landing thawed his feet,
    And Skelly… scratched its fur.

    “This Halloween and always
    We will never be apart!”
    For little werewolf’s magic.
    Had melted Skelly’s heart!

    (100 words)

  12. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Halloween – what’s Halloween? (99 words)
    By Jenny Fee – Children’s book writer in Collex, Switzerland

    Halloween – what’s Halloween?
    Magic jack 0’ lantern grins,
    Halloween – yes Halloween,
    Monsters hiding in the bins.

    Bats and cats and spiders too,
    Witches stirring up their brew,
    Cobwebs decorating spaces,
    Spiders, goblins, scary faces.

    On Halloween we eat ghost toast.
    We drink the potion we love most:
    Slug eggs mixed with thorny sticks,
    It’s one of our delicious tricks.

    Halloween – what’s Halloween?
    Trick or treating with our friends
    Halloween – yes Halloween,
    Never want this night to end.

    Even if it might feel spooky
    Seeing everything look kooky,
    It’s never long enough, instead,
    Too quickly it is time for bed.

  13. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Potion Prank by Kristy Roser Nuttall

    Hazel’s potions were top notch.

    She always had a kitchen full of spooky sparkly potions.

    But on Halloween, someone played a terrible prank—spilling her potions, breaking her bottles, and tangling everything in cobwebs.

    She checked for clues of the trickster in the kitchen, but only found hair from Zombie, her cat.

    She checked for footprints outside her house, but only found her cat’s paw prints.

    Wait a minute! I think I’ve solved the mystery.

    Zombie hid under the table drinking a milk potion. . .

    Hazel laughed, and poof! The potion turned Zombie into a. . .

    Halloween Hippo.

  14. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    The Easy-Clean-Up Haunted House

    By: Maryna Doughty

    Gretchie yawned and crashed onto the couch.

    She’d stayed up way too late riding her broom and mixing potions.

    Today was Halloween, and she still hadn’t decorated the house.

    She tore open the packages and got to work:

    She frosted slabs of graham cracker to her house,

    painted chocolate fondue on the walls,

    hung marshmallow ghosts from the porch ceiling,

    stretched cotton candy cobwebs across the door,

    and scattered gummy worms on the lawn.

    Gretchie smiled at her work and hopped into bed.

    “Trick or treat!” the children yelled.

    “Just eat the house!” Gretchie hollered. “Saves me from cleaning up.”


  15. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Ghost’s Pest Problem
    By: Maryna Doughty

    Ghost peeked out the window.

    GHOST: Ahhhh!!!

    He picked up the phone and dialed the number.

    WITCH: You’ve reached Lotions, Potions, and Other Solutions, how may I help you?

    GHOST: I’ve got a pest problem!

    WITCH: Okay, I’ll send the exterminator.


    Knock, knock.

    Ghost opened the door.

    GHOST: Finally, you’re here! They’re all over the front porch!

    SPIDER: It’s that time of year. Halloween always brings them out, especially to haunted houses.

    GHOST: You’re sure the traps will work?

    SPIDER: Oh yeah, they always get caught in them.


    GHOST: They’re here! Quick! Spin the cobwebs!



  16. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A Spider’s Cobweb Tale (WC- 98)

    By Michelle S. Kennedy

    In a dank and dusty corner,
    a little cobweb barely seen
    was crying so profusely,
    he was heard by Witch Maxine.

    She looked around and found him-
    a tired spider on his net.
    Clearly old, he looked like mold,
    all dripping in his sweat!

    “You poor thing!” Witch Maxine said.
    “I’ll make a weaving potion,
    so you can build much faster dear,
    instead of in slow-motion!”

    She mixed a small concoction.
    “Now, this should do the trick!”
    With that, he started spinning fast.
    His web grew large and thick.

    “Happy Halloween!” she trilled.
    Then vanished on her stick.

  17. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    The Little Cobweb With Big Dreams (WC- 88)

    By Michelle S. Kennedy

    I am a little cobweb,
    so small I can’t be seen.
    I have a dream for Halloween,
    but fate must intervene!

    I need a special potion
    or a fancy magic trick!
    Then I can grow like rising dough
    and be Great Witch’s pick!

    On Halloween she takes
    the biggest cobweb she can find,
    then uses it to decorate
    and scare the humankind!

    For now I’m small, and least of all,
    but maybe dreams come true.
    I hope, I pray, that on that day
    I’ll get to frighten YOU!

