Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge – Week 7!

My goodness!

How time flies!

Can you believe we’re on the last week of our little challenge already?  I’ve been having so much fun and enjoying all your creativity so much that it seems like we just started!

I want to apologize for getting a little behind with the updating and commenting.  A family situation came up and I’m not having much time to work.  But I promise I’ll sort it all out eventually, and I appreciate your patience in the meantime! 😊

This is the last week, so if you want to be eligible for the prize drawing (so many AMAZING prizes!!!) be sure to have all 7 of your entries posted in the comment section of the correct post (links to each week below) by Saturday June 27th at midnight!  I’ll announce the randomly drawn prize winners next Monday – June 29th.

Now! Let’s jump into Week 7!

Mix 'n' Match Mini Writing Challenge

Mix ‘n’ Match Mini is a 7 week writing challenge for anyone who needs a little boost or a little encouragement to get writing. . . or maybe just a little fun during this bizarre stay-at-home spring!

You get to write your own story, enjoy and be entertained by everyone else’s stories, and get yourself in the running for some awesome prizes (please see the end of the blog post for a list of all the prize goodies!)

To be eligible for the prize drawing you must enter all 7 weeks.

For a full description of the challenge or to add your Week #1 entry, please go HERE (Week #1)

To add your Week #2 entry, please go HERE (Week #2)

To add your Week #3 entry, please go HERE (Week #3)

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Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Prompt #7 for Week of June 22:

So far we’ve played with characters, setting, and emotion (or a combination, depending on where your random choosing landed you), with nursery rhymes and point of view, with a picture prompt, fun names, and a plot point, with fairy tales taking place in a new setting, with “How To”, and with getting into the young child mindset with only/always/never statements!  This week, for our final challenge, we’re going to do Summer Superheroes! 😊

Choose a superpower from Column A and an object/item from Column B and write a 100 word story for kids about a character of your choosing – boy scout, unicorn princess, sweet potato. . .  – anything goes 😊 that has, or meets someone with, the super power and includes the object.

Column A – Super Powers Column B – Objects/Items
Time travel Sand pail
Invisibility S’mores
Mind reading Picnic or barbecue
Xray vision Popsicle
Breathe underwater Pool float
Supersonic speed Goggles
Superhuman strength Shark or mermaid
Elasticty The Sun
Flight Camp Songs

You can write about Lily and Ben going on a picnic and meeting up with an invisible squirrel who is making off with their peanut butter sandwiches, or a time-traveling cave cricket who resolves an inter-cabin dispute at Camp Uggahmuggah by gathering all the kids around a fire and teaching them fun camp songs, or a Super Kid with xray vision whose powers are compromised at a crucial moment by ultraviolet swim goggles. . .  or anything else that inspires you!

  • Stories can rhyme or not – totally up to you!
  • You can go under or over 100 words if you want to – also totally up to you! – 100 is a guideline
  • If you’re deeply inspired by a super power or object/item that is not on the list you can use that instead – as long as you write a story as outlined above – the purpose here is inspiration and to get you writing!
  • For simplicity’s sake (and to aid skimming readers who might be interested in a particular thing) please be sure to put the super power and object/item you chose at the top of your entry along with your name and word count.


I’m not sure I’m going to have time for my little just for fun sample this week,  but if I can, I’ll add it in here! 😊



Now come join the fun! Get some writing done! Encourage your kids (or students) to give it a try! Or just have a good time together reading what other folks have written!

Remember, this is the last week, so if you want to be eligible for the prize drawing be sure to have all 7 of your entries posted in the comment section of the correct post (links to each week above) by Saturday June 27th at midnight.  I’ll announce the randomly drawn prize winners next Monday – June 29th.

Ready, set, WRITE! 😊

(And remember, for full details on the 7 week challenge you can check HERE)

(And if you need to motivate yourself scroll down to see all the amazing prizes you could win!!! 😊)


Check out the Week #7 stories!

Time Travel Freezing Power – Dawn Young (time travel, freezing power, popsicle)

Marty The Fly – Sue Lancaster (time travel, the sun)

Princess Supersonic Speed – Sara Ackerman (supersonic speed, popsicle)

Popsicles At Sunset – Matthew Lasley (popsicle)

Endless Freeze – Brenda Whitehead (time travel, popsicle)

Mia Flying Heart Girl – Lily Erlic (flight, hearts)

Supersonic Speed S’Mores – Jamie Bechtelheimer

Elasticity And Goggles – Ugo Anidi

When The Baby’s Allowed To Wish – Colleen Murphy (super size)

Untitled – Dot Anson (invisibility, popsicle)

Ed’s New Pair Of Sneakers – Jess Murray (superhuman speed, popsicle)

Marlene And The Fish – Patricia Nozell (breathe underwater, goggles)

The Crab And The Sun – Candice Conner (flight, the sun)

Soother – Mary Van Beuren (elasticity, electric guitar)

Limerick For Week 7 – Marty (superhuman strength, picnic)

Blaze – Rose Cappelli (invisibility, s’mores)

Untitled – Kay DiVerde (invisibility, popsicle)

The Sweet Smell Of Friendship – Jill Lambert (invisibility, s’mores)

Mind Reader – Rebecca Gardyn Levington (mind reading, goggles)

Lunch Lady – Susan Inez (elasticity, picnic)

Shark Breath – Deb Buschman (breathe underwater, shark)

Dr. Whooo – Susan Schipper (time travel, goggles)

A Melodious Picnic – Deb Sullivan (mind reading, camp songs)

X-Ray Birthday – Genevieve Petrillo (X-Ray vision, popsicle, goggles)

Saving Mermaid Arie – Cindy Boyll (breathe underwater, mermaid, goggles)

Rocks Rule – Amy Flynn (superhuman strength, pail)

Singing For His Supper – Penny Adler (elasticity, campfire songs)

Rocco Raccoon – Ashley Congdon (x-ray vision, goggles)

Fire Focus – Leslie Denkers (lights fires, a surprise, s’mores, bbq grill, popsicles)

Limerick #2 for Week 7 – Marty (supersonic speed, s’mores)

Lindy’s Flight Fright – Sarah Meade (flight)

Fish Camp Rocks – Katie Schwartz (breathe underwater, camp songs)

Dig It Up Jay – Michelle S. Kennedy (superhuman strength, sand pail, mermaid)

Untitled – Alicia Meyers Kelly (invisibility, goggles)

Untitled – Linda Schueler (time travel, popsicle)

Goggles The Supercow – Tracy(goggles)

True Blue – Corine Timmer

Week 7 Limerick – Liz Kehrli (flight, the moon)

Week 7 – Ketan Ram (X-ray vision, goggles)

The Super Babysitter – Mia Geiger (elastic, super)

Pudgy The Hero – Barbara Renner (superhuman strength, the sun)

Untitled – Heather Hatch (mind reading, picnic)

Sneaky Drake – Kristy Roser Nuttall (invisibility, s’mores)

All Bread Is Created Equal – Susan Krevat (time travel, s’mores)




When it comes time for prizes, names of all those who completed the challenge will be drawn randomly and matched with prizes drawn randomly until we run out! 😊

Please join me in thanking these very generous authors and other writing professionals for contributing their books and writing expertise as prizes by visiting their websites and blogs, considering their books and services for gift purchases, rating and/or reviewing their books on GoodReads, Amazon, B&N, or anywhere else if you like them, suggesting them for school visits, and supporting them in any other way you can dream up! 😊

For Spacious Skies by Nancy Churnin, award-winning author of so many fabulous books I don’t have space to list them all! Visit her website or Amazon Page!

