Perfect Picture Book Friday – Whatever Comes Tomorrow PLUS A Giveaway!

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After a few weeks off for the Valentiny Contest, we are finally back to Perfect Picture Book Friday!

And just in time!

This gorgeous book came out this week and requires immediate sharing 😊

We are also lucky enough to have a few words from the illustrious author herself, Rebecca Gardyn Levington, AND she is generously giving away winner’s choice of a 30-Minute Ask-Me-Anything or a 20-minute Virtual School Visit (Reading/Q&A) to one lucky winner who will be chosen at random from among the commenters on this post! Please leave a comment by Thursday March 16th at 3 PM Eastern and the lucky random winner could be YOU! 😊

Now! Let’s have a look at this beautiful book!

Title: Whatever Comes Tomorrow

Written By: Rebecca Gardyn Levington

Illustrated By: Mariona Cabassa

Publisher: Barefoot Books, March 7, 2023, fiction

Suitable For Ages: 4-9

Themes/Topics: managing anxiety, resilience, strength

text copyright Rebecca Gardyn Levington 2023, illustration copyright Mariona Cabassa 2023, Barefoot Books

may bring endless sun
or swirly, snowy skies.

Tomorrow may bring new hellos
or difficult goodbyes.”

Brief Synopsis: This lovely book reassures kids that although they may not know what tomorrow holds, they have the strength and resilience to manage whatever comes their way.

Links To Resources: the back matter of the book has resources on managing anxiety, and Rebecca’s website has some wonderful activity pages We are also lucky to have some words from Rebecca herself!

SUSANNA: Welcome, Rebecca! Thank you so much for coming to share some thoughts about your brand new book! Is there anything in particular you’d like readers to take away?

REBECCA: Susanna, thank you so much for having me on your blog and featuring WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW! 

The most important thing I’d kids (and adults!) to take away from this book is the knowledge that they are so much stronger than they think they are. We have no way of knowing what tomorrow will bring us, but we do know that we have faced hard and scary things in the past, and we have always found our way through. That doesn’t mean that it was always easy, of course. But we are resilient and we endure so much more than we give ourselves credit for. I have struggled with anxiety my entire life and the one thing that has helped me more than anything else has been remembering all the times I’ve faced similar worries in the past. Sometimes it turned out that what I was worried about wasn’t a big deal. Sometimes it turned out that what I was worried about WAS a big deal. But in all cases, I survived and moved on and that knowledge helps me move forward me each time I face another unknown.  

There are wonderful tools and exercises that can be used to help kids manage their worried feelings and I’m so grateful that child development specialist, Stefanie Paige Wieder, from the fabulous Barefoot Books team came up with so many of them to add to the back matter of the book. She also created an amazing Activity Guide that can be downloaded for FREE on my website here: 

Thank you so much again, Susanna. It is always an honor to be here! 

text copyright Rebecca Gardyn Levington 2023, illustration copyright Mariona Cabassa 2023, Barefoot Books

Why I Like This Book: In today’s complex world, it’s hard to be a kid. We all wonder what tomorrow will bring – kids and adults alike. This lovely book reassures kids that whatever comes – good or bad – they will be able to handle it. The rhyming text has a soothing flow. The art depicts all kinds of familiar situations that kids can identify with and is full of color and joy, while also allowing for darker, more difficult moments in corresponding shades of gray. Back matter includes tips for managing worries including Square Breathing, Calm Your Body, and Make A Worry Plan. Kids reading this book will feel understood and know they are not alone in their worries. A comforting read.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊

Author Rebecca Gardyn Levington (Photo Credit: Joy Yagid)

Rebecca Gardyn Levington is a children’s book author, poet, and journalist with a particular penchant for penning both playful and poignant picture books and poems – primarily in rhyme. She is the author of BRAINSTORM! and WHATEVER COMES TOMORROW and has six additional rhyming picture books forthcoming, including AFIKOMAN, WHERE’D YOU GO? A Passover Hide-and-Seek Adventure (Penguin Random House/Rocky Pond Books, 2024) and I WILL ALWAYS BE…(HarperCollins, 2025). Rebecca’s award-winning poems and articles have appeared in numerous anthologies, newspapers, and magazines. She lives in the suburban jungles of New Jersey with her husband and two boisterous boys. Find out more about Rebecca and sign up for her monthly newsletter at

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 😊 And don’t forget to comment for your chance to win a 30-Minute Ask-Me-Anything or a 20-minute Virtual School Visit (Reading/Q&A) from Rebecca!

42 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Whatever Comes Tomorrow PLUS A Giveaway!

  1. viviankirkfield says:

    Lovely book, dear Susanna. And congratulations, Rebecca. It’s so important for kids to know that there are helpers they can turn to…and that they will get through whatever it is. Your book reassures them of that.

  2. palpbkids says:

    Rebecca, your book is so warm and inviting with such an important message.
    The ‘Tips For Managing Worries’ is presented in such a clear and friendly way.
    I can see this being used not only by parents/kids but also by professionals in the field, teachers, librarians, and care givers. Beautiful book!

  3. Nancy Riley says:

    Wow! This looks like a beautiful, amazing book. I think all of us can use a little reassuring that we can handle whatever may come our way. Congratulations, Rebecca!

  4. robincurrie1 says:

    You had me at the Title – and the rest of the book did not disappoint! This belongs in ever library as a read aloud.

  5. marshaelyn says:

    Rebecca! Your inspirational book with lyrical language and vivid imagery is one that I’ll buy for myself and for others. What a timely topic offering life-long wisdom for any age reader! Life IS hard, yet we can find those “windows” to climb through when doors slam shut or hit us in the back.
    Thank you, Susanna, for featuring this beautiful book. A real treasure for any shelf.

  6. brilawyer says:

    What a wonderful book! My son struggles with anxiety so we will definitely be checking this book out and the offered resources on your website. Thanks so much Rebecca!

  7. sharonmariemccarthy says:

    All this information is such a treasure for me at this moment. I wrote down so much good information. Even though I don’t rhyme, this story is the perfect mentor text for me regarding children’s anxiety. I can’t wait to order this wonderful book and share it with my students. Wonderful tidbits of advice. Thank you!

  8. Ellen Warach Leventhal says:

    I was lucky enough to see an early copy of this book and review it. Five stars all the way! I love this book for so many reasons. Congrats, Rebecca, on another winner!

  9. Jessica Milo says:

    Such a gorgeous book!! So important for all kids and adults to read!! I love that it doesn’t downplay one’s anxiety or uncertainty, but reminds you that you can get through it and come out the other side 🙂 Love this book so much!!

    • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

      That is one of its many merits, Jessica. It’s so important for kids (and adults!) to feel heard, understood, and validated. We all have worries – no point in pretending otherwise. The important thing is that we can get through it.

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