  18. maryvanderplas says:


    by Mary Vander Plas (90 words)

    Five silly witches spilled potion on the floor.
    One slid right out the door, and then there were four.
    Four silly witches racing broomsticks, laughed with glee.
    One nose-dived in a tree, and then there were three.
    Three silly witches chased a trick-or-treating crew.
    One joined in for candy, and then there were two.
    Two silly witches catching spiders, having fun.
    One stuck in a cobweb, and then there was one.
    One silly witch all alone on Halloween.
    She cast quadruple spells
    to get four back
    and conjured up sixteen!

  19. marty says:

    by Marty Bellis
    (96 words)

    My eyes are playing TRICKS on me.

    They’re seeing pumpkins in that tree —

    smirking, grinning, ghoulish faces

    perched in all the darkened spaces.

    Bats and goblins fill the air

    and cackling witches screech and glare.

    Sticky COBWEBS hanging down

    wrap me round without a sound.

    i need a full strength magic POTION

    to stop this eery strange commotion

    and safely pass that gnarly tree,

    whose branches keep on grabbing me.

    My shortcut’s turning out to be

    a bad idea. It’s history!

    I’m just out for the treats and fun.

    It’s time to turn around and ……….run!

  20. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A Potion Gone Wrong (WC- 87)
    By Michelle S. Kennedy

    The persnickety old witch patiently waited
    for her magic trick-potion to work.
    On Halloween night, she howled in delight
    as her smugness gave way to a smirk.

    She tried not to coo when she sipped on her brew
    and patted her cat, Arafat.
    Suddenly she fainted. Her stew had been tainted
    by cobwebs mixed into her vat!

    When she awoke, it was sadly no joke-
    Her nose was inside of her cheek!
    But lucky for her, her eyes were a blur
    so she couldn’t critique her physique!

  21. picturebookplaydate says:

    Witch 101
    By: Lauren Neil
    100 Words

    Halloween is a special night,
    For witches and others who give us a fright.

    And when it’s a witch’s seventh year,
    She’s given one assignment: fear.

    Scare someone. Terrify them. Anyone will do.
    But it’s got to be big. Not a cobweb or two.

    Little Melinda planned out her night.
    Oh how she wanted to get this right.

    First up her potion, sure to torment.
    But it turned out sweet with a wonderful scent.

    Her tricks all turned into treats.
    Her ghosts all wore heart-patterned sheets.

    Just when she thought all was lost:
    “You terrified US,” said the big witch-boss.

  22. Stacy Getsinger Burch says:

    By Stacy Burch (@pen_and_crayon)

    The Halloween treats shook with joy to be chosen by children…
    all except Coconut and his gluten-, sugar-, dairy-, nut-free label.

    Other goodies fussed:
    “Poor weird-dough!”
    “He kneads a love potion!”
    “Give him a bake-over!”

    Chocolates changed his wrapper.
    Candies added flare.
    Cookies squashed him flat.

    No matter the trick, Coconut remained, and then…
    a werewolf, wearing an allergy bracelet, loomed above.

    “HE needs ME!” Coconut dusted off his cobwebs and crawled to the bucket’s top.

    Other goodies panicked:
    “We can’t jump out ourselves!”
    “He’s half-baked!”

    Coconut LEAPED –
    landing in the basket for his chance to finally be eaten.

  23. Lucretia Schafroth says:

    The Pretty Little Witch

    by Lucretia Schafroth

    Wira desperately wanted a spooking role at her school’s Halloween Fright-fest.
    But she looked nothing like her classmates.

    “Ewww…you’re SO pretty!”
    “ANYBODY’S scarier than you!”
    “Blondie! Princess! WANNABE-witch!”

    Wira hated her face. She wished she looked different—creepy, freakish…ideally, ugly.
    She conjured several potions…but none worked.

    “NEXT!…” shrieked the audition director. ”SCARE US!”
    “That’s it!” thought Wira.

    When her classmates entered the staged haunted house, Wira burst through a huge cobweb. Sticky strands streaked her hair grey. A giant spider clung to her face.

    Little monster-students screamed, scattering everywhere.

    “Terrifying trick!” screeched the director. “You’re the lead!”

    Word count: 100

  24. nataliecohn0258 says:

    Sally the Witch by Natalie Cohn (85) words

    A witch at night, a girl by day who loves Halloween night when she can come out to play.