For Spacious Skies

Picture Book Manuscript Critique from Kirstine Erekson Call, author of THE RAINDROP WHO COULDN’T FALL (Character Publishing 2013) and the forthcoming MOOTILDA’S BAD MOOD (Little Bee Books, September 2020), COW SAYS MEOW (HMH March 2021), and COLD TURKEY (Little Brown Spring 2021)

Kirsti Call Mootilda

Picture Book Manuscript Critique from Ellen Leventhal, author of DON’T EAT THE BLUEBONNETS (Spork 2017), HAYFEST: A Holiday Quest (ABCs Press 2010), and LOLA CAN’T LEAP (Spork 2018)

Ellen Leventhal Lola Can't Leap

Picture Book Manuscript Critique from Lindsay Hanson Metcalf, author of BEATRIX POTTER, SCIENTIST (September 2020), FARMERS UNITE!: PLANTING A PROTEST FOR FAIR PRICES (Calkins Creek November 2020), and NO VOICE TOO SMALL: FOURTEEN YOUNG AMERICANS MAKING HISTORY (Charlesbridge September 2020)

Lindsay+H.+Metcalf+(CREDIT+ANNA+JACKSON)+copy Beatric Potter

Picture Book Manuscript Critique (non rhyming) from Kaye Baillie, author of BOO LOVES BOOKS (New Frontier Publishing October 2020), and MESSAGE IN A SOCK (Midnight Sun Publishing 2018)

kaye-baillie-author-headshot Boo Loves Books message-in-a-sock-cover-1_2

Your choice of EITHER a Picture Book Manuscript Critique or a Virtual Visit with Keila Dawson, author of THE KING CAKE BABY (Pelican 2015), and NO VOICE TOO SMALL: FOURTEEN YOUNG AMERICANS MAKING HISTORY (Charlesbridge September 2020)

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 1.51.59 PM King Cake baby Keila No Voice Too Small


Winner’s Choice of Webinar from the amazing Alayne Kay Christian, author of picture books Butterfly Kisses, An Old Man And His Penguin, and the forthcoming The Weed That Woke Christmas and the chapter book series of Sienna The Cowgirl Fairy, and editor at Blue Whale Press!  Webinar choices include: How A Picture Book Is Made, Perfecting Your Critique, Top Ten Reasons For Rejection, and How To Write Powerful First Pages Like A Pro!

Alayne butterfly kisses An Old Man and His Penguin


15 Minute Video Chat – ask your questions about writing, research, submissions – whatever’s on your mind! –  with Christy Mihaly, author of DIET FOR A CHANGING PLANET: Food for Thought(Twenty-first Century Books/Lerner 2018), HEY, HEY, HAY!
A Tale of Bales and the Machines That Make Them (Holiday House 2018) , and FREE FOR YOU AND ME: What Our First Amendment Means (Albert Whitman March 2020)

Chris closeup Free For You And Me HEY, HEY, HAY! Cover

Quick Impressions on your Picture Book Manuscript from Rosie Pova, author of IF I WEREN’T WITH YOU (Spork 2017), SARAH’S SONG (Spork 2017), the forthcoming SUNDAY RAIN (Lantana Publishing March 2021) and others.

Rosie Pova Sunday Rain

RONAN THE LIBRARIAN, (Roaring Brook Press April 2020) brand new fromfabulous author Tara Luebbe


Your Choice of EITHER A Picture Book Manuscript Critique (fiction, non-rhyming) or an Ask Anything 15 Minute Video or Phone Chat with Tara Luebbe, author of  SHARK NATE-O,(Little Bee Books 2018), I AM FAMOUS ( Albert Whitman 2018), I USED TO BE FAMOUS (Albert Whitman 2019), OPERATION PHOTOBOMB (Albert Whitman 2019), and RONAN THE LIBRARIAN (Roaring Brook Press 2020) (see above)

Tara Luebbe Shark Nate-O

Sherry Howard, author of Rock And Roll Woods (Spork 2018) and a series of Nonfiction Middle Grade titles for Escape Publishing (2019)

Sherry Howard (4) Cover Rock and Roll Woods

Sherry Howard MG NF Books

is offering 6 of her nonfiction middle grade titles which will go to 6 lucky winners!

Ann Whitford Paul, author of Writing Picture Books (being donated by Becky Scharnhorst below), the book we ALL use as our picture book bible 😊, and countless wonderful picture books, is offering signed copies of her IF ANIMALS… Series (Farrar Straus Giroux):

Ann Whitford Paul

If Animals Went To School                     If Animals Kissed Good Night

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If Animals Said I Love You (2017)        If Animals Celebrated Christmas (2018)

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Kristy Nuttall 20200512_092224 20200512_091604

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Writing Picture Books Revised and Expanded Edition: A Hands-On Guide From Story Creation to Publication by [Ann Whitford Paul]

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Big Magic

The Nuts & Bolts Guide To Writing Picture Books by Linda Ashman (only available for Kindle) (x2)

The Nuts and Bolts Guide to Writing Picture Books by [Linda Ashman]

Magnetic Poetry – Little Box of Happiness

Magnetic Poetry - Little Box of Happiness Kit - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on The Fridge - Made in The USA


The Story Book Knight by Helen Docherty

storybook knight

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This Book Is Gray

Story Cubes

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 11.23.08 PM

Writing Journal (x10)


Scythe by Neal Shusterman

299 thoughts on “Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge – Week 7!

    • Katie Schwartz says:

      Well I joined late (started about a week ago?), but knew my writing friends were having fun, and I had to join in! Thank you Susanna, have really enjoyed this! And fortunately your 100 word limit was just a suggestion’, LOL, mine keep getting longer🙄! Thank you again, for the prompts and inspiration!

  1. Barbara Farr Renner says:

    You’re so creative, Susanna. I’ve loved the challenge of all your prompts and am having fun shaking up my creative juices. I’m glad you’re giving us until June 27th to post our stories. That’s probably when I will post mine. I hope your family situation will get sorted out soon.

  2. Dawn Young says:

    Week 7 Dawn Young TIME TRAVEL FREEZING POWER 94 words

    As the child placed a warm fuzzy scarf around the Snowman’s

    neck, a miracle happened. The snowman disappeared!

    “Where am I?” said the Snowman to a small boy in goggles,

    building a sand castle.

    “You are at the beach,” said the boy. “But how did you get here?”

    “My scarf must be made with time travel freezing power! I have

    always wanted to visit the ocean,” said Frosty.

    “Why aren’t you melting from the hot sun?” asked the boy.

    Frosty just smiled pulling a snowman shaped pop cycle out of his

    black hat.

  3. Sue Lancaster says:

    Marty the Fly
    (160 words. Time travel / the sun)

    This is the story of Marty the Fly,
    Who traveled through time in the blink of an eye,
    Everyone Marty so happened to meet,
    Would hear of the housefly’s spectacular feat:
    “It’s when I reach twenty-eight miles per hour,
    That’s when you will witness my super-fly power.
    I disappear – FLASH – to a time long ago,
    Then reappear – CRASH – and you never would know.”
    But Marty the Fly found that life was the same;
    Houseflies have always been far down the chain.
    Whatever the year, however far back,
    He’d always get hunted as somebody’s snack.
    So, Marty buzzed off to the future instead,
    And what he discovered will fill you with dread,
    The future that Marty the Fly had unfurled,
    Had robotic flies that were ruling the world.
    So, Marty the Fly, he of course chose to stay,
    He lived like a king for the rest of his days,
    Buzzing about with his cyber-fly queen,
    In the sizzling sun, Twenty-one Seventeen.

  4. marty says:

    Susanna, Love this final challenge 🙂 Hope your family situation resolves itself happily and without undue stress. You’ve given us plenty to soldier on with here until the 27th, so take whatever time you need. Thanks for another terrific contest.

  5. Sara Ackerman says:

    Princess Supersonic Speed (supersonic speed, popsicle)
    (61 words)

    Princess Supersonic Speed
    nearly lost her sparkling crown
    zipping all around the castle.
    “You’re a princess! Please slow down!”

    Always early to the ball,
    waltzing at a hurried pace.
    Rushing through her royal duties—
    “Princess, life is not a race!”

    Then one steamy summer day:
    popsicles at the royal gate.
    Frozen treats turned into puddles
    but not before our princess ate.

  6. matthewlasley says:

    Popsicles at Sunset

    It had been a hot summer’s day and as the sun set, my sister and I sat on our porch eating a popsicle and listened to the night come alive.
    As I licked the orange liquid that dribbled down my hand, my favorite part began. The fireflies.
    They bobbed and weaved on the evening breeze and my sister squealed with delight.
    Then the brightest and biggest firefly I’d ever seen bobbed towards us and landed on the railing of our porch. I was surprised to see one so big and was more surprised when he began to speak.
    “Did you know popsicles were invented over a hundred years ago by an 11 year old boy named Frank?”
    The firefly shivered and his wings buzzed. “I should know, I was there. Well, not there on that day, it was too cold! Epsicles he called ‘em.”
    “But I was there when he made them for his kids and called them Popsicles.”
    I sat there and stared. I wanted to say something. I wanted to scream. But I only stared.
    “Nice talking to you kid, but it’s time to go. Maybe I’ll see you in another hundred years.”
    He buzzed into the night, his light flashing like a beacon, until, POOF, he was gone.

