Perfect Picture Book Friday – Sweety

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Perfect Picture Book Friday!

For my first choice of 2022, I have a wonderful book to share about being yourself and celebrating your own uniqueness. I think it’s a great story for kids, and also one we, as writers, can take to heart as we begin a brand new year of writing. After all, it’s who we are that gives our writing the uniqueness that will set it apart and help us tell stories in ways they’ve never been told before.

Title: Sweety

Written & Illustrated By: Andrea Zuill

Publisher: Schwartz & Wade, March 2019

Suitable For Ages: 3-7

Themes/Topics: being yourself/individuality, self-acceptance and appreciation

text and illustration copyright Andrea Zuill 2019, Schwartz&Wade

Opening: “Sweety was awkward.
Even for a naked mole rat.”

Brief Synopsis: Sweety is awkward, even for a naked mole rat. She has a hard time fitting in, and her classmates don’t always get her. But surely there must be someone out there who shares her love of fungus and interpretive dance! With a little help from her cool Aunt Ruth– Sweety begins to understand that being Sweety is actually pretty awesome and learns to embrace the things that make her who she is.

text and illustration copyright Andrea Zuill 2019, Schwartz&Wade

Links To Resources: 6 Great Ways To Help Kids Celebrate Individuality; All About Me Preschool Activities Theme; discuss what are some ways you are like others? what are some ways you are different? what do you think makes you special? are there some things about you that make you worry others will think you’re weird? do you think other people feel like that too?

text and illustration copyright Andrea Zuill 2019, Schwartz&Wade

Why I Like This Book: Sweety is such an endearing character! “A little square peg” as her grandma tells her. A bit of an oddball. But interesting, original, unusual and fun. This story of learning to appreciate the unique qualities that make you who you are and to not just accept yourself but celebrate yourself is one that so many kids can benefit from. Who among us hasn’t felt like an oddball from time to time? And isn’t it nice to know you’re not the only one! With charming art, humor and heart, this book is one young readers are sure to love.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊

For the complete list of books with resources, please visit Perfect Picture Books.

PPBF folks, please add your titles and post-specific blog links (and any other info you feel like filling out 😊) to the form below so we can all come see what fabulous picture books you’ve chosen to share this week!

Now. Take a moment to think about what makes YOU amazing and special and then go forth and start writing something new and different to kick off this brand new year!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 😊

13 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Sweety

  1. Sue Heavenrich says:

    How can I not have read this book? I mean, naked mole rats and fungi! Definitely looking for it at the library

  2. readmybook2002 says:

    Thank you for choosing this book. It came at the right time for this winter’s in-home learning cycle since children are coping in their own way. But you know it isn’t all bad, each one has their own way to react; one thinks he’s a pirate captain (math again arrrggg), another, a race car driver, running here to there (“don’t forget to close the refrigerator door this time”) and the third thinks she is president of the whole house (Gavel included). Everyone has their perks.

  3. viviankirkfield says:

    I’m so late to the Perfect Picture Book Friday party, dear Susanna. And what a perfect main character in your featured book! Thank you for sharing it…and for the parent/teacher resources you always make sure to include with all of your posts!

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