    Sweeping cobwebs, a brewing cauldron, ready for trick-or-treaters visitors.

    The potions ready!

    Now, what’s next?

    Ding Dong!

    Look out fellow students Sally’s here to impress.

    With her spells and flying broom, she entertains them all high up near the moon.

    This one-night Sally can genuinely be herself while other kids can be someone else.

  25. Laura Jensen Bower says:

    Greta Ghosts’s Great Escape (93 Words)
    By Laura Bower

    Greta Ghost was feeling blue –
    No potion, spell or trick would do.
    Her boo had turned to boo-hoo hoo!
    She craved a change for something new.
    Instead of haunting (quite a few!),
    she threw a party at the zoo
    with animals of every hue.
    They danced, they hopped, they rolled, they flew.
    They limboed, congaed two-by-two.
    She made friends fast that stuck like glue.
    Each Halloween she calls her crew.
    They dive through cobwebs, make some brew.
    Now, no more scares. A big breakthrough.
    For Greta, kindness feels more true.

  26. Laurie Carmody says:

    By Laurie Carmody (@laurieecarmody)
    99 words

    Spider wanted to earn the new Potion Scouts badge:
    Trick-or-Treat Crusader.

    “Hmm…who to trick?” she muttered.
    Skeleton was perfect. He never left his tomb on Halloween.

    Spider scrambled onto Skeleton’s skull.
    “Go away,” he said.
    “Your bones are dusty and dark. Perfect for a cobweb,” said Spider.

    Skeleton shook off the dust and lurched into the moonlight. “LEAVE.”
    “It’s still quiet enough for a cobweb.”
    “Then I’ll join the Trick-or-Treaters,” said Skeleton.
    “I suppose I must go,” said Spider, shrinking into the shadows.

    Spotting a beetle, she whispered, “Now for a treat to go with that trick.

  27. Preschool Brain says:

    by Kelly Pope Adamson (100 words)

    You’ve heard of a regular turkey. You may have even heard of a tofurkey. But have you ever heard of a Trick-urkey?

    That’s me, Thaddeus T. Turkey. Titan of Tricks. Purveyor of Potions. Captain of Cobwebs. I put the Gobble in Gobbledygook.

    What’s that? You say you haven’t heard of me? What utter widdle waddle. Every year I lay the best trick in town.

    What’s my trick? Why, convincing humans to skip from Halloween straight to Christmas of course. Trees up before the candy’s all gone? Fake snow before the real leaves have fallen?

    You’re welcome, turkeys of the world.

  28. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Wendela the Witch by Valerie Bolling

    Wendela the witch was terribly sick.
    She thought to herself, “This must be a trick!”
    Not on Halloween.
    My night to be seen.
    I surely, I must, get well quick!

    She mixed up a potion in her brew-pot.
    Thinking, “I’ll add whatever I’ve got!”
    Cat fur and cobwebs.
    Pig snot and frog legs.
    Then slurped it all down boiling hot!

    In a flash, the magic spell worked.
    Wendela’s body twisted and jerked.
    The cure happened fast.
    Her sickness soon passed.
    The thrilled witch cackled and twerked!

    She hopped on her broom, ready to fly.
    Into the howling Halloween sky!

  29. Marcia Batton says:

    Trick or Treat?

    I’m scared!

    Everywhere I look there are witches and wizards,
    Zombies walking strangely, dripping blood,
    Vampires and ghosts.

    A cobweb stretches across my front porch, the spider’s eyes glinting in the moonlight.

    A witch approaches my house;
    What does she want? Why is she here? What potion bubbles in her cauldron?

    She knocks on my door,
    “Don’t answer mum, she’ll cast a spell on you!”

    Mum answers the door, I peep around her.
    The witch cackles “Trick or Treat?”

    I recognise that voice, that’s not a real witch, that’s my neighbour Jen!

    I’m not scared anymore!

    By Marcia Batton
    96 words

  30. Diana Lynn Gibson says:

    Can this contest be more fun? Thank you Susannah for hosting this!

    Brewed for You

    We stood at the door of a house with our sacks,
    The cobwebs blew onto our faces and backs.

    I said “Trick or Treat” when she opened the door,
    but jerked a step back when I noticed the floor.

    A potion was flowing right out of a pot.
    ‘Twas slimy and gooey and vile as snot.

    “Would you like a cup of my brew? Maybe two?”
    You do know I mixed it especially for you!”