  7. Brenda Whitehead (@BrendaW_Prof) says:

    Thanks again for this challenge Susanna, so much fun!! I hope it becomes a yearly thing. 🙂

    ENDLESS FREEZE (time travel, popsicle, 125 words)
    by Brenda Whitehead

    I have a super power.
    I travel back in time!
    It might be strange, but every spring
    I start to turn to slime.

    So every February,
    (In lucky years, it’s March!),
    I hop into my time machine
    And zoom through Timeless Arch!

    And when I reach the Depot,
    (They call it Tick Tock Stop),
    I wrap myself in winter white
    And freeze back to a Pop!

    Ahh, the lovely promise
    Of winter chill ahead!
    No fear of melting off my stick
    And making puddles red.

    So why not travel farther,
    To winters long ago,
    Instead of going back three months,
    To see the same old snow?

    Well every time I travel,
    I meet up with past me’s!
    Now sixty-six ice partiers
    Enjoy an endless freeze!

  8. lilyerlic says:

    In real life, Mia is my niece and she loves hearts. One day, she asked me to paint her a heart on canvas. This memory led to the story of Mia, Flying Heart Girl. Mia is full of heart always!

    Mia Flying Heart Girl (Flight, Hearts) 213 words by Lily Erlic

    Everyday Mia arrived in class with a heart on her shirt. She loved being flying heart girl.
    She gave heart cards out to all her friends on Valentine’s Day.
    “I’m having a heart birthday party too next month,” announced Mia.
    “Why do you wear a heart to school every day? asked her best friend, Jeanine.
    “Because, I’m flying heart girl, a superhero that gives out hearts to everyone that needs it. See, my heart has wings!”
    “Can I be flying heart girl too?” asked Jeanine.
    “Yes you can,” said Mia.
    A few other children were curious and they asked if they could join too.
    After school Mia invited Jeanine to her house. In Mia’s room there were hearts on the walls, on her bedding and a stack full of heart cards. Mia gave Janine a heart T-shirt and a heart cape.
    “What do we do now?” asked Jeanine.
    “We write messages on the cards,” said Mia.
    “What kind?”
    “Our mission is to help people smile. Let’s write things like, ‘you can do it’, or ‘way to go’ or ‘keep smiling’.
    “I wonder what the class will think,” said Jeanine.
    The next day everyone in the class received a flying heart with wings.
    “Now, we are the flying heart class,” said Mia.
    Everyone cheered.

    The End.

  9. Jamie Bechtelheimer says:

    Supersonic Speed S’mores (253 words)

    All my life I’d kept my supersonic speed powers well-hidden. And I’d only used my power for good.
    You know, like running super-fast to take my dog outside before he peed on the carpet, or to flip our grilled cheese sandwiches before they burn, or to stop my baby brother from putting his binkie in the toilet.
    But one summer, when we went camping … and Mom made s’mores.
    I’d never had s’mores before. Mom gave me one.
    It was so gooey, crunchy, and melty… so perfectly sweet!
    “More s’mores please, Mom!”
    She served up more. I gobbled them up before anybody else finished their first one.
    “S’more, please!”
    She stacked my plate high with them. I devoured them even faster than I did the first plate.
    “Honey, you shouldn’t have any more. You’ll get a sugar rush and then crash.”
    Then I felt it- the sugar rush! My superpower booster! I was jumpier, bouncier, speedier than I ever was before!
    I climbed all the trees like a supersonic squirrel! I sprinted over the mountain tops! I zipped over the lake like a Sea-Doo! I skimmed over the water back to the shore with a SPLASH!
    And then I flew back to my family at the picnic table… but I was going too fast to stop!
    Suddenly, my superspeed was zapped. I dragged my feet while I cleaned up the mess I made. And then I took a very long nap.
    Turns out, s’mores are my weakness. They’re like my kryptonite.

  10. Ugo Anidi says:

    Ugo Anidi
    178 words
    Elasticity and Goggles

    “Yuk! They’re ugly! They’re not glasses! They’re goggles!”
    All the kids in Room One laughed at Nene’s new glasses.
    Nene sat alone in a corner, away from the laughing kids. Miss May came into the room carrying a fish tank.
    All the kids gathered around her.
    “This is a blowfish” she explained. “It’s superpower is elasticity. Its tummy inflates whenever it senses danger.”
    Eight pairs of surprised eyes stared at her.
    “I’ll show you”
    She dropped the class shark doll into the fish tank and the most incredible thing happened.
    The fish started to swell and swell and swell until it was double its size, then triple its size, then it was bigger than the shark doll.
    All the children screamed but Nene screamed the loudest!
    “I can see inside it’s tummy! I can see its spine and all the things inside its body!” She pressed her face on the tank, her eyes wide with wonder.
    “You can?! How?!” one child asked
    “It’s the goggles” another shouted
    And soon, everyone in Room One wanted to wear Nene’s ‘goggles’.

  11. Ugo Anidi says:

    I hope you and yours are well and the family situation gets better. Take care and thank you for this challenge. it helped me write even when i didn’t feel like it.
    Also, i’ve been participating for a month now but i write long hand (a bad habit) and every day i plan to type up the shorts and send them in but i’ve been procrastinating (another bad habit).
    However, i noted today that i have 5 days to type them all up so i’ll try to do them all now.
    Thanks again 🙂

  12. Colleen Owen Murphy says:

    So, not exactly super powers, but a star and immense size. I also did not finish this as it is already getting too long. But it is something I had thought about writing lately so it was fun to try to get a start. Thanks Susanna for permission to be silly.


    One cloudless night a northern light shone bright in Owen’s eyes.
    He wished, as many babies do, to multiply in size.
    Then Owen grew much faster than a four-month old should grow.
    He burst out of his clothing as he stretched from head to toe.

    His parents put him in his crib, then heard from overhead –
    Crr-ash! Ka-boom! Waah! Poor Owen busted through his bed.
    They called the local doctor, “You must tell us what to do!
    He’s much too big to carry; he’s outgrown his diapers too!”

    Thank goodness Owen crawled a bit; he moved into the hall
    with bedsheets for his bottom and no clothes to wear at all.
    He made it to the living room; he slept upon the floor
    Until…he arms broke through the walls and feet pushed through the door.

    His parents, now hysterical, appealed to 9-1-1:
    “Someone has to help us; we’ve a two ton baby son!”


  13. Dorothy Dot Anson says:

    Thank you Susanna for the fantastic prompts. This has been fun and challenging at times.

    Superpower: Invisibility. Item: Popsicle (113 words)

    “Where are you? ” Aaliyah said to her brother.
    Cohen had superpowers. He could be invisible.
    “Come and find me, ” he said.
    Aaliyah tried to follow his voice, but he would move each time she got close.
    Playing chasing was no fun with Cohen. How can you tag someone you can’t see?
    Suddenly Aaliyah had an idea. She went inside to ask Mum something. When she walked back outside she had two Popsicles. She began to eat one, holding onto the other one tightly.
    Cohen couldn’t resist. He loved Popsicles. He crept close enough to take it, but as soon as Aaliyah felt him try, she quickly touched him saying, “You’re it.”

  14. ejessmurray says:

    Ed’s New Pair of Sneakers (superhuman speed, popsicle; 123 words, Jess Murray)

    Gave him superhuman speed. His mother? Suitably impressed. But, later at the pool, no one else seemed to notice.

    Ed stewed, turning his lips bright blue with a popsicle, when he noticed something adorable. A crate truck full of puppies had backed up to pool. The driver needed soft-serve.

    A squirrel pelted a nut. Puppies leaped. The truck lurched. The lock broke. The latch opened. YELLLL-ELLL-ELLL-P! 27 puppies tumbled into the shallow end!

    Lickity-split, Ed raced to the pool. He sailed into the water, pulled out the flailing puppies, and plopped them on a float. All before anyone could even shout, “Puppies!”

    Ed, and his kicks, made the national news. And the town was so grateful he got free popsicles all summer.

    (Susanna, thank you for this challenge and all of the work you put in to make it happen, including the inspiring examples:). I’ve loved getting to participate and be prompted in different story directions, and I’ve esp. appreciated getting to read my fellow challengees’ stories! So fun all around!)

  15. ptnozell says:

    Susanna, thank you so much for coordinating this challenge, even as you’ve been busy with deadlines & family matters (hoping everything is ok). I think your superpower is creating this wonderful writing community & stretching us to flex our writing muscles. I’ve challenged myself to be brief (all 7 are 100 words or less), but I’ve already turned an early idea into a much longer picture book manuscript. I’ll truly miss these Monday writing prompts!

