Perfect Picture Book Friday – Lost In The Woods

It’s time once again for Perfect Picture Book Friday, and I have a story to start things off!

You might remember a few weeks ago I mentioned that I had fenced my yard to keep Violet out of trouble and protect the baby animal population of Blueberry Hill? So, Tuesday morning, I opened my newly gated yard and set off out the driveway with my dogs. I’ve been leashing them (due to the aforementioned baby animals), but hadn’t clipped their leashes on yet because we were still in the driveway.

We got about 100 feet and Scout started barking and Violet went charging into the woods!

Instantly, a doe came charging out at Violet, head down bounding straight toward her, front hooves striking out!

I knew at once the doe had a fawn she was protecting and my dogs were going to be in serious trouble if I didn’t get them away from that doe lickety-split! So I whistled and hollered and they totally ignored me. Scout kept barking, Violet and the doe kept charging each other, and I kept hollering at Scout and Violet. it was quite the scene for 6 AM on a Tuesday morning 😊

Luckily, Violet cottoned on to the fact that she might have taken on more than she bargained for. She hesitated and then came when I called. Scout was quite a bit farther away from the doe, but I was able to catch her too. We went back in the house for a few minutes to let the doe calm down and then braved the gauntlet (leashed this time!) and managed to get past, though the doe was none too happy!

Later on, I went out to run an errand, and as I pulled back in the driveway in the car, I saw the doe with the fawn beside her – absolutely brand new! – the teeniest tiniest little fawn I’ve ever seen trying to stand up on his little toothpick legs. He or she was significantly smaller than Violet. It was amazing!

The doe has apparently decided my front yard is where she’s going to remain, so getting in and out the driveway with the dogs is an ongoing challenge, and I haven’t seen the baby again, but I know s/he’s there 😊 And I am thankful for my new fence – without it I wouldn’t be able to let the dogs out of the house at all without their leashes!

So after that, there was no doubt about what Perfect Picture Book I would share today!

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!

Lost In The Woods: A Photographic Fantasy

Written By & Photographed By: Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick

Published By: Carl R. Sams II Photography, June, 2004, Reality Based Fiction

Suitable For: ages 5 and up

Themes/Topics: Animals, Patience, Seasons (Spring), Trust

Opening: “The Spring frogs sing-singing with a thousand trilling voices were silenced by the rising sun.  New life came into the woods before the sun touched the tops of the trees.  He slept quietly in the tall grass on the north edge of the meadow where the trees start the forest.”

text copyright Carl R. Sams II 2004, photo copyright Jean Stoick 2004

Brief Synopsis:  The woodland creatures are worried that a newborn fawn might be lost.  “Mama said to wait right here,” the fawn whispers.  “She will come back.”  But the other animals aren’t convinced and offer their advice and help.  Does the doe come back?  What do you think? 😊

text copyright Carl R. Sams II 2004, photo copyright Jean Stoick 2004

Links To Resources:  The book itself is a resource.  Page after page of gorgeous photographs of woodland creatures will introduce children to animals and birds they may never have seen, especially if they live in the city.  The very last page of the book challenges readers to look back through the pictures and see if they can find a number of hidden animals.  Activity pages, Lesson Plan.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a rural area, go for a “deer drive” in the evening, cruising slowly along back roads, and see how many different animals and birds you can spot 😊

text copyright Carl R. Sams II 2004, photo copyright Jean Stoick 2004

Why I Like This Book:  I love this story!  It’s simple and sweet.  On the first page where the fawn appears, he is a tangle of fragile limbs.  His spotted fur helps him blend into the forest floor.  By the last page, he has mastered those rascally legs and can be seen bounding through the meadow grass with such joy you can’t help but smile at his airs above the ground.  But the best part is the photography.  It’s breathtaking.  Absolutely stunning!  The fawn’s fur looks like you could reach out and touch it.  You can see his eyelashes!  And there are so many other animals pictured – chipmunk, goslings, a tree frog whose camouflage is amazing!, cardinal, red-winged blackbird, raccoon, and many others.  I know I’m an animal lover (and therefore biased :)) but I think this book is exquisitely beautiful and one that anyone would enjoy!

I hope you like it!

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

PPBF folks, please add your titles and post-specific blog links (and any other info you feel like filling out 😊) to the form below so we can all come see what fabulous picture books you’ve chosen to share this week!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 😊

Oh, and P.S. This might be the last PPBF before the summer. Or I might do one more next week. And I might have one or two during the summer 😊

19 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Lost In The Woods

  1. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    Bambi!!!! Such a sweet story and sweet book! I’m so glad Violet came to her puppy senses and that you were able to grab Scout! That doe could surely have done some damage with her hooves! Perhaps they’ll move on in a couple of days after the wee fawn has strengthened his land legs. I hope so.

  2. Deb Buschman (@DebBuschman) says:

    My sisters Newfoundland dog named Luther recently decided to be a mama to an abandon fawn. Laying next to it to keep it warm. The fawn followed her dog around for two days. When my sister realized the fawn was starving she attempted to save it but did not succeed. Luther was sad and so was my sister. Your book has a much happier ending. Good luck with your doe. I think it’s crazy that she hasn’t moved because of your dogs. Hopefully she will find a less dog traveled spot next year. 🙂

  3. ptnozell says:

    How exciting to have a new baby almost in your house! We have a family with six goslings living nearby. I had a tough time explaining to Sadie on our walk this morning that it’s ok for a gosling to follow her, but the adult geese would be far from happy if she followed back. I think we’re all better off reading about the young’uns – and you’ve shown us just where to start!

  4. carolegerber says:

    What a wonderful description of the interaction among your dogs, the doe, and the sweet little fawn! I will look for the nonfiction picture book. The photos look amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Angie says:

    Precious! And the book looks great too! Our next door neighbors (pasture neighbors) have inherited dumped bunnies. So lots of baby bunnies out hopping around. Our son (his pasture) has a chocolate lab. Who is quite convinced neither chicken nor baby bunny should be allowed in her pasture. So we are getting very good at scanning for wildlife/farm animals before letting her out to play catch.

  6. marty says:

    So happy to see you featuring this Michigan couple’s work. A STRANGER IN THE WOODS was my first introduction to their books, but they’re all equally charming.

  7. viviankirkfield says:

    Awww…that’s wonderful. And the book looks lovely, dear Susanna! I’m taking a Perfect Picture Book Friday break today…leaving tomorrow for a weekend of fishing with my son who is flying in from Chicago today.

  8. Patricia Tilton says:

    What a perfect book to share today along with your experience. It’s photographs of nature are absolutely beautiful!
    I’m surprised that the doe doesn’t take her fawn away from loud barking dogs. Perhaps it’s a newborn.

  9. yangmommy says:

    Fawns are some of the most precious animals!! So glad your pups caught on & wow, way to go, Mama Doe! Although after the (p)up-roar, I’m surprised she stayed put! Guess Fawn was still too tiny to walk.

  10. authorlaurablog says:

    Fabulous post! I love the way the text dances across the pages in the first spread you shared. We’ve had our share of animal encounters with Charlie and Riley before him. It’s always interesting and a bit nerve racking.

  11. seschipper says:

    Fantastic post! This book looks amazing, especially to the animal lovers among us!!!

    Hank, our Chesapeake bay retriever, must be related to Scout and Violet! LOL!

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