Perfect Picture Book Friday – Woodland Dreams

Title: Woodland Dreams

Written By: Karen Jameson

Illustrated By: Marc Boutavant

Chronicle Books, October 27 2020, fiction with nonfiction elements

Suitable For Ages: 3-6

Themes/Topics: bedtime, woodland animals


“Come home, Big Paws.

Berry picker
Honey trickster
Shadows deepen in the glen.
Lumber back inside your den.”

text copyright Karen Jameson 2020, illustration copyright Marc Boutavant 2020, Chronicle Books

Brief Synopsis: Young readers will be lulled to sleep as woodland animals prepare for bed.

Links To Resources: How To Make A Pinecone Bird Feeder; How To Attract Rabbits to Your Back Yard (safe for you and them); what is your favorite woodland creature? draw a picture, or write a story or poem or even a song! Recipe: Turtle Sugar Cookies 😊 🐢

text copyright Karen Jameson 2020, illustration copyright Marc Boutavant 2020, Chronicle Books

Why I Like This Book: This is a lovely lullaby of a bedtime book. The rhyming text is lyrical, with such lines as “Meadow hopper clover cropper twilight whispers. Time to furrow. Curl up tight inside your burrow” and “Nectar sipper dizzy dipper stars are twinkling. Flutter. Search. Light upon your leafy perch.” The art is warm, cozy, and inviting, and will make young readers want to curl up and sleep with the woodland animals. As a bonus, elements of nonfiction are included through the animal descriptions and the artistic depiction of their homes/habitat. A sweet, gentle bedtime read!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!! 😊

14 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Woodland Dreams

  1. Patricia Tilton says:

    Gorgeous cover and illustrations. I love hibernation stories. As our days are shorter, our rhythms sync with nature. Another discussion point for kids. Wish this had been published sooner. Just sent some birthday books to a great niece a few days ago. Would have loved to have sent this book.

  2. chardixon47 says:

    This book has captured my imagination with the lyrical language and exquisite illustrations. I look forward to reading it ❤

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