Perfect Picture Book Friday – Little Ewe: The Story of One Lost Sheep

Welcome to Perfect Picture Book Friday!

I have a such a sweet and lovely book to share today – one that feels just right for the coming of Spring! AND a special treat – an activity from the author herself!

One look at this cover, and you’ll be hard-pressed not to pick this book right up for a peek inside! And you won’t be disappointed! 😊

Title: Little Ewe: The Story of One Lost Sheep

Written By: Laura Sassi

Illustrated By: Tommy Doyle

Publisher: Beaming Books, February 2021, fiction

Suitable For Ages: 3-5

Themes/Topics: getting lost/found, counting, curiosity, kindness

Opening: “One shepherd opens up the gate.
“It’s time to eat.”
The sheep can’t wait!”

Brief Synopsis: When Shepherd calls his sheep in for dinner, Little Ewe is too busy to listen. Before long, she finds herself lost! What’s a little lamb to do?

text copyright Laura Sassi 2021, illustration copyright Tommy Doyle 2021, Beaming Books

Links To Resources: Today we have a special resource from author Laura Sassi!

A LITTLE EWE BOOK-THEMED GAME: “Where are you, Little Ewe?” “I am here, Shepherd, dear.”

Did you know that sheep recognize the sound of their shepherd’s voice? Likewise, shepherds know their flocks well and recognize their sheep’s “baa-ahs”? In fact, that’s how Little Ewe and Shepherd find each other at the end of the story!
Inspired by this caring connection, here’s a fun variation of the traditional “hot potato” game you can play as part of a LITTLE EWE storytime.  
To play, you will need music that you can turn on and off, a little toy lamb that can be passed around a circle (like the hot potato) and at least six children.

  1. Select one child to be Shepherd. The rest will be the sheep. Have the sheep sit in a circle around the Shepherd, who will sit in the middle.
  1. Show them the little sheep toy. Explain that when the music plays, the Shepherd will close his/her eyes and the sheep will quietly pass “Little Ewe” around the circle.
  1. When the music stops, the Shepherd (eyes still closed) will see if he/she recognizes the the voice of Little Ewe by asking:  “Where are you, Little Ewe?”
  1. The child holding Little Ewe will answer: “I am here, Shepherd, dear.” 
  1. Allow the Shepherd a few guesses, if needed, to identify the sheep’s voice. Then celebrate as a flock with a chorus of baahs.

6. Rotate who gets to be Shepherd until every one has a chance.  
7. At the end of the game marvel together just how wonderful it is that just as sheep have loving shepherds who care for them, we too have shepherds (brainstorm who those might be) who care for us. 

Author Laura Sassi

Laura SassiChildren’s book author and poet
GOODNIGHT, ARK (Zonderkidz, August ’14)
GOODNIGHT, MANGER (Zonderkidz, October ’15)
LOVE IS KIND (Zonderkidz, Fall  ’18)
EL AMOR ES BONDADOSO (Vida Zondervan, Fall ’19)
LITTLE EWE: THE STORY OF ONE LOST SHEEP (Beaming Books,  Spring ’21)
BUNNY FINDS EASTER (Zonderkidz, Spring’22)

Why I Like This Book: Written in trademark perfect rhyme, this sweet story with its charming illustrations shows a busy youngster caught up in the wonder of the world. Exploring one interesting thing after another, chasing three lizards and watching four spiders, bouncing on five floating logs and splashing with six frogs (note there is also a delightful counting element to this book!) it’s no surprise Little Ewe is too distracted to heed the shepherd’s call. What preschooler hasn’t found her/himself in that predicament!? 😊 When the sky begins to darken, Little Ewe suddenly realizes she’s lost, and oh! what a scary feeling that is! But the shepherd, kind and caring, has of course noticed one of his flock is missing. He goes right back out into the gathering shadows and finds his little lost lamb. Such a comforting resolution that will make every child feel safe and snug. Another gem from Laura 😊

text copyright Laura Sassi 2021, illustration copyright Tommy Doyle 2021, Beaming Books

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😊

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 😊

13 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Little Ewe: The Story of One Lost Sheep

  1. palpbkids says:

    What a beautiful story, one with such a warm, reassuring message.
    I am so enamored by the smile on the ewe’s face as he is cradled in the Shephard’s arms.
    Thank you for sharing this with us, Susanna.

  2. Danielle Hammelef says:

    I’ve seen this adorable book around other blogs and I can’t wait to read it for mentor text. It’s one of those ideas I wish I had thought of!

  3. Jilanne Hoffmann says:

    Sounds like such a fun game, Susanna! I can already hear the chorus of baaaaaaas! This does look like such a sweet book. None of us know any little sheep who would get distracted and end up lost, do we?

  4. syorkeviney says:

    I love the play on words… Little Ewe. I can envision Mothers and Fathers cuddled up with their child on their lap reading to little you! Thank you for this sweet book!

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