    Marlene and the Fish (100 words, goggles & underwater breathing)

    With goggles, fins, and snorkel, Marlene swam like a fish. One day, as she followed a school of blue tangs, something shiny caught her eye. She dove and discovered a plastic bag snagged on coral and several empty soda cans with plastic straws.

    “If the sea creatures eat this garbage, they’ll die!”

    Marlene tugged at the bag and started collecting the garbage. But the snorkel slipped from her mouth. Marlene gasped, sputtered, but then realized she could breathe underwater without it.

    Now, with goggles and fins, Marlene swims like a fish and saves them from garbage on the seabed.

  16. candicemarleyconner says:

    I can’t believe our challenge is at an end! Thank you, Susanna, for all the energy you pour into the writing community!

    Flight, The Sun, 216 word count

    The Crab and the Sun

    Once upon a half-truth, crabs came in every sort of color you can think up.

    They came in shades of green like the sky after a summer thunderstorm, white like moon pearls, polka-dot spots like a shadow-dappled forest floor.

    One crab the color of the deepest sea, a blue so rich it made you want to sink your teeth into it, was not content to live on the bottom. He didn’t want to live as a scavenger. He wanted to soar. Not through thermoclines like whales or waves like dolphins, but through the air. He wanted to touch the Sun.

    “Crabs need their claws on the sand,” the old crabs warned him. “The dead will pile up and pollute our water if we aren’t there to eat it.”

    Our crab swiveled his eye stalks and set to work building armor for his body, fan coral for his wing-claws.

    He waited for a terrible storm that gnashed rocks into rubble and launched himself into the heavens. But his armor-shell was no match for the heat of the Sun and our blue crab turned the color of a fiery sunset.

    This is why crabs change colors now when we put them in a pot to boil. The Sun’s mark absorbs blue light and turns red, orange or yellow.

  17. maryvb says:

    Dear Susanna, this is my favorite prompt of all. To give children superpowers in this time of covid, it’s brilliant and hopeful. Thank you, for motivating and inspiring me to take a crack at writing for children. These past 7 weeks have been a blast.

    Sorry, this is long – it’s the story’s fault.

    Super Power: Elasticity/Electric Guitar
    866 Words
    By Mary van Beuren

    Once upon a time, not so long ago, in a small village outside a big city, a young girl was given a teal-blue electric guitar. Her parents took turns driving her to lessons after school. Olivia worked hard and practiced often. She learned new chords, riffs and scales and soon, she was quite adept. Her fingers could stretch and make the most difficult chords ring loud and clear. It was as if by magic. Olivia was ten years old when she discovered that she had the gift of Elasticity. This was her invisible super power.

    Olivia seldom put her guitar down, if you saw Olivia, you saw that teal-blue guitar. Every Friday, after school, her family went to the skatepark. Her mom, her dad, and her two brothers, Zephyr, who was nine and annoying and Atticus who was six months old and the cutest baby on earth.

    Olivia would put her guitar in its case while she and her mom took turns holding Atticus. Olivia smelled something stinky, lifted Atticus up to her nose and said, “P-U, Atticus!” and quickly handed the baby back to her mom. They couldn’t find the diaper bag. It was not in the stroller, it was not on the picnic table, it was not anywhere.

    Olivia realized it had been left beside the car and thought, “I wonder if I can…” She focused on her arm, and in an instant, her arm grew long, and longer still until she was able to reach all the way across the park and into the parking lot. She grabbed the diaper bag and swiftly set it beside her mom.

    “Oh, there it is!” said her mom, “I need another pair of arms!”

    Gotcha covered, Olivia thought, surprised by this new way to use her superpower. She went back to playing her guitar, even though she couldn’t plug it in, and only the people close by could hear. As the music softly rang, the people listening became more friendly and laughed easier.

    Her dad and her brother practiced dropping into half-pipes and circling bowls. Both of them fell off their skateboards, a lot.

    Olivia looked up from her guitar to see her brother about to tip over, and she grew her arm long and steadied the board. Zephyr soared down one side of the half-pipe and then back up, the other, jumped off the board and raised his arms high in triumph.

    Zephyr yelled over to Olivia, “Whew, I thought I was a goner on that one!”

    Olivia, both hands back on her teal-blue guitar, yelled back, “Yeah, I did too!”

    And then she saw her dad skating along the grind rail, one of his trucks was crooked. Even though he was wearing a helmet and pads, she knew if he fell, he would be hurt. She focused on her arm and again, was able to reach out long and steady her dad. He was able to ride the rail like never before. He beamed back at Olivia, as though he knew about her super power and she shrugged her shoulders and beamed back at him.

    Soon after this outing, very suddenly, a pandemic took over the world. Schools were closed and everyone stayed inside. Everyone was scared.

    School went virtual, guitar classes and visits with friends and grandparents did, too. Everything was done in front of a computer. The entire world suffered through April, and then March.

    When Olivia practiced, her mom, her dad and her brother, Zephyr became less scared and Atticus napped.

    When the weather became nice, Olivia practiced out on the back step. The neighbors listened and their dark moods lifted.

    In June, Olivia’s class was to have their 5th grade graduation ceremony, online. It made everyone sad, to miss walking across the stage to get their diploma, and the parties afterward.

    The evening of the graduation, Olivia’s entire village gathered before their screens to watch. There was a technical glitch. The graduation video did not work. Everyone waited. Everyone became sadder, because now, not only were they going to miss the real graduation, they were going to miss the virtual graduation, too.

    Olivia had an idea. She focused on her arm and it grew long, and longer still and quicker than the flick of an eye, her guitar was plugged in and in her lap. She unmuted the mic and she launched into ‘Satisfaction,’ and everyone rose in front of their computers and danced and laughed. She played, ‘Halleluiah,’ and everybody sang. She played, ‘Ode to Joy,’ and everyone listened, soothed and nodding their heads, yes, yes.

    And then, the graduation video blared to life and the village watched the pictures of their graduates flash upon the screen. They watched as their names scrolled up, symbolizing their walk across the stage. They clapped for all that they had been through, together and apart. They clapped for the gift of Olivia’s music.

    And, one by one, the screens went dark, everyone feeling a little closer, a little lighter than they did before they danced, and sang and witnessed this right of passage.

  18. marty says:

    Limerick for Week 7
    (superhuman strength, picnic)
    WC 31

    Super Ant loved a good picnic spread.
    He’d hoist cheese, chips, bologna and bread.
    Depositing the loot,
    He’d go back for some fruit.
    His whole army of ants stayed well fed!

  19. rosecappelli says:

    Thanks for this challenge, Susanna! You always come up with great ideas to get creativity flowing. I hope everything with your family works out well. You are in my thoughts.

    Blaze (invisibility, S’mores. 123 words)

    Everybody thinks my dragon Blaze is imaginary. But he’s real…just invisible. And he’s my super hero. On the first day of school I didn’t think I’d make that big step onto the bus, but Blaze gave me a lift. He guided the ball right to my bat for my first Little League hit. He even helped me blow out the candles on my birthday cake. Everyone thought the one that kept relighting was a trick, but it was Blaze. He has quite a sense of humor.

    Today we’re at camp. So far he’s helped me catch a fish and steer clear of poison ivy. We’re making S’mores, but we can’t have a fire. Cold S’mores? No way! Mine are just right.

    Thanks, Blaze!

  20. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Week 7: invisibility superpower; Popsicle (word count 205)

    I bet you’ve never met anyone like me before. I can turn invisible. What? You don’t believe me? Let me show you.

    Here I am walking down the street. You can see me, right? I’m the one with the neon green shorts and fluorescent pink tank top. La-di-da, la-di-da. I’m just strolling along, minding my own business. Cool! Here comes the ice cream truck. “May I have a cherry Popsicle please?”

    “Sure, that will be 75 cents,” answered the ice cream truck driver.

    I carefully open the wrapper to find my red, sticky Popsicle. I take one lick, and my feet disappear. Another lick, and you only see me from the waist up. By the time I take the last lick, all you can see is the wooden Popsicle stick floating in the air. Amazing, right?

    This trick comes in handy when I want to get out of mowing the lawn or cleaning up the dog doo doo in the backyard. I only wish it were easier to get Popsicles at school!

