Perfect Picture Book Friday – Over The River And Through The Wood: A Holiday Adventure

It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday, and what with Thanksgiving right around the corner, I wanted to share this wonderful book by Linda Ashman because the song it’s based on always makes me think of going to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving when I was a kid! (Although we went by car, unfortunately, not by horse-drawn sleigh! 😊)

Title: Over The River And Through The Wood: A Holiday Adventure

Written By: Linda Ashman

Illustrated By: Kim Smith

Sterling Children’s Books, October 2015, fiction

Suitable For Ages: 3-8

Themes/Topics: family, holidays (Thanksgiving/Christmas), travel

Opening: “Pack up the pooches and load the van.
We need to leave by eight!
There’s so much to bring.
Do we have everything?
Come on, we can’t be late!

Text copyright Linda Ashman 2015, illustration copyright Kim Smith 2015, Sterling Books

Brief Synopsis: Grandma and Grandpa have sent invitations to all the family: Come to our house for the holidays and bring your favorite pie! So all the families pack up and head out… but travel turns out to be trickier than expected!

Links To Resources: Who do you visit for the holidays? Make a photo collage of a family holiday get-together; If you travel on holidays, how do go? Draw a picture or make a model of your transportation – plane? train? bus? car? boat? Make up your own version of “Over the river” and sing who you go to visit and how you get there; Thanksgiving Turkey Rice Krispie Treats (Recipe)

Text copyright Linda Ashman 2015, illustration copyright Kim Smith 2015, Sterling Books

Why I Like This Book: This wonderful story feels new and familiar at the same time; familiar because we all know the song upon which it is based, new because the travel troubles are fresh and fun (and anyone who has ever traveled for the holidays can relate!) The story is written in Linda Ashman’s trademark fabulous rhyme which is so fun to read aloud. And the art is delightful – a perfect complement to the story – and filled with fun little details… like what happens to the pies along the way 😊 And I love that even in this day and age of planes and trains and automobiles, the whole family ends up arriving by horse-drawn sleigh! 😊

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!! 😊

16 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Over The River And Through The Wood: A Holiday Adventure

  1. Sarah Tobias says:

    I too grew up with this song and always thought of it at Thanksgiving. I have memories of traveling to spend the holiday with Aunts, Uncles and cousins. They were special times.

  2. Patricia Tilton says:

    I loved the song as a child and imagined traveling in a sleigh on Thanksgiving — but there was never any snow. This a more relevant story that children will relate to. Love the table scene. It would be fun to teach kids the song,

  3. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    I love this song! My mom used to sing it all the time, and I confess to tearing up when I read your review. This book looks like one I need to have on my shelf to remind me of my family who are so far away, and some of them no longer of this earth. Thanks for a trip down memory lane, Susanna! Have a great holiday with your family!

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