Perfect Picture Book Friday – Big Cat, Little Cat

Happy Perfect Picture Book Friday, Everyone!

I have a such a touching book to share with you.

I’ve shared it before, but this was a hard week – my beloved Scouty crossed the rainbow bridge – and though this book is about cats, not a dog, it’s still the book I feel like sharing today.

Perhaps this lovely book particularly appeals to me because its message of loving, losing, and new beginnings strikes a chord with me right now, but I think anyone and everyone can appreciate what it has to offer.  I wish I could show you the whole thing – every page! – but you’ll just have to trot right out to the library after PPBF! 😊

Big Cat Little Cat

Title: Big Cat, Little Cat

Written & Illustrated By: Elisha Cooper

Roaring Brook Press, March 2017, fiction

Suitable For Ages: 3-6 years

Themes/Topics: friendship, cycle of life

Opening: “There was a cat who lived alone.  Until the day a new cat came…”

big cat little cat 2
copyright Elisha Cooper 2017

Brief Synopsis: Two cats become friends and do everything together until one day the older cat has to go…and he doesn’t come back.

Links To Resources:  draw a picture of you and your pet; write a story or poem about your pet; how would you describe your pet to someone who had never met it?  talk about what love means – is love for a pet the same as love for a sibling or friend or parent?  what are some things that let you know you love someone, or that someone loves you?  has a pet you loved ever died?  how did it make you feel?  what did you do to feel better?

Why I Like This Book: I LOVE this book.  It is the most beautiful, perfect, sweet book I’ve read in a long, long time.  186 words of sheer genius.  The kind of book every writer (well, at least this one!) dreams of writing.  A full, emotionally satisfying, complete story arc in less than 200 words.  Simple, yet so evocative.  Wonder and delight, learning and play, joy, contentment, friendship, love, grief, endings and beginnings – it’s all here.  The art is  a perfect complement – simple black and white drawings that convey personality, action, expression, and just enough detail, with one page in gray to show sadness, and a soft glow of pale butternut on just three pages to show warmth and contentment.  The text and art are also thoughtfully spaced to give time and distance where needed.  A lovely book to gently help children understand life, love, loss, new life and new love.  And writers, if you haven’t seen this book, rush out and read it – seriously I am not kidding! – a fabulous example of how to do it right!  Definitely in the “wish I wrote that!” category 😊

big cat little cat 3
copyright Elisha Cooper 2017

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

PPBF folks, please add your titles and post-specific links (and any other info you feel like filling out 🙂 ) to the form below so we can all come see what fabulous picture books you’ve chosen to share this week!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Big Cat, Little Cat

  1. palpbkids says:

    Susanna, I am so very sorry about your loss. Nothing prepares us for losing the ones we love.
    Our vet shared this with us more than once. I hope you’ll find some comfort in this as we have. Hugs.

    You no longer greet me, As I walk through the door.
    You’re not there to make me smile, To make me laugh anymore.
    Life seems quiet without you, You were far more than a pet.
    You were a family member, a friend, a loving soul I’ll never forget.
    It will take time to heal-For the silence to go away.
    I still listen for you, And miss you every day.
    You were such a great companion, Constant, loyal and true.
    My heart will always wear, the pawprints left by you.

  2. ptnozell says:

    Like you, Susanna, we’re dog lovers, but also like you, I found such comfort in this book when the original two orange pups crossed the rainbow bridge. Sending hugs to you & your family.

  3. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    I love this book, too! And I’m so sorry you’ve lost your sweet pup. I was just listening to one of Jennifer Laughran’s podcasts with a librarian from Minnesota (I’ve forgotten her name) who curates their vast collection of children’s book collection, including ephemera….and this book came up. It has touched so many hearts. Hugs to you.

  4. Barbara Kimmel says:

    I’m so sorry about your sweet Scouty. We lost our precious pup last year (after 10 years) and are still mourning her. They are family. Thanks for sharing this book. It’s one of my favorites!

  5. Sue Heavenrich says:

    So sorry to hear about Scouty – so many paw-prints permanently embedded into your heart. And yes, this is the perfect book for reading.

  6. Genevieve Petrillo says:

    One thing we know for sure is that we will NEVER read this book. Mom does not allow stories where the pet has to go and not come back. Truth be told, I don’t enjoy them either.

    We love you Scouty. RIP, fren.

    Love and licks,

  7. marty bellis says:

    This book made such a huge impression on me when I first read it. And I’ve reread it many times over.
    I’m with you, Susanna, in the ‘wish I’d written it’ camp. Brilliant and sad and sweet.
    So sorry for your loss.

  8. Beth Stilborn says:

    I love this book so much, even though I cry every time I read it. Thank you for sharing it today. My heart goes out to you in the loss of Scouty. She was such a good girl. Hugs to you.

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