    I said, “I’m allergic to this kind of drink.
    But you could sell buckets at Starbucks I think.”

  31. Diana Lynn Gibson says:

    I had to send in another story, just because it’s FUN!

    No Thank You

    Now here is my story. It’s scary but true.
    I hope beyond words it won’t happen to you.

    I went Trick or Treating with some of my friends.
    We’d fashioned our costumes from old odds and ends.

    We came to a house that we’d not ever seen.
    A witch stirred her potion that spit something green.

    She said “Come here closer,” and beckoned us near.
    “Would you like a tidbit to nibble my dear?”

    She held out a cobweb and cackled with glee.
    We turned to race home as she crowed,


  32. orchardka says:

    by Kiley Orchard
    99 words

    Trick hated Halloween—the day costumed children came to her door and yelled, “Trick or treat!” but really only wanted Treat.
    Treat was sweet, but Trick had a lot to offer, too! She was feisty. She brewed puckish potions. She played the best pranks.
    This year, she’d decided to play one on Treat.
    Halloween morning, Trick trapped Treat in a cobweb of her own spun sugar.
    “All Trick!” she shouted. “No Treat!”
    But when the children knocked, Trick couldn’t keep up with demand. She needed… Treat.
    Trick unspun her twin.
    Halloween, she discovered, was best served sassy AND sweet.

  33. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Halloween Hornswoggled by Kristy Roser Nuttall

    Pirate Pete invited all of his pirate mates to a Halloween party, but on Halloween night, he stood alone on the ship. He pouted.

    “Arrr!! Tis no fun guzzlin’ party potion by myself!” he cried.

    He paced.

    “Shiver me timbers! Blasted Pirate Party Poopers! They’d better show up or I’ll roll them in cobwebs and make them walk the plank,” yelled Pirate Pete.

    Then the air exploded with a giant “Trick or Treat!”

    His pirate buddies popped out of their hiding place laughing and yo ho ho-ing.

    “Surprise!” They announced.

    “Why I’ve been Halloween hornswoggled!” laughed Pirate Pete. “Party time!”

  34. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    by Dee Knabb

    Spider spun a cobweb, silky and strong.
    “No more spinning. I’ve done it too long.”

    Below him, a witch concocted a brew,
    A magical potion from his point of view.

    “Mixing is tedious,” moaned the witch.
    “Weaving bores me. How about we switch?”

    Architect Spider, a genius for sure.
    Witch a chemist, her secrets quite secure.

    But mixers and weavers guard each trick
    That Witch and Spider didn’t learn quick.

    “I quit,” said Witch, wrapped like a mummy.
    “Ick,” said Spider. “This brew’s not yummy.

    She added sweets. He whipped up a sheen.
    “Ghoulish,” they sighed. “Happy Halloween.”

  35. Susan Schade says:

    Skellarella: A Halloween Fairytale
    By: Susan Schade
    100 words

    Skellarella was ecstatic to receive the Prince’s Halloween Costume Party invitation. Her stepsisters cackled when she was told that she could go only after every corner was cleaned. Skellarella slaved while her stepsisters dressed in their clever costumes.
    Finally finished, Skellarella found only cobwebs to wear. She silently sobbed. Suddenly, the Great Pumpkin appeared. When he poured a potion, it became the perfect costume, but only until midnight.
    The party was superb until the clock struck twelve and Skellarella’s costume faded back into cobwebs. Horrified, Skellarella froze before the Prince. He grinned and said, “Your disappearing costume trick was terrific!”

  36. BlueHoganBooks says:

    Three Cauldrons Full! (Play-On Baa Baa Black Sheep Nursery Rhyme)
    By: Erin Kerger Duffett – 100 Words – Just For Fun!

    Cackle, cackle, night witch,
    Have you any tricks?
    Yes ghost, yes ghost,
    Three pots thick!

    One crammed with potions,
    And one crammed with fear.
    One crammed with magic spells
    That make the ogres sneer.

    Boo, boo, grave ghost,
    Have you any shrills?
    Yes goblin, yes goblin,
    Three tombs filled!

    One stuffed with cobwebs,
    And one stuffed with bones.
    One stuffed with mummies
    That make the spirits moan.

    Gurgle, gurgle, goblin,
    Have you any gruel?
    Yes witch, yes witch,
    Three cauldrons full!

    One brimmed with spiders,
    And one brimmed with bats.
    One brimmed with troll boogies
    That frighten all the rats.