    For now, I’m enjoying the summer and being able to turn invisible while Popsicles are plentiful. So, the next time you see a floating Popsicle stick, beware. It’s just me using my superpower!

  21. Jill Lambert (@LJillLambert) says:

    Susanna, I will miss the fun of this weekly challenge and all the inspiration and creativity you and all the participants have shared! It meant so much to have this challenge in the midst of uncertain times. Thank you all! Here is my Week 7 entry:

    The Sweet Smell of Friendship
    By Jill Lambert (213 words/invisibility/s’mores)

    There once was a skunk
    who was hiking alone.
    She sensed a strange scent
    and it wasn’t cologne!

    “That stench is bear stink!”
    The skunk gasped for breath.
    “I have to escape now
    or it’s sudden death!”

    Her fear was intense—
    it imparted a power
    that made her invisible,
    for only one hour.

    Then who lumbered in,
    but the bear she had smelled.
    He teared up and coughed,
    “What IS that?!” he yelled.

    For although the skunk’s power
    had hid her from sight,
    her fumes were still potent
    enough to indict.

    The bear couldn’t see her,
    so he plodded on.
    He found a good campsite
    to pitch a tent on.

    He set up his camp,
    built a fire, and then
    toasted some marshmallows—
    enough for ten men.

    The skunk was so famished,
    she crept closer in,
    then whimpered, “Oh, no!
    I’m visible again!”

    The bear caught a whiff
    of her presence and knew
    what was lurking about
    just out of his view.

    “Oh, come on over
    and have a s’more!
    I know that you’re out there.
    I smelled you before.”

    So the skunk slunk, relieved,
    to the bear’s cozy site.
    She enjoyed her s’more,
    every last bite.

    And after awhile
    their sniffers went numb.
    The laughed like best buddies.
    Bear became Skunk’s chum.

  22. RebeccaTheWriter says:

    (Mind reading; goggles — 81 words)

    By Rebecca Gardyn Levington

    I bet you didn’t know about
    my newfound superpower
    but I must admit it really is quite cool.

    When I put on these red goggles
    I can read your every thought!
    An astounding, very useful little tool!

    So although you say I bug you,
    and you tell me to “get out!”
    and you threaten me and say you’ll tell our mother,

    I just put on my red goggles,
    and I know you’re really thinking:
    “You’re the greatest, sweetest, cutest little brother!”

  23. susaninez0905 says:

    Lunch Lady
    WC: 99 (elasticity/picnic)

    Our lunch lady is weird.
    At first, I didn’t notice.
    But now, she creeps me out.
    She has a superpower.
    Yesterday, she was serving lunches; no biggie, but then, she turned around to stir the sauce.
    On the stove, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM.
    No one’s arm is THAT long.
    And, just as Shaun was about spill his milk, her hand reached COMPLETELY OVER the cafeteria and stopped it.
    Today, we are having a picnic.
    I swear, I just saw her slap a seagull away; WHILE IT WAS FLYING.
    I think she’s elastic.
    How is this possible?

  24. Deb Buschman (@DebBuschman) says:

    This Challenge has been a blast.
    Thank you so much Susanna.

    Breathe Underwater/Shark
    Word Count 181

    By Deb Buschman

    Liam swished his feet through the water as the boat swayed.
    He loved the ocean but not his mean family.
    Maybe he could swim far away.
    Then he saw it. A fin.
    His family was busy arguing and didn’t notice.
    First a nose. Then jaws. Then a wink?!
    Did that shark just wink at me?
    Liam reached down and stroked the shark as he swam by.
    The shark made another pass and nudged Liam’s tiny toes. He giggled and…
    fell into the ocean. Before he could sink the shark swam underneath and brought Liam to the surface. He gasped, sputtered and smiled as he hung on to the shark.
    The water sparkled as they made lazy circles.
    Then a whoosh of air from the shark’s gills filled Liam’s mouth and under they went. He gripped tighter and held his breath. The shark winked again and Liam realized he was breathing underwater just like a shark.
    Liam stroked the shark, winked and as the shark swam by the boat Liam waved. He could hear the yelling as they dove beneath the ocean.

  25. seschipper says:

    Susanna, Thank you so much for providing us with this writing opportunity! The 7 weeks just flew by! Your creativity was inspiring. I also enjoyed reading the amazing stories that evolved!
    Praying all is well for you! 🙂

    Super power – Time travel Object – Super Vision Goggles

    Susan Schipper
    Word Count 207

    Dr. Whooo

    Once upon a time, a wise old owl lived in a forest in a faraway land. His name was Dr. Whooo. The Doc, as his forest friends liked to call him, possessed a super power! He could travel back in time! All he needed was to wear his super vision goggles to get the job done!
    One night, the doc heard a muffled cry. He turned his neck about 270 degrees to see where it was coming from and spotted a Compsognathus, the smallest known dinosaur. Dr. Whoo swooped down to comfort the dino! Compsognathus was far from home. He had no idea how he landed in the forest! Dr. Whoo knew just what to do. He donned his super vison goggles, placed Comsognathus on his feathered back and off he flew. They were going back in time to Jurassic Park!
    It was a fantastic flight! They arrived in a blink of Doc’s binocular eyes!!! Comsognathus’ family was thrilled to have him back home. They offered Dr.Whoo a scrumptious meal of lizards and some bugs for returning Compsognathus!
    After dining with his new friends, the Doc once again, put his goggles on and returned to his forest. He knew another grand adventure awaited him!

  26. Deborah Agranat Sullivan says:

    A Melodious Picnic – 148 words (mind reading, camp songs)

    It’s picnic season – which means The Bear family is ready for action! Berries, nuts and leaves are alright. Fried chicken, cole slaw and chips are better.
    Mama Bear spies a family settling in.
    “Freda, you grab the pasta salad.”
    “Yipee!” says Freda.
    “Barnie, you take the watermelon.”
    “Wahoo!” says Barnie.
    “Wendell, you snag the apple pie.”
    “Okay,” says Wendell quietly humming.
    Freda and Barnie do their pre-pilfer warm up before heading out.
    Wendell marches in place.
    Freda zips back with pasta salad.
    Barnie zooms home with watermelon.
    They gush about their snatched goods.
    Wendell bops in a corner.
    “What about the apple pie?” asks Freda.
    “Wendell would like to lead us in camp songs first,” says Mama Bear.
    Wendell beams.
    “How did you know?”
    Mama Bear winks.
    After belting out The Ants Go Marching, Wendell snatches the apple pie. Then The Bear family enjoys their picnic.

  27. Genevieve Petrillo says:

    X-Ray Birthday (X-Ray vision, popsicle, and goggles – 135 words – ugh.)

    “Now?” Jack begged.
    “Not yet,” Mom said for the tenth time.
    Jack huffed and puffed at the bags and boxes. Waiting to open gifts was torture!
    “Happy Birthday, dear Ja-ack. Happy birthday to you!”
    Jack wished, blew, and ate.
    He slurped a popsicle and gasped. “X-Ray vision!” He saw a pool raft, soccer ball, building set, and swim goggles right through their fancy wrapping!
    As the last bite of popsicle melted on his tongue, his X-Ray vision vanished.
    When it was finally time, Jack tore into the packages and pretended surprise with each.
    Later, Jack slipped on his goggles and – WOW! He saw inside the cabinet where Mom hid the last box of cookies, three lost cars under the couch, and his cat hiding in the coat closet.
    “X-Ray goggles!” Jack said. “Best birthday ever!”

  28. boyll says:

    This 7-week challenge was fun, challenging, and creative. Even if I don’t draw a prize I feel great about completing the seven little stories! It was interesting to read other writers too. Thank you.

    Saving Mermaid Arie
    By Cindy Boyll
    breathe underwater, mermaid, goggles, 150 words

    Off Ireland’s coast, there be mermaids.

    I know this to be true, because Arie is my friend.

    I rescued her once while exploring a sea cave.

    There she was wrapped in plastic garbage.

    “Help!” she whispered.

    I grabbed my knife. Her eyes widened. I cut the plastic.

    Then, with a tail flip, Arie dove into the water.

    I stared and saw her red hair swirling below.

    She popped up. “Thank-you. Why, are you here?”

    “I make necklaces from sea treasures,” I said, pointing to mine.

    “How lovely! Would you teach me?”


    We worked on our necklaces and did not notice the tide rising.

    “Oh, no, I am trapped!” I cried.

    “No problem!” Arie reassured. She disappeared into the water, returning with goggles.

    “Here, these magic goggles allow humans to see and breathe under water.”

