Perfect Picture Book Friday – Finley: A Moose On The Caboose PLUS A Giveaway!

Greetings, my friends!

Here we are, once again, at Perfect Picture Book Friday, and I have a delightful book to share!

Not only am I sharing it here, but the author is kindly giving away a personalized, signed copy to one lucky winner! (US residents only.) All you have to do to qualify is leave a comment on today’s post by Thursday May 11 at 3PM Eastern and you could be randomly selected to receive this entertaining story!

So let’s get to it, shall we? 😊 (And heads up: there’s a little announcement at the end of the post 😊)

Title: Finley: A Moose on the Caboose

Written By: Candace Spizzirri

Illustrated By: Chantelle and Burgen Thorne

Publisher: Gnome Road Publishing, April 18, 2023

Suitable For Ages: 4-8

Themes/Topics: perseverance, changing outdated or misguided rules

text copyright Candace Spizzirri 2023, illustration copyright Chantelle and Burgen Thorne 2023, Gnome Road Publishing

“Each morning
when the train chugga-chugged
into Talkeetna Station,
the friendliest moose,
greeted passengers
with his toothy grin.”

Brief Synopsis: Finley the moose wants nothing more than to ride the rails, but no wild animals are allowed on the train! Finley tries one disguise after another, but the conductor insists that “rules are rules!” And so they are until one day the train needs Finley’s help and the conductor realizes that sometimes there are exceptions to rules and that maybe the rules should be changed to accommodate.

text copyright Candace Spizzirri 2023, illustration copyright Chantelle and Burgen Thorne 2023, Gnome Road Publishing

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Plus, we have a few words from Candace Spizzirri, the author, about what inspired this wonderful book! Take it away, Candace!

Thanks so much, Susanna, for having me on Perfect Picture Book Friday!

The idea for FINLEY: A MOOSE ON THE CABOOSE came to me while visiting the gorgeous town of Talkeetna, Alaska. The scenery was spectacular in every direction! During my stay, an enormous moose appeared in the town center, wandered about a bit, then disappeared into the woods next to the railroad tracks. I was delighted to see this big-eyed moose up close (but not too close as they are extremely dangerous) as I’d never seen one before. Later that day, I came across a little shop called Once in a Blue Moose and it sparked an idea for a picture book about a friendly moose who wants more than anything to ride the rails.

Thank you, Candace! Just goes to show, ideas are everywhere if you keep your mind open! 😊 (And I LOVE the name of that shop! 😊)

text copyright Candace Spizzirri 2023, illustration copyright Chantelle and Burgen Thorne 2023, Gnome Road Publishing

Why I Like This Book: Who among us hasn’t longed for adventure at some point? And why should anyone be denied the opportunity for adventure because if who they are? Finley only wants to be included so he can see the world, but the conductor tells him over and over that “rules are rules!” and no wild animals are allowed on the train, even though Finley is not really a wild animal but a friendly one. Finley tries one disguise after another, hoping to sneak past the conductor, but nothing works. Does he give up, though? NO, he certainly doesn’t! And on his last attempt, a problem befalls the train and it is only because helpful, friendly Finley is there to lend a hand (er, shoulder? antler? 😊) that the train is able to continue on its way getting everyone where they need to go. In spite of how unfriendly the conductor has been, and the fact that he will certainly give himself away, Finley doesn’t hesitate to come to the rescue, showing that just because someone is unkind to you doesn’t mean you have to be unkind back. This entertaining book, engagingly illustrated with bright, friendly characters and humorous detail, will appeal to animal lovers, adventure lovers, humor lovers, and anyone who has ever felt left out!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

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Before we head off for the weekend, I wanted to announce that the time has come to sharpen your pencils and put on your thinking caps because on Monday we’ll be firing up the Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge once again!

Fun! Community! Inspiration! Writing! Prizes!

What could be better?

Yes, you are right. There should also be chocolate cake! I’ll see what I can do about that. . . 😊

Don’t forget to leave a comment by Thursday May 11 at 3PM Eastern to qualify for your chance to be randomly selected to win a copy of FINLEY!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 😊

29 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Finley: A Moose On The Caboose PLUS A Giveaway!

  1. Elizabeth Meyer Zu Heringdorf says:

    What a charming and wonderful idea for a story! And I’m wicked psyched, as we used to say in my school, about the Mix ‘n’ Match Mini Writing Challenge! (I live overseas but if chosen randomly the book can be mailed to relatives in Virginia.)

  2. palpbkids says:

    I bet children will never tire of Finley! This story is so relatable!
    What a great Friday pick. Thank you, Susanna!!

    • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

      I have been trying to see a moose in real life for years, Pat! I’ve been to Vermont and New Hampshire and Maine. I’ve been to Wyoming. But alas, I have yet to see the mighty moose! 😊

  3. Danielle Hammelef says:

    I’m not sure if my family stopped in Talkeetna while visiting Alaska one summer (I was a preteen when we would have at least driven by on our way from Fairbanks to Anchorage), but Alaska is still my favorite state to visit. This story sounds so much fun.

  4. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    Finley has stolen my heart! And I think it starts with his name as a clue toward his temperament and the way he sees the world. Thank you Candace, Chantelle, and Burgen, for making the sweet book!

  5. seahorsecoffeeelektra79018 says:

    The book lets us know that Finley is friendly, however, the conductor isn’t buying it. Rules are rules is the conductor’s favorite rule. Finley finally proves that persistence and patience pay off and Finley finally saves the day! Lots of lessons to be learned by reading this really cute story.

    • seschipper says:

      Sounds like a great story! Love moose ‘s name. We have a new puppy and his name is Finn!(actually Phineas T Bluster aka Finn)
      Looking forward to mix and match!!
      Enjoy the weekend!

      • Susanna Leonard Hill says:

        As you know, Susan, I also have a Finn-puppy 😊 Mine is as in Huckleberry Finn, but most of the time I call him Foofy because he’s such a goofball 🤣 See you at the mix ‘n’ match – glad you’re looking forward to it!

  6. Susan Reese Krevat says:

    I love moose, and I love trains! This book is a perfect combination of fun while learning an important lesson!

  7. stephaniemstories says:

    Such a cute story. I love moose, that became my nickname at a place I used to work years ago (a mispronunciation of my last name led to it).

  8. Patti Ranson says:

    Go Finley Go!
    It reminds me off a book from my childhood (can’t find it) where a robin wants to ride the train but the ticket master says that rules are rules. However, the conductor lets her ride as she has built a nest on the stairs of the caboose 🙂

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