  37. marty says:

    by Marty Bellis
    (100 words)

    Little ghost donned her silky best,

    her filmy cobwebbed party dress.

    But the cemetery lay still.

    “I need a potion to get this gang moving,

    shaking and grooving.”

    Being no cook, her brew looked quite icky.

    But skeleton tried it. “I’m thirsty, not picky.”

    He swallowed, then rattled his brittle old bones.

    “Let’s be-bop and jive among the tombstones.

    We’ll show them how it’s done,” he said.

    “Look alive. We’ll raise the dead!”

    One by one, the ghosts arose,

    twitched their arms and twinkled their toes.

    Little ghost cheered. ”What a magical scene.

    We’re rocking tonight. I love Halloween.”

  38. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Cobweb Soup by Kathy Shanahan

    “My sweet cobweb soup,” grinned spider to fly.
    “Tis Halloween night, please give it a try.”

    As the fly edged closer to taste the slick potion,
    That spider crept up-his scheme was in motion.

    “Not bad,” said the fly. “This soup is okay.”
    “Sooo glad you like it. That’s how I lure prey.”

    As spider attacked, fly threw the hot soup.
    It soaked spider’s head-Arachnid’s been duped!

    “You can’t trick a fly. I’m smarter than you.”
    “Go back to your web.” And off the fly flew.


  39. Ashley Kelly Fagan says:

    By: Ashley Fagan
    (97 Words)
    It’s that time again. There’s a chill in the air, jack-o’-lanterns get lit, and trick-or-treaters run and scream about. Ew, did I mention, I HATE HALLOWEEN!?
    You see I’m just your average ordinary goblin. I enjoy long walks in the cemetery, eating cobweb cake while sipping tarantula tea, and some gosh dark peace and quiet! I simply can’t stand the screaming!
    So this year I’ve decided to cancel Halloween. I’ve conjured up this little potion that’ll do the trick. Here goes nothing.
    Did it work?
    Oh ghouly toots I turned myself into a trick-or-treater!

    • Nancy Riley says:

      Ha another backfired potion. Maybe he’ll learn to love it after a Halloween in the trick-or-treater’s costume. Good luck!

  40. Writer on the run says:

    Halloween Forever
    By Mary Rudzinski

    If every day was Halloween,
    I’d strut around in style.
    With pointy hat and long black robe,
    I ‘d flash my witchy smile!

    At Christmas time I’d mix a brew
    of eggnog, orange and black.
    I’d wrap my secret potions
    as gifts for Santa’s pack.

    The Easter grass would be cobwebs.
    I’d pass out snakes and bugs.
    My basket filled with spooky tricks-
    All spiders, bats, and slugs.

    But, Halloween comes once a year
    And witches know that’s tragic.
    So, I’ll cast a spell upon that day
    Creating endless magic.

  41. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    by Debbie Vidovich

    Twinkle, twinkle little witch
    I make Momma’s dead heart twitch.
    Waiting in my cobweb bed,
    Rat-skin cap upon my head.

    My hair’s matted, not one curl.
    I’m a warty, wicked girl.
    Dinner potion, red and foul.
    Super yucky, helps me howl.

    Burp! A noxious yellow green,
    grossest belch I’ve ever seen.
    I’m a freaky, fearsome sight,
    off to Trick or Treat all night.

    Swooping, screeching, rolling-growl!
    Run kids run, I’m on the prowl.
    Twinkle, twinkle little witch,
    I make Momma’s dead heart twitch.

  42. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A Pot of Potion
    by Cheryl Abels-Pease/Children’s Author

    With her green glowing eyes and fiery-red hair,

    she poured her newly formed potion into its pot.

    Pushing through the cobwebs glow, she searched out the victim’s room.

    Up each step carefully she climbed, hoping not to stir the house.

    He slept, tucked in tight, not knowing his own fate.

    Outside of his door, she considered her next step.

    Slipping through she slid inside… hunched over… staring at his sweating brow.

    “I’ve come with my pot of tricks and treats,” carefully prying his lips apart.

    Wide-eyed and trembling he took hold of her hand, “Thanks Mom

  43. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A Famous Witch
    by Jill Burns

    In Warlock Woods, near Haunted Hill,
    lives a famous witch, called Jill the Pill.

    Her yellow eyes glow against scaly-green-skin.
    Trick-or-treat at her door, she’ll invite you in.