    Together, Aerie and I make many necklaces and often swim to the bottom of the sea.

  29. amyflynnnd says:

    Thanks so much for these seven weeks of prompts. They were fun, challenging, and got the creativity juices flowing!

    Rocks Rule (Superhuman strength, pail) (118 words)
    By Amy Flynn

    “I LOVE ROCKS!” Ben shouted.

    “TOO MANY ROCKS!” his Mom responded and made a new rule.

    Only as many as he could carry.

    That meant:

    From their hike, two large flat ones.
    From the yard, fifteen small round pebbles.

    From the beach…

    Ben struggled and juggled.
    He stowed and dropped.

    Then, behind the bramble he spotted a small silver pail.

    He snagged the handle and started collecting.

    Smooth sea glass.
    Bumpy coral branches.
    More and more, though the pail never grew too heavy.

    Returning home, his Mom gaped at 500 additions to his collection, wondering how he had the strength to carry such a load.

    Ben grinned, tucking his new rock pail onto his shelf.
    For next time.

  30. Penny Adler says:

    Singing for His Supper (Elasticity, Campfire Songs)

    200 Words
    Farmer Jay walked away grumbling, “It doesn’t make sense. The gate is locked but the treats are missing.”
    Gus watches Farmer Jay through a slit in the gate. His nose tingles, his tail swishes and his legs wobble while he sings:
    I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas.
    I like to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas.
    BWEEP…his head pops through the hole.
    He breathes in and breathes out, still singing:
    I like to ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays.
    I like to ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays.
    SPOOT… his shoulders and front legs burst through the opening .
    His belly is next. It is going to be a tough squeeze.
    EEK.EEK.EEK. It sounds like a creaky door while he inches through humming:
    I like to eat, eat, eat ee-ples and bee-nee-nees
    I like to ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays.
    THWOK… Whew! He can breathe again.
    I like to ite, ite, ite i-ples and by-ny-nys.
    I like to ite, ite, ite i-ples and by-ny-nys.
    CA-CHUNK… Through the hole he flies, crashing into the pail… which tipped the fork and flipped the treats to the floor. Gus grabs an apple and sings…
    I like to ote, ote, o-ples and bo-no-nos.
    I like to ote, ote, o-ples and bo-no-nos.

  31. Ashley Congdon (@AshleyCCongdon) says:

    Thank you Susanna for this challenge. I enjoyed writing and reading all the entries (Yours as well!).


    (x-ray vision, goggles)
    by Ashley Congdon 
    WC: 189

    Time to go dumpster diving for some tasty treats. 

    Half-eaten fish. I’ll take that. 
    Moldy bread. That’s delicious too.
    Goggles? Hmmm . . . Let me check these out.  

    Whoa. Whoa. X-ray goggles! 
    No more rummaging for Rocco Racoon with these babies!

    Dumpster #1, what do ya got for me? Dirty diapers! Yuck! Next!

    Dumpster #2. Tasty tacos!  
    Uh, my stomach can’t handle the spicy tonight. There has to be something better. 

    Dumpster #3. Pizza boxes! Jackpot! I’ll dive right in. Plunk! 

    Nom. Nom. Nom. 
    Pt! Pt! P-tooey!

    This ain’t pizza. Where’s the cheesy cheese, savory sauce, and crunchy crust? What’s the box say? I can’t see with these goggles on. Let me take them off.

    The only pizza place in town that sells ALL veggie pizza!
    *With new and improved cauliflower crust*

    What!?!? Veggie pizza? The only place and it’s the one I pick! Just my luck.

    Beep. Beep. Beep.

    Not the dump truck! Time to dive out. Whoosh!

    No, no, no. Wait! My goggles!
    There go the goggles with the garbage. A lot of help they were. Hmph! I guess it’s back to rummaging for Rocco Racoon.

  32. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Fire Focus
    Super power:lights fire/and a surprise
    Objects: smores, barbeque grill, popsicles
    Word Count: 267 (Ugh) thanks for reading.

    Did I tell you I have a super power?
    Some call it X-Ray Vision, but no, I can’t see through things.
    I can light them on fire!

    This is great, right?
    NO! Who do you think does all the work?
    Me, that’s who.

    “Tyrell, melt the snow off the driveway so I can go to work.”
    “Tyrell, toast the bread for our BLT’s? And while you’re at it, can you cook the bacon to a nice crisp?”

    At our family pool party I could take no more.
    “Make me a ‘Smore, Tyrell; I keep burning my marshmallow.”
    “Heat up the pool Tyrell. It’s too cold.”
    “Hey Tyrell, start the fire in the barbeque. These hamburgers ain’t gonna’ cook themselves.”

    I exploded!
    I heated up the pool all right. The water bubbled over, shooting to the top of the palm trees. Everyone scrambled out of the pool.
    I set the hamburgers aflame on the barbeque making Uncle T Jay jump to safety.
    I seared all the marshmallows my cousins held over the firepit, and then melted all the popsicles they were eating.

    “TYRELL LINCOLN BOOKER ROBINSON! YOU BEST BE PRAYIN’ NOW.” Mama was up like a shot. Oh no, I was done for.
    Quick as a wink I jumped in the pool and sank to the bottom.
    I looked up to see them gathered round, angry and threatening, waiting for me to surface.
    The heat of the pool was nothing compared to the heat of them waitin’ up there.
    I’d need to stay there until everything cooled down.
    But I didn’t worry.
    Did I tell you about my superpower?
    I can breathe underwater!

  33. marty says:

    Couldn’t resist trying one more this week. Found these prompts tougher to put into limerick form.
    Thanks, Susanna, for giving us such a great contest. Hope you’ll do it again next year!

    Limerick #2 for Week 7: using supersonic speed, s’mores

    There was a wee lad from Nebraska,
    Who ran, at top speed, to Kalkaska.
    Eating five s’mores for power,
    He arrived in an hour;
    Then took off, just for fun, to Alaska!

  34. Sarah Meade says:

    Susanna, I have SO enjoyed these weekly challenges. I’ve never written a superpowers story before and had a lot of fun with it. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    (superpower: flight)
    By Sarah Meade
    Word Count: 178

    Lindy swallowed her last bite of birthday cake.
    “Your new seven-year-old superpower is…” Grandpa Magicalla announced.
    Lindy’s throat went lumpy.
    Flight meant heights.
    And Lindy had FLIGHT FRIGHT.
    “Ready to try?” asked Grandpa Magicalla.
    “Maybe later,” said Lindy.
    “Let’s go for a walk,” said Grandpa Magicalla.
    Together they sauntered down Spell Street.
    “Aw, there’s a kite up in that tree,” said Lindy.
    Grandpa Magicalla nodded.
    “That shutter is crooked,” said Lindy.
    “Ah,” Grandpa Magicalla nodded.
    As they passed the park, they heard sobbing.
    “M-m-my ball! It’s stuck!” The boy pointed to the roof of the picnic pavilion.
    Lindy’s heart hammered. She wanted to help, but…
    The boy’s big eyes shone with tears.
    Lindy pushed her flight fright aside.
    “I’m ready for my first flight, Grandpa.”
    Lindy closed her eyes….
    took a big breath…
    and lunged into the sky!
    She was up SO HIGH.
    But she had no time for flight fright.
    Whoosh! Lindy rescued the boy’s ball.
    Whoosh! She fixed the shutter.
    Whoosh! She freed the kite.
    Lindy landed next to Grandpa Magicalla.
    “Okay, where to next?”

  35. Katie Schwartz says:

    Thank you again Susanna, I didn’t want these prompts, and your encouragement to come to an end! Kind of like this story, LOL! Luckily I know there will be more, hope things at your house are getting better, and will soon, everywhere. Writing definitely helps, as long as we write, we show optimism for the future.

    Breathe underwater, camp songs wc – 455

    Fish Camp Rocks!

    Mom & Dad were talking low
    We heard ‘No camp this year’.
    “We’ve got to think of something,”
    Tristan whispered in my ear.

    No soccer camp? No drama camp?
    No overnight pajama camp??
    No arts and crafts, or writing camp???
    I frowned so hard I got a cramp!

    “Let’s look at the new picture book,
    We got from Aunt Lenore
    She says it’s full of tricks and plots
    Not EVER seen before.”

    The book was in closet,
    we sat down on the floor.
    It popped open like a spring to
    page one hundred twenty four!

    The title of the chapter,
    ‘Living in The Deep Blue Sea.
    First you need to learn to breathe
    like a sea anemone.’

    There were pictures. And instructions.
    We were up all night!
    We then headed for the ocean
    When we thought we had it right.

    Imagine our excitement!
    On the beach there was a sign
    ‘Underwater camp is starting
    when the sundial points to nine’.

    We splashed for just a minute,
    then swam down to join the fishes
    Breathing like the darting minnows
    through the waves and seaweed swishes!

    “Campers swim this way,
    It’s time to learn the fish camp song.”
    There were manatees and moray eels,
    fins flying, “Come along!”

    Underwater singing?
    Our jaws fell open wide!
    “Please close your mouths”, said Puffer,
    “A whale could swim inside!”

    We learned the camp song quickly,
    It was a catchy deep sea tune.
    We paddled round and sang along
    most of the afternoon.

    And if you’d like to learn it,
    Here it is, a happy song.
    On land or in the deep blue sea,
    like a sloop, it sails along.

    The Fish Camp Song (Sung to the tune of the camp song: The More We Get Together)

    The more we swim together, together, together
    The more we swim together, the happier we’ll be.
    Cause the sunfishes are funfishes, and the funfishes are sunfishes,
    the more we swim together, the happier we’ll be.

    The more we splash together, together, together
    The more we splash together, the happier we’ll be.
    Cause the jellyfishes are silly fishes, with long silky bellies fishes
    the more we splash together, the happier we’ll be.

    The more we float together, together, together,
    The more we float together, the happier we’ll be
    Cause snappers are flappers, and really good rappers
    The more we float together, the happier we’ll be.

    The more we dive together, together, together,
    The more we dive together, the happier we’ll be
    Cause clownfish are round fish, and they’ve never got a frown-fish,
    The more we dive together, the happier we’ll be!

    Right now you might be thinking,
    could this fishy tale be true?
    Just wait for night, in fading light,
    listen close with all your might.
    The fish will croon aquatic tunes,
    songs rising from the blue.

  36. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    (Superhuman Strength / Sand-Pail / Mermaid)
    By Michelle S. Kennedy

    Dig it up Jay (WC 206)

    Jay woke up one morning
    on a sunny summer’s day.
    The ocean blue was waiting.
    He readied to go play.

    With sunscreen, and a shovel
    and his favorite new sand-pail,
    he set out for the beach
    on a short but twisty trail.

    When he made it to the water
    underneath the blazing skies,
    wading near the sandy edge
    he heard a Mermaid’s cries.

    He jumped off from his bike
    with his bucket in his hand-
    “What trouble’s you sweet Mermaid?
    Why are you on land?”

    “I washed upon this shore
    and now it seems I’m stuck.
    I don’t know what to do…
    I could use a bit a of luck.”

    Jake sprang into action
    with a superhuman strength,
    digging out her tailfins-
    the whole entire length.

    Finally, she freed from
    beneath the flotsam grasp
    and dove into the water
    with a tired, breathy gasp.

    “Thank you very much.
    You’re such a splendid chap!
    Your sand-pail and your vigor
    have freed me from my trap.”

    She gave a grateful wave
    then splashed around the sea,
    and caught up with some dolphins
    that were swimming fancy-free.

    Jay slyly eyed his pail.
    “We saved another lass.
    The Mermaid’s gone. Let’s look for prawn
    so we can catch some bass!”

    • Katie Schwartz says:

      Very sweet story! Loved the lines ‘digging out her tailfins, the whole entire length’; and ‘caught up with some dolphins that were swimming fancy-free!’ Great rhyming, and meter, a nice picture of a fun, summer day!

    • Jill Lambert (@LJillLambert) says:

      You ended with a stellar story, Michelle! The first three stanzas are so descriptive and set the stage so well. My favorite line is “beneath the flotsam grasp.” The ending is wonderful, too, with the mermaid fancy-free and Jay going back to his business. Terrific!

  37. susaninez0905 says:

    Yay, another mermaid safe. Thanks, Jay! I think he could have a career saving entangled wildlife at the ocean. I loved the scene you set, it makes me want to go to the beach. Nice job.

  38. Alicia Meyers-Kelly (@aliciamaekelly) says:

    Alicia Meyers Kelly
    WC: 102
    Words: Invisibility, Goggles

    Trevor, take out the trash!
    Trevor, clean up your room!

    Ugh. I put on my goggles. “Trevor can’t right now, he’s invisible!”
    Oh, said Mom. Well tell him to come back soon.

    Trevor, help me with the dishes!
    Trevor, watch your baby brother.

    Ugh. I put on my goggles. “Trevor can’t right now, he’s invisible!”
    Oh, said Mom. Well tell him we miss him!

    Ugh. I put on my goggles. “Trevor can’t right now, he’s invisible!”
    Oh, said Mom. Well tell him, I’ll eat his dinner then!

    I pulled off the goggles.
    HERE I AM! HERE I AM! Trevor’s here now!

  39. Linda Schueler says:

    Thanks so much for this fantastic challenge! It’s hard to believe that it’s the last one already. I will miss it.

    (Word count: 66, super power: time travel, object: popsicle)
    It was hot enough to cook s’mores on the sidewalk.
    Luckily Lucy knew Time Travelling Tim.
    “Where to today?” TTT asked.
    “Anywhere in time where I’m not as hot,” Lucy said.
    “How about eating yesterday’s popsicle again? Or we could go to last week’s beach? Or we could run through the sprinkler like you are going to do tomorrow.”
    Lucy smiled. “Perfect. Let’s do them all.”

  40. LittleCornishWriter says:

    Goggles the Supercow – Tracy (111 words)

    Goggles the Supercow
    wore superhero goggles, a superhero cape…
    but had no superhero powers
    The other animals did.
    The pigs could fly.
    The sheep had super strength
    and the cows could do kung-fu.
    But not Goggles. She could do
    How udderly useless!
    What were goggles for?
    Swimming of course!
    Goggles had never tried swimming until
    she fell in the duck pond after an
    unsuccessful flying attempt.
    All of a sudden her goggles glowed,
    her hooves kicked
    and he tail swished as she
    shot through the water like a…
    If pigs can fly then
    cows can swim!
    Now Goggles has the best job in the world…
    Duck pond lifeguard!

  41. Corine Timmer says:

    Corine Timmer 
    Realistic fiction (439 words)


    Cupido drooped his feelers. It was hot. Too hot for the time of year. His wings were starting to crack and his tongue was dry. He was tired too. Each day he had to fly further to find his favorite flowers to feed on. Even they were drying out! “I’ll try again tomorrow,” Cupido said to himself. Then he closed his wings and wound down for the night.

    At sunrise, as Cupido looked up, he spotted a spider. He hadn’t noticed her before. She was sitting in the center of her web. Dangling from each knot in her creation were dewdrops. They glistened in the sun. Some seemed to carry a rainbow inside of them. Cupido felt a flurry in his belly. He had never seen anything so stunning. His legs started to shake. 

    In an instant, Linyphia darted towards the bottom of her web. At that moment:


    Plop! Plop! Plop!

    The dewdrops fell down onto the boulder below her web and rolled into a rock pit.

    “Eureka!” Cupido cheered. “Water!”

    Then he started to tap dance while flapping his wings. 

    “What are you doing?” Linyphia said.

    “I’m puddling!” Cupido cheered. “Haven’t you noticed there’s a drought going on?”

    “I have all I need right here in my web,” Linyphia boasted. “Though I must admit I’m low on flies this year.”

    All at once, Cupido had an idea. “Say, spider, can we do a deal?”

    “My name is Linyphia,” the spider said. 

    “Sounds complicated,” Cupido scoffed.

    “Linyphia Triangularis, to be exact,” the spider said, smiling.

    “Will you shake your web for me every morning?” Cupido said. “In return, I will feed on the nectar of the blooms of your favorite hang-out. Pun intended. This is a generous offer. I don’t find yellow gorse that tasty, you know.”

    Linyphia thought long and hard. Though she herself was fine, she had noticed there were fewer plants for her to choose from and fewer flies for her to snack on.

    “I think it’s a sumptuous idea,” Linyphia said. 

    “By the way,” Cupido said. “My full name is Cupido Lorquinii. Double i on the end.”

    Only then did Linyphia notice a scattering of blue on Cupido’s wings. A blue so glorious that her legs started to shake.