    Cobwebs adorn every inch of her house,
    with rats, colored bats, and a vampire mouse.

    Her cauldron bubbles with Halloween potion,
    reeking of poop and stinky-feet lotion.

    After chatting she’ll send you away with a treat,
    a huge pumpkin cookie too awesome to eat.

    With a swoosh of her broomstick, Jill soars through the air.
    “Safe travels,” she cackles. “Thanks for coming–take care!”

    “Happy Halloween!”

    • Corine Timmer says:

      It smells BAD in Jill the Pill’s house. Those pumpkin cookies must be the best or nobody would enter this witch’s house. Happy Halloween!

  44. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    A Halloween Visit
    by Paul Kurtz

    The pumpkin-moon rises on Halloween night,
    A tiny black coffin with eight bats takes flight.

    An eight-legged driver with dagger-fanged jaws?
    That’s not old Saint Nick, it’s his pal Spider-Claws!

    His cobweb-wrapped presents of potions and spells
    Will flip-flop your tummy with nose-burning smells.

    He creeps down the chimney with barely a noise
    To leave scary gifts for all ghouls, girls, and boys.

    He might bring you nightmares or haunt all your dreams
    With hair-curling howling and spine-tingling screams.

    Then Spider-Claws shrieks from his cold, coffin seat—
    “Happy Halloween all, and to all Trick-Or-Treat!”

  45. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    by Paul Kurtz

    Wynotta Witch went into her bedroom. “Cobwebs—YECHH!” She tore sticky threads off her face.

    High on the doorframe, a spider scowled.

    “Beat it, bug-breath—catch your gross flies someplace else!”

    Wynotta drank her sleeping potion and slid into bed. The night’s witchy Halloween tricks filled her dreams.

    Moonlight woke Wynotta—cobwebs covered her walls floor-to-ceiling.


    Grabbing her broom, Wynotta scrubbed.

    The cobwebs didn’t budge.

    Wynotta’s fingers stroked a wall. “Nothing? Are they inside my head?”

    Something tickled behind her cheekbone.

    “What’s that?”

    A bristly face with tiny red eyes and a spider-fanged smirk rose into Wynotta’s view.


  46. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Happy Halloween, Neighbor!
    by Paul Kurtz

    Sinistro the Sorcerer drank his magic potion. “Every Halloween that foul gnome next-door toilet-papers my cottage. This year—revenge!”

    Feeling his body change, Sinistro crept away.

    Next door, Gnasty Gnome giggled. “Can’t wait to go drive that silly wizard crazy. Hey—my front door’s stuck!”

    None of Gnasty’s doors or windows opened.

    “A trick? Hah—I’m smarter!”

    He struggled up his sooty chimney onto the roof.

    “I’m unstoppable—Aa-chooey!”

    Gnasty tried lifting his foot.

    “I can’t move!”

    The moon rose—sticky cobwebs wrapped Gnasty’s whole cottage.

    “Get me down—H-E-L-P!”

    From the lawn, wizard-sized spider Sinistro waved—

    “Happy Halloween, neighbor!”

  47. Lisa Z. (@Lisa_Fighter78) says:

    A Halloween Surprise
    Lisa Zaccaria (@Lisa_Fighter78)
    Word count: 100

    David and his best friend, Billy, always celebrated Halloween together. This year was different. David learned Billy was in the hospital sick from chemo. He closed his eyes to stave off tears. Billy didn’t have a costume to wear. He couldn’t go trick-or-treating. David devised a plan.

    On Halloween night, David and his friends dressed in costumes. They stormed the hospital to Billy’s room and yelled, “Surprise!” They brought Billy a costume, candy, and decorated his room with cobwebs and pumpkins. David even created a magic potion to make Billy feel better. They celebrated Halloween together after all!

  48. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Grandma’s Halloween Tricks
    By Debbie Wanninkhof
    Word Count = 96

    On Halloween, my Grandma goes to her cobweb cupboard and pulls out her poof-poof potion. Grandma doesn’t like Halloween treats but she loves poofing tricks.

    The first goblins arrive. She opens the door. Poof – the superhero becomes a horse and gallops on the grass. Poof – the karate kid becomes a kangaroo and hops over a hedge. Everyone screams and scatters.

    “My poof-poof potion is working well,” Grandma says.

    The doorbell rings. Grandma runs to answer it. She trips. The potion pours over her.

    As she opens the door, – POOF – Grandma turns into a colossal candy corn!

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