    And so it happened that a spider and a butterfly forged a special friendship. Linyphia provided Cupido with a mineral-rich water source while Cupido ensured the continued life of yellow gorse plants, usually pollinated by flies, bees and bumblebees. And though the nectar of gorse was not his favorite, Cupido acquired a taste for it in the end.

    This is a work in progress. The idea is that Cupido invites all his friends over (Cupido lorquinii butterflies live in groups) for a picnic and Linyphia ends up spinning a super kingsize web to provide them all with due drops. That’s where elasticity comes into the story. In the end this second part may become the final story. It will include back matter and a bibliography.


    Cupido lorquinii  is a butterfly.

    Linyphia triangularis is a spider. (sheet-web spiders).

    • Jill Lambert (@LJillLambert) says:

      If this is a WIP, Corine, you have a great start on it! Such a needed example of cooperation between the butterfly and spider and I love the names! It would be fun to illustrate and your future plans for back matter and a bibliography would make it an easy sell to school libraries. Nice work!

      • Corine Timmer says:

        Jill, thanks for your enthusiasm and lengthy reply. Yes, WIP. Made it up for this challenge and did some research already. I like working that way. Nature is so wondrous. This butterfly and spider live in my garden. The butterfly and spider don’t really share this exact cooperation as far as I know. I invented that bit. But it wouldn’t be impossible. I like mixing fact and fiction in a realistic way. Thanks for your encouragement.

    • Corine Timmer says:

      Oops! Mistake spotted. Here’s the correction:

      This is a work in progress. The idea is that Cupido invites all his friends over (Cupido lorquinii butterflies live in groups) for a picnic and Linyphia ends up spinning a super kingsize web to provide them all with dewdrops. That’s where elasticity comes into the story. In the end this second part may become the final story. It will include back matter and a bibliography.

  42. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Week 7- Limerick, super power- flying, object- the Moon
    Liz Kehrli

    There was a young girl who could fly.
    Her Dad said for her not to lie.
    So that afternoon,
    They flew to the moon,
    And all he could say was, “Oh my!”

    One more. Super power- invisibility

    There was a young man who would sneer,
    And then make himself disappear.
    One day his face froze
    Now nobody knows
    Where he is, since he can’t re appear.

  43. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Mix and Match Week #7
    by Ketan Ram
    word count 122

    Xray-vision goggles and supersonic speed pool float
    When I grow up and become a super heroine, I’ll have…
    Waterproof, titanium x-ray vision goggles and
    a supersonic speed pool float with remote control toggles.
    A elasticity sand pail to fill up with clues
    and a mind reading popsicle when I need a good ruse.
    The invisibility sharks will keep an eye on the seas
    and a time traveling mermaid will help solve mysteries.
    I’ll be the sleuthiest, smartest, super heroine ever;
    working ’round the clock and giving up…never!
    My cape will be fuscia with a silvery sheen
    and my – Huh? What? Mom?!….
    “Jess, are you ok, were you sleeping? Why don’t you come and make some s’mores with us…we’re gathered around the bonfire singing camp songs!”

  44. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    Week #7
    The Super Babysitter
    By Mia Geiger
    178 words
    (words used: elastic, super)

    “Snack time!” said Misty.

    Janie hopped up from the sofa. “Misty, you’re the best babysitter.”

    “Why, thank you,” she said.

    “But,” said Janie, “we only have pretzels. And prunes.”

    Justin piped up. “We have chocolate-fudge swirls, though! But Dad keeps them on the top shelf.”

    Misty looked up. “Hmm … .” She got up, but then sat back down, then she got up and sat back down again. Then all of a sudden …

    WHOOSH! Misty str-e-e-e-e-e-ttched her arms, grabbed the box and plopped it onto the table.

    Janie’s jaw dropped. “Wh-wh-what was that?”

    “H-h-how did you do that?” asked Justin.

    “My family is from Elastic City,” Misty whispered. “We each have super-elastic body parts. My brother can stretch his neck to the stars.”

    Janie stuffed five candies into her mouth, all at once. “You really are the best babysitter!”

    “Why, thank you,” said Misty, savoring the sweet treat. “We just need one more thing.” She stre-e-e-e-e-tched her arm behind her.

    “Who wants lemonade?”

  45. Susanna Leonard Hill says:


    172 words
    (Superhuman Strength and The Sun)
    By Barbara Renner

    Another cloudy day.

    Krista pulls on her sweatshirt. “Let’s go for a walk, Pudgy.” She snaps a leash on the pug’s collar.

    Pudgy tugs her to his favorite bushes as the wind howls through the leaves.

    A flash of lightening.

    A cracking sound.

    A tree limb falls, pinning Krista to the sidewalk. “Pudgy, run home and get Mom.”

    Pudgy licks Krista’s face.

    All of a sudden, the wind stops, the clouds split, and the sun projects rays of light on Pudgy. He pushes the tree limb off Krista and rolls it into the yard.

    “You’re my Super Hero, Pudgy. How did you do that?”

    With the shafts of sunlight shining on Pudgy’s back, he pulls Krista to her feet.

    He tips the garbage cans upright.

    He stops a rolling car from entering an intersection.

    He tows a loose Doberman behind the gate and clicks it shut.

    He . . .

    The clouds cover the sun.

    . . . lifts his leg, squirts the boxwood bush, and licks Krista.

    Krista and Pudgy walk home.

    Just another cloudy day.

  46. Diantha Litwer says:

    Mitch and the Invisible Shower Spiders
    (362 words – invisible, sand pail, goggles, pool noodle)
    by D. Litwer

    Mitch stepped into the dark, scary room and closed the door behind him.

    He flicked on the light.
    He dumped his shower spider fighting equipment on the bathmat.

    Slowly he pushed the shower curtain aside.
    He checked the holes he had punched in the bottom of his sand pail.
    Then he carefully looped the handle of the sand pail over the showerhead.

    He adjusted the Spy Invisible Things Goggles over his eyes.
    Then clutching his Invisible Creatures Smacker (which looked remarkably like an ordinary pool noodle), Mitch stepped into the bathtub and pulled the shower curtain closed.

    He stretched forward and turned on the shower.
    “Auuuggghhhh!” Mitch jumped back in alarm, banging his head on the wall of the tub.
    The Invisible Creatures Smacker flew out of his hand and onto the bathroom floor.

    There they were! The shower spiders! Coming out of the showerhead!
    Trying to wrap their pulsating, shimmery legs around him and drag him back to their lair to feed to their children!

    His knees shook. His heart pounded.
    “Not today, shower spiders,” he whispered bravely.

    He looked up. The sand pail was catching the shower spiders.
    The holes in the bottom of it were too small for the spiders to get their legs through.

    Mitch washed at warp speed, ducking under the tiny streams of water coming through the bottom of the sand pail.
    As he reached out to turn the shower off, he accidentally bumped the sand pail.
    Some of the captured invisible shower spiders sloshed out onto his feet.

    Flinging the shower curtain aside, he rocketed out of the bathtub and snatching up the Invisible Creatures Smacker, he whapped wildly at his feet.

    When he was sure there were no more invisible shower spiders on him, he carefully tilted the sand pail so that the rest of the captured shower spiders flowed down the bathtub drain.

    Then just for good measure, he walloped up and down the bottom of the bathtub with the Invisible Creatures Smacker, making sure no invisible shower spiders survived.

    From the hallway his mother shouted, “Hurry up! You’ve been in there long enough. And don’t leave your toys all over the floor.”

  47. Lauri Meyers says:

    Thank you for this challenge Susanna! I really needed this:)
    Squirrel mind reader (Mind reading / Popsicle)

    “Acorn. “
    What was that?
    Who said that?
    I don’t see anybody.
    Oh, someone wants me to play hide and seek.
    Oh man! You found me behind the tree.
    “Sunflower seed.”
    Uhh, what? WHO is there?
    Is that squirrel talking to me?
    It’s lips aren’t moving. But I’m hearing it’s thoughts.
    “Uh oh. People monster.”
    Wait. I’m not a monster.
    “Don’t twitch tail.”
    I’ll show you. I’ll get you a treat.
    “Tail wants to twitch.”
    Here I got you some seeds.
    Yeah, that’s why I got you seeds.
    Oh yeah I grabbed a popsicle while I was inside. And these seeds for you.
    Well, I guess you can have a bite.
    “People monster won’t share Popsicle.”
    I’m not a monster! Here you can have it.
    “Hide Popsicle.”
    You can’t bury a Popsicle!
    “People monster is scary.”
    I’m going inside.
    “Hey Bill! I got Popsicle for